Marketing Management

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Submitted by Team Game Hunt 3/14/2013

600 20.650 T-shirts .530) 18.400 Chart papers.600) Profits 7.000 Tent – 3.500 Transportation Cost.1.11. 13.300 Toppings (sprinkles etc) – 150 Total– Rs.500 Profit calculations Capital – Revenue – 11.850 Less investment (11. 600 (1450 * 8) Expenses: Del Frio-6.780 32.250 .500 Stuff toys – 1.Financial report Total investment – Rs.380 Less expense (13.

we did SMS marketing. we took part in promoting the umbrella event by taking shifts at the promotional stall and we created buzz about the event through word of mouth. we made chart papers with name of our umbrella name above our own stall’s name. links to our event page.any changes made in pricing? why? Initially we were selling a shirt for Rs. Slowest selling product/service? Why? T-shirts were the slowest selling product because we didn’t have enough variety and maybe customers didn’t have enough cash on them to buy t -shirts on campus . We also made online posters and used them as our cover photos. They recognized that our products and services were different to our competitors for example our competitors were offering snacks like chat and French fries but we were offering a branded ice cream. Intended brand positioning understood by target market? Yes.30 per person. But our customers requested that the person who loses the tournament should pay for himself and for his/her partner. we posted about our event on different groups on facebook. our target market was able to understand that our services and products offered value to money. we accepted product development for example our table tennis game was initially priced at Rs. Did sub branding prove more recallable or umbrella brand? Umbrella branding Hottest selling product/ service? Why? The hottest selling service for our brand was Table Tennis throughout the whole event because we were charging a low price for it. Product development was accepted. which made it easier and enjoyable for people to play. Pricing decision proved unsuitable.450 but due to poor sales we decided to change the price to Rs. By using social media (Facebook).. we also inbox our friends. we sent invitation to our friends. which showed diversification in our products and services. so we accepted their request and did some amendment in our game rules.Contribution to umbrella event branding prior to event: In BTL marketing. modifications requested by customers? Yes.250.

Crisis management done by team? We ran out of gifts that we were offering for the shooting games. so we asked some members to bring mugs as gifts. Total proceeds amount in rupees bought to class. Rs. Sales revenue item wise: Table tennisDel FrioShooting gamesT-shirts. and that they enjoyed playing games and that such activities should be conducted in Szabist more often Team dynamics and statement of contribution: Chengez Sultan: Zainab Essa: Aliza Saleem: Syeda Mehwish Kazmi: Ali Akbar: Zunair : Shayan : Mustafa: . Customer insights understood via project: We learned that our customer were more inclined towards spending their money on products and services that were cost effective.500 There were no sponsorships.Rs.

. this made it easier for us to sell it and Del Frio was also able to advertise itself in Szabist.Strategic Alliances with other business/brands? We had Del Frio ice cream as our edible item. since people knew about the brand.

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