TITLE 1 Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Earl Lord Lord

Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord

TITLE 2 Barker Billingham Bottomley of Nettlestone Campbell of Alloway Campbell of Surbiton Campbell-Savours Carlile of Berriew Chadlington Coe Coussins Cox Crawford and Balcarres Crisp Davies of Coity Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde Donaghy Doocey Dubs Eames Eccles of Moulton Emerton Falconer of Thoroton Falkender Faulkner of Worcester Faulks Fearn Fellowes of West Stafford

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HYPERLINK Barker, Baroness Billingham, Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, Baroness Campbell of Alloway, Lord Campbell of Surbiton, Baroness Campbell-Savours, Lord Carlile of Berriew, Lord Chadlington, Lord Coe, Lord Coussins, Baroness Cox, Baroness Crawford and Balcarres, Earl Crisp, Lord Davies of Coity, Lord Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Baroness Donaghy, Baroness Doocey, Baroness Dubs, Lord Eames, Lord Eccles of Moulton, Baroness Emerton, Baroness Falconer of Thoroton, Lord Falkender, Baroness Faulkner of Worcester, Lord Faulks, Lord Fearn, Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, Lord

Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Lord Baroness Earl

Fookes Ford Forsyth of Drumlean Fritchie Gale Gardner of Parkes Glenarthur Golding Gould of Potternewton Greenfield Greengross Grocott Guthrie of Craigiebank Hanham Harris of Haringey Harris of Peckham Haworth Hayhoe Hayman Healy of Primrose Hill Higgins Wheeler Addington Alderdice Armstrong of Hill Top Avebury Bakewell Baldwin of Bewdley

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Fookes, Baroness Ford, Baroness Forsyth of Drumlean, Lord Fritchie, Baroness Gale, Baroness Gardner of Parkes, Baroness Glenarthur, Lord Golding, Baroness Gould of Potternewton, Baroness Greenfield, Baroness Greengross, Baroness Grocott, Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, Lord Hanham, Baroness Harris of Haringey, Lord Harris of Peckham, Lord Haworth, Lord Hayhoe, Lord Hayman, Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill, Baroness Higgins, Lord Wheeler, Baroness Addington, Lord Alderdice, Lord Armstrong of Hill Top, Baroness Avebury, Lord Bakewell, Baroness Baldwin of Bewdley, Earl

Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Lord Lord Baroness Earl Lord Lord Earl Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Viscount Baroness Earl Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness

Beecham Benjamin Bilston Black of Brentwood Blackstone Blood Boothroyd Bradley Brooke of Alverthorpe Brougham and Vaux Browning Caithness Cavendish of Furness Christopher Clancarty Colwyn Corston Darzi of Denham Dixon Edmiston Falkland Finlay of Llandaff Glasgow Grey-Thompson Hollins Howarth of Breckland Hoyle Hughes of Stretford

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Beecham, Lord Benjamin, Baroness Bilston, Lord Black of Brentwood, Lord Blackstone, Baroness Blood, Baroness Boothroyd, Baroness Bradley, Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe, Lord Brougham and Vaux, Lord Browning, Baroness Caithness, Earl Cavendish of Furness, Lord Christopher, Lord Clancarty, Earl Colwyn, Lord Corston, Baroness Darzi of Denham, Lord Dixon, Lord Edmiston, Lord Falkland, Viscount Finlay of Llandaff, Baroness Glasgow, Earl Grey-Thompson, Baroness Hollins, Baroness Howarth of Breckland, Baroness Hoyle, Lord Hughes of Stretford, Baroness

Lord Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Earl Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Lord Lord

Hunt of Kings Heath Hussein-Ece James of Blackheath Jay of Paddington Jenkin of Roding Joffe Jolly Jones Kakkar Kennedy of Southwark King of Bow King of Bridgwater Kirkwood of Kirkhope Knight of Collingtree Laming Layard Leach of Fairford Lingfield Lipsey Listowel Lloyd of Berwick Low of Dalston MacKenzie of Culkein Martin of Springburn Masham of Ilton Massey of Darwen McCluskey McColl of Dulwich

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Hunt of Kings Heath, Lord Hussein-Ece, Baroness James of Blackheath, Lord Jay of Paddington, Baroness Jenkin of Roding, Lord Joffe, Lord Jolly, Baroness Jones, Lord Kakkar, Lord Kennedy of Southwark, Lord King of Bow, Baroness King of Bridgwater, Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope, Lord Knight of Collingtree, Baroness Laming, Lord Layard, Lord Leach of Fairford, Lord Lingfield, Lord Lipsey, Lord Listowel, Earl Lloyd of Berwick, Lord Low of Dalston, Lord MacKenzie of Culkein, Lord Martin of Springburn, Lord Masham of Ilton, Baroness Massey of Darwen, Baroness McCluskey, Lord McColl of Dulwich, Lord

Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord

McFall of Alcluith McIntosh of Hudnall Meacher Miller of Chilthorne Domer Miller of Hendon Morgan of Huyton Morris of Bolton Moser Murphy Nicholson of Winterbourne Noakes O'Donnell O'Neill of Bengarve Oppenheim-Barnes Owen Oxburgh Patel of Bradford Patel Pitkeathley Prosser Prys-Davies Ramsay of Cartvale Ramsbotham Rea Reid of Cardowan Rennard Ribeiro Risby

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McFall of Alcluith, Lord McIntosh of Hudnall, Baroness Meacher, Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Baroness Miller of Hendon, Baroness Morgan of Huyton, Baroness Morris of Bolton, Baroness Moser, Lord Murphy, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, Baroness Noakes, Baroness O'Donnell, Lord O'Neill of Bengarve, Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes, Baroness Owen, Lord Oxburgh, Lord Patel of Bradford, Lord Patel, Lord Pitkeathley, Baroness Prosser, Baroness Prys-Davies, Lord Ramsay of Cartvale, Baroness Ramsbotham, Lord Rea, Lord Reid of Cardowan, Lord Rennard, Lord Ribeiro, Lord Risby, Lord

Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Lord Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Baroness Baroness Lord Lord Baroness Baroness

Rix Roberts of Conwy Rogan Rogers of Riverside Royall of Blaisdon Ryder of Wensum Selkirk of Douglas Sherlock Skelmersdale Smith of Finsbury Smith of Kelvin Smith of Leigh Soley Stephen Sterling of Plaistow Stone of Blackheath Tonge Touhig Trumpington Tugendhat Turnberg Turner of Camden Verma Wall of New Barnet Walton of Detchant Warner Warnock Warwick of Undercliffe

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Rix, Lord Roberts of Conwy, Lord Rogan, Lord Rogers of Riverside, Lord Royall of Blaisdon, Baroness Ryder of Wensum, Lord Selkirk of Douglas, Lord Sherlock, Baroness Skelmersdale, Lord Smith of Finsbury, Lord Smith of Kelvin, Lord Smith of Leigh, Lord Soley, Lord Stephen, Lord Sterling of Plaistow, Lord Stone of Blackheath, Lord Tonge, Baroness Touhig, Lord Trumpington, Baroness Tugendhat, Lord Turnberg, Lord Turner of Camden, Baroness Verma, Baroness Wall of New Barnet, Baroness Walton of Detchant, Lord Warner, Lord Warnock, Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe, Baroness

Lord Baroness Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Baroness Baroness

Watson of Invergowrie Wilkins Williams of Baglan Willis of Knaresborough Winston Wolfson of Sunningdale Wood of Anfield Young of Hornsey Young of Old Scone

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Watson of Invergowrie, Lord Wilkins, Baroness Williams of Baglan, Lord Willis of Knaresborough, Lord Winston, Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale, Lord Wood of Anfield, Lord Young of Hornsey, Baroness Young of Old Scone, Baroness

PARTY Liberal Democrat Labour Conservative Conservative Crossbench Labour Liberal Democrat Conservative Conservative Crossbench Crossbench Conservative Crossbench Labour Labour Labour Liberal Democrat Labour Crossbench Conservative Crossbench Labour Labour Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat Conservative

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RECENT APPTS: PUBLIC BODIES : POLITICAL INTERESTS : part of EMP&NON-£ INTS Health, social services, ageing, civil liberties - health spokesperson 2004-10 Europe, education, health, sport, urban regeneration, planning / Regular contributions to Cumberlege Connections (a company run by Baroness Cumberlege which trains NHS and Health, universities, prison reform, diversity, business enterprise, regulatory reform, children and family policy / Sec'y of State for Health 1992-1995 Constitutional affairs, defence, industrial relations, European Union, restrictive trade practices and monopolies Health and social care, social policy, medical ethics, independent living, equality and human rights, disability rights, end of life issues Investigative political and social work, education and health reform, industrial democracy, Member of Cumbria Remuneration Panel Home affairs, agriculture, legal affairs, United Nations, arts, Wales, mental health, medical profession / Lay member, General Medical Council 1989-99 / Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Huntsworth plc (international consultancy group focused on public relations and integrated healthcare communications) Health, foreign affairs, education, environment, economy, voluntary movement Modern languages, corporate social responsibility, regulation, social justice and equal opportunity, international affairs, UN Human rights, humanitarian aid, education, health, nursing (Govt. whip 1985) Principal Opposition Frontbench Spokesperson for Health and Social Security 1967-70; Director (with wife) of Global HDE Ltd (publishing, research and consultancy in Health, Design and Education) / "24 Hours to save the NHS - the Chief Executive's account of reform Health service, education, industrial relations Industry, media, women's issues, telecommunications, pensions, housing, defence - former vice-chair of University College London Hospitals NHS Trust Independent consultant, Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards, Department of Health (occasional remuneration when called upon to act) Police, economic development, housing, people with disabilities, ending child trafficking, culture, sport, tourism, Olympic legacy Civil liberties, penal reform, race relations, immigration, health service, Ireland, human rights Northern Ireland, social issues, community care, broadcasting Chair, Ealing District Health Authority 1988-93; Member, Unrelated Live Transplant Regulatory Authority 1990-99; Chair, Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow Health Authority Health – social care, voluntary services, defence medical welfare service, Jerusalem / Former Chancellor and Chief Commander of St John Ambulance and former Chief Nursing Officer of Constitution and Justice but Chair Commission on Assisted Dying / Trustee Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Exports, health, breast cancer, British film industry Transport, sport, human rights, smoking and health, sex equality Legal issues, constitution, education, medicine, conservation, human rights Tourism, health, transport, leisure, local government Julian Fellowes screenwriter, playwright, novelist, actor and presenter / vice-president of the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust


Health, defence, animal welfare, equal opportunities Regeneration, housing, planning, energy, public sector reform and president of the Epilepsy Action Local government, privatisation, economics, health care, education, environment, constitution Mental Health / Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Chair 2gether Mental Health Foundation Trust Opposition whip/Animal welfare, women's equality, children's rights, Wales, devolution, smoking and health, environment Transport, housing, health, planning, energy / Australian-born dentist Aviation, foreign affairs, defence, penal policy, health, Scotland / Governor of two hospitals Health service, trade unions, children, racing, gambling, fishing / Radiographer and former Member of Parliament Women's equality, constitutional affairs, electoral affairs, race relations, population and development, disabled, sexual health / co chair sexual health forum // Former pharmacist, education women's rights / President Headway (brain injury charity) human rights ageing / Chair, Advisory Board of English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (UCL) / Former director-general of Age Concern England Foreign affairs, media, health service, machinery of government / trainer with Cumberlege Connections Defence, international relations, youth, medical ethics Local government, health, justice, environment / former (?) Chairman of St. Mary's Hospital NHS Trust and Westminster Primary Care Trust, Local government, health, policing, information technology, homeland security / senior adviser KPMG Governor, United Medical and Dental School of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals 1983-98; Member, Court of Patrons, Royal College of Gynaecologists 1984-; Chair, Guy's and Energy, environment, transport, health, Royal Navy Electoral reform, NHS, hospices Health, education, overseas development / (from Wiki) former chair of Cancer Research UK, former chair of the Human Tissue Authority and former chair of Whittington Hospital NHS Labour Party, health and welfare policies, penal reform Finance, social security, transport, sport Health and social care; disabilities, opposition whip disabilities / sport Mental Health / terrorism / Retired Consultant Psychiatrist Regional development, world development, education, environment, social exclusion and social enterprise Human rights, Gypsies, prisons, alcohol harm, asylum and immigration Joan Bakewell - Advocacy for the Elderly Complementary medicine, medicine, environment, education EHP EHP Doctor EHP

Opposition spokesman Health 2010-12 / Local government, social policy, health, criminal justice, legal aid, regional policy, environment Floella Benjamin: Children and young people, media, culture and arts, sport, education, diversity, equality Education, social services, housing, international development, small businesses Media and creative industries, health, education, energy, animal welfare Education, social policy, foreign affairs, arts / Chairman, Great Ormond Street Hospital Trust Women's issues, low pay, working class issues, family, children Constitutional affairs / President, National Benevolent Fund for the Aged Local and regional government, housing, health, pensions, poverty, sport / Trustee, Centre for Mental Health /Non-executive Chair, Christie NHS Foundation Trust Employment, transport, drug and alcohol issues Road safety, transport, motor industry, aviation / President, National Health Safety Groups Council Small businesses, education (special needs), mental health, learning disabilities Government Spokesperson for DHSS 1984-85 Environment, local issues, industry, foreign affairs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, agriculture, forestry, palliative care, national hunt racing Agriculture, financial services, pensions, penal affairs and policy, economics, industry, the elderly Arts and cultural issues, welfare, education Health, dentistry, complementary medicine, arts, sport, cycling Equal opportunities, disability, human rights, complementary medicine Department of Health: Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State 2007-09, - Professor of Surgery Imperial College London Trade unions, ships and shipbuilding, maritime affairs, housing, transport, social services Business, social issues Theatre, Europe, film industry, alcohol and drug addiction, transport (particularly motorcycling), racing and bloodstock / Resigned as LibDeb Whip March 2011 Women's careers, medical ethics, Welsh affairs, health and medicine Professor of Palliative Medicine at the Cardiff University School of Medicine and former president of the Royal Tourism, television, performing arts, small businesses, assisted dying sports women's issues disability rights EHP EHP



Health and social care (especially mental health and learning disability), welfare reform, special education (long term cond Social care, consumer affairs Trade, employment, industrial relations, health, immigration, arts, sport

Economic regeneration, investment, local and regional government, health and community care, families, regional developm

Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords 2010-; Opposition Spokesperson for Health 2012 / Consultant and Trainer, Cum Local government, health, equality and diversity, women, youth, community cohesion, European and foreign affairs Horseracing industry, NHS finances, MoD procurement, funding and organisation of 2012 Olympics, renewable energy Health, overseas aid and development, media, broadcasting

Patrick Jenkin - Economic policy, industry, science, technology, health, disabled, energy, housing, planning, financial services, Human rights, developing world, financial services, consumer protection, assisted dying, philanthropy, voluntary sector

Poverty, rural affairs - Non-executive director, Mental Health and Learning Disability NHS Trust 1997; Former chair, North a Manufacturing industries, regional policy, NHS, education, aerospace

Practising Surgeon - Consultant Surgeon, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Member, General Me Low pay, credit unions, diabetes

Race relations, employment, education, health, development, equal opportunities, housing, European affairs, electoral reform Vice President, Brainwave (charity for handicapped children) Freedom of information, health, social security, human rights Health, social security, childcare, industry, Council of Europe and Western European Union

Public services - Vice-President, Local Government Association 2012- / (form wiki) Psychiatric social worker and chairman of t Economic policy, employment, inequality, well-being, mental health Finance, ethics - Asia Education / (from Wiki) Chairman of the League of Mercy, former Director-General of St. John Ambulance

Horse racing, elderly people, electoral reform, broadcasting, machinery of government, greyhound welfare, gambling, financi Young under-privileged EHP

President, Outlook Foundation (providing residential accommodation for 18 -25 year olds with severe learning difficulties)

Special Educational Needs Tribunal 1994-, National Disability Council 1996-2000, Disability Rights Commission 2000-02 / Dis Health, nursing, defence, aviation, maritime affairs, land reform. Labour Party Policy: Forum 1997-2000, Commission on Health 1998-2000. Retired Associate General Secretary, UNISON Trade and industry, drug abuse, industrial relations, equal opportunities, care of the elderly, human rights, housing, apprenticeships Health, disability, penal affairs and policy, drug abuse, farming, horticulture. Yorkshire Regional Health Authority 1982-90; DL, North Yorkshire 1991-; Member: North Yorkshire Education, health, children and young people, sport, substance misuse. Chair, National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse. Trustee, UNICEF. Bedfordshire University Unit on Mental health, human rights. Newspaper articles Disability, higher education, health service, forestry, medicine, health. Opposition Spokesperson for Health 1997-2010. Emeritus Professor, King's College, London.

Defence, education, economic policy, co-operative development, Third World. Training and Employment, Health and Community Relations 1998-99, for Economy and Education 1999). Arts, public health, education, sustainable transport. rustee, Parliament Choir (all-party parliamentary group; a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity). Deputy Mental health, criminal justice, welfare benefits, social care Commissioner, Mental Health Act 1987-92; Non-executive director, Tower Hamlets Healthcare Trust 1994-98; Environment, street children, human rights, food security. £: Dir - wines Board Member, UNICEF UK. Co-President, Parliamentarians for non-nuclear proliferation and disarmament Women's issues, health, law and order, small businesses. Member, Monopolies and Mergers Commission 1992-93; Chair, National Association of Hospital and Community Equality issues, education, health. £: Var. Chair OFSTED. Virgin grp Holdings Opposition Spokesperson for: Health 2004-06, Education and Skills 2004-07;…. Spokesperson for: Women 2005-10, Children, Schools and Families 2007-09, Health 2009-10, Arts, education, social policy, migration, statistics. £: trustee Hamlyn Found'n. Shares: newspapers Mental health, National Health Service, learning disability, ageing, higher education. Vice President, Alzheimer's Society / (from wiki) Former Professor of Psychiatry of Old Age at Information technology, human rights, education, health, foreign affairs, Islamic world, refugees/displaced people, poverty reduction, freedom of information, intellectual property Health, public finance, trade and industry, public service management, horse racing, rural issues. Opposition Spokesperson for: Health 2001-03, Work and Pensions 2001-06, Treasury Public sector, especially the civil service, economic and financial issues, wellbeing, behavioural science. £: Advser - Banks. Chair, Wellbeing and Mental Health Group, Davos Chair, Equalities and Human Rights Commission 2012- PI15:12 Constitutional reform, education especially higher education, medical ethics, languages, communication, copyright Consumer affairs. Western Centre of Public Health Inspectors; President, National Waterways Trust to 1990 / from wiki Former social worker David Owen. International affairs (foreign and defence). Medical Practitioner (nonpractising). £:Directorships energy - steel Higher education, health, energy, research and development, climate change. £: Directorships Greenenergy/ President, Carbon Capture & Storage Association Chair, Communities, Rights and Inclusion Governance Committee 2010-; Chair, Integrated Equality and Human Rights Committee, Leicestershire County and Rutland NHS Trust 2010UK National Stem Cell Network 2007-09; National Patient Safety Agency 2006-10 Council member, Medical Research Council 2008-12. PI: Women's health, higher education, Health, social care, voluntary sector, charities £: Chair, Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence. Vice President, Carers UK World of work, equalities, equal pay. Dir: TU Fund Managers Dep Chair: Equality & Human Rights Commission Chair, Welsh Hospitals Board 1968-74. Opposition Frontbench Spokesperson for: Health 1983-87, Welsh Office 1987-97, Northern Ireland 1982-93; On leave of absence September Health 1997-98. Member: Co-operative Party, Labour Finance and Industry Group, Labour Movement in Europe, Labour Party; Member, Lewisham Community Health Council 1992Chair, Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust 1994-95; Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales 1995-2001. Penal reform, youth justice, education and employment, UN peace Health, food and nutrition, international development, human rights. Trustee, National EHP Heart Forum Secretary of State for: Health 2003-05, Defence 2005-06, the Home Department (Home Secretary) 2006-07. PI: Security, foreign affairs, defence, economy Constitutional Affairs 2009-10. Clients: The Member provides some public affairs advice to the British Healthcare Trade Association via the above company. Chair, Commission on the Health, education, prison reform: Consultant Surgeon (non-practising). Chairman, Independent Reconfiguration Panel. Member of Advisory Board, American College of Foreign Affairs 2000-04; Shadow Minister for the Treasury 2004-05 : Select Cttee Health 1995-96, Deregulation 1997 : PI-Treasury, small business, foreign affairs :£

Brian Rix : Mencap PI: Arts, disability, theatre, voluntary sector, charities, cricket, higher education / president of Mencap Home Office 2002-04 :PB- President, University of Wales College of Medicine 1997-2004; PI, Education, health, training, tourism, small businesses, transport, economics, conservation, PI: Northern Ireland, trade and industry, defence : Chair, Lisburn Unit of Management Health Board: : Directorships PI: Sustainable built environment, arts, New York City :Richard Rogers Architecture WTC3: Trustee, Medecine du Monde, UK PC: Government Spokesperson for: Health 2005-08, etc. to International Development 2012/ PI: Foreign policy, development, carers, democratic engagement, penal affairs, youth Government Chief Whip 1990-95 : BBC Governors: Directorships & land: Chairman, Institute of Cancer Research, University of London, Chairman, UCANDOIT (registered charity) JCSI … Foreign affairs, defence, Scottish affairs, law reform, conservation, arts, housing, health, education, local government, environment, heritage Families with children, poverty, welfare state, health, communities, faith and politics Horticulture, Post Office, energy, environment, privatised utilities, health Culture, media, sport, housing, local and regional government, foreign affairs, environment, civil liberties, criminal justice, economic policy, social security, health South Africa, Scotland, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Local government, regionalism, airports, health Environment, civil liberties, foreign policy, aviation policy, good governance Economic development, education, health Shipping, economics, disability, arts, music / wiki Chairman of Motability, Conflict resolution, art and science, health, ecology Health, environment, international development (a doctor - recommended by Lucy) Treasury, employment, health, education, local and regional government Agriculture, House of Lords heritage, medical Health, economy, Europe Health Service, medical education, research Employment, social security, pensions Health, education, overseas development, home affairs Education and skills, NHS Medicine, health, science, education / Medical practitioner (retired neurologist; nonpracticing) / from wiki Former presidents of the British Medical Association, General Law and order, children, social and health care, end of life Education, broadcasting, medicine, environment, constitution, law on assisted dying Higher education, science and technology, health, heritage, international development, pensions, corporate social responsibility

Economy, social inclusion policy, overseas aid and development, extension of devolution throughout the UK Disability, housing, international development, energy conservation, social care Foreign affairs, defence, social welfare Inclusive education, health, local and regional government, science policy, higher education reform Health, science and technology, education, arts Health Foreign policy, economic policy, sport, media and creative industries, Northern Ireland Arts and culture, children and young people in care, mental health, equalities, London, North and South West England Environment, broadcasting, health and social care, equality and rights Doctor

020 7219 5353

PRIORITY HEREDITARY Drs. : Dukes, Bishops. Marquesses,

ecial education (long term conditions), human rights abuses of disabled people / (from Wiki) Professor of the psychiatry of learning dis

are, families, regional development, education, criminal justice, child protection and safety

2 / Consultant and Trainer, Cumberlege Connections Ltd (NHS leadership/awareness programmes)

ean and foreign affairs

mpics, renewable energy

sing, planning, financial services, statistics

anthropy, voluntary sector

ust 1997; Former chair, North and East Cornwall NHS Primary Care Trust; Former lay member, Commission for Health Improvement

on Trust - Member, General Medical Council - consultancy work for pharmaceuticals

European affairs, electoral reform, poverty

social worker and chairman of the Harold Shipman inquiry and the Baby P inquiry

n Ambulance

hound welfare, gambling, financial services

h severe learning difficulties)

ghts Commission 2000-02 / Disability, higher education, arts, music, broadcasting, crime and delinquency 020 7219 8515 Fax: 020 7219 8712 020 7219 1892 020 7219 6302 Fax: 020 7219 5979 020 7219 8653 020 7219 5353 020 7219 5141 Fax: 020 7219 6205

020 7219 3521 020 7219 8732 020 7219 4081 020 7219 6042 020 7219 3164 Fax: 020 7219 1465 020 7219 5500 020 7219 5353 020 7219 3283 020 7219 5353 020 7219 5353 020 7219 5230 Fax: 020 7219 4215 020 7219 5353 020 7219 4120 020 7219 5353

020 7219 4341 Fax: 020 7219 5979 020 7219 4557 020 7219 8702 020 7219 0358 020 7219 4694 Fax: 020 7219 0699 020 7219 5353 020 7219 3145 Fax: 020 7219 5979 020 7219 8752 020 7219 5353 Fax: 020 7219 5969 020 7219 8537 020 7219 6717 Fax: 020 7219 2458 020 7219 4819 020 7219 8996

020 7219 5353 020 7219 2410 020 7219 8625 020 7219 5353 020 7219 6370 020 7219 5353

sychiatry of learning disability at St George's, University of London, former president of the Royal Society of Psychiatrists

Health Improvement


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