January 2013 Superintendent Evaluation Comments

Implementation of and Progress toward Board of Education Goals Nancy has a clear understanding of the operations of a school system and the art and science of educating children. Nancy’s strengths include the following achievements: financially strong district and hiring capable leaders. To move in to the overall Highly Effective range for this category, Nancy can demonstrate successes in the following areas of the Strategic Plan: (1) Increase achievement and success for all students and (2) Increase meaningful partnerships (formal and informal) with community and with parents. Efforts in 2012 to increase achievement are evident. It is unclear if the partnerships with community and parents are strong enough to have the desired effects. Continues to keep the Policy Book updated and on schedule. Relations with the staff and public is very poor. She has been involved with two Strategic Planning cycles – most of any Superintendent.

Leadership Needs to show compassion to staff and focus on morale of the district. To move this rating in to the Highly Effective range, Nancy and her team needs to demonstrate stronger collaboration and a stronger educational vision for the district. I observe Nancy acting with a high degree of integrity. Generally, I observe that Nancy is respectful, but too often I observe non-verbal and sometimes verbal tendencies that I believe are not respectful. These observed instances are unfortunate in that they don’t appear to be necessarily intentional but are careless. I don’t question that Nancy feels compassion and means to convey compassion, but I don’t feel that showing compassion as a leader is a strength of hers. She continues to address poor performance of our employees. She has worked with various employees to help them with issues of employment and personnel matters. This is a plus.

Leadership – Student Achievement Nancy has shown significant effort to address the shortfalls in student achievement. However, based on outcomes, we still struggle as a district to achieve the goals that both the state and that we ourselves set for our students. The scoring categories above are mostly focused on understanding (assessment) and effort (instructional changes). If the composite were weighted more towards outcomes, it would reflect more closely where we still fall short as a district.

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January 2013 Superintendent Evaluation Comments
Continues to research for technology plan to better educate our students. Need to have a total buy-in with the whole district. There is not trust. Poor public relations skills. She continues to address our student scores and plans ahead for their success. Management Manages in using fear tactics and has used inappropriate language during closed meetings with staff. With a very lean staff, Nancy managed through an extremely difficult year in the district. Nancy made many tough decisions and executed a plan that stayed focused on the educational goals of the district while keeping the district’s finances strong. There is evidence of collaboration among the central office and building leadership, but beyond that there is some evidence that more collaboration is needed. Relations with Board, Staff, and Community As commented on in the 2011 Superintendent evaluation, this area needs improvement. I’m not aware of a different approach or new tactics to address shortcomings in this area. The execution of the paraprofessional changes in the Spring as well as the labor relations issues that came to a head in the Fall were very concerning and added to an already contentious and distrusting environment. Board relations are good. Administrators appear very focused on goals and act as a cohesive group. Staff relationships with Central Office appear to be the most in need of significant rehabilitation. Parents and community are difficult to evaluate and truthfully I hear more negative than positive. I temper my evaluation of parent and community feedback with my belief that those with an issue, speak up louder than either the apathetic or those with no issues. Nancy’s Civic participation is significant and I appreciate her engagement with key groups in the community. She involves community members on committees and issues. A member and/or attends community organizations keeping the public informed which draws the two together. Relations with Board – Good (seems good); Staff – Poor –in fear; Community – Fair/Poor. 2.19.13 Special Board Meeting - The board directed Dr. Hipskind to establish goal(s) to specifically address opportunities within the category of Relations with Board, Staff, and Community that were identified and documented by the Board during the 2012 evaluation process. Dr. Hipskind will review the goal(s) with the HR Subcommittee for discussion prior to sharing with the Board. Presentation of the additional goal(s) to the Board will occur no later than the Annual Organization Meeting and Board of Education Retreat, July 22, 2013, and will be included in the evaluation of the Superintendent's 2013 performance.

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January 2013 Superintendent Evaluation Comments
Communication Nancy is effective and comfortable with presenting information and district plans and their impacts. Nancy can work on being a better active listener. It sometimes seems that Nancy has thought most things through many times over and is listening to identify the speaker’s misunderstanding of the issue or reasons why their idea won’t work. Nancy does a nice job of letting the board know about state law/standards assessments. Weekly updates are appreciated.

Overall Nancy has faced major challenges in the Charlotte District including financial stresses unlike any this district has experience in decades. Nancy has also had to replace many key leadership roles. All the while, there have been major socioeconomic and social dynamics impacting public education. We have many continued successes in this district during Nancy’s tenure as Superintendent. Nancy’s exceptional knowledge in the realm of education is admirable and her knowledge, skills and abilities is evident in the execution of her duties. Where we struggle is facing these challenges as a unified team and to that end, I believe Nancy needs to improve the most in unifying not just the leaders of each building but everyone involved in education of the students. Divisiveness has grown and threatened not only the already contentious labor negotiations, but also other staff interactions. Part of Nancy’s leadership style appears to often drive a wedge between the district leadership and the staff. Overall, Nancy is effective at many of the traditional aspects of a Superintendent of schools including managing operations, finances, and driving curriculum related decisions. I sense that Nancy’s personal drive is not simply to attain or be “Effective” and I observe a high degree of commitment to student achievement and success of the Charlotte Schools. I do not sense the same commitment to leading staff, engaging them in the strategies and tactics of the plan, and bringing them along to be part of the success. Without our whole team working together towards the common goal with common commitment, even good plans are at high risk of failure. I believe that Nancy is capable, but I’ve yet to see a desire and concerted effort to address this challenge. Nancy continues to work hard to improve our district. Works hard on student achievement. Has a strong management style, worked hard to negotiate a good contract and for two years. Worked hard on iPads. Stepped up on IDP’s on teachers to improve the District. She is active in community and continues to work on communications. I am most concerned with our student’s performance declining for several years in a row. I believe Nancy to be both very hard working and dedicated. However, she can become very

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January 2013 Superintendent Evaluation Comments
defensive and angry at a “challenge” which I believe makes individuals not willing to make suggestions or corrections, but rather follow directions. CPS job is student achievement. Nancy is doing an excellent job in the toughest time since I have been involved with the schools. While her style is not “warm & fuzzy”, she is doing what this Board of Education needs done; getting achievement going in the right direction and holding the staff accountable. Dr. Hipskind needs to have better relations with the staff and the community. Our staff can never go to her without feeling retribution/fear. They are in “bunker mode”. The community has little trust in the administration, which starts with our leadership. There are still a number of concerns that need to be addressed with the iPads. Very good at budget and legal matters. Needs to improve relationship with staff and community. I am concerned about the low academic achievement in the school district and the status of our focus schools. You are doing a good job with technology. In your assessment you fail to report on your relationship with board and staff. Communications with the community are improving. Continues to work hard with the Education Foundation Committee and she is responsible for getting this off the ground. She has stepped forward and addressed several issues at the EISD. She continues her coffee hour even though only a few take advantage.

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