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Job titles: 1. Management Trainee _ finance in a manufacturing org 2. Sales officer for a retail bank 3.

Junior HR executive in a reputed hotel 4. Back office executive in a broking firm 5. Officer trainee in a multinational corporation 6. Assistant manager in a Goa based company like Paikane group.

Tell me about yourself? What personal characteristics distinguish you as a candidate for a banking career? Why should we join you? How you differ from others? What are your strength / Weakness? What is your career aim? Where do you want to see yourself after 3-4Years? What did you major contribute to your company/ college? Think of a time when you made a mistake. What did you do? What was the result? What did you learn from this experience? What do you know about the company?

Sales Officer Tell me three things about SBI/HDFC etc What do you like the best about being a sales officer? How do you arrange your daily work? What are your selling techniques, how do you present/launch a new product? How did you develop your best-selling techniques? Describe some success stories and some difficulties. How did you handle the difficulties? What have you found to be the most important skills in negotiating and succeeding in sales?

Financial Analyst Technical Tasks Questions 1. What computer systems would you use to prepare illustrated technical reports using graphs, spreadsheets and draw charts? 2. What various securities in this industry are you familiar with and how would you compare and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses? 3. How do you interpret data concerning investment programs? 4. Can you define price yields, stability economic influences, future trends and investment risks? 5. How do you acquire knowledge of developments in the field of industrial technologies? 6. Can you relate some basic business, finance and economic theories? 7. What monitoring skills do you possess involving economic, corporate and industrial developments? 8. What steps do you take when preparing plans of action for financial analysis? 9. Have you presented oral or written reports on entire industries, individual corporations or economic trends? 10. Can you describe some recommendations you have to companies or individuals concerning investment procedures? 11. How do you attract new corporate clients?

Question: Are you able to compile and interpret accounting data and reports? Answer: Talk about any reports and data analyses that you have done, including financial analyses and reports, evaluation, inventorying, reports on equipment and real estate, documentation of accounting systems, management of account tables and entries, etc. Question: Tell me about your qualifications. Are you familiar with economic and business principles necessary for effective accounting? Answer: You can tell about your experience in analyzing current and future business operations, costs, trends, and revenues. You may speak about giving advice in these and other areas, such as budget forecasts, and developing solutions to financial problems in general.

Question: What personal characteristics make you a good HR Manager? Answer: Human Resource managers deal with personnel and must possess appropriate personal characteristics. You may speak about your interpersonal traits and leadership skills. Question: What have been your hiring strategies? How do you find talented people for the company? Answer: Many things can be said here. You are expected to simply give a few examples of your strategies and tactics. Question: What can you tell me about motivation? Question: Why is employee training important to an organization? MFI Exam 2.8pa