Form NC3 Single Commercial/ Industrial Premises


Application for a New Connection or Increased Reduced Capacity (MIC)
Please fill in all sections in BLOCK CAPITALS

1 Your Full Name & Address
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2 New Connection or Existing Connection

New Stand Alone Commercial / Industrial Premises (Please see Note 1 on Page 4) Part of a Multi Unit Development (Please see Note 2 on Page 4) Other (Please explain)




Please provide 11 digit MPRN no: (Please see Note 3 on Page 4) MPRN must be registered in Applicant’s Name. If not please contact your supplier to change.

3 Address For Connection (For new connections only) 4 Contact Name & Address for Correspondence (if different from above)
Eastings: Northings:

Eastings and Northings refer to the Geographical location of your site from an Ordnance Survey mapping perspective. Filling in these figures is not obligatory but it will help us to locate your site. Title:
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Other Contacts

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Phone Number Email: Electrical Contractor Phone Number Business Owner Phone Number

5 Site Location and Site Plan Name of local Authority and Planning Application Number New Customer/Reconnection Please attach an Ordinance Survey map (Scale 1:2500 1:10560) showing the location of your site and a site plan (scale 1:100-1:500) showing the days a week weeks every year Total Kilowatts (kW) 7 Load Details Lighting Unrestricted Space Heating Night Storage Heating Water Heating Air Conditioned & Forced Ventilation Other Motive Power List the largest motor first followed by the smaller motor Motor Rating (More than 10kW) Starting Demand Amps Type of Starter Number of (direct on line. manufacturing. Note: We will not be able to process your application without these maps. Starts Each slip ring. retail.jsp Do you intend to avail of a time-of-day electricity tariff from your electricity supplier? Yes No 10 Time of Day Electricity Tariff . DC load. 9 Maximum Export Capacity Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) Required kVA This is only required if you intend to export electricity Please visit website http://www. etc. Customers seeking an Increase/Reduction should state the new MIC required. A change in MIC may result in a tariff change from your supplier. 6 Nature of Business Production Hours eg.esb. heavy industry. Expected energy usage Watts/m2 hours a day General Summary (Please consult your electrical contractor. Thyristor controlled load or any load likely to cause voltage disturbance Disturbing loads Description kVA Quantity Total kVA 8 Maximum Import Capacity MANDATORY: Applications cannot be processed until this area is completed Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) Required Single Phase Three Phase kVA This figure should be based on the load details quoted above. Hour star-delta or soft electronic start General Purpose or Compressor Quantity Total kW Motors less than 10kW Details of any welders.

information provided by you in this Application Form will not be disclosed to other parties except in the specific circumstances below: Once our terms are accepted. This application is for an electricity connection only. to disclose details on this form to the Public Electricity Supplier. complies fully with the Data Protection Act. your electrical installation must comply with the relevant standards approved by the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI). ESB Networks Ltd. By signing this Application Form you agree to the above.aspx#1 In the interest of Safety and good practice. CO. Customers with a MIC greater than 29kVA must be registered before connection otherwise you will not be connected. The occupier or owner of the premises is responsible for its safety. these would be used solely for the purpose of conducting a once-off telephone interview to research your satisfaction with the service provided by ESB Networks Ltd. In the case of new connections. Incomplete Applications will be Please indicate by ticking this box if you do NOT wish us to do this. ESB Networks Ltd. PO BOX 29. You can get a list of suppliers using link: http://www. ESB Networks Ltd. and/or technical aspects of your connection to licensed Electricity Supply Companies and other parties involved in your electricity supply. If you contact us requesting energisation prior to securing a supplier. and not for any other use.energycustomers. Data Protection ESB Networks Ltd. Unless you request us to do so. in respect of the installation. will temporarily make available your telephone contact number to licensed Electricity Supply Companies in order to facilitate energisation of the connection. This certificate should be signed by either a Contractor who is registered for this purpose by a licensed regulatory body or an inspector of such a body. Please register with an electricity supplier when you receive your MPRN from ESB Networks Ltd. ATHLONE. • • • • Sign and Date the Application Form? Include your 2 maps? Include your MPRN if it is a reconnection or increase/decrease in connection? Fill in your MIC in Section 8? Did you remember to: Please Return form to ESB NETWORKS LTD. recognised by ETCI. You acknowledge that we are entitled to connect other customers to the network. location.. Contact details may also be provided on a strictly confidential basis to a professional third party market research company. All new connections to the ESB system will require the submission of a Completion Certificate. connect the network to your equipment. Please supply any additional information that may help us process this application. You agree to let ESB Networks Ltd. will be at liberty to make available the existence. you are authorising ESB Networks Ltd. . If applying for a new connection be sure to enclose maps as stated in section 5. GARRYCASTLE.11 Standby Generation 12 Electricity Supplier Do you intend to have your own Standby Generation? Yes No New Connections/Reconnections. will not complete your connection until we are in receipt of a valid Completion Certificate. 13 Completion Certificate 14 Additional Information 15 Signature Signed: ___________________________________________________________________ Position Held: ______________________________________________________________ Full Name (BLOCK CAPITALS):_______________________________________________ Date: ___________________ We may need evidence that you have the authority to sign this form. WESTMEATH Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application in full.

It will most likely be a much lower quantity than the sum of kilowatt ratings of all the equipment you plan to install. For a detailed breakdown of these charges refer to ESB Networks Ltd. website for a more detailed description of the application process: http://www. Clanwilliam Place. Des Geraghty. In the instance of a request for new/increased MIC in an existing development a substation building may be required. Donal Flynn. JohnLuke Redmond Registered office: Clanwilliam for advice on how to initiate such requests. • ESB lines/cables map records are available from ESB Networks Central Site at Fax. The capacity of your connection is the total electrical loading for which your connection is designed. the customer will be required to provide a substation building on site. You will need to contact ESB Networks Ltd.esb. Dublin Applicants for a unit in an existing development should contact the developer/builder/management company for the MPRN. Note 4 lines can kill ESB Networks Ltd. if the MIC for the unit concerned differs from your requirements. Website www. Registered in Ireland No.available on the HSA and ESB Networks Ltd. • The MIC is a determinant of connection and on-going charges.see www. How to estimate your capacity requirement Ultimately each customer must choose the capacity which meets his/her needs. Clanwilliam Place. Business customers agree a level with ESB Networks Ltd.available on the HSA website. Email: ESB Networks Ltd. All MV Connections receive DUoS group DG7/DG8 • • Note 2 • • Note 3 • • • • Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) What is it? We offer customers a Connection designed around a specified Please complete this application form (NC3) for any change in MIC. • Refer to the HSA Approved "ESB Networks Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Overhead Electricity Lines" for safety guidance in relation work in the vicinity of overhead lines . Splitting existing units into further units requires completion of this application form (NC3) in total including electronic/paper maps. Redmond Shinnors Directors: Jerry O’ Ireland.jsp Note 1 • In the instance of a green field/stand alone application for a new connection where the MIC (Maximum Import Capacity) exceeds 150kVA. 1850 372 757. Registered In Ireland Why is it important? When applying for a connection. 465172 Part Number: ESB/9806559-2 Rev. Please refer to the ESB Networks Ltd. and contact your supplier of choice for registration of the MPRN. according to their specific requirements. Tel. Please see website for further info: http://www. 465172 Registered Office: Clanwilliam House. the most important decision is the capacity level you require. Dublin 2. Please check with local office prior to making application. A kilovolt-amp is similar to a kilowatt. electronic maps and paper copies of same should accompany all new applications.pdf 15kVA to 49kVA connections receive DUoS group DG5. Connections in excess of 49kVA Low Voltage receive DUoS group DG6. 01-6388169 or by email to: Centralsiterequests@esb. at an early stage .ie. assigns a DUoS charge which is dependant on the MIC requested. Directors: Pat O’Doherty Bernard Byrne Des Geraghty Gina QuinGina JohnQuin.Business Application General Notes NB: These notes are intended as a general guide. Email: developmentmaps@esb. • Refer to "HSA Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Buried Services" for safety guidance in relation to underground electricity cables . Ireland. You may wish to discuss your required MIC further with your electrical contractor/consultant. commits itself to maintain available to your premises at the connection point. websites or order free printed copies from ESB Networks Ltd. The capacity level for customers is described as the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC). Where a substation building is required. • The MIC places an upper limit on the total electrical load you can use in your premises. Capacity is measured in kilovolt-amps (kVA). Safety Message • If there are any overhead electricity lines on the site these may need to be diverted or put underground before any construction works commence. Jan' 2010 .esb. Requests for line alterations should be made to ESB Networks Ltd. The capacity of your connection – Maximum Import Capacity – is an important figure for several reasons: • This is the capacity that ESB Networks Ltd.

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