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Ian Cooke The Fall I Fell [LP] by Lisa Gedgaudas Ian Cooke is his own orchestra, bringing you a voice of a hundred men and cello named “Roberta”. He is layering, looping and pedaling around with Justin Ferreira and Sean Merrell’s drumming, Whit Sibley’s backbone bass, the chiming violin of Kelly O’Dea all while Ian O’Dougherty holds face on guitar, piano, and other perfectly timed samples. When you have a variety of influences in your life that include Bjork, Sufjan Stevens, Dave Brubeck and Gershwin your bound to find an original line up in yourself. Ian Cooke does just what he likes and flawlessly in a way that even the flaws are endearing, perfect and precise to only him. His new album, The Fall I Fell, produced by Bob Ferbrache at his Absinthe Studios, is your best bet for new music this year from the local songwriters in Denver. The music is eccentric. What almost what feels like could be awkward changes are really only the moments before he grabs your hand at the last second and takes you on the most descriptive musical journey your ears are not used to hearing and will be satisfied on all levels to embrace. Its tender, it’s touching, it’s truthful, and it’s going to haunt a place in your guts that are rarely hit by music. He tells stories like a man might have in the turn of the century. You want to trust him, dance around his tapping toes, never take your eyes off of his voice, hang on every word, and drink the musical elixirs he is ‘pedaling’. X The New Album, The Fall I Fell is available on iTunes and Twist & Shout

Acoustic / Folk Rock
Drew Pitcher Crypto [EP] by Matt “Math You” Downey Drew Pitcher’s new Crypto EP, out now on Dynomite Productions and available from Beatport, is a brilliant piece of house music that is as danceable as it is listenable. While not quite geared for peak club hours, it definitely has an after-hours, “guess I’m going to be up all night,” vibe. Drew Pitcher has a distinctive sound that is somewhat reminiscent of James Holden, although not quite as abstract. The first song, “Pure Disco Shit”, keeps a steady beat while clicks, blips and glitches slowly build in the background. Like a psychedelic maze, the sounds drift in and out, finally coming together after a destructive breakdown that feels like it might leave you hanging. This same kind of trickery is repeated ad nauseam throughout “TweekerTotter”, building and destroying itself repeatedly until finally coming to a nail biting climax. “Overdose” is definitely the most abstract song on the release, and the one that deserves the most praise. The entire song is one long, glitchified buildup that never ends, with abrupt breaks that make you wonder why you were anticipating a steady beat. X

Hip Hop / Rap

Eva Holbrook The Very Last Dream [LP] by Sydney Hostetler Young Eva Holbrook is worth watching. Her current CD is full of fanciful, if somewhat underdeveloped tunes, laced with a fresh and appealing voice and sophisticated writing style gratifying to discover in someone in her tender teens. Holbrook grew up in a highly musical family and is an experienced performer. It shows in her recorded work. Almost half the CD is comprised of instrumental pieces featuring Holbrook’s dead on mandolin playing and some promising explorations on electric guitar. Holbrook has taken on the daunting task of attempting to marry two completely different genres (Bluegrass and Rock) and to her credit is surprisingly successful. What is wanting is a fully developed production and polish that will surely be on the near horizon for this abundantly talented musician. The Very Last Dream is worth the listen. It would also be worthwhile to seek out a live performance by Holbrook. Tracks to highlight: “Shooting Star,” “Born from Jets,” and “The Very Last Dream.” X

The Jimi Austin Draw Your Lines [EP] by B.A. Frederick The Jimi Austin are at it again with the release of their new EP Draw Your Lines. The Ft. Collins gentlemen once more bring you a high energy funk/synth packed addition to their arsenal. Released in early November, they haven’t strayed far from their ability to inadvertently force their listeners to find themselves hitting their heels to the addictive chorus lines and attention grabbing riffs. With the help of Jason Livermore, The Jimi Austin once again hit up the world renowned Blasting Room and has pumped out their new 3 song disc in just a few days. Hoping to be back on the road in ’08 to promote Draw Your Lines, they will continue to write and record new material for (what I hope) will become a new full length follow-up to East Of Liam. These three new songs are a great way to gain interest in old and new fans alike – though it also is as much of a tease as it is enjoyable. X

Solitude[Demo] by Nicole Cormier I listened to Solitude’s demo this weekend. In it, I heard great potential and untimely wisdom. This Denver native has an intriguing voice and inquisitive lyrics that exude intelligence and promise. Though the beats were hollow and the hooks were a little awkward, Solitude’s voice and personality shined through. His youth and his catchy flow have a mainstream appeal that has the capability of raising eyebrows in the industry. Solitude says he has been strongly influenced by Outkast; which is apparent in his southern style of delivery. “Reach” was the realest song on this demo. He speaks of the growth and determination that keeps him doing what he loves while promoting passion within the music. Colorado shouldn’t sleep on Solitude. With proper production and some experience, this MC’s journey will be unrestrainable. X

Fall FUNK BALL at The Toad Tavern, 12/8/07
Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra braved the weather to make it down from Fort Collins with their Jazz/Latin-grooved Funk to warm up the crowd. They were followed by Demon Funkies and Ryan Chrys’ crazy-good guitar playing matched with his equally crazy Aqua-Netted afro. Throughout the evening and during set breaks, bands gave away cool prizes and schwag was bestowed to the audience, courtesy of Headed West smoke shop, Sweet Leaf Tea, Po’ Boy Drums, and the Little Pub Company. Po’ Boy also generously supported the event by providing backline. Greg Boyer, second only in the Funk trombone world to Fred Wesley and who currently works with artists such as Prince and Maceo Parker, came to Colorado to reunite with another Funk horn heavyweight, Rick Gardner. Both were with PFunk for many years although not at the same time, so the moment was one of historic proportions as they took the stage together for the first time during U.S. Pipe’s slammin’ set. The vision of the FUNK BALL is to showcase up-and-coming Colorado Funk artists and bring in special, iconic guests, with giveaways from the musicians as well as businesses who support the Funk and Colorado’s music scene. Participants are encouraged to get into the spirit by dressing especially funky and I hear the next one is going to be happening around 4/20 so be on the lookout to get your groove on! X | | |

Photo and story by Laura “Spunky” McGaughey With the success of the first FUNK BALL earlier this year, Pipe Circle Music was bringing the Funk again with host and headliners, U.S. Pipe, this time with bubble machines, smoke effects, afros and velvet, and very special guests. As the snow fell, it was unsure who might show up as text message cancellations came in, but the true Funkheads made it out in full force to The Toad Tavern to get down.


January 2008