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WHAT’S ON YOUR PLAYLISt for the upcoming MONTH?
December 22 to January 20 This year, your attempt to have John Tesh cloned will prove unsuccessful, much to the dismay of, well, only you. January 21 to February 19 Near the end of 2008, you will be met with unspeakable riches when you realize underground organ donation is where the money’s truly at. February 20 to March 20 Later this year, after months of work, you will discover the cure for Polio, only to discover you are a few decades too late. Luckily, Restless Leg Syndrome still needs your research. March 21 to April 20 Nothing says “2008” quite like a tie-dyed toupee. Keep that in mind when you’re out shopping.

by Christian Blochinger Jedibongo@ColoradoMusicBuzz.com

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April 21 to May 21 This month, after years of wondering what the meaning of life is, you take drastic measures: you ask Jeeves.

(From left to right: Charlie Champale, Honey Touche’, No-No Nanette, Peggy Tulane, Orchid Mei, Phelyx, Midnite Martini, Vivienne Va-Voom, Adrienne, Pierre St-pierre & Fanny Spankings)

G e m ini

May 22 to June 21 Early this year, fearing judgment by society, you and your pet Chinchilla decide to call it quits on your love affair.

About one year ago I was introduced to a troupe of Burlesque performers called “Burlesque as It Was”. They go by colorful stage monikers like Fanny Spankings, Vivienne Va-Voom, Orchid Mei, Peggy Tulane, Midnite Martini, Gigi Sparkles, Honey Touche, Charlie Champale, Adrienne and the magic of Phelyx. I was amazed at the great show they put on. It was a combination of vaudeville, comedy, burlesque, puppets, acrobatics, illusions and musical performances mixed with visual aids and moments of political satire.

The hosts, No-No Nannette and Pierre St. Pierre, will entertain with comical stories and jokes and interact with the crowd while the next performer is warming up. The dancers blend all styles of dance with genre specific music and acrobatics that will make your jaw drop. Talk about Stage presence, these folks got it going on every Thursday at Lannie’s Clocktower which is usually a sold out show so get on line and reserve a seat! This is a show for adults only. BurlesqueAsItWas.com

C an cer

June 22 to July 22 After weeks of contemplation, it finally occurs to you that you really wouldn’t do anything for a Klondike Bar.

Websites of the Month
by B. A. Frederick BAFrederick@ColoradoMusicBuzz.com Factoid: 9 new songs to stream! Cowboy Curse does a little something different than most bands on MySpace. They’ve opted to not use the default player and put their own in using Reverb Nation, a rather useful tool for both touring bands and local bands alike. The MySpace.com/CowboyCurse feature allows bands to feature more than 5 songs, which MySpace generally allows, and to track your ‘on road’ progress. They also give a full bio, plenty of band info and useable links.

July 23 to August 23 This is the year that your dreams are realized: braided leg hair becomes fashionable.

Matt and Isom
by B.A. Frederick BAFrederick@ColoradoMusicBuzz.com On the download generally gives our staff an easy out and a perfect opportunity to push who we really think deserves the print. Very rarely does a situation come up where there’s a difficult decision to make. The only real problem we face is that there is so very little space to say so much about our artist or artists of choice. Tonight’s problem is not who to write about, rather what song I like the most. Matt and Isom had contacted me a while back and I was instantly drawn to their musical translations. Very experimental, very smooth and extremely talented at what they do, Matt Wilcox and Isom Innis have put in tune some extremely addictive songs. Try throwing these two on your respective mobile media player for the daily commute either to - or from - the salt mine and let CMB know if the soft sounds keep you stress free for at least the time being. With the start of a new year it’s never too early to think about what the perfect line-up is for a Valentine’s Day mix tape. I said it, mix tape…Matt and Isom have secured their position on mine. X MySpace.com/MattAndIsom

August 24 to September 22 This year, your lifelong quest to bring back pudding pops is stopped short when the US government decides there is no more room for Jell-O. September 23 to October 23 Later this month, it finally occurs to you that taking a chance on Abba wasn’t worth the risk; you can only take so much Dancing Queen. October 24 to November 22 A few days from now, you will realize that coming into work on time isn’t optional and wearing clothes isn’t simply a suggestion.

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Factoid: 86 local band/ website links! Websters.com describes the word ‘support’ as “Something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest.” However little or big the assistance may be, support is imperative and fairly recognized in any local scene. Every Last Word’s website EveryLastWord.com has a rather large section with more than a hundred links to local venues, bands and companies. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a steady stream of their new album the entire time you surf to keep you company with roughly updated information and easy to navigate browser tools. X

S c orpio

November 23 to December 21 In a few weeks, you will become a true Sagittarius when you fall deeply in love with a half man, half horse. You love both halves, Sa g i t t a r i u s for very different reasons.



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