Causes and Effects of the French Revolution

I. Use Chapter 18 and your knowledge from the documentary to complete the chart.
Long Term Causes

Corrupt Code established: What was it? Napoleanicand inconsistent leadership: Describe two of the complaints that the third estate had about their leaders

Spread of Enlightenment Ideas: How did the Enlightenment encourage the French people? French conquests spark Nationalism: Give one example

Immediate Causes

Huge government debt: Why was the government in debt?

Congress of Vienna meets to restore stability in Europe: What was it? What was its goal? Formation of the National Assembly: What was its purpose?

Storming the Bastille: Who “stormed” the Bastille? Why did they do it?

The French Revolution
Immediate Effects

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen adopted: How is it connected to the American Revolution? Revolutions connected to the in Europe and Latin America: Briefly describe two other Revolutions presented in How is it occur elsewhere Enlightenment? Chapter 20. You will need to jump ahead in the text and read a few pages in order to provide a good summary of two revolutions.

Reign of Terror: What does this term mean? Who was mainly in charge? Describe some of the characteristic of this specific time period.

Long Term Effects