1 Postulación General de las Causas de Canonización Mons. Dr.

Oscar Sánchez Barba Postulador General

BEATOS CRISTOBAL MAGALLANES Y XXIV COMPAÑEROS MARTIRES 1. Mr. Pastor CRISTOBAL MAGALLANES JARA, was Born to Totatiche, Jalisco (Archdiocese of Guadalajara) July 30 th 1869. May 25 th 1927 was shot to Colotlán, Jalisco (Diocese de Zacatecas, Zac.). 2. Mr. Pastor ROMAN ADAME ROSALES, was Born to Teocaltiche, Jalisco (Diocese of Aguascalientes) February 27 th 1859. Comes the monento of the execution, the day 21 April of 1927, with a gesture of goodness it tried to save the soldier that renitente would have been shot also. Then definite and inflexible but humbly it delivered his life. 3. Mr. Priest RODRIGO AGUILAR ALEMAN. It was born to Sayula, Jalisco (Diocese of Ciudad Guzman) March 13 th 1875. All`albas of October 28 th 1927 conducted it on the plaza of Ejutla. You/they hooked a slipknot to a big branch of tree of mango and they set it to the neck of the priest. 4. Mr. Pastor JULIO ALVAREZ MENDOZA, Nato to Guadalajara, Jalisco December 20 th 1866. March 30 th 1927 was set above with heap of garbage to be shot and it said softly: I am about to die innocent. I have not hurted. My crime is that to be minister of God. I forgive you. 5. Mr. Priest LUIS BATIS SAINZ, was Born in San Miguel Mezquital, Zacatecas (Archdiocese of Durango) September 13 th 1870. The day the 15 August of 1926, was conducted together with his nearest collaborators in the apostolato; Manuel Morales, El Salvador Lara y David Roldán to be shot. 6. PRESBITERO AGUSTIN CALOCA CORTES. Naque to San Juan Bautista de Teúl, Zacatecas (Archdiocese of Guadalajara), May 5 th 1898. May 25 th 1927 was shot to Colotlán, Jalisco (Diocese de Zacatecas, Zac.). 7. Mr. Priest MATEO CORREA MAGALLANES, was Born to Tepechitlán, Zacatecas (Diocese of Zacatecas) July 23 rd 1866. You/he/she was shot in a field, in the outskirtses of the city of Durango, February 6 th 1927. 8. Priest ATILANO CRUZ ALVARADO, was Born to Ahuetita de Abajo, belonging to the parish of Teocaltiche, Jalisco (Diocese de Aguascalientes) October 5 th 1901. You/he/she was shot, giving proof of his fidelity to Christ Sacerdote, to the dawn of 1o. July 1928. 9. Priest MIGUEL DE Her Blackberry DE Her Blackberry, was Born to Tecalitlán, Jalisco (Diocese of Colima) June 19 th 1878. For the road you/he/she was halted and municipal in front of the general, that condemned it to the fucilazione it was midday of August 7 th 1927. 10. Priest PEDRO ESQUEDA RAMIREZ, de was Born in San Juan los Lagos, Jalisco (Diocese de San Juan de los Lagos) April 29 th 1887. November 22 nd 1927 they threw it out of the jail to execute it.

2 11. Priest MARGARITO FLORES GARCIA, was Born to Taxco, Guerrero (Diocese of Chilapa) February 22 nd 1899. The day November 12 th 1927 you/they destroyed him the head and they united it forever to Christ Sacerdote. 12. Priest Jose ISABEL FLORES VARELA, was Born to Saint María de the Paz, of the parrochia in San Juan Bautista of the Teúl, Zacatecas (Arcidiocesis of Guadalajara) November 20 th 1866. An old companion that had been protected from Father Flores denounced it to the head of Zapotlanejo and you/he/she was incarcerated June 18 th 1927, when you/he/she was directing him toward a field to celebrate the Eucarestia. One of that assassins threw a big knife out and the brave martyr. 13. Priest David GALVAN BERMUDEZ, was Born to Guadalajara, Jalisco January 29 th 1881. January 30 th 1915 while it tried to help the wounded soldiers spiritually in a fight happened to Guadalajara, you/he/she was done imprisoned. And, in front of those people that were entrusted of to execute it it showed the breast to receive the pallotoles. 14. Boy: El Salvador LARA PUENTE, was Born in the country of Berlín, Durango, belonging to the parish of Súchil (Archdiocese of Durango) August 13 th 1905. The 15 August of 1926, was conducted together with Manuel Morales, El Salvador Lara y David Roldán to be shot. 15. Priest PEDRO DE JESUS MALDONADO LUCERO, was Born in the city of Chihuahua Chih. (Archdiocese of Chihuahua) June 15 th 1892. February l'11 th 1937, anniversary of its priestly ordination consumed its glorious sacrifice of priest martyr. 16. PRESBITERO JESUS MENDEZ MONTOYA, was Born to Tarimbaro, Michoacán (Archdiocese of Morelia) June 10 th 1880. The priest that knew to gather his human dowries and his knowledge of God to have Jesus Cristo and February 5 th 1928 loved, with his blood it proclaimed his big love to Christ Re. 17. Mr. MANUEL MORALES, was Born to Mesillas, Zacatecas, belonging to the parish Sombrerete, Zacatecas (Archdiocese of Durango) the day February 8 th 1898. The 15 August of 1926, was conducted together with Manuel Morales, El Salvador Lara y David Roldán to be shot. 18. Mr. Pastor JUSTINO ORONA MADRIGAL, was Born to Atoyac, Jalisco (Diocese of Ciudad Guzmán) April 14 th 1877. Priest of Cuquío, Jalisco (Archdiocese of Guadalajara). All`alba of 1o. July 1928 federal strengths and the president town de Cuquío irrumpero violently in the rancho and they struck the door of the room in which they slept. Mr. Taken care of Orona opened and with strong voice she/he greeted the executioner: Long live Christ Re!. The answer was a piogga of pellets. 19. Priest SABAS REYES SALAZAR, was Born to Cocula, Jalisco (Archdiocese of Guadalajara) December 5 th 1883. The 13 April 1927 of Wednesday Saint, was conducted to the cemetery. They ended to kill it, but, before dying, more with the soul that with the voice, the priest martyr succeeded in shouting: Long live Christ Re!. 20. Mr. Pastor Jose Maria ROBLES HURTADO, Naque to Mascota, Jalisco (Diocese of Tepic) May 3 rd 1888. In the sierra of Quila, Jalisco (Diocese of Autlán), you/he/she was hung to a tree June 26 th 1927.

3 21. Boy David ROLDAN LARA, was Born to Chalchihuites, Zacatecas (Archdiocese of Durango) March 2 nd 1902. That 15 August 1926, the sun was found to zenith, life in flower and the love of Christ to the maximum one they were united in the martyrdom of David. 22. Priest TORIBIO ROMO GONZALEZ, was Born to Saint Ana de Guadalupe, belonging to the parish of Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, (Diocese in San Juan de los Lagos) the 16 April of 1900. February 25 th 1928 had fallen asleep as soon as when a group of farmers and soldiers entered in the room and one of these pointed out to it saying: That is the priest, kill it, el Father Toribio was waked up afraid, it was risen and they struck it. 23. Priest JENARO SANCHEZ DELGADILLO, was Born to Zapopan, Jalisco (Archdiocese of Guadalajara) September 19 th 1876. January 17 th 1927, Father Jenaro was conducted on one glues next to Tecolotlán and on a tree they prepared the pitchfork. The executioners threw the so strong rope that the head of the martyr beat a branch of the tree violently above. 24. Mr. Priest David URIBE VELASCO, was Born to Buenavista de Cuéllar, Guerrero (Diocese of Chilapa) December 29 th 1889. Conducted in a place next to the station of St. José Vistahermosa, Morelos (Diocese of Cuernavaca) you/he/she was sacrificed with a hit to the nape April 12 th 1927. 25. Priest TRANQUILINO UBIARCO ROBLES, was Born to Zapotlán Great el, Jalisco (Diocese of Ciudad Guzmán) July 1'8 th 1899. A night of October 5 th 1928, was preparing him to celebrate 1'Eucarestia and to bless a marriage, when they did it imprisoned and they condemn it to die hung on a tree of the avenue, out city.

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