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 Activists  Respond  to  MIGOP  Press  Release       Lansing-­‐    March  18,  2013  Tea  Party  leaders  and  grassroots  activists  voiced  their  response  to  the  March  13,   2013  MIGOP  News  Release,  entitled  "Michigan's  Rep.  Posthumus-­‐Lyons  honored  at  CPAC"      "Apparently  the  MIGOP  believes  that  a  representative  (Rep.  Lyons)  voting  to  help  implement  an   (Obamacare)  Health  Insurance  Exchange  is    '  a  tremendous  leader  in  Michigan  and  she's  a  strong  advocate   of  the  common  sense  conservative  policies  that  are  resulting  in  Michigan's  comeback,'  as  quoted  by   Michigan  Republican  Party  Chairman  Bobby  Schostak  in  an  MIGOP  News  Release.  [1]  We  disagree,  voting  to   implement  an  Health  Insurance  Exchange  is  either  Conservative  nor  a  sign  of  Republican  leadership",  said   Joan  Fabiano,  founder  of  the  limited  government  group  Grassroots  in  Michigan.     Fabiano  goes  on  to  say,  "  Unfortunately,  there  is  disconnect  between  the  MIGOP  and  its  grassroots   activists.    The  fact  of  the  matter  is  that  many  normally  Republican  voters  of  all  stripes  will  be  refusing  to   support  or  vote  for  Republican  candidates  in  2014  that  continue  to  advance  policies  that  limit  personal   liberty,  private  rights,  promote  excessive  taxation,  and  renounce  the  sanctity  of  life.     Mark  Petzold,  founder  of  River  City  Patriots  of  Kent  County  said,  "The  majority  of  the  people  that  took  part   in  the  2010  landslide  were  focused  on  Liberty  not  the  GOP.  If  the  GOP  is  not  a  source  of  Liberty  the   participants  will  look  elsewhere  or  not  participate  at  all  as  was  the  case  in  2012."       Jason  Gillman,  Conservative  author  said,  "Defeating  Obamacare  was  the  holy  grail  of  conservatives  in  2010.   The  'shellacking'  the  Democrats  received  nationally  was  centered  around  disarming  the  legislation  that   would,  and  is,  destroying  our  healthcare  system.    Anyone  who  supports  any  involvement  in  Obamacare   needs  to  be  replaced,  not  praised."  

###         Thomas  Biggs  D.V.M,  Manistee  Area  Tea  Party      Jason  Gillman,  conservative  author,   Bill  Gavette,  Lapeer  County  Tea  Party      Vickie  Kahle,  Oakland  County  precinct  delegate   Monte  Blachford  ,  Newaygo  County        Donald  Eckland,  Co  Chair  Mid  Michigan  Patriots                                                               (Croton  Twsp  Delegate)  precinct  delegate                                Andrea  Blachford,  Newaygo  County  Precinct  Delegate   Marcy  L.  Desmond  Jankovich,  Precinct  Delegate,  Summit  Township,   Jackson  County  Republican  Committee,  founder  of  Michigan  Right  to  Life   Randy  Jasky,  Director  -­‐  FedUpUSA           Marian  Sheridan Lakes  Area  Tea  Party  founder,     vice  president  West  Bloomfield  Republican  Club,     Oakland  County  precinct  delegate   Isabelle  Terry    MIGOP  State  Committee       Elizabeth  Gillanders,  Grassroots  activist  

  Editors  Notes   [1]     From:  Michigan  Republican  Party  <>   Date:  Wed,  13  Mar  2013  18:02:31  -­‐0400   To:     Subject:  Michigan's  Rep.  Posthumus-­‐Lyons  honored  at  CPAC     For  Immediate  Release      Contact:  Matt  Frendewey   Director  of  Communications     O:  517-­‐487-­‐5413     Michigan's  Rep.  Posthumus-­‐Lyons  honored  at  CPAC,   10  young  conservatives  under  40   More  than  150  Michigan  college  students  attend  conference       LANSING,  Mich.,  March  13,  2013  –  Michigan  State  Representative  Lisa  Posthumus-­‐Lyons  will  be  featured   and  honored  as  one  of  the  Conservative  Political  Action  Conference's  (CPAC)  10  conservatives  under  40.   The  annual  conference  attracts  conservatives  from  throughout  the  nation  and  will  feature  keynote   speakers  including  U.S.  Senators  Ted  Cruz,  Rand  Paul  and  Marco  Rubio.  Michigan  Republican  Party   Chairman  Bobby  Schostak  worked  with  the  Michigan  Federation  of  College  Republicans  (MFCR)  to  ensure   more  than  150  college  students  from  10  universities  could  attend  this  year's  CPAC.        "Rep.  Lyons  is  a  tremendous  leader  in  Michigan  and  she's  a  strong  advocate  of  the  common  sense   conservative  policies  that  are  resulting  in  Michigan's  comeback,”  said  Michigan  Republican  Party  Chairman   Bobby  Schostak.      Rep.  Lyons  is  recognized  as  a  "Rising  Young  Conservative  Leaders,”  which  relates  to  CPAC's  theme  this   year,  "America's  Future:  The  Next  Generation  of  Conservatives.  New  Challenges,  Timeless  Principles.”  Lyons   from  the  86th  House  District  in  Kent  and  Ionia  Counties,  serves  as  the  Assistant  Majority  Floor  Leader.        CPAC  draws  a  large  number  of  college  students  from  across  the  country,  allowing  future  leaders  to  have   the  opportunity  to  meet,  hear  and  engage  with  today's  leaders.        "I'm  impressed  to  watch  these  young  conservative  grow  into  leaders  of  tomorrow,  their  maturity  and   ability  to  organize  more  than  150  students  from  10  school  to  attend  this  conference  should  be  applauded,”   Schostak  added.        Schostak  used  funds  from  his  chairman's  account  to  help  the  MFCR  pay  for  transportation.        For  more  information  about  CPAC,  please  visit,  <>  .        -­‐30-­‐    
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