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Five frame sizes cover the performance range Mix and match any combination of pumps with our modular design for continuous. design goal. Should a special application exceed the possibilities of our modular programme our over 40 years of experience is a sound foundation for offering a tailor made solution. Our modern “E” series pumps can be configured to satisfy virtually any metering service. Simple integration of our pumps into your process and plant 2 .Maximum performance and flexibility The requirements to match a variety of differing customer requirements and economical considerations have led to a modular pump design at LEWA decades ago. and budget with our standardized modules. Simplex pump for metering of one liquid stream. accurate proportioning of different liquid streams Automate with control and monitoring accessories.

electric. multiple.Performance table Pressure Flow rate Temperature Viscosity up to 1200 bar from 1 l/h to 50 m3/h per pump head -50 to +400°C up to 100. or variable speed Instrumentation – A full range for monitoring and control 3 . pneumatic. or fixed stroke Drivers – Electric motor in single.000 mPas Refer to page 13 for technical data Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Drive elements – Five sizes in differing power capacities Pump heads – Sealless diaphragm or sealed plunger types Stroke adjustments – Manual.

They are easy to operate. 15 10 5 0 mm Hub Advantages Ⅵ Ⅵ 3 Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ The LEWA variable eccentric drive element: efficient conversion of driver rotation to precisely adjustable reciprocating action The principle: The LEWA variable eccentric drive element is a straight crank drive element with direct transmission of the drive torque from the worm gear via the hollow shaft (1) to the variable eccentric (2). Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Minimum footprint – vertical motor mount assembly (simplex only) Fixed stroke length – crank design (no stroke adjustment) Boxer design – opposed pump heads for double the flow rate High suction pressure design – for high system pressures 4 . there is minimum adjusting force for manual setting. is guaranteed by a double sealing of the plunger rod. A precisely reproducible setting from zero to the maximum stroke length is possible via the adjusting spindle 1 Ⅵ 2 Ⅵ Ⅵ Precise – linear and fully reproducible stroke adjustment Accurate – as drive torque is not carried by the stroke adjustment mechanism.The LEWA variable eccentric drive element Alternative drive element designs are available as simplex pump without stroke adjustment in space saving design with the motor mounted vertically and boxer designs with two pump heads and double the flow rate. and a narrow dead-band with servo-setting devices Flexible – adjust stroke during operation or at rest Expandable – combine with other drive elements of like or different power ratings Stiff – no “free play” from shifting of support bearings during stroke adjustment Overload safe – “simply supported beam” design with no bending loads Efficent – low energy requirements Low life cycle costs – low maintenance. A full separation of drive element and hydraulic oil of diaphragm pump. the basic requirement for continuous. exceptionally sturdy and overload safe and meet the requirements of API 675. long service intervals. compact worm gears with different reduction ratios feature a high efficiency and long service intervals. low wear operation. The integrated. A sliding connection (3) to the hollow shaft drives the radially adjustable variable eccentric. zero problem.000 units are in service worldwide in a diverse range of applications. Axial shifting of the skew slotted sliding shaft radially shifts the variable eccentric. long life Options The drive elements are available in 5 power ratings. Over 100.

. Other alternatives include: Ⅵ DC motors (also solar powered) Ⅵ IC engines Ⅵ Steam turbines Ⅵ Variable speed transmissions or gears Ⅵ Free shaft end Stroke adjustment Type “E” drive elements are variable stroke mechanisms.Drive element options to meet your installation requirements Drivers Standard is an electric motor in a selection of power supply options and to various NEMA ratings including explosion proof. Electric stroke actuators Include modern interface and safety features such as: Ⅵ Integrated limit position and overload protection Ⅵ Feedback via potentiometer or 0/4 – 20 mA signal Ⅵ Enclosures to meet most electrical standards Ⅵ Optional position controller Pneumatic stroke actuators Ⅵ 0. Solar power is another option with stroke adjustment with stroke adjustment without stroke adjustment without stroke adjustment Different drive element configurations of the LEWA modular program 5 . or Ⅵ Pneumatically Our type “G” drive elements are constant stroke “crank” designs without stroke adjustment. to an IC engine when electric power is not available. adjustable: Ⅵ Manually. electric. contactors Simplex drive elements Boxer drive elements .. or pneumatic stroke adjusters can be used in any combination in the LEWA modular system Instrumentation For monitoring the pump and interfacing it with process control systems: Ⅵ speed transmitters. Ⅵ Electrically. in fixed or variable speed.2 – 1 bar control signal Ⅵ Integrated hydraulic dampening Ⅵ Optional control and feedback via 0/4 – 20 mA signal A wide selection of drivers: from a simple asynchronous AC motor in a suitable enclosure Manual.

your production continues without interruption. How it works: The reciprocating plunger displaces hydraulic fluid (dark blue) causing movement of the diaphragm and a like displacement of process fluid. Any diaphragm perforation is immediately signaled. LEWA’s “sandwich” diaphragm with condition monitor is standard in most pumps. Full diaphragm support in the rearmost position eliminates damage to the diaphragm due to overpressure.With leakage eliminated. full performance operation on the other diaphragm until maintenance can be scheduled.Diaphragm pump heads with hydraulically actuated diaphragm 3 fluid must remain pure or sterile. enhanced process integrity and consistent product quality make LEWA diaphragm pumps the safe choice for many applications. and without compromises in process accuracy to affect your end product. Built-in safeguards assure the security of your process: an integrated pressure limiting valve (PLV) protects against overload. LEWA’s advanced diaphragm position control system is used for highest operating safety. LEWA’s well-proven diaphragm position control system keeps the freely-oscillating diaphragm from damages due to process upsets such as cavitation. long service intervals. thereby safely preventing overfilling in any upset condition. high availability. fully supported position before any hydraulic replenishment can take place. long life Efficient – low energy requirements 6 . but also excludes contaminants where the process Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ High metering accuracy – pressure stiff with internal hydraulic degassing Zero leakage – hermetically tight Double containment – sandwich diaphragm with reliable diaphragm condition monitor Overload safe – built-in PLV Protected – diaphragm position control system with full backup support Resilient – can run dry without damage Gentle – conveys sensitive fluids without damage Totally enclosed – positive separation of hydraulic fluid and drive element lubricant Low life cycle costs – low maintenance. Likewise. or abrasive fluids. LEWA zero leakage diaphragm pumps are proven cost-effective in a wide range of applications. The hermetically sealed design not only totally contains hazardous. freely moving diaphragm totally contains the process fluid (yellow) wich is hermetically sealed to the environment. toxic. A gate valve (2) controls the refill valve (1) forcing the diaphragm to be in the rearmost. while the pump continues leak-tight. an integral pressure limiting valve (3) with gas venting function protects the pump and system from overpressure Advantages of LEWA diaphragm pump heads Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ discharge stroke Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Low operating costs. suction stroke 2 1 The principle: The hydraulically balanced.

transmitters and/or gauges. including LEWA’s revolutionary diaphragm position control system. and flammable liquids Options Our experience with application specific designs makes it possible to meet most service requirements: Ⅵ Duty-matched valve designs Ⅵ Customized connection and installation arrangements Ⅵ Diaphragm condition monitoring systems with pressure switches. Advantages of the M 500 Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Universal application Clear flow path for process fluid Suitable for virtually all fluids Secure sandwich diaphragm with condition monitoring system Long diaphragm life assured by hydraulic diaphragm position control Safe against high suction pressures (to 350 bar) by full rear diaphragm support Protected against overpressure with built-in PLV Packless plunger for minimum wear and maintenance Standard wetted material is 316 Ti stainless for high corrosion resistance Zero leakage and sealless: LEWA diaphragm pump heads are problem-free with virtually all fluids. toxic. and biotech applications Extremely wide application range: fully jacketed diaphragm pump heads and valves for handling melts 7 .000 mPas Refer to page 13 for technical data The M 500 with PTFE sandwich diaphragm solves practically any metering application All the security and performance features you want in a modern diaphragm pump head.The universal M 500 diaphragm pump head Performance table Pressure Flow rate Temperature Viscosity up to 350 bar from 1 l/h to 50 m3/h per pump head -50 to +150° C up to 100. and contact pressure gauges Ⅵ Heating and cooling jackets Ⅵ Alternative materials of construction Ⅵ Easy clean pump heads (CIP) Ⅵ Hygienic designs to 3-A standards for food. The safe selection for most services. pharmaceuticals. including difficult to handle fluids such as suspensions and high viscosities. including critical.

Setting new standards for safety. temperature 60° 80° 100° 120° C C C C Sterilisation up to 150° C possible Multiplexing is simple with LEWA’s modular system Maximum pressure vs. and contact pressure gauges Hygienic designs to 3-A standards for food stuffs. The pre-shaped PTFE sandwich diaphragm is state-of-the-art … it rolls instead of flexes. M 700 series 8 .2 m3/h per pump head Temperature up to +120° C Viscosity up to 500 mPas Refer to page 13 for technical data The standard M 700 diaphragm pump head Advantages of the M 700 series Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Exceptional reliability for everyday metering services Long diaphragm life assured by hydraulic diaphragm position control Protected against mis-operation by a patented diaphragm support system Secure sandwich diaphragm with condition monitor Protected against overpressure with built-in PLV Safe when operated dry. and bio-tech applications Performance limits Max. and value. the temperature of the process fluid. transmitters and/or gauges. discharge pressure (bar) 70 60 40 20 Max. performance. at overpressure. LEWA combined the proven M 500 series diaphragm position control system with a patented shape-optimized diaphragm and unique front and rear support design to provide full operational protection for the diaphragm even under extreme operating or upset conditions. Ⅵ Ⅵ Duty-matched valve designs Customized connection and installation arrangements Diaphragm condition monitoring systems with pressure switches. pharmaceuticals. the M 700 is the ideal selection for everyday metering applications up to 70 bar and 1200 l/h. and carries a written service life guarantee. or under vacuum Packless plunger for minimum wear and maintenance Standard wetted material is 316 Ti stainless for high corrosion resistance Options Ⅵ Ⅵ Easy to live with – the patented design of the M 700 pump head protects the sandwich diaphragm from all process upsets.Performance table Pressure Flow rate up to 70 bar from 1 l/h to 1.

1 l/h to 5 m3/h per pump head up to +200° C up to 500 mPas Refer to page 13 for technical data High performance pump heads with metal diaphragm for high pressures and high temperatures Metal diaphragms are used when pressures or temperatures exceed the capabilities of PTFE diaphragms. the deflection of the diaphragm is positively limited in both directions.617-04 -7.530-05 -2. For maximum security and long diaphragm life. Advantages of the M 200/M 400 series Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Highly reliable and safe Exceptionally long diaphragm life Diffusion tight sandwich diaphragm Accepts high suction pressures Protected against overpressure with built-in PLV Packless plunger for minimum wear and maintenance For high pressures: The design technique of the M 200/M 400 has evolved from years of experience and continuous improvement 9.293-04 -4. nuclear technology).874-04 -5.For high pressures M 200/M 400 diaphragm pump heads Performance table Pressure Flow rate Temperature Viscosity up to 1200 bar from 0.338-05 3.198-04 -7.036-04 -6.455-04 -6.278-05 -8.132-04 -3. or for high diffusion resistance (e.713-04 -4.389-04 -1.551-04 -3.086-05 -1.778-04 Y X Z The performance and reliability of the LEWA M 200/M 400 is well proven on tough installations Modern technology to achieve low life cycle costs: Finite element analysis is used in designing highly stressed parts for reliability and long life 9 . The sandwich diaphragm is a big safety advantage at these high pressures.970-04 -2. keeping it safely below its elastic limit under all operating or upset conditions. g.

Performance table Pressure Flow rate up to 1200 bar from 0.1 l/h to 50 m3/h per pump head Temperature up to +400° C Viscosity up to 100. pressure and temperature The principle: The reciprocating plunger directly displaces the process fluid (yellow). the best performance for the application is achieved by optimal selection of plunger material and seal design Plunger pump heads are a good choice for simple applications with non-critical. Simple. harmless fluids. As the plunger and plunger seal are wetted.000 mPas The basic K 100 – 500 plunger pump heads Refer to page 13 for technical data compression packing rings compression packing rings with flushing lantern self tensioning “v” ring seals with flushing lantern The plunger seal selection considers the fluid. Standard plunger material is oxide ceramic for optimal chemical resistance and hardness. and highly accurate in services where regular attention can be given to maintain the performance of the seals. One of many possible options: total heat jacketing with accessible valves for melts Advantages of plunger pumps Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Cost effective Excellent suction lift Minimum dead space Options Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Large plunger pump heads in a duplex arrangement Duty-matched valve designs Heating and cooling jackets Seal flushing arrangements Alternative seals to suit the service 10 . economical. Laterally adjusting plungers selfalign in the seal for lowest wear.

Options Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ Ⅵ ball valve Double ball valves (in small sizes) for special services Slurry valves to various specifications Hardened valve components Hard metal.A wide selection of reliable pump valves Valves for any requirement In addition to the pump head type. the valves are constructed of the same material as the pump head for cost efficiency. the proper valve design is of major importance in the suitability of the pump for the service. Plate valves Standard valves for nominal sizes 25 mm and up and pressures to 200 bar. oxide ceramic or silicon nitride valve parts Valve inserts of plastic materials Special designs plate valve cone valve 11 . Optimal flow characteristics and functions reliably even with contaminated fluids. LEWA’s modular program offers a wide range of choices for the most varied applications depending on the valve size and corresponding requirements. Count on our decades of experience to assure that the correct selection of ball. Suitable for high stroking frequencies due to the low mass of the plate. Ball valves Standard valves for nominal sizes up to 15 mm. Cone valves Standard valves for nominal sizes 25 mm and up and for high pressures. Valve Materials For standard applications. For more demanding requirements such as slurries. plate. or cone valves are installed. optimized combinations of materials for the valve seat and closing pieces are available.

or Ⅵ To create a high degree of flow smoothness The simplest and most economical way to meet either requirement is the use of pulsation dampeners. it can be set lower than the process side safety valve due to it’s operation in clean hydraulic fluid. Safety valves are used to prevent overload of the pump and the system. a triplex pump at 120° phasing) will achieve a similar result. Safety valves Metering pumps are positive displacement devices and always must be protected against dead-heading if there is any possibility of blockage of the discharge line during operation such as sedimentation buildup in the pipeline. etc. The use of a multiplex pump with phased delivery (e. This can be avoided with the installation of a strainer in the suction line. Alternatively. ~ M Typical use of pulsation dampeners Pulsation dampeners Metering pumps have a pulsating flow.). solid feeders and dissolving equipment. We can also offer duty-matched accessories or a complete proven skid system with suction and discharge connections to your process. ~ Placement of a safety valve M ~ Fitting of a back pressure valve M 12 . Back pressure valves Metering pumps require a certain low minimum back pressure for proper functioning. injection points. During each stroke. we can assist with mixing devices (static or active).. pressure. etc.g. Properly selected and sized accessories turn the pump into a functional system. Back pressure valves solve this problem. the column of fluid in the suction and the discharge lines must be accelerated from zero to peak velocity and then decelerated back to zero. pH value. Take care to minimize the pressure drop in critical suction situations. Your success is our success – please consider our advice. and open and closed loop controls. temperature.Correct installation and accessories assure proper function ~ M Installation of a dirt trap (screen) The trouble-free function of a metering pump depends mainly on correct installation for the application and process fluid characteristics. conductivity. over-metering or “flow-through” occurs. measuring instruments (flow. accidental closure of a shutoff valve. This valve can be used to protect the system (depending upon local and plant regulations) if the pump is the only pressure generating device. Pulsation dampening can be required for two reasons: Ⅵ To reduce high. This creates friction losses and pressure fluctuations due to mass acceleration. Hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps are protected by a pressure limiting valve integral to their hydraulic circuit. non-permissible pressure fluctuations.. Other options To complete your metering system. level. Dirt traps (screens) Many fluids contain contaminants which can disrupt the function of the pump valves ranging from minor flow fluctuations to complete failure of the metering process. If the suction pressure exceeds the discharge pressure. turbidity.

+49 (71 52) 14 -13 03 Your enquiry will be answered immediately. Please fax to: LEWA Herbert Ott GmbH + Co. Fax-No. Density at OT Viscosity at OT Solids content / density / description Solids particle size / solids hardness Motor data Voltage Current type Rated frequency Hazardous area protection Enclosure [l/h] [bar] abs [bar] abs [° C] [g / cm3] [mPa · s = cP] [% / g / cm3] [mm/Mohs] 13 .Technical data LEWA modular Performance range table Maximum permissible discharge pressure [bar] For determining the drive element size. ᮣ 2000 1000 500 M 500 200 100 50 M 700 FC EK EL +G EH L +G ES H +G EG S +G G M 200/400 + K 200 20 10 5 2 1 100 200 500 1000 [ml/h] 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200 500 1000 [l/h] 1 2 ᮣ 5 10 20 50 100 200 [m3/h] Flow rate Qtheo per pump head at maximum stroke length Foot prints Type EK EL / GL EH / GH ES / GS EG / GG L [mm] 400 600 700 1350 2000 LB [mm] 650 1000 1120 2050 3000 B [mm] 400 600 750 1300 1800 ∆B [mm] 140 250 320 490 717 H [mm] 275 400 660 960 1210 L LB B ∆B ∆B H The dimensions given may differ depending on the size and type of pump head mounted Enquiry data for selecting a pump For selecting your specific pump we need the information on the right from you./min. The graphs for the LEWA modular series apply to a simplex pump. The flow rate stated is per pump head. Metered fluid Flow rate required Operating pressure at discharge flange Operating pressure at suction flange Operating temperature (OT) max.

The advantages of the cam and spring drive are zero free play. If you are interested in our complete scope of supply. LEWA triplex with compact monoblock drive element and LEWA modular in variable multiplex assembly guarantee zero leakage and low maintenance operation. LEWA triplex process diaphragm pumps Performance range Flow rate up to 1. Cam and spring drive element FC Performance range Flow rate up to 180 m3/h Discharge pressure up to 1200 bar Performance range LEWA ecodos Flow rate from 0. diaphragm pump heads of the M 200 series and plunger pump heads can be used with the FC. Cam and spring drive elements FC for precise metering of very low flow rates The FC series supplements the LEWA modular with an ideal design for very low flows. mechanically actuated four-layer PTFE sandwich diaphragm for safety. In simplex or multiplex configurations. LEWA metering systems and packages Performance range Flow rate up to 40 l/h Discharge pressure up to 560 bar 14 . Ⅵ Standard metering packages LEWA has developed standardized solutions for a wide range of applications such as acid dilution. we would be pleased to send you our comprehensive catalog. metering systems and metering packages. The scope of supply covers turn-key standard metering packages up to the engineering and commissioning of complex systems with customized process controls. constant front dead center. No process fluid can escape to the atmosphere. Ⅵ Tailor-made metering packages LEWA metering/mixing packages support process automation and are designed and built to meet specific customer requirements with a complete solution for the corresponding application. a flow meter (mass or volume) and a controller for a closed-loop flow metering solution. cold sterilization. data recording and external interfaces to the plant’s central control system. Main applications are in the laboratory and process research services in pilot plants. LEWA offers other metering pumps. and excellent valve action.LEWA’s wide scope of supply In addition to our modular series. high flow services. process diaphragm pumps. gas odorization. displays. and solar powered chemical injection.5 m3/h per pump head Discharge pressure up to 20 bar Ⅵ LEWA lab (not shown) Micro-metering pumps with hydraulically actuated metal diaphragm. Ⅵ Ⅵ LEWA process diaphragm pumps Eliminate fugitive emissions with leak-free LEWA process diaphragm pumps for high pressure. polyethylene cross-linking. Ⅵ LEWA ecodos Standard diaphragm metering pumps for low pressure services using a patented. Both.1 to 68 l/h per pump head Discharge pressure up to 500 bar Ⅵ LEWA metering systems LEWA metering systems combine a pump with actuator for stroke length and/or speed.

This increases the up-time of LEWA pumps and packages and assures trouble-free operation. maintenance or service. and over 50 experienced representatives. We would be pleased to present detailed information on our scope of supply. Our over 45 years of experience in fluid metering and controlled volume applications is behind the design support we offer. we never are far away 15 . expert repairs and rebuilds. We strive for a close partnership with our customers in all activities related to our products. and field service for maintenance and training. Our know-how is available from concept and throughout the operating lifetime On-site without delay: Consulting. Your complete satisfaction begins with consultation before an order is even placed to optimize the equipment for the plant in which it will be installed. Call on LEWA for: Installation recommendations (P&ID) Ⅵ Pipeline analysis Ⅵ Start-up assistance and operation training Ⅵ Technical seminars Ⅵ Factory authorized service. process pumps. our services and our resources that can be made available to you. Our services extend from comprehensive documentation for our products through fast spare parts supply. Being close to our customers is very important to us Worldwide: With eight LEWA Centers of Competence around the globe.Take advantage of our know-how LEWA is a global supplier of metering pumps. and metering systems. worldwide Ⅵ Guaranteed spare parts Ⅵ Partnership: Our goal is your satisfaction.

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