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Response Focus

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Response Page
DiSC Classic


DiSC''' Classic

Choose one MOST and one LEASTin each of the 28 groups of words.
{See instructions on page 3} MOST LEAST MOST LEAST MOST LEAST

o Responding
A. Study the first group of four words on page 2 while
thinking about yourself in your selected setting or focus.

@) Determining the Difference

A. Determine the difference between the MOST and LEAST columns for each row of the Tally Box. Enter these numbers in the DIFFERENCE column. B. Use a plus (+) sign if the number in the MOST column is greater than the number in the LEAST column. See Example 2. Use a minus (-) sign if the number in the MOST column is less than the number in the LEAST column. C. Turn to page 4.

daring diplomatic

10 brave

inspiring submissive

2 cautious




20 confident

B. Select only one woed that MOST describes you.

Use a coin or other smooth metal object to gently rub

determined convincing






strong-willed cheerful 12 stimulating kind perceptive independent

impartial assertive


the rectangle after that word in the MOST column. A symbol will appear. See Example 1. C. Select only one word that LEAST describes you. Use a coin or other smooth metal object to gently rub the rectangle after that word in the LEAST column. A symbol will appear. D. Use the same procedure to respond groups of descriptive words.

friendly accurate outspoken calm



well-disciplined generous animated persistent

the remaining

REMEMBER: Select only one MOST and one LEAST choice for each group.


4 talkative

controlled conventional decisive



13 competitive considerate joyful private 14 fussy obedient firm playful

22 impulsive introverted forceful easygoing


The individual responding tends to be MOSTenthusiastic and LEAST satisfied in his or her selected setting.

adventurous insightful outgoing moderate

, gentle


23 good mixer refined vigorous lenient 24 captivating contented demanding compliant enthusiastic daring diplomatic


persuasive humble original 7 expressive conscientious dominant responsive




attractive introspective stubborn predictable




- +11

f} Counting and Recording

A. Tear out the perforated area in the lower right corner of this page to reveal the Tally Box on page 5. B. MOST Choices: Total the number of Zs in the three MOST columns on page 2. Write this total over the Z symbol in the MOST column of the Tally Box. Use the same procedure to count and record the other symbols .... N in the MOST columns.


logical bold loyal charming


25 argumentative systematic cooperative light-hearted 26 jovial precise direct even-tempered



-'_._._-_._._-_._._._,_._-_.~._,_. Perfomtion Perfor"tion Perl





, 0

i'"" i ~ o ! '::

poised observant modest impatient


17 sociable patient self-reliant soft-spoken 18 willing eager thorough high-spirited




. ,

9 tactful agreeable magnetic insistent


27 restless neighborly appealing careful 28 respectful pioneering optimistic

C. LEAST Choices: Total the number of Zs in the three LEAST columns on page 2. Write this total over the Z symbol in the LEAST column of the Tally Box. Use the same procedure to count and record the other symbols ..... N in the LEAST columns.

Lift and Tear

on Perforation to Reveal TALLY BOX on Page 5

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D. Check the accuracy by adding the MOST and LEAST columns of the Tally Box. Each column should total2S. If not, check your tally and symbol counts.

Il:l ?Om h" I"" .. ,.,,.,,, p, ,hli<hi.......,... ,.. All n,.,ht, rA<"'''''''''''''

DiSCIlt Classic

DiSC" Classic

o Plotting
A. Use the numbers from the MOST column of the Tally Box See Example 3. Plot the Z number on the D line. Plot the. number on the i line,



plot GRAPH]

on page 5,




11 ~ __

"-5 , ,
e s


, ,


...a ~ ..

+27 +9 +6

+28 +9 +8 +7 +6

+26 +14

+24 +18

Plot the'" number on the S line.

Plot the


* number on the Cline.


Estimate the plotting point if asp ecific number is not shown on the graph. Do not plot the N number.






B. Use the numbers from the LEAST column of the Tally Box to plot Graph II. C. Use the numbers from the DIFFE RENCE column of the Tally Box to plot Graph III. Note the + and - signs on Graph III.

__ ...... > ... ...-",70>;

GRAf H I w


, c


--\'- ----- ---9- -.-- --Ii













)1 ~ __


o Interpretation
A. Circle the peakts) of the four plotting points in Graph III. See Example 4. If two plotting points are equally high, circle both points. B. Identify the behavioral tendency for each plotting point circled. Each scale is labeled D, i, S, or C at the top of the graph. The example shows a high point on the C scale followed by a secondary high point on the S scale.

+6 ~._--cr----5 +2 +5 -2 -6 +4 +I -7 +3 ~ --"0---- _._~--+2 -3 -8 + I -I -9 -4 -10 0 -2 -5 -II _ .._ ..- --12 - - -- - - -- '::r-' .. --:t; -1 -2 -7 -13 -4 -3 -5 -14 -4 -8 ---------- --:6----- - ..- - - - -, _. --._if----5 -15 -7 -8 -16 -II

._ ..Q._--- I -2 -3 -4


+12 ..... -- _. +11 +10 +8 +7

_.+6 - - - - - -+5 +4 +3 +2 +I 0

'+'5"----+4 +3


-27 ~




. .

C. Turn to page 6.





'.~ ..

ro ,\ ._~ '-~-.n.. ;.-.--, , -, --,, , -, . , ., -

., .,


--'-, -,




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* *


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Guidelines for Interpretation

The purpose of DiSa- Classic is to help you understand yourself and others. The profile provides a framework for looking at human behavior while increasing your knowledge of your unique behavioral pattern. The goal of this practical approach is to help you create an environment that will ensure your success. At the same time, you will gain an appreciation for the different motivational environments required by other behavioral styles. The three interpretation stages, which progress from general to specific, will help you master the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior approach for understanding people. The following summary table identifies the basis for the interpretation and its content and also offers suggestions for using each interpretation stage.

General Highlights

Interpretation Stage I (See poge


6. Guidelines for Interpretation.)

ACTION PLAN This person desires an environment that includes power and authority prestige and challenge opportunities for individual accomplishments a wide scope of operations direct answers opportunities for advancement freedom from controls and supervision many new and varied activities This person needs others who weigh pros and cons calculate risks use caution create a predictable environment research facts deliberate before deciding recognize the needs of others To be more effective, this person needs to receive difficult assignments to understand that they need people to base techniques on practical experience to receive an occasional shock to identify with a group to verbalize reasons for conclusions to be aware of existing sanctions to pace self and to relax more To be more effective, this person needs to control time, if D or S is low to make objective decisions to use hands-on management to be more realistic when appraising others to make priorities and deadlines to be more firm with others, if D is low To be more effective, this person needs to be conditioned prior to change to validate self-worth to know how personal effort contributes to the group effort to have colleagues of similar competence and sincerity to know task guidelines to have creativity encouraged

DOMINANCE Emphasis ison shaping the environment by overcoming opposition to

This person's tendencies include getting immediate results causing action accepting challenges making quick decisions questioning the status quo taking authority managing trouble solving problems

INTERPRETIVE CONTENT The content provides an understanding of the D, i, S, and C Dimensions of Behavior. The interpretation contains general highlights and includes the following: Description 1. The individual's behavioral tendencies

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE 1. Read the section indicated by your highest plotting potnrts) on Graph

General Highlights

STAGE I (poge7{
Based on your highest plotting pomus) on


2. Personalize

the general

interpretation that describe



underlining the phrases you accurately; deleting the phrases desired environment

2. The individual's Action Plan

that do not apply; phrases from This person's tendencies include contacting people making a favorable impression being articulate creating a motivating environment generating enthusiasm entertaining people viewing people and situations with optimism participating in a group This person's tendencies include performing in a consistent, predictable manner demonstrating patience developing specialized skills helping others showing loyalty being a good listener calming excited people creating a stable, harmonious work environment This person desires an environment that includes popularity, social recognition public recognition of ability freedom of expression group activities outside of job democratic relationships freedom from control and detail opportunities to verbalize proposals coaching and counseling favorable working conditions This person desires an environment that includes maintenance of the status quo unless given reasons for change predictable routines credit for work accomplished minimal work infringement on home life sincere appreciation identification with a group standard operating procedures minimal conflict This person needs others who concentrate on the task seek facts speak direcrlv respect sincerity develop systematic approaches prefer to deal with things instead of people take a logical approach demonstrate individual follow-through This person needs others who react quickly to unexpected change stretch toward the challenges of accepted tasks become involved in more than one thing are self-promoting applv pressure on others work comfortably in an unpredictable environment help to prioritize work ate flexible in work procedures This person needs others who delegate important tasks make quick decisions use policies only as guidelines compromise with the opposition state unpopular positions initiate and facilitate discussions encourage teamwork

substituting appropriate other descriptions.

1. What the individual

needs from others needs in order to be

3. Read the other sections

of the DiSC Dimensions

to understand

aU INFLUENCE Emphasis ison shaping the environment by influencing or persuading others.

2. What the individual

more effective

of Behavior.

Dimensional Intensity Index

STAGE II {pog.'!
Based on the exact placement of your plotting potnrts) on the D, i, 5, and C scales.

The index considers each DiSC Dimension of Behavior separately. The words that are revealed reflect the intensity of your tendencies in each dimension.

Continue to personalize this more specific interpretation. For each of the words appearing in the four columns: Use a '" to indicate Use an
X to

agreement. disagreement. doubt. STEADINESS


Use a ? to indicate

Classical Profile Patterns


(page 9-19)

Insights into your work behavior and the work behavior of others are summarized in nine key areas under the following headings: Emotions: your general demeanor

Based on the pattern of your high and low plotting points on all four DiSC Dimensions of Behavior. Behavioral patterns, determined by the shape of your profile graph, provide an integrated interpretation of your behavioral style. Each Classical Pattern describes the behavior of people with a specific blend of the four DiSC behavioral styles, or dimensions. This description reflects the complexity and subtlety of behavior. Fifteen Classical Patterns and three special patterns are presented.

Continue to personalize your interpretation. Learn how your blend of DiSC behavioral tendencies combines into a comprehensive style. For additional insights, discuss the interpretation with someone who knows you well.

Emphasis is on cooperating with others 'Withinexisting circumstances to carry out the tosk.

Goal: what you are most motivated to obtain Judges others by: how you evaluate by: how you affect how you others

Influences others others' behavior

Read the other Classical Profile Patterns to increase your appreciation of those with different behavioral styles.

Value to the organization: contribute Overuses: limitations how your strengths

can become

Under pressure: situations Fears:

how you react to stressful

what causes you discomfort

Would increase effectiveness through: how to achieve maximum success

This person's tendencies include CONSCIENTIOUSNESS adhering to key .. directives and standards Emp haSls IS .. concentratrog on key details ,. onwor Ing ..' {{ , . thinking analvtica y, c~n~clenhoUSIY weighing pros and cons ~Ithln eXlsllng being diplomatic with people circumstances using subtle or indirect 10 ensure quailly approaches to conflict and accuracy, checking for accuracy analyzing performance critically using a systematic approach to situations or activities

This person desires an environment that includes clearly defined performance expectations values of quality and accuracy a reserved, business-like atmosphere opportunities to demonstrate expertise control over factors that affect their performance opportunities to ask "why" questions recognition for specific skills and accomplishments

To be more effective, this person needs to have time to plan carefully to know exact job descriptions and performance objectives to schedule performance appraisals to receive specific feedback on performance to respect people's personal worth as much as their accomplishments to develop tolerance for conflict
Publishinq, Inc.

@2oo1 by 'nscoce

Publishing. Inc. All right~ reserved,

Cl2001 by



,"'."",,., ....

Dimensional Intensity Index

DiSC* Classic

Finding and Interpreting Your Classical Profile Pattern

DiSC~ Classic

Interpretatian Stage II
The second stage of interpretation considers each dimension separately. The index reflects the intensity of your tendencies on the Q i, S, and C scales. Use the procedure outlined below.

Interpretation Stage III

Classical Profile Pattern Interpretations Classical Patterns are based on the shape of the profile plotting points or the relationship of the four DiS~ dimensions to each other. The profile shape is determined by the pattern of both high and low plotting points. The positional relationships among the four plotting points could result in hundreds of patterns and would fill several volumes with the interpretations. The DiSC Classic Classical Pattern interpretations represent a more practical approach. The Classical Profile Patterns are those profile forms that occur most frequently in the population. Each represents a significantly different behavioral style. Research subjects of each pattern were observed at work and interviewed by professionals in order to discover and confirm the rich, detailed insights summarized and published in the Classical Pattern information in this profile. Although individuals may have differences in their plotting points, if the shapes of their profile graphs are similar, they can have the same Classical Pattern. Of course, there will be individual differences in how that pattern is expressed. Discussion and observation will help you to expand your understanding of each Classical Profile Pattern. Using Information from Graph III How to Find Your Classical Profile Pattern

o The DiSC
f) See

o Draw a horizontal

line from the D plotting point to a number in the shaded bar at

the left of GRAPH Ilion page 5. See Example 5.

f} Use the identified number

from the graph's shaded bar to locate the corresponding number in the shaded bat of the D column 011 this page.

Then rub the three spaces below and the three spaces above this reference point. For example, if the number in the shaded bar is 8, rub 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 for a total of seven spaces. If the number falls within the top or bottom three spaces, you will not rub seven spaces. For example, if the number is 26 you will rub the three spaces below and the two spaces above for a total of five space-s.

e o

Repeat the above procedure for the i, 5, and C plotting points. Personalize your interpretation. Use a ,/ to indicate agreement. Use an X to indicate disagreement. Use a doubt.

Classic graphs are divided into seven segments. The segment numbers are located in the shaded column on the right. Example 6

-., .,

., .,

-. ..
, "

" ._~--, ;;;---,


The D plotting point is in segment 2. The i plotting poim is in segment 1. -\-, The 5 plotting point is in segment 6.

'I .,. ." ,-,,---

t) Use a coin or other metal

object to rub the space to the right of the number. (A word will appear.)

:-,-, , , ,

, ,


The C plotting point is in segment 7. -4---1---11-

? to indicate EXAMPLES





2' 25' 24 23 21

127 I 2 , ' 25________

1 '-----------,~~>---------<~~~ ~---------112'1
25 24J1i ----.23


., -,



-, ._~.,
-, -,

1 +-


.. ..

. ~ re




124~ ~-_-----_ 123 .--

r 24
/23~, --------




1 20

22' _______ -.!22 , ~------~F', 21~


21'.--------,201f_ _

19, 18

- 19' 1'8

>--------"1' j _______


15 141 13 12 11 10, 9 1 8



17 '~________ __




I 19!-l 17 161r---------

17 "

151 ~---14 \\

_;; 15, -I!'4


11-------1 1}-

The interpretation for Graph III provides a description of how you see yourself. The graph summarizes and combines two different ways of looking at yourself. Some people find that they are more comfortable when describing themselves by their MOST choices. Others may feel that they described themselves more accurately by their LEAST choices. And still others are equally comfortable with both choice processes. The combination of your responses to both choices (Graph Ill) provides the most comprehensive picture of how you see yourself. People occasionally find that either their MOST or LEAST responses were affected by social desirability. In other words, they selected the words that fit their idea of how they should be in their selected environment rather than what was actually the most natural behavior for them. Reading the interpretation of the Classical Pattern for your Graph 1II will help you to determine the most accurate description of your behavioral style. Using Information from Graph I and Graph II



-:-, -- -- --:f-



are written


in the boxes below the graph.


14,~ 13

~13 ------12

13 ---i1'2,




Example 6 segment number 2167 is listed in the Classical Profile Pattern Table (pages 1O~13) as a Perfectionist Pattern. Write this Classical Pattern name in the box provided. to page 5 and follow the above procedure segments and name.

~11 _______ ______ 10

--1" --1';101,--------"
9{-i -----8


e Turn
o See

I 9~
8 I , 7


to identify your patterns





'il-------Some people find additional understanding of themselves by looking at any differences between their responses to their MOST and LEAST choices.


5, 4 3 2 1

I5 I4
3' I2 1

, 3


5 4


page 6, Stage III Guidelines for Interpretation. Then read your Classical Profile Pattern inrerprerationfs) to discover more about yourself. Interpretations are found on pages 14 to 19 and are listed in alphabetical order.

_ _


3 i1



--:l2001 ov rnscooe Publishlno.fnc. Ail rrohts reserved

11:12001 by rnsccoe Publishing. Inc. All rights reserved.

Classical Profile Pattern Table

DiSC'" Classic
7777--Overshiit 7776-0vershift 777 5-0vershift 7774-lnspiratianal 7773-ln,pirolional 7772-lnspiralional 7771-lnspirolional 7767-0vershift 7766-0ve"hift 7765-0vershilt 7764-lnspiratianol 7763-lnspirotional 7762-ln,pirolional 7761-lmpiralionol 7757-0vershift 7756-0ver>hift 775S-0veflhlft 7754-lmpirational 7753--lnspirotionol 7752-lnspiratlonal 7751-Inspirational 7747-App,oiser 7746-Approiser 7745-Approi,er 7744--lmpiralionOI 7743--lnspirationol 7742-lnspi,ational 7741-lnspirotionol 7737-Appraiser 7736~Appraiser 7735-ApPfoiser 7734-ln,piralional 7733-lnspirolionol 7732-lnspirationol 7731-lnspiratlonoi 7727-Appraiser 7726-Approiser 7725-Approi,e, 7724-lnspirotionol 7723-lnspirolionol 7722-lnspirotionol 7721-lnspl,otionol 7717-Approiser 7716-Appraiser 7715-App,ai,er 7714-lnspiralional 7713--lnspirotionol 7712-lnspiro lionol 771 Hnspi'otionol 7576--0vershifl 757S--Over,hift 7574-Achiever 7573--Achiever 7572-Achiever 7571-Achiever 7567-overshift 7566-0vershift 7565-0ve,shill 7564-Achiever 7563-Achiever 7S62-Achiever 7561-Achiever 7557-0vershift 7556-0vershlft 7555-0vershifl 7554-Re,vlt-Oriented 7553~Result-Oriented 75S2-Resul!-Oriented 7551-Resutt-Oriented 7374-Achiever 7373-Achiever 7372-Achiever 7371-Achiever 7367-inve,tigatar 7366-lnvestigator 7365-lnvestigatar 7364-Achiever 7363-Achieve, 7362-Achiever 7361-Achlever 7357-lnve,tigotar 7356-lnve,tlgotor 735S-lnvestigotor 73S4--Achiever 7353-Achiever 7352-Achiever 7351-Achiever 7347-Creotive

Classical Profile Pattern Table

DiSC'" Classic
71 71-Achiever 7167-lnvelligolor 7166--l,we,tigotor 7165-lnvestigota' 7164-Achiever 7163-Achiever 7162-Achiever 7161-Achiever 7157-lnvestigator 71 56-Investigator 7155-lnvestigator 7154-Achiever 7153--Achiever 7152-Achiever 7lSi-Achiever 7147-Creotive 7146-Crealive 7145-Creolive 7144-Developer 7143-Develaper 7142-Developer 7141-Developer 6667--Ov6f,hilt 6666-0ver>hift 6665-0veflhift 6664--Jnspirotional 6663--lnspirolional 6662-lnspiralional 6661-lnspiralionol 6657-0vershilt 6656-0vershitt 6655-0vef5hil! 6654-lnspiratlonol 6653-lnspirationol 6652-lnspiralional 6651-lnspiro lional 6647-Approi,er 6646-Approiser 6645-Appraiser 6644-ln,pirotionol 6643--ln,pirationoi 6642-lnspf'otional 6641-lnspi'otional 6637-Approiser 6636--Approlser 6635-App'0Iser 6634-105plfolional 6633-105plrallonol 6632-I05pirotlonol 6631-I05pirotionot 6627-Appraiser 6626-Approiser 6625-Approiser 6624-lnspira lional 6623-lnspiralional 6622-lnspirolional 6621-lnspirationol 6617-Approiser 6616--Approise, 6615-Appmiser 6614-lnspirotional 6613--lnspirational 6612-lnspirotionol Mll-inspiralionol 6465-lnve,ligolor 6464-Achiever 6463-Achiever 6462--Achiever 6461-Achieve, 6457-lnvestigotor 64S6-lnveltlgotor 6455-lnvestigotor 6454-Achiever 64S3-Achiever 6452-Achiever 6451-Achlever 6447-Creative 6446--Crealive 6445-Creotive 6444-Re,ull-0'iented 6443-Resutl-Orlented 6442-Resull-Orienled 6441-Resull-Oriented 6437-Creative 6263-Achiever 6262-Achiever 6261-Achiever 6257-1nvesligalor 6256-lnvesligator 6255-lnvesligator 6254-Achiever 6253-Achiever 6252-Achiever 5761-Gounselor 5757--Overshift


5554-11ghl 5553--Coumelor 5552-Caumelor 5551-Coumelor 5547-Appraiser 5546-Apprai,er S545-Appraiser S544-Tight 5543--lnspirotional 5542-lmpirotional 5541-lmpirationol 5537-Apprai,er 5536-Apprai,er 5535-Approlser 5534-lnspirotional S533-lnspirational 5532-lnspira lional 5531-lnspirotionol 5527-Approiser 5526-Appraiser 5525-Approiser 5524-lnspirationol 5523-lnspi,olfonol 5522-lnsplrolionol 552H05piralionai 5517-Appro;ser 5516-Appraiser 55 IS-Appraiser 5514-lmpirotionol 5513--lmpirotionol 5512-lmpirotionol 5511-lmpirolionol


5754-Persuoder 5753-Persuoder 5752-Persuoder 5751--Persuoder 5747-Approiser 5746-Appraiser 5745-Approi,er 5744-Per,vader 5743-Persvader 5742-Persvoder 5741-Persvoder 5737-App,aiser 5736-ApPfaiser 5735-APPfaiser 5734-Persuoder 5733--Persuade, 5732-Pe'suoder 5731-Persuoder 5727-Appraiser 5726-App,oise, 5725-Approise, 5724-Pe"voder 5723--Persuader 5722-Per,uoder 572I--Per>uader 5717-Appraiser 5716-App,aise' 571S-Apprai,e, 5714-Persuade, 5713-Persvader 5712-Persvoder 571I-Pelsvoder

5354-Achiever 5353-Achiever 5352-Achiever 5351-Achiever 5347--Crealive 5346--Creotive


5] 52-Achiever 51St-Achiever 5147-ereotive 514b-Creolive 5145-Creolive 5144-0evelaper 5143-0evetoper

ezsr-Acnre-er sac-creon-e saas-crecn-e szes-ctecnve

5344-Devetoper 5343-0eveloper 5342-Developer 5341-Developer

S\ 4 t -Developer Sl37-Creotive Sl36-Creative 5135-Creotlve 5134-Develope, S133-Developer



saaz-crecnve saas-crecn-e ssas-crecn-e


7546--C,ealive 754S-C,eative 7544-Resvlt-Orienled 7543-ResultO,iented 7542-Result-Oriented 7541-Result-Oriented 7537-Creotlve 7536-Creotive 7535-Creolive 7534-Resvll-Oriented 7533-Resull-Orlented 7532-Resull-Orienled 7531-Resvlt-Orienled 7527-Creative 7526-Creotive 7525-Creotive 7524-Result-Oriented 7523--Re,ull-Oriented 7522-Resull-Orlented 7521-Resvll-Oriented 7517-Creative 7516--Creotive 7515-Creative 7514-Re'ult -Orienled 7513-Result-Oriented 7512-ReIVlt-0,ienled 7511-Resvlt-Oriented

zaas-crecu-e zaas-crecnve

7344-Developer 7343-0evelope, 7342-Developer 734 I-Developer 7337-Creatlve 7336--Creative 7335-Creative 7334-Developer 7333-Developer 7332-Developer 7331-Developer 7327-C'ealive 7326--Creative 7325-Creatlve 7324-Developer 7323--Developer 7322-Developer 7321-Developer 7317-Creolive 7316-Creotive 7315-C,eolive 7314-0evelope, 7313-Developer 7312-Developer 731 I-Developer



7135-Creative 7134-Developer 7133--Developer 7132-Developer 7131-Developer 7127-Creotive 7126-Cfeotive 7125-Creotive 7124-Developer 7123-Developer 7122-Developer 7121-Develope' 7117-Creolive 7116--Creative 7115-Creative 7114-Developer 7113--Developer 7112-Developer 71 II-Developer



643S-Creotive 6434-Resvlt-Oriented


szaz-crece-e ezae-creonve szas-crecuve

6242-Developer 6241-Developer

5334-Developer 5333-Developer 5332-Develope' 5331-Developef


5126-Creotive 5125-Creotive 5i24-Developer 5123-Developer 5122-0eveloper 5121-Developer 5117-Crealive 5116--Creative 5115-Crealive 5 T14-Developer 51 13--Develaper SI12-Develope, 51 II-Developer



6427-Cfeolive 6426-Cfealive 6425-Crealive 6424-Resull-0rienled 6423--Result-Orienled 6422-Re,ult -Orienled 6421-Resvlt-Oriented 6417-Creotive 6416-Creotive 6415-Creotive 6414-Resvlt-Oriented 6413-ResullOfiented 6412-Result-Oriented 6411-Resull-Oriented

6234-0eveloper 6233--0eveloper 6232-0eveloper 6231-0eveloper 6227-Cfeolive 6226-Creotive

sazz-c-ecnve saas-creca-e

5324-Developer 5323--Developer 5322-Developer 5321-Developer 5317-Crealive


6224-Developer 6223--Developer 6222-Developer 6221-0eveloper 6217-Creative 6216--Creotive 621S-C'ealive 6214-0eveloper 6213-0eveloper 6212-0eveloper 621I-Developer



4647-Approi,er 4Mb-Appraiser 4645-Appraiser 4644-Promoler 4643-Promoter 4642-Promoler 4641-Promoler 4637-Appwiser 4636-Approiser 4635-Appraiser 4634--P,omater 4633-P,omoter 4632-Promoter 4631-Pfomoter 4627-Appraiser 4626-Approiser 4625-Approiser 4624-Promoler 4623-Promoler 4622-Promoter 4621-Promofe, 4617-App'aiser 4616-Appraiser 461S-Approiser 4614-P,omoter 4613--P,omoter 4612-P,omofer 461 I-Promoter

5314-Developer 5313--Develope, 5312-Developer 531 I-Develope'

4577-Proclitioner 4S76-Proclitione, 4575--Pfaclitioner 4574-Agent 4573-Agent 4572-Agent 4571-Agent 4S67-PmcHlioner 4566-Proclitione, 4565-Practilioner 4S64-Agent 4563--Agent 4S62-Agenl 4561_Agenl 4557--P'aclitloner 4556-Proclitioner 4555-Tlght 4554-Covnselor 4553-Counselor 4552-Counselor 4551-Covnselor 4547~Praclilloner 4546-Practitioner 4545-Practilioner 4544-Tlght 4543-Counselor 4542-Counselor 4S41-Counselor 4537-Appralser 4536-App'01,er 4535-Approl,er 4534--Promoler 4533--Promoter 4S32-Promoler 4S31-Promoter 4527-Approiser 4526--Appraiser 452S-Appraiser 4524-P,omoter 4523-Promoter 4522-Promoter 4521-Promoler 4517-Approiser 4516-Approlser 451S-Approiser 4514-Promoter 4513-Promoler 4512-Promoler 45\ I-Promoler

4777-Proctilioner 4776-Practilioner 477S-Praclilfoner 4774-Coumelor 4773-Counseior 4772--Covnselor 4771-Counselor 4767--ProctiJ1oner 4766-Proctilioner 4765-Proclitioner 4764-Counselor 4763-Covnselor 4762-Covnsetor 4761-Counselor 4757-P'oclitloner 4756-P,octitioner 475S-Proclitioner 4754-Covnselor 4753-Counselor 4752-Counselor 4751-Counselor 4747-Approiser 4746-Appraiser 474S-Approlser 4744-Promoler 4743~Promoler 4742-Promoler 4741-Promoler 4737-Appmlsel 4736-ApPfolser 473S--Appraiser 4734-P,omoter 4733-Promote' 4732-Promoter 4731-PTomole, 4727-Approiser 4726-Approiser 4725-Approiser 4724-Promote, 4723-Promoler 4722-Promoler 4721-Promoter 4717~Approlser 47t6-Approiser 471S--App'0Iser 4714--Pramoter 4713-Pramoter 4712-P,omoter 471 I-Promoter

5277...Jnvesligolor 5276-lnvesllgalor 5275-lnvestlgolor 5274-Achlever 5273-Achiever 5272-Achievef 5271-Achiever 5267-lnvestigotor 5266-lnve,tlgalor 5265-lnvestigotor 5264-Achiever 5263-Achiever S262-Achiever 5261-Achiever 5257-lnvesllgalor 5256-4nve,lIgator 5255--lnvestlgator 5254-Achleve, 5253-Achieve, 5252-Achieve, 5251-Achiever 5247-Crealive 5246-Creotlve 5245-CreoHve 5244-Develope, 5243--0eveloper 5242-Developer 5241-Developer 5237-Creative 5236-Creotive 5235--Creotive 5234-Developer 5233--0eveloper 5232--Developer 5231-0eveloper 522i-Creolive 5226-Creolive 5225-Creative 5224-Developer 5223-Develope, 5222-Developer 5221-Developer 5217-CreoHve 5216--Creolive 521S-Creotive 5214-0eveloper 5213-0eveloper 5212-0eveloper 521I-Developer

5477-lnvestigotor 5476--lnvestlgolor 5475-lnvestigalor 5474-Achiever 54i3--Achlever 5472-Achlevef 5471-Achlever 5467-lnve,tlgotor 5466-lnvesligalor 5465-lnvestigotor 5464-Achiever S463-Achieve' 5462-Achiever 5461-Achiever 5457--lnvestigalor 5456-lnve,ligalor 5455-lnvesligolor 5454-Achiever 5453--Achlever 5452-Achiever 545t-Achiever S447-Creolive 5446--Creallve 5445-Creolive 5444--1ighl 5443-Resvlt-Oriented 5442-Resull-Orienled S441-ResulIOriented 5437-Creatlve 5436-Creative 5435-Creative 5434-Resvlt-O,iented 5433-Result-Oriented 5432-Result-Oriented 5431-Result-Orienled 5427-Crealive 5426-C,eative 542S-Creative 5424-Re,ull-orienled 5423-Re,ull-Oriented 5422-Resvll-Oriented 5421-Resvlt-Oriented 5417-Cfeative 541&-Creolive 5415-Creotlve 5414-Result-Oriented 5413-Resuit-Orienled 5412-Result-Orienled S411-ResultOriented

5677-Qvershift 5676-0vershill 5675-Qvershitl 5674-Agent 5673--Agent 5672-Agent 5671-Agent 5667-ove"hill 5666-0ve"hifl 566S-0vershilt 5664-..Counselor 5663--Covnselor 5662-Counselor 5661-Counselor 5657-overshift 5656-Qvershift 5655-0ve"hiil 5654-Persuader 5653-f'ersuoder 5652-Persuader 5651-Pe,suader 5647-Approiser 5646-Approi,er 5645-Approiser 5644-Persvoder 5643-Persvoder 5642-Per>voder 5641-Persvoder 563i-App,oisef 5636-Appraiser 5635-Appraiser 5634-Persvoder 5633-Persuoder 5632-Persuoder 563t-Persuade, S627-Approiser S626-Approiser 562S-Approlser 5624--Persuoder 5623--Persvoder 5622-Persvoder 5621-Persvader 5617-Appraiser 5616--Approiser 5615-App'aiser 5614-Persuader 5613-Persuader 5612--Persuade, 561 I-Persuade'

6177-1nvesligator 6176-lnvesligator 617S-lnvestigato, 6 I 74-Achiever 6173-Achlever 6172-Achlever 6171-Achiever 6167-lnvestigator 6166-lnvestlgator 616S-lnvesllgolor 6164-Achiever 6163-Achiever 6162-Achiever 6161-Achiever 6157-lnvestigotor 6156-lnvesligator 6155-lnvestigolor 6154-Achiever 6153-Achiever 6152-Achiever 6lS1-Achiever 6147-Creolive 6146-C'eolive 6145-Creotive 6144-Developer 6143-Developer 6142-0eveloper 614 I-Developer 6137-Creative 6136--Creative 613S-Crealive 6134-Developer 6133-Developer 6132-Developer 6131-Developer 6127-Crealive 612&-Creative 6125-Creotive 6124-Developer 6123-Developer 6122-0eveloper 6121-Developer 6117-Creotive 6116--Creatlve 61 IS-Creative 61 14-0eveloper 61 13-Developer 61 12-Developer 61 1l-Oeveloper

6377...Jnvestigotor 6376-lnvestigator 6375-1nvesligator 6374-Achiever 6373--Achiever 6372-Achiever 637t-Achiever 6367-lnve,tigator 6366-lnvestlgolor 636S-lnvesligator 6364-Achiever 6363-Achiever 6362-Achiever 6361-Achiever 6357-lnvesligolor 6356-lnvestigol0l 6355-1nvesligolar 6354-Achiever 6353-Achiever 6352-Achiever 6351-Achieve' 6347-Creatlve 6346-Creative 6345-Creotive 6344-Developer 6343-Developer 6342-Developer 6341-0eveloper 6337-Creolive 6336-Creolive 633S-Creotive 6334-Developer 6333--Developer 6332-Developer 6331-Developer 6327-Creotive 6326-Creotive 6325-Creative 6324--0eveloper 6323-Developer 6322-Devetoper 6321-Develope, 6317-Creotlve 6316-Creotive 6315-Creatlve 6314-Developer 6313-Developer 6312-Developer 631 I-Developer

6577-0vershift 6576-0vershill 6575-0vershilt 6574-Achiever 6573--Achiever 6572-Achiever 6571-Achiever 6567-0vershift 6566-overlhift 6565--0vershift 6564--Achlever 6563--Achiever 6562-Achiever 6561-Achiever 6557-overshlft 6556--0ver,hllt 655S-0ver,hilt 6554-Result-Orienfed 6553-Result-Oriented 6552-Result-Orienled 6551-Result-O,ienled 6547-Creolive 6546-Crealive 6545-Creative 6544-Resull-Orlented 6543-Resull-Oriented 6542~ResultOriented 6541-Result-Orienled 6537-C'eative 6536-Cfeative 6535-Creative 6534-Relull-Orienled 6533--Result-Oriented 6532-Resull-Oriented 6531-Resuil-Oriented 6527-C'eolive 6526-C,eative 652S-Creotive 6524-Result-Orienled 6523-Result-O,ienled 6522-Result-Drienled 6521-Result-Oriented 6517-Creotive 6516--C,eative 651S-Crealive 6514-Re,ull-Oriented 6513-Resull-Orienled 6512-Resull-Oriented 6511-ResultOriented

6777-overshifl 6776--overshift 677S-overshllt 6774-lnsplrolional 6773--inspiralional 6772-ln,pirationol 6771~lnspirational 6767-overshift 6761t--Overshllt 6765-0ve"hill 6764-lnspirolional 6763-lnspirolional 6762~lnspirolional 676 Hnspirolionol 6757--overshilt 6756-0vershift 67SS--Ovelshilt 6754-lnspirational 6753-ln,pirotionol 6752-lmpl'otionol 6751-ln,pi,otlonal 6747-App,alser 6746-Appfolser 674S-ApProlse, 6744-lnspirotionol 6743--lnspirotional 6742...Jnspiratlonol 674HnspirotTonoi 6737-App,aiser 6736-Approi'er 673S-Apprai'er 6734-lnspirolionol 6733--lmpirolionol 6732-lnlplralionol 6731-lnspiralianol 6727-Approise' 6726-Approiser 672S-Appraise, 6724-1n,pirotional 6723-lmpirationol 6722-ln,plrotionol 6721-lnspirolionol 67 17-Approiser 6716-Appraise, 67 I5-Approlse, 6714-lnspirotlono I 6713--lmpiralionol 6712-lnspirotionol 6711-1nspirolional

7277--lnvesHgotor 7276-lnve,Hgotor 7275-lnvestigotor 7274-Achiever 7273--Achiever 7272-Achieve' 7271-Achiever 7267-lnvestigalar 7266-lnvesligotor 7265-lnvelligotor 7264-Achiever 7263--Achieve, 7262-Achiever 7261-Achiever 7257-lnvestigolor 7256--1nvesligator 725S-lnvestigator 7254-Achiever 7253--Achiever 7252-Achiever 7251-Achiever 7247-Crealive 7246-Creative 7245-Creotilre 7244-Developer 7243-Developer 7242-Developer 7241-Developer 7237-Creative 7236-Creahe 7235-Crealive 7234-Developer 7233-{)eveloper 7232-0eveloper 7231-Developer 7227-C'eolive 7226--Crealive 7225-Creative 7224--Developer 7223-Deveioper 7222-Developer 7221-Developer 7217-Creolive 7216--Creative 721S--Creolive 7214--0eveloper 7213--Developer 7212-0eveloper 721I-Developer

7477-lnvestigolo' 7476-lnve5tigator 7475-lnvestigator 7474-Achiever 7473-Achiever 7472-Achiever 7471-Achiever 7467...Jnve,tigotor 7466-lnvesligotor 746S-lnvestigator 7464-Achiever 7463-Achiever 7462-Achfever 7461-Achiever 7457-1nve,lIgolo, 7456...Jnvesligolor 7455-lnvestigotor 7454-Achiever 7453--Achievef 74S2-Achiever 7451-Achieve! 7447-Creotive 7446~Creotive 7445-Creotive 7444-Rewlt-Oriented 7443--Result-0,lented 7442-Resull-Oriented 7441-ResullOriented 7437-Creolive 7436--Creotive 743S--Creative 7434-Resvlt-Oriented 7433-Result-Orienled 7432-ResultOrienled 7431-ResvltOrienled 7427-Creative 7426-C,eotive 7425-Creotive 7424.--Re,ult-Driented 7423-Re,ult-Oriented 7422-ResullOrienled 7421-Result-Orienled 7417-Creotive 7416--Creallve 741S-Creotive 7414-Result-Oriented 7413--Resul1-0riented 7412-Result-Oriented 7411-Resull-Onented

7677-0vershift 7676--0ve"hill 7675-0vershift 7674-Achiever 7673--Achlever 7672-Achiever 7671-Achiever 7667-overshilt 7666-0vershllt 7665-0vershill 7664-lnspiralianol 7663--1nspirotionol 7662-lnspirationol 7661-lnspirational 7657-overshilt 7656-0vershllt 7655-0ve"hilt 7654-lnspiralionai 7653--lnspirolior1al 7652-lnsplrolional 7651~lnspirotionol 7647-Cleotive 7646-Crealive 7645-Creotive 7644-lnspjmtional 7643--lnsplrotionol 7642-lnspirotionoi 7641--lnspirolional 7637-Creotive 7636--Cleollve 7635-Crealive 7634-lnspirationol 7633--lnspirotional 7632-lnsplrationol 7631-lnsplralional 7627-Creotive 7626-Creotlve 7625-Creolive 7624-lnspirotionol 7623--lmpirotionol 7622-lnspirallonol 7621-lnspirationol 76f7-C'eative 7616-Creotive 7615-Creotlve 7614-inspi'alional 7613-1nsplrotionol 7612-lnsplrotional 7611-lnspirationai


4477-Perfeclion ,t 4476-Perfeclion sl 447S-Perfeclion Sl 4474-5peciolist 4473--Speciolist 4472-Speciolist 4471-Specialisl 4467-Perfeclionist 4466-Perlectlonist 4465-Perfeclionist 4464-Specialisl 4463--Speciolisl 4462-Specialisl 4461-Speciolist 4457-Perleclionisl 4~56-Perfeclionisl 445S-Tight 4454-Tight 4453--Specialisl 4452-Speciolist 4451-Speciolisl 4447-0bjective Thinker 4446-0bJective Thinker

4677-Proctitioner 4676-Practitioner 4675-Practltioner 4674-Agent 4673-Agent 4672-Agent 4671-Agent 4667-Practitioner 4666-P,oclitioner 4665-Practitioner 4664-Counselor 4663-Coumelor 4662-Counselor 4661-Counselor 4657-Praclitioner 4656--ProclitToner 465S-P'oclitioner 4654-Counselor 4653-Counselor 4652-Counselor 4651-Counselor

5177-lnvestlgotor 5176-lnvestlgolor 517S-lnvestigator 5174-Achiever 5173-Achiever 5172-Achiever 5171-Achiever 5167-lnvestigolor S166-lnvestigolor 516S-lnvestigalor 5164-Achiever 5163-Achiever 5162-Achiever 5161-Achiever 5157-lnvesligotor 5156-lnvelligolof 515S-lnve,ligotor 5154-Achiever 5153--Achlever

5377-lnvestlgotor 5376-lnvestigotor S37S-lnvestigotor 5374-Achiever 5373-Achiever 5372-Achiever 5371-Achiever 5367-1nvestlgolor 5366--lnvestigotor 5365-1nvesliga lor 5364-Achiever 5363-Achiever 5362~Achiever 5361-Achlever 5357-lnvestigotor 5356-lnvestigotor 535S-lnvesllgotor

5577-0ver,hift 5576-0vershifl 5575-0vershffl 5574-Agenl 5573-Agenl 5S72-Agenl 5571-Agenl 5567-ove"hill 556&-Overshift 556S-0vershirt 5564-Agent 5563-Agent 5562-Agent 5561-Agent 5557--Qvershlll

5777-0vershifl 5776-Ove,shilt 577S-0ve"hill 5774-Covmelor 5773-Covnsetor 5772-Covnsetor 577I-Counselor 5767-0vershin 576&-Ove,shiJl 5765-0vershllt S764-Coun,elor 5763-Counselor 5762-Counselor

6277-lnvestigolor 6276-lnvestlgator 627S-lnvestigator 6274-Achiever 6273--Achiever 6272-Achiever 6271-Achiever 6267-lnvesligotor 626&-lnvestigator 626S-lnvestigotor 6264-Achlever

6477-lnvestlgator 6476-lnvesligolor 6475--lnvestigalor 64?4-Achiever 6473--Achiever 6472-Achlever 6471-Achiever 6467-lnve,ligator 6466-lnvestigator

6677-overshitt 667&-Overshift 667S-Ove"hifl 6674-lnsplralianol 6673-lnspirolianal 6672-lmpiroiianal 6671-lmplrotional

7177-lnvestigotor 7T76-lnvestigotor 7175-1nvestigator 7174-Achiever 7173-Achlever

7377-lnvesligotor 7376-lnv8s1lgalor 737S-lnvestigator


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Inc_ All righl~ rese0Jed.

Classical Profile Pattern Table

Classical Profile Pattern Table

3536--Approi,er 3535--Approi,er 3334--Tighl

rssc- Classic
444S-Tight 4444-Tight 4443-Tighj 4442-Undershift 4441-Undershifl 4437-objective 4436-0biective 4435-0bjeclive 4434-Tighl 4433-Tighl 4432-Undershift 4431-Undershift 4427-0bjective 4426-0bjective 4425-0bjecl1ve 4424-Undershift 4423-Undershift 4422-Undershift 4421-Undershift 44 I 7---Dbjeetive 44 16-0bjective 4415--0bjeclive 44 14-Undershifl 4413-Undershil1 4412-Undershifl 4411-Undershifl 4243--Undershifl 4242-Undershift 4241-Undershift 4237-0bjective 4236-0bjective szas-ocecn-e 42301-Undershift 4233-Unde"hift 4232-Undershilt 4231-Unde"hilt 4227--Qbjective 4226-0bjectlve 4225-0bjective 4224-Undershilt 4223-Undershilt 4222-Undershilt 4221-Undershift 4217--Qbjeclive 4216-0bjective 42t 5--Objedive 4214-Undershilf 4213-Undershift 4212-Undershift 4211-Undershift Thin~er Thinker Thinker 3741...f'romoter 3737-Approise, 3736-Appraiser 373S-Appraiser 3734-Promoler 3733-Promoler 3732-promoter 373i-Promoter 3727-Appraiser 3726-Approiser 3725-Approiser 3724-Promoter 3723-Promoter 3722-Promoter 3721-Promater 3717-Approiser 3716-Appraiser 3715-Approisef 37t4-Promoter 3713-Promater 3712-Promoter 3711-promoter


3534-P,omoler 3533--Promoler
3532-Promoter 3531-Promoter 3527-Apprai,e' 3526-Apprailer 3525-Approiler 3524-Promoler 3523-Promofer 3522-Promoler 3521-Promoler 3517-Appraiser 35M-Appraiser 3515-Appraiser 3514-Pramoter 3513-Pramoter 3512-Pramoter 3511-Pramoter


Thinker Thinker Thinker

Thinker Thinker Thinker

Thinker Thinker Thinker

Thinker Thinker Thinker

Thinker Thinker Thinker

3327-Dbjective 3326--0blective 3325--0bjective J.324-Under,hilt 3323-Unde"hifl J.322-Undershift 3321-Under,hift aatz-ocjecuve 3316-0bjective 3315--0bjecHve 3314-Undershift 3313-U'lde"hilt 3312-l1ndershilt 3311-l1ndershilt

Thinker Thinkef Thinkef

Thlnkef Thinker Thinker

3132-Undershifl 3131-Undershift 3127--Qbieclive 3126--0blecllve 3125-0bJectlve 3124-Undershift 3123-Undershift 3122-Undershift 3121-Undershift 31 l Z-Objecfive aus-oblecnve 3115--0bjeclive 31 14-Undershift 3113-Undershift 3112-Undershift 31 tt-uncerstntt

Thinker Thinker Thinker

2627-Appraiser 2626--Appraiser 2625-Appraiser 2624-Promoler

zsza-eromcter zsaz-r'romoter
2621-Promoler 2617-Approi'e' 2616-Approiser 2615-Approl,er 2614-Promoter 2613-Promoter 2612-Promoter 2611-Promofer

Thinker Thinker Thinker

2425-0bjectlve 2424-UndershiFt 2423-Undershifl 2422--1Jndershift 2421-Undershifl 241 7-0bjeclive 24 16--0bjective 2415-0bje<;live 2414-Undershif/ 2413-Undershlft 2412-Undershift 2411-Undershilt


Thinker Thinker Thinker

2223-Unde"hif/ 2222-Undershift 222)-Undershift 2217-Dbjeclive Thinker 2216-0bjective Thinker 2215--0bjective Thinker 2214-Under,hifl 2213-Undershift 2212-Under,hifl 2211-Undershift

1721-Promoter 1716--Approiler 1715-Apprai'er I 714-l'romoter i 713-Promote' 1712-l'romoter 1711-Promoter

ISIS-Appraiser I 514-Promoter 15I 2-Pramoter 1511-Promoter


1312-Undeflhiff 1311-Undershllt

t2J7-Pefte<;lioni,t 1276-Pefle<;lioni,1 1275-Pe!iectionlst 1274-Specialisl

1477-Perfeclioni,t 1476-Perfectionisl 1475-Perlectionisl 1474-Specioli$t 1473-Specialist 1472-Specianst 1471-Speciallst 1467-l'6ffecfiani't ) 466-Perfectfonist i 46S-Perfectlanist I 464-Speciall,t 146,J....Specialist 1462-Speciolisl 1461-Specloli,1 14S7-Perfectianist 1456-Perlecfianist 1455-Perlectlonist 1454-Speciolist 14S3-Speciolist 1452-Speciallst 1451-Speciolist 1447--Qbjective Thinker 1446-0blective ThInker 144S-objecttve Thinker I 444-Unde"hllt I 443-Undershtlt 1442-Urldershitt 1441-lInde"hift 1437-0bjective Thinkef 1436-0bjactive Thinker 1435-0bjeclive Thinker 1434-lIndershifl 1433-Undershift 1432-Undershift 1431-UndershiU 1427--Qbjec!ive Thinker 1426-Qbjeclive Thinker 1425--0bjeclive Thinker 1424-Undershitl 1423-Undershift t422-Undefshift 1421-Undershilt 1417-objectlve Thinker 1416-0bjeclive Thinker 1415-0bjective Thinker 1414-UndefShifl I 413-Undershllf 1412-Under,hilt 1411--.lJndershift

1677-l'roctilione, 1676-Proclitioner 1675-Praclifloner 1674-Agenl 1673-Agenl 1M2-Agent 1671-Agent 1667-Praclitloner 1666-Proctilioner 1665-Proctitioner 1664-Counselor 1663-Counselor 1662-Counselor 1661--counselar 1657-Proctitloner 1656-Proctitloner 1655-Proc1itioner 1654-Counselor 1653-Caunselor 1652-Caunselor 165t--counselor 1647-Pmclitioner 1646-ProctilioMr 1645-Practilioner 1644-f'romoter 1643-'!'romater 1642-l'romote, 1641-Promoter 1637-Approiser i636-Appraiser 1635-Approi,er 1634-Promoter 1633-Promoler 1632-Promoler 1631-Pramoler 1627-Approi,er 1626-Approlser 1625-Apprailer 1624--!'romoler i623-Promoter 1622-Pmmater 1621-promoter 16\ 7-Approiser 1616-Approiser 1615-Approiser 1614-Promoter 1613-Pmmoter 1612-Promoter 1611-Pmmoter


2177-Perfeclianist 2176-Perfectionist 2175-Perfectionist 2174-Specioll,t 2173-Speciolist 2172-Specialist 2171-Speciolist 2167-Perfectionist 2166-Perfeclionist 2165-Perlectionisf 2164-.5pecialist 2163-Specialist 2162-$pecialisl 216t-Specialist 2157-Perlectionist 2156-l'erleclionist 2155-l'erlectfonist 2154-Speciolist 2153-Speciolist 2152-Specioli,t 2151-Speciolisl 2147-0bjadive Thinker 2146-0biecliva Thinker 2i 45-0bjectlve Thinker 2144-Undershift 2143-Undersh;ft 2142-Undershilt 2141--1Jnderlhilt 2137-Objective Thinker 2136-0bjective Th;nker 2135-ob ective Thinker 2134-Undershilt 2133-Undershifl 2132-Undershilt 2131-Undershilt 2127--Qbjective Thinker 2126-0bjective Thinker 2125-0bjec1ive Thinker 2124-Undershift 2123-Undershift 2122-Undershill 2121-Unde"hifl 2117-0bjeetive Thin~er 2t 16-0bjective Thinker 2i 15-0bjective Thinker 2114-Undershlit 2113-Undershilt 2112-UndershiFt 21I 1-Undershif

2377-Perfectionist 2376-l'ertectioni,t 2375-Perlecfionlst 2374-Specialist 2373-Specialist 2372-Specfall,t 2371-Speciatisl 2367-Perfedionist 2366-Perfeclloni,t 2365-Perfectionisl 2364-Speciolisl 2363-Specialist 2362-Specialist 2361-Specialist 2357-l'ertectioni't 2356-Perlection;st 2355-PerJectionist 2354-Speciolist 2353-Speciollsl 2352-Specialist 2351-Specfalist 2347---Dbjectlve Thinker 2346--Qbjective Thinker 2345--Qbjective Thinker 2344-lIndelshift 2343-Undershift 2342-Undershifl 2341-Undershitt 2337 -Objective Thinker 2336-0bjec1ive Thinker 2335--0bjec1ive Thinkef 2334-Undershil1 2333-Unde"hilt 2332-Under,hlft 2J3I-Under,ht!t 2327-objective Thinker 2326-0blective Thinker 2325-0bjective Thinker 2324-UndefShiFt 2323-UndefShift 2322-Undershilt 2321--.lJndershitl 2317-0bjedive Thi'lker 2316-0bjecfive Thinker 2315-0bjectlve Thinker 2314-Undershil1 2313-UndersMt 2312-Undershilt 2311-Unde"hirt

2577-Practitloner 257 e-Pructltioner 2575-Proctitioner 2574-Agent 2573-Agent 2572-Agent 2571-Agent 2567-Prodilioner 2566-Pro<;titianer 2565-Proctitioner 2564-Agent 2563-Age'lt 2S62-Agenl 2561-Agent 2S57-Practltioner 2556-Pmctltioner 2555-Prac~!ianer 2554--Counseior 2553-Coumelor 2552--<:ounselor 2551-Coumelor 2547-Praclilionef 2546-PrOClilioner 2545-Procfitioner 2544-l'romoter 2543-Promoter 2542-Promolef 254 \-Promolef 2537-Approiser 2536-Approiser 2535-Approiser 2534-Promoter 2533-Promofer 2532-Promoter 2531-Promoter 2527-Approiser 2S26-Apprai,er 2525-Approiser 2524-prornoter 2523-Promoter 2522-Promoter 252i-Prornoter 2517-Appraiser 25t6-Approiser 2515-ApProiser 2514-Promofer 2513-Promoter 2512-Promater 251 I-Promoter

2777-Proclitioner 2776-Proctltioner 2775-Praclitioner 2774-Counselor 2773-Counselor 2772-Counselor 277I-Counselor 2767-prac1itioner 276tr-Proctitloner 2765-Proclitioner 2764-Counselor 2763-Counselor 2762-Caunselor 2761-Counselor 2757-praditioner 2756-Pfactitioner 2755-Pfaclitioner 2754-Counlelor 2753-Counselor 2752-Counselor 2751--counsetor 2747-Practltioner 2746-Praclitioner 2745-Praclitioner 2744-Promoler 2743-Promoter 2742-Pmmoler 2741-Promoler 2737-Approiser 2736-Appraiser 2735-Appraiser 2734-Pmmoter 2733-Pfamote, 2732-Promoler 2731-Promoler 2727-Appraiser 2726-Appraiser 2725-Appraiser 2724-Promole, 2723-Pmmoler 2722-Pramoler 2721-Promoler 2717-Appraiser 2716-Approiser 2715-Apprai,er 2714-Pramater 2713-Pmmoter 2712-Pmmoler 2711-Pmmater

3277-Perlectionist 3276-Perfectionisl J275-Pe,fectionlst 3274-Specialist 3273-Specialist 3272-Specialist 3271-Speclalist 3267-Perfectionist 3266-Perfectionisl 3265-Perfectioni,1 3264-Specialist 3263-Specialist 3262-SpeCialist 3261-Specialist 3257-Perfeclianisl 3256-Perfectionist 3255-Perfectioni,1 3254-Speciolist 3253-Speciolist 3252-Speciolist 3251-$peciolist 3247-0bjedive Thinker 3246-0bjectlve Thinker 3245-0bjeclive Thinker 3244-Undershift 3243-Undershift 3242-Undershift 3241-Unders.hift 3237-0bjeclive Thinker 3236-0bjective Thinker 3235-0bjective Thinker 3234-Undershift 3233-Unde,shift 3232-Unders.hift 3231-Unde"hift 3227-0bjective Thinker 3226-0bjective Thinker 3225-0bjectlve Thinker 3224-Undershift 3223-Unders.hilt 3222-Undershift 3221-Undershift 32t7-0bjeclive Thinker 3216-0bject;ve Thinker 3215-Objective Thinker 3214-Undershift 3213-Undershilf 32t2-Undershilt 3211-Undershitt

3477-Perfectiani,1 3476-Perfedioni,1 3475-Perfectionist 3474-Speciali,1 3473-Speciallsl 3472-Speciall,1 3471-Speciali51 3467-PerleClionist 3466-PerJecfionist 3465-PerleCllonlst 3464--Specioli,t 3463-Specioli$1 3462-Speclolisl 3461-Speclolist 3457-Pertectioni,t 3456-Peffedioni,1 3455-Perfedionist 3454-Specialisl 3453-Speciali,t 3452-Specialist 3451-Speciolist 3447-0bjective Th nker 3446--Qblective Th nker 3445-0bjective Th nker 3444-Tighl 3443-Tighl 3442-Undershift 3441-Undershifl 3437-0bjective Thinker 3436-0bjective Thinker 3435--0bjective Thinker 3434-Tight 3433-Tight 3432-Undershilt 3431-lIndershitt 3427--Qbjective Thinker 3426-0bjective Thinker 3425--0bjective Thinker 3424-lInde"hilt 3423-Unde"hift 3422-Unde"hitt 3421-Underlhilt 3417-0bjective Thinker 3416--0bjective Thinker 3415--0bjective Thinker 3414-Undershift 3413-Undershift 3412-Undershift 3411-Undershift

3677--Proctjtjoner 3676-Practitioner 3675-f'roclitioner 3674-Agenl 3673-Agenl 3M2-Age'll 3671-Agenl 3667-Practilioner 3666-Proclitioner 3665-practilianer 3664-Counselar 3663-Counselar 3662-Cou'l,elar 3661-Counselar 3657-Proditianer 3656-Pmclitioner 3655-Proclitioner 3654-Caumelor 3653-Counselor 3652-Counselor 3651-Col.!nselor 3647-Praclitioner 3646-Proctitioner 3645-Proclitionef 3644-Promoler 3643-Promaler 3642-Promoter 3641-Promoler 3637-Approiser 3636-Approiser 3635-Approiser 3634-Prornoler 3633-Promoter 3632-Promoter 3631-Promoter 3627-Approiser 3626-Appraiser 3625-Appra;ser 3624-Pramoter 3623-Promoter 3622-Promoter 3621-Promoter 3617-Approiser 3616-Appraiser 361S-Approiser 3614-Promoter 3613-Promoter 3612-Pmmoter 3611-Prarnoter

4177-Perfectioni,t 4176-Perfectionist 4175-Perfectionisl 4174-Specialist 4173-Specialist 4172-Speciolist 4171-5pecialist 4167-Perfecflonist 4166-Perfedionist 4165-Perfect1onist 4164-Speciolisf 4163-Speclalist 4162-Speciolisl 4161-Speciolisf 4157-Perlectionist 4156-Perlectionist 4155-Perfectianist 4154-Speciaiisl 4153-Specialist 4152-5pecioli,t 4151-Speciolisl 4147-0bjective Th nkef 4146-0btective Th nker 41 45-0bjective Th nker 4144-Underohilt 4143-Undershift 4142-lIndershifl 4141-Undershilt 4137-objective Thinkef 4136-0bjective Thinker 4135--0bjective Thinker 4134--l1ndershilt 4133-Undershift 4132-Undershllt 4131-Undershift 4127 -objeclive Thinker 4126-0bjective Thinker 4125-0b ective Thinker 4124-Undershift 4123-Undershifl 4122-UndefShifl 4121-Undershift 41 17-Qbjective Thinker 41 16-0bjective Thinker 4115-0bjective Thinker 4114-Under>hift 4113-Undershirt 4112-Undershift 4111-Unde"hift

4377-Perfectionist 4376-Perfectlonist 4375-Perfoctionist 4374-Speciolist 4373-Speciali,t 4372-Speciolisl 4371-Specialisl 4367-Perfectionist 4366-Perreclioni,1 4365-Perfeclionisl 4364-Specialisl 4363-Speciolist 4362-Specloli,t 4361-Specioli,t 4357--Pertectionist 4356-perfectionist 4355-Perfectioni,t 4354-Speciolisl 4353-Speciolist 4352-Specioli,t 4351-Specioilst 4347-0bjective Thinker 4346-0bjective Thinker 4345--0bjeclive Thinker 4344-Tighl 4343-Tight 4342-Undershift 4341-Undershift 4337-0bjective Thinker 4336-0bjectjve Thinker 4335--0bjecnve Thinker 4334-Tight 4333-Tight 4332-Under,hil1 4331-Undershill 4327-0bjective Thinkef 4326-0bJective Thinkef 4325-0bjective Thinker 4324-Under~hifl 4323-Unde"hlf1 4322-Undershilt 4321-Undershill 4317--Qbjective Thinker 4316-0bjective Thinker 4315--0bjecfive Thinker 4314-Undershift 4313-Unde"hilt 4312-Undershifl 43t1-l1ndershitt

1272-Speciolisl 1271-Specioli,1 1267-Perfeclio'li,t 126tr-Perlectionisl I 265-Perlecfionist I 264-Speclolisl I 263-Speciallsl I 262-Speciallsl 1261-Speciolisl 1257-l'erlecf1onilt 1256-PerlectioniSI 1255-Perlectionist 1254-Spec1alist 12S3-Speciali,t 12S2-Specialist 1251-Specialisl 1247---Dbjective Thinker 1246-0bjeclive Thinker 1245-0bjective Thinke, 1244--l1ndershilt 1243-Undershilt 1242-Undershitl t241-Undershiff 1237--Qbjective Thinker 1236-0bjective Thinker 1235--0blectlve Thinker 1234-Undershifj I 233-tJnderlhilt 1232-Undershllt 1231-Undershilt 1227--Qbjectlve Thinker 1226-0bjectlve Thinker 1225--0bjective Thinker 1224-Undershilf 1223-Undershilt 1222-Undershifl 1221-Undershift t217-0bjecfive Thinker I 216-0bjective Thinker t215-0bjecfive Think'" 1214-Undershlft 1213-Undersh;lt 1212-Undershilt 1211-Undershilt

I 177-l'erlectionist I 176--Perfeclionist 1175-l'er!ectionist 1174-Specialist i 173-Speciolist 1I 72-Speciall,t 1171-Speciolilt 1167-Perfectionisl 1166-Perfeclionisl I i65-Perfectioni,1 1164-Specialist 1163-Speciolist 1162-Specialist 1161-Specioii,t 1I 57-Perfec1ionist 1I 56-Perfedianist 1I 55-PerFeclionist 1154-Spedoll,1 1I 53-Spedoli,1 1I 52-Spedolisl 1151-Spedoli,t 1i 47--Qbjeclive Thinker I 146-0bjec1ive Thinke! I 145-0bjeclive Thinker 1144--Undershilt 1143-Undershil1 1142-Undershill 1141-Undershift I 137--Qbjective Thinker i 136-0bJeclive Thinker 1135-0bjective Thinker 1134-Unde"hiff 1133-Undershilt 1132-Undershill 1131-Unde"hlfl 1I 27--Qbjective Thinker 1126-0bjective Thinker 1I 25-0blective Thinker i 124-UnderShilt i 123-Unde"hift 1122-Undershilt 1121-Under,hilt 1) 17--Qbjective Thinker 1116-0bjeclive Thinker 1115--0bjective Thinker 1114-Underlhilt 1113-Undershllt 1112-Undershilt l111-Undershlft

1377-Perfectionist 1376-Perlectionist 1375-Perfectjonist 1374-Specioli,1 1373-Specioli,1 ;372-Speciali,1 1371-5pecioll,1 1367-Perfectionist 1366-Perfectionlst 1365-Pertectionist 1364-Spedaiist 1363-SpecioHsl 1362-Speciolist 1361-Speciolisl \357-Perfeetionist 1356-Perlectionist 1355-Perlectionisl 1354-Specialist 1353-Speciolist 1352-Speciolist 1351-Speciolist 1347-0bjective Thinker 1346-0bjective Thinker 1345-0bjeclive Thinker 1344-Undershill 1343-Undershift 1342-Undershift 1341-Undershift 1337-objective Thinker 1336-0bjective Thinker 1335-0blective Thinke, 1334-4Jndershilt 1333-Unde"hilt 1332-Undershilt 1331-Undershlft i327--Qbjeclive Thinkef 1326-0bjective Thinker 1325-0bjeclive Thinker 1324-Unde"hilt 1323-Undershift 1322-Undefshlft 1321-Undershift t317--Qbjective Thinker 1316-0blective Thinker 1315-0bleclive Thinker 1314-Undershift 1313-Undershifl
.. "'"'' h, '~ __~ __ "

1577-Proctitioner 1576-Proctitioner lS75-Proctitioner IS74-Agenl I S73-Agenl IS72-Agenl I 571-Agent I S67-proctitioner IS66-Pracfitjoner 1565-Pra<;tilioner 1564-Agent 1563-Agent 1562-Agent 1561-Agent 1557-Proctilioner 1556-Proctitioner 1555-Proctitioner 1554-Counselor 1553-Counselor I 552-Coumelor 1551-Coumelor 1547-Pmctitioner 1S46-Practitioner 1545-Proctitioner I S44-Promoter 1S43-Promoler 1542-Pramoter 154i-Promoler 1537-Apprai,er 1536-Approi,er 1535-Approlser 1534-Promoter 1533-Promoter 1532-Promoter 1531-Promater 1527-Appraisef 1526-Appralsef 1525-Appraiser I S24-Pmmoter 1523-Promoter 1S22-Promoter 1521-Prornoler 1517-Approiser IS16-Appraiser

1777-Proclilioner 1776-Practilioner 1775-Praclitioner I 774--<:ounselor 1773-Counselor 1772-Counselor 1771--counselor 1767-Proclitioner 1766-Proc1ifioner 1765-Proctitianer 1764-Counseiof 1763-Counselor 1762--counselor 1761-Coumelor 1757-Proc1ilioner 1756-Proclilioner 1755-Practilioner 1754-Counselor I 753-Col.!melor I 752--<:ounselor 1751-Counselor I 747-Proctitloner 1746--Praetitfo'ler I 745-Praclltioner 1744-Pramoler 1743-Prornoler t742-Promoter 1741-Promoler 1737-Appro1ser 1736-Apprai,er 1735-Approi~er 1734-Promoter 1733-Promoter I 732-l'romoter 173i-Prornoter 1727-Approi,er I 726-ApprOlser 1725-Approiser 1724-Promoter t723-Prornoter 1722-Promoler

2277-Perfeclloni,1 2276-Pertectianist 2275-l'erfectianist 2274-Specialisl 2273-Specioli,1 2272-Specioli5t 2271-Speciolist 2267-Peffeetio'li,t 2266-Perlectionist 2265-Perfectionisl 2264-Specialist 2263-Speciolist 2262-5peciolist 2261 -Specialist 2257-Perfectionisl 2256-Perfectioni,f 2255-Perfectioni,t 2254-Specialisl 2253-Specialist 2252-Speciolist 2251-Speciolisl 2247-0bjective Thinker 2246-0bjec1ive Thinker 2245-0bjec1ive Thinker 2244-Undershifl 2243-UndershlFt 2242-Undershift 2241-Under,hift 2237-objective Thinker 2236-objective Thinker 2235--0bjective Thinker 2234-Undershifl 2233-Undershifl 2232-Undershift 2231-Undershift 2227--Qbiective Thinkef 2226-0blective Thinker 2225-0bjective Thinker 2224-Undershift

2477-l'erlectionisl 2476-PerlectioniSI 2475-Peffectioni'l 2474-Specialisl 2473-Specialisl 2472-Specialist 2471-Specioli,t 2467-Perfectionist 2466-Perfectioni,t 2465-Perfecfioni,t 2464-5pecialist 2463-Specialist 2462-Speciolist 2461-Speciolisl 2457-Perlectioni't 24S6-Perlectionisl 2455-Peflectionist 2454-Speciolist 2453-5peciolist 2452-Speciolist 2451-5pecioli,t 2447-0bjeetive Th nker 2446---Dbjective Th nker 2445-0bjective Th nker 2444-Unde"hift 2443-Unde"hift 2442-Unde"hift 2441--l1ndershifl 2437--Qbjective Thinker 2436--0bjective Thinker 2435-0bjeclive Thinker 2434-lInder,hift 2433-Undershift 2432-Undershift 2431-lIndershift 2427-0bieclive Thinker 2426-0bJective Thinker

2677-Practitioner 2676-Pfactitioner 2675-Praclitioner 2674-Agenl 2673-Agent 2672-Agenl 267i-Agent 2667-PraclitiO'ler 2666-Proctitioner 2665-PraclitiO'ler 2664-Col.!nselor 2663-Col.!nselor 2662-Cal.!melor 2661-Coumelor 2657-Pmclitioner 2656-Pmctitioner 2655-Praclitioner 2654-Counselor 2653--Counselor 2652--counsetor 2651-Counselor 2647-Praclitioner 2646-Praclitioner 2645-Pfaclitioner 2644-Pmmoler 2643-Promoter 2642-Pmmoler 2641-Promoler 2637-Appmisef 2636-Appmisef 2635-Appraiser 2634-promoler 2633-Promoler 2632-Pfomoter 2631_promoter

3177-Perleclionill 3176-Perlectionlsl 3i 75-Perfeclianisl 3174-Specialist 3173-Speciolist 3172-Speciolist 3171-Specialist 3167-Perfectionisl 3166-perfeclionist 3165-Perfectionisl 3164-Specioli'l 3163-Spedolisl 3162-Speciolisf 3161-Specioli't 3157-Perfeclionist 3156-Perfeclianisf 3155-Perfectianist 3154-Speciolist 3153-Speciolist 3152-Specioli,t 3151-Speciali,t 3147-0bjeclive 3146--Qbjeclive 3145--Qbjec1ive 3144-Undershift 3143-Undershift 3142-Undershitt 3141-Undershitt 3137-0bjective 3136-0blecllve 3135-0bjec1ive 3134-Undershilt 3133-Undershitl

3377-Perfectioni'l 3376-Perfedionl,t 3375-Perfectionl,t 3374-Specialist 3373-Specioiist J.372-Specioii~t J371-Specioiist J.367-Perlectionist 3366-PerteClionisl 3365-Perlectionilt 3364-Speciotist 3363-Speciatist 3362-Speciali,t 3361-Speciali$t 3357-l'erfectionist 3356-Perfectionist 3355-Perteclionist 3354-Speciolist 3353-Specialisl 3352-Specioli~t 3351-Speciotisl 3347-Dbjeclive Thinker 3346--0bjeclive Thinker 334S-0bjecfive Thinker 3344-Tighl 3343-TJghl 3342-Undershill 3341-Undershill 3337-Cbjective lh nker 3336-0bjective Ih nker 3335-0bjective Th nker

3577-Practitioner 3576-Proctilioner 3575-Proclitio'ler 3574-Agent 3573-Agent 3572-Agent 3571-Agenl 3567-Practitioner 3566-Procfitioner 3565-Proc1itioner 3564-Agenl 3563-Agenl 3562-Agenl 3561-Agenl 3557-Praclitioner 3556-Proctitioner 3555-Proctitioner 3554-Counsetor 3553-Counselor 3552--counselor 3551-Coun'eior 3547-Practitioner 3546-Proclitioner 3545-Proclitioner 3544-Promoler 3543-Promoter 3542-Promoler 3541-Promoler 3537-Approller

3777-Practitioner 3776-Proctitioner 377 S-Praclitioner 3774-Counselor 3773-Counselor 3772--<:oumelor 3771-Counselor 3767-Proctitfoner 3766-Practilioner 3765-Proctitioner 3764-Caunselor 3763-Counselor 3762-Caunseior 3761-Counselor 3757-Pfoctitioner 3756-Pfoclilioner 3755-Practltioner 3754-Counselor 3753-Caunselor 3752-Counselor 3751-Counselor 3747-practllioner 3746-Proctilioner 3745-Proctilioner 3744-Promoter 3743-Promoter 3742-Promoter All ri"ht< r""<<>",,,,,-I

4277-Perfeetio'lisf 4276-Perfeetloni$1 4275-Perteetioni$t 4274-Speciali$t 4273-Speclolisl 4272-Speciolisl 4271-Speciolisf 4267-Perlectioni,1 4266-Perlectionl~t 4265-Perleclionisl 4264-Specialist 4263-Speciolisl 4262-Specio11,t 4261-Speciolisl 4257-Perfectionl'f 4256-Perfectioni,t 4255-Perfectionist 4254-Speciolisl 4253-Specloli,t 4252-5peciolist 4251jfteciolist 4247 bieclive Thinker 4246-0blective Thinker 4245-0bjective Thlnl<er 4244-Unde"hilt

Th nker Th nker Th nker

Thinker Thinker Thinker

?fInl hv ,...<,..,.,"''''' p, ,hli<hi .....,


Classical Profile Patterns

DiSC* Classic

Classical Profile Patterns

DiSCS Classic
The motivation of Achievers is largely internal and flows from deeply felt personal goals. Their commitment to their own goals prevems them from automatically accepting the group's goals. Achievers need to see how they can blend their personal goals with the organization's goals. By retaining control over the direction of their lives, Achievers develop a strong sense of accountability. Achievers demonstrate a keen interest in their WOrkand an intense, continual pursuit of accomplishment. They have a high opinion of their work and may hesitate to delegate tasks when under pressure. Instead, they take on the work themselves to ensure that things are done righr. When they delegate, they have a tendency to take back the task if it does not go according to their expectations. Their guiding premise is, "If Isucceed, Iwant the credit; if I fail, I will take the blame." An Achiever should communicate more with others to expand their thinking beyond either "I have to do it myself' or "I want all the credit." They may need help in finding new approaches for achieving their desired results, Achievers function at peak efficiency, and they expect recognition equal to their contribution - high wages in for-profit organizations and leadership positions in other groups.

Achiever Pattern

Emotions: frustration

is industrious and diligent; displays



Emotions: is approachable; shows affection and understanding Goal: friendship; happiness Judges others by: positive acceptance of others; ability to look for the good in people Influences others "open door" policy by: personal relationships;

Goal: personal accomplishments, sometimes at the expense of the group's goal

Judges others by: ability to achieve

concrete results

Counselors are particularly effective at solving people's problems. They impress others with their warmth, empathy, and understanding. Their optimism makes it easy to look for the good in others. Counselors prefer to deal with others by building long-standing relationships. As a good listener wirh a willing ear fur problems, a Counselor offers suggestions gently and refrains from imposing his or her ideas on others. Counselors tend to be overly tolerant and patient with non-producers. Under pressure, they may have difficulty confronting performance problems. Counselors may be indirect when issuing orders, making demands, or disciplining others. By adopting the attitude that "people are important," Counselors may place less emphasis on task accomplishment. They sometimes require help in setting and meeting realistic deadlines. Counselors often take criticism as a personal affront, but they respond well to attention and compliments for well-done assignments. When in a position of resporu.ibility, Counselors tend to be attentive to the quality of working conditions and provide adequate recognition for members of their group.

own work

others by: accountability for

Value to the organization: sets and completes key result areas for self
Overuses: self-reliance; absorption in the cask

Value to the organization: remains stable and predictable; develops a wide range of friendships; listens to others' feelings Overuses: indirect approach; tolerance Under pressure: becomes overly flexible and intimate; is teo trusting without differentiating iJJnong people Fears: pressuring people; being accused of causing harm EXAMPLE Would increase effectiveness through: attention to realistic deadlines; initiative to complete the task

Under pressure: becomes frustrated and

impatient; becomes more of a "do-er" and less of a

Fears: others with competing or inferior work standards affecting results

Would increase effectiveness


less "either-or" thinking; clearer rask priorities; consideration of optional approaches; willingness to compromise sborr-term for long-range benefits



accepts affection; rejects aggression to tolerate and

Goal: group acceptance Judges others by: commitment include everyone Influences others

by: empathy; friendship

Agents are attentive to both the human relations and task aspects of their work situation. Empathetic and supportive, they are good listeners and known for their willing ear. Agents make people feel wanted and needed. Because Agents respond to others' needs, people do not fear being rejected by Agents. Agents offer friendship and are willing to perform services for others. Agents have excellent potential for organizing and completing tasks effectively. Agents naturally promote harmony and teamwork and are particularly good at doing for others what they find difficult to do for themselves.



Emotions: expression

accepts aggression; restrains

Goal: dominance; unique accomplishments Judges others by: personal standards; progressive ideas for accomplishing tasks Influences others by: ability to pace development of systems and innovative approaches Value to the organization: changes initiates or designs

Persons with a Creative Pattern display opposing forces in their behavior. Their desire for tangible results is counterbalanced by an equally strong drive for perfection, and their aggressiveness is tempered by sensitivity. Although they think and react quickly, they are restrained by the wish to explore all possible solutions before making a decision. Creative persons exhibit foresight when focusing on projects, and they bring about change. Since individuals with a Creative Pattern have a drive for perfection and demonstrate considerable planning ability, the changes they make are likely to be sound, but the method they choose may lack attention to interpersonal relationships. Creative persons want freedom to explore, and they want the authority to examine and retest findings. They can make daily decisions quickly but may be extremely cautious when making bigger decisions: "Should I accept that promotion?" "Should I move to another location?" In their drive for results and perfection, Creative persons may not be concerned about social poise. As a result, they may be cool, aloof, or blunt.

Value to the organization: supports, harmonizes, empathizes; focuses on service Overuses: kindness Under pressure: becomes persuasive, using information or key friendships if necessary Fears: dissent; conflict Would increase effectiveness through: strength in the realization of who they are and what they can do; firmness and self-assertion; ability to say "no" when appropriate EXAMPLE

Agents fear conflict and dissent. Their supportive approach may enable
others to tolerate a situation rather than encouraging them to engage in active problem-solving. In addition, the Agent's tendency ro adopt a "low profile" - instead of having open confrontations with aggressive individuals - may be perceived as a lack of "toughness." Although they are concerned with fitting inro the group, Agents have a fair degree of independence.


Overuses: bluntness; critical or condescending attitude Under pressure: becomes bored with routine work; sulks when restrained; acts independently Fears: lack of influence; failure to achieve their standards Would increase effectiveness through: warmth; tactful communication; effective team cooperation; recognition of existing sanctions

Appraiser Pattern


is driven to look good

Goal: "victory" with flair Judges others by: ability to initiate activities Influences others by: competitive recognition Value to the organization: with the team Overuses: authority; ingenuity becomes restless, critical, Under pressure: impatient accomplishes goals

Appraisers make creative ideas serve practical purposes. TIley use direct methods to accomplish results. Appraisers are competitive, but other people tend to view them as assertive rather than aggressive because Appraisers are considerate of others. lnsread of giving orders or commands, Appraisers involve people in the task through persuasion. They elicit the cooperation of those around them by explaining the rationale for the proposed activities. Appraisers help others ro visualize the steps needed in order to accomplish results. Appraisers usually speak from a detailed plan of action that they have developed in order to ensure an orderly progression toward results. In their eagerness to win, Appraisers can become impatient when their standards are not maintained or when extensive foIlow-d1rough is required. Appraisers are good critical thinkers. TI1ey are verbal in their criticisms and their words occasionally may be caustic. Appraisers have a better control of the situation if they relax and pace themselves. A helpful axiom to achieve this is, "You win some, you lose some."



Emotions: is concerned with meeting personai needs Goal: new opportunities Judges others by: ability to meet the Developer's standards Influences others by: finding solutions to problems; projecting a personal sense of power value to the organization: avoids "passing the buck"; seeks new or innovative problemsolving methods Overuses: control over people and situations to accomplish his or her own result. Under pressure: works alone to complete tasks; is belligerent if individualism is threatened or challenging opportunities disappear Fears: boredom; loss of control Would increase effectiveness through: patience, empathy; participation and collaboratlun with others; follow-through and attention to quality control

Developers tend to be strong-willed individualists, continually seeking new horizons. As self-reliant, independent thinkers, they prefer to find their own solutions. Relatively free of the constraining influence of [he group, Developers are able to bypass convention and often create innovative solutions. Although they most often use direct, forceful behavior, Developers can also shrewdly manipulate people and situations. When required to participate with others in situations that limit their individualism, Developers tend to become belligerent. They arc persistent when pursuing the results they desire and will do whatever is necessary to overcome obstacles to success. In addition, they have high expectations of others and can be critical when their standards are not met. Developers are most interested in achieving their own goals. Opporrunities fur advancement and challenge are important to them. By focusing on results, they may lack empathy or seem uncaring by dlsmi:ing others' concerns.

Fears: "loss" or "failure"; others' disapproval Would increase effectiveness through: individual follow-through; empathy when showing disapproval; steadier pace



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Classical Profile Patterns

DiSCa Classic

Classical Profile Patterns

DiSC!> Classic Persons with the Inspirational Pattern consciously attempt to modify the thoughts and actions of others. They want to control their environment. They are astute at identifying and manipulating an individual's existing motives in order to direct that person's behavior toward



Emotions: accepts aggression; downplays need for affection Goal: control of their environment or audience Judges others by: projection of personal strength, character, and social power Influences others by: charm, direction,
intimidation; use of rewards

Overshift Pattern

a predetermined end.
Inspirational persons are clear about the results they want, but tht.')' do not always immediately verbalize them. They state the results they want only after they have primed the other person, offering friendship to those who desire acceptance, authority to those who seek power, and security to those who want a predictable environment. Inspirational persons can be charming in their interactions. They are persuasive when they want help in repetitive and time-consuming details. People often experience a conflicting sensation by feeling drawn to Inspirational people and yet being curiously distanced. Others mal' feel "used" by lnspirauonal persons' powers of manipulation. Although they sometimes inspire fear in others and override their decisions, Inspirational persons are generally well liked by co-workers because they use their considerable verbal skills to persuade others whenever possible. Inspirational persons clearly prefer to accomplish goals through cooperation and persuasion instead of domination.

Before you go further, review your profile graph scores for the possibility of errors made when cornpuring vour responses or plotting your scores. An Overshfr Pattern occurs when all four plotting points are positioned in the upper portion of the graph. This indicates that the person considers all four behavioral styles to be of equally high Importance. AI; a result, the shape of the profile does not match any of the commonly occurring Classical Profile Patterns. Classical Patterns represent combinations of high and low plotting points, whereas the Overshifr Pattern has only high plotting points. When an Overshift Pattern appears in Graph Ill, it is recommended that one of the other two graphs be used for interpretation, but remember that Graph I or Graph r I represents only half of the responses. It may be helpful to retake the profile with a clearer focus.

Value to the organisation: acts as a "people mover"; initiates. demands, compliments, disciplines Overuses: attitude that "the ends justify means" Under pressure: becomes manipulative, quarrelsome or belligerent Fears: weak behavior; loss of social status Would increase effectiveness through:



genuine sensitivity; willingness to help others co succeed in their own personal development


Investigator Pattern

Emotions: is dispassionate; demonstrates self-discipline GoaL: power through formal roles and positions of authority Judges others Influences

by: use of factual information others by: determination, tenacity

Value to the organization: offers comprehensive follow-through; works determinedly on tasks individually or in a small group , Overuses: bluntness; suspicion of others Under pressure: tends to internalize conflict; holds on to grudges Fears: involvement with the masses; responsibility to sell abstract ideas Would increase effectiveness through: flexibility; acceptance of others; personal involvement with others

Objective and analytical, Investigators are dispassionate "anchors of reality." Generally undemonstrative, they calmly and steadily pursue an independent path toward a fixed goal. Investigators are successful at many things, not because of versatility but due to their dogged determination to follow through. They seek a clear purpose or goal from which they can develop an orderly plan and organize their actions. Once a project bas begun, Investigators fight tenaciously to achieve their objectives. Intervention is sometimes needed to change their direction. As a result, they can be perceived as stubborn and opinionated. Investigators do well with challenging technical assignments in which they can use actual data to interpret the information and draw conclusions. They respond to logic rather than emotion. When selling or marketing an idea, they are most successful with a concrete product. Investigators are not especially interested in pleasing people, and they prefer to work alone. They can be perceived as cold, blunt, and tactless. Because they value their own thinking ability, Investigators evaluate others by how they use facts and logic. To increase their effectiveness in personal interactions, lnvesrigators need to develop a greater understanding of other people, especially others' emotions.

Perfectionist Pattern

Emotions: displays competence; is restrained and cautious Goal: stability; predictable accomplishments Judges others Influences accuracy others

by: precise standards by: attention to detail;

Perfectionists are systematic, precise thinkers and workers who follow procedure in both their personal and work lives. Extremely conscientious, they are diligent in work that requires attention to detail and accuracy. Because they desire stable conditions and predictable activities, Perfectionists are most comfortable in a dearly defined work environment. They want specifics on work expectations, time requirements, and evaluation procedures. Perfectionists may become bogged down in the details of the decisionmaking process. They can make major decisions but may be criticized for the amount of time they take In gather and analyse infurmation. Although they like to hear the opinions of their managers, Perfectionists take risks when they have facts that they can interpret and use to draw conclustons. Perfectionists evaluate themselves and others by precise standards for achieving concrete results while adhering to standard operating procedures. This conscientious attention to standards and quality is valuable to the organization. Perfectionists may define their worth roo much by what they do and not by who they are as people. As a result, they tend to react to personal compliments by thinking, "What does this person wand" By accepting sincere compliments, Perfectionists can increase their self-confidence.

Value to the organization: is conscientious; maintains standards; controls quality Overuses: procedures and "fail-safe" controls; overdependence on people, products, and processes that have worked in past Under pressure: becomes tactful and diplomatic Fears: antagonism EXAMPLE Would increase effectiveness through: role flexibility; independence and interdependence; belief in self-worth


Objective Thinker


Emotions: rejects interpersonal aggression Goal: correctness Judges others Influences others logical arguments

by: ability to think logically by: use of facts, data, and

Value to the organization. defines and clarifies; obtains, evaluates, and tests information Overuses: analysis Under Fears: pressure: becomes worrisome irrational acts; ridicule

Objective Thinkers tend to have highly developed critical thinking abilities. They emphasize the importance of facts when drawing conclusions and planning actions, and they seek correctness and accuracy in everything they do. To manage their work activities effectively, Objective Thinkers often combine intuitive information with the facts they have gathered. \X/hen in doubt about a course of action, they avoid public failure by preparing meticulously. For example, Objective Thinkers will master a new skill privately before they use it in a group activity. Objective Thinkers prefer to work with people who, like themselves, are interested in maintaining a peaceful work environment. Considered shy by some, they may be reticent in expressing their feelings. They are particularly uncomfortable with aggressive people. Despite being mildmannered, Objective Thinkers have a strong need to control their environment. They tend to exert this control indirectly by requiring others to adhere to rules and standards. Objective Thinkers are concerned with the "right" answer and may have trouble making decisions in ambiguous situations. With their tendency to worry, they may get bogged down in "analysis paralysis." When they make a mistake, Objective Thinkers often hesitate to acknowledge it. Instead, they immerse themselves in a search for information that supports [heir position.

Persuader Pattern


trusts others; is enthusiastic

Goal: authority and prestige; status symbols Judges others by: ability to express themselves; flexibility Influences others by: friendly, open manner; verbal skills Value to the organization: sells and closes; delegates responsibility; is poised and confident Overuses: enthusiasm; selling ability; optimism Under pressure: becomes indecisive and is easily persuaded; becomes organized in order to look good Fears: fixed environment; complex relationships Would increase effectiveness through: challenging assignments; attention to cask-oriented service and key derails; objective dara analysis

Persuaders work with people, striving to he friendly while pushing forward their own objectives. Outgoing and interested in people, Persuaders have the ability to gain the respect and confidence of various types of people. Persuaders can impress their thoughts on others, drawing people to them and retaining them as clients or friends. This ability is particularly helpful when Persuaders sell themselves or their ideas to win positions of authority. The most favorable environment for Persuaders includes working with people, receiving challenging assignments, and experiencing a variety of work activities that require mobility. They seek work assignments that will give them the opportunity to look good. As a result of their naturally positive outlook, Persuaders may be too optimistic about a project's results and others' potential. Persuaders also tend to overestimate their ability to change the behavior of others. Although Persuaders desire freedom from routine and regimentation, they need to receive analytical data on a systematic. basis. Once alerted to the importance of the "little things," Persuaders can use the information to balance their enthusiasm with iii realistic assessment of the situation.

Would increase effectiveness through: self-disclosure; public discussion of their insights and opinions



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Classical Profile Patterns

DiSC Classic

Classical Profile Patterns

DiSC~ Classic
Practitioners value proficiency in specialized areas. Spurred on by a desire to be "good at something," they carefully monitor their own work performance. Although their aim is m be "the" expert in an area, Practitioners frequently give the impression that they know something about everything. This image is particularly strong when they express their knowledge on a variety of subjects. As Practitioners interact with others, they project a relaxed, diplomatic, and easygoing style. This congenial attitude may change quickly in their own work area when they become intensely focused in order to meet high standards for performance. Practitioners evaluate others on the basis of their self-discipline as measured by their daily performance. They have high expectations for themselves and others, and they tend to express their disappointment. Although they naturally concentrate on developing an organized approach [Q work and increasing their own skills, Practitioners also need to help others to build skills. In addition, they need to increase their appreciation of those who contribute to the work effort even though they may not use the Practitioner's preferred methods.

Practitioner Pattern

Emotions: wants to keep up with others in effort and technical performance

Specialist Pattern

Emotions: is calculatingly moderate; accommodates others Goal: maintenance of the status quo; controlled environment Judges others competence

Goal: personal growth Judges others by: self-discipline;position and


by: friendship standards;

Specialists "wear well" with others. With their controlled stance and modest manner, they are able to work well with a number ofbehavloral styles. Specialists are considerate, patient, and always willing to help those they consider friends. They build close relationships with a relarlvcly small group of associates in the work environment. Their efforts are directed toward retaining familiar and predictable patterns. Most effective in specialized areas, Specialists plan their work along directed channels and achieve a remarkably consistent performance. Appreciation from others helps to maintain that level of consistency. Specialists are slow to adapt to change. Prior conditioning gives them time to change their procedures while maintaining a consistent level of performance. Specialists may need help to start new projects or develop shortcut methods to meet deadlines. Finished projects are often put aside for further revisions. Specialists should consider throwing away old files that have outlived their usefulness.

Influences others by: confidence in their ability to master new skills; development of "proper" procedures and actions Value to the organization: is skilled in technical and people problem-solving; displays
proficiency and specialization Overuses: overanention
to personal objectives;

Influences others by: consistent performance; accommodating others Value to the organization: plans short term; is predictable, consistent; maintains steady pace Overuses: modesty; low risk- raking; passive resistance to innovation Under pressure: becomes adaptable to those in authority and thinks with the group Fears: change, disorganization Would increase effectiveness through: public discussion of their ideas; self-confidence based on feedback; shortcut methods

unrealistic expectations of others

Under pressure: becomes restrained; is sensitive to criticism


Fears: being too predictable; no recognition as an "expert"

Would increase effectiveness



genuine collaboration for common benefit; delegation of key tasks to appropriate individuals


Emotions: is willing to accept others Goal: approval, popularity Judges others Influences favors others

by: verbal skills by: praise, opportunities,

Value to the organization: relieves tension; promotes projects and people, including him or herself Overuses: praise, optimism Under pressure: becomes careless and sentimental; is disorgaulred Fears: loss of social acceptance and self-worth Would increase effectiveness through: control of time; objectivity; sense of urgency; emotional control; follow-through on promises and tasks EXAMPLE

Promoters have an extensive network of contacts. They arc usually gregarious and socially adept, and they develop friendships easily. They rarely antagonize others intentionally. Promoters seek favorable social environments where they can develop and maintain their contacts. Verbally skilled, they promote their own ideas and create enthusiasm for others' projects. With their wide range of contacts, Promoters have access to the people who can help them. Since Promoters prefer to participate and interact with others in activities, they may be less interested in task accomplishment. They may continue to seek out any situation rhat involves meeting people and socializing even though their job requires attention to more solitary activities. They thrive on meetings, committees, and conferences. Usually optimistic, Promoters tend to overestimate the ability of others, They often leap to favorable conclusions without considering all the facts. Promoters will learn to be objective and emphasize results with coaching and direction. Time management may present challenges for Promoters. By setting a time limit on conversation and discussion, they can remind themselves of the urgency of"closing" and accomplishing the task.



Before you go further, review your profile graph scores for the possibility of errors made when computing your responses or plotting your scores. A Tight Pattern occurs when all four plotting points are positioned in rhe middle area of the graph with only one segment difference between the four points. This indicates that the person considers all four behavioral styles to be of equal importance. As a result, the shape of the profile does not match any of the commonly occurring patterns. Classical Profile Patterns represent combinations ofhigh and low plotting points, whereas the Tight Pattern has plotting points only in the middle area. When a Tight Pattern appears in Graph Ill, it is recommended that one of the other two graphs be used for interpretation, but remember that Graph I or Graph II represents only half of the responses. it may be helpful to retake the profile with a dearer focus.


Result-Oriented Pattern

Emotions: verbalizes ego strength; displays rugged individualism Goal: dominance and independence Judges others quickly Influences diligence

by: ability

to accomplish tasks


by: force of character;


Result-Oriented people display self-confidence, which some may interpret as arrogance. They actively seek opportunities that test and develop their abilities to accomplish results, Result-Oriented persons like difficult tasks, competitive situations, unique assignments, and "important" positions. They undertake responsilnliries with an air of self-importance and display self-satisfaction once they have finished. Result-Oriented people tend to avoid constraining factors, such as direct controls, time-consuming details, and routine work. Because they are forceful and direct, they may have difficulties with others. ResultOriented people prize their independence and may become restless when involved with group activities or committee work. Although ResultOriented people generally prefer to work alone, they may persuade others to support their efforts, especially when completing routine activities. Result-Oriented people are quick thinkers, and they are impatient and critical toward those who are nor. They evaluate others on their ability to get results. Result-Oriented people are determined and persistent even in the face of antagonism. They take command of the situation when necessary, whether or not they arc in charge. In their uncompromising drive for results, they may appear blunt and uncaring.

Undershift Pattern

Before you go further, review your profile graph scores for the possibility of errors made when computing your responses or plornng your scores. An Undershlfr Pattern occurs when all four plotting points are positioned in the lower portion of the graph. This indicates that the person considers all four behavioral styles to be of equally low importance. A5 a result, the shape of the profile does not match any of the commonly occurring patterns. Classical Patterns represent combinations of high and low plotting points, whereas the Undershifr Pattern has only low plotting points. When an Undershfr Pattern appears in Graph IIl, it is recommended that one of the other twO graphs be used for interpretation, bur remember that Graph I or Graph II represents only half of the responses. It may be helpful to retake the profile with a dearer focus.

Value to the organization: doggedness Overuses:

impatience; "win-lose" competition

Under pressure: becomes critical and faultfinding; resists participating with a team; may overstep boundaries Fears: others will take advantage of them; slowness, especially in task activities; being a pushover EXAMPLE Would increase effectiveness through: explanation of their reasoning and consideration of other views and ideas about goals and solutions to problems; genuine concern for others; patience and humility


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