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Drawback Software

Integration Point Drawback Software brings together all the components for successful
filing into one platform, helping companies receive duties once left unclaimed.
The Challenge
For many companies, drawback is cumbersome. Tracking detailed
information through all the disjointed procedures for importing,
exporting, inventory controls, and part information is often
Currently, companies must gather entry information associated
with the importation of merchandise, pull all the manufacturing/
distribution data from the ERP system, and then finally track down the
export documents and related filings before getting to the process
of creating a drawback claim. This is a long, tedious process that
requires combining of multiple data points from disparate systems
and managing vast amounts of paperwork. Companies might shy
away from drawback because of this complexity, and due to this,
miss savings opportunities.
The Solution
Using Integration Point Drawback Software, companies can easily
access and view all the information needed for drawback filings
across multiple countries. Integration Point provides the connection
with various Customs offices around the world so that the drawback
information, as well as other Customs data, can be filed electronically,
thus reducing errors from manual data entry, and helping companies
receive duties that, until now, have been left unclaimed.

The Benefits
Integration Point understands the needs of companies looking to
claim drawback on their exports and provides the necessary tools to
facilitate this process.
The Features
Companies utilizing Integration Point Drawback Software are able

Integration Point Drawback

Software is designed to maximize
drawback potential and simplify
the entire drawback process.



2016 Integration Point, Inc.

Integrate capabilities with all major ERP systems, or use the

software as a standalone system
Create, organize, and submit all documentation related to
drawback claims provided to Customs
Track, capture, and manage all key data elements and
paperwork related to entries made by third parties
View all production information, including up-to-date Bills of
Materials (BOMs) and manufacturing events through robust
auditing functionality
Validate classification and maintain complex parts information
in one central location
Utilize a complete audit trail of the importation, production and
export necessary to support any Customs inquiry
View all key dates in the importing, production, and export flow
through querying and reporting tools

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