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Technical data of Self Supporting Tower.

Our mission.-

- We provide and install self supporting tower and ground system for self supporting tower
(free standing tower) according to your design of the communication network system.

- We survey and make shop drawing for approval before starting.

- Clear scraps out of site every day.

1. Tower Design Standard

EIA-222-F (Electronic Industrial Association 222-F)

AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
ACI (American Concrete Institute)
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)
EIT (Engineering Institute of Thailand)
TIS (Thai Industries Standard)

2. Design and Calculation of Tower and Tower Foundation

- Our design and calculation of antenna tower and foundation be done by engineers which
have success profile of design and calculation of telecommunication tower for government,
state enterprises or private sector for the period of 15 years with endorse signature on every
documents. Calculation and construction design shall be submitted in diskette, as for
construction design use AutoCAD version 2005 or higher.

- Tower, foundation and structure reinforce constructed and controlled by our engineer and or
supervisors .

3. Design Criteria

- Use allowable stress design method (ASD) according to AISC or EIT Standard 1015-40 by
which design weight not less than local standard. (Building Control Enact or According to
weight prescribed by equipment manufacturer).

- Design Wind Velocity (Working Stress Design) Tower structure and foundation shall
calculate for wind velocity resistance at 120 km./hr.

- Design Loading on Self-Support Tower shall included with all weight of antenna and
mounting antenna and transmission line .

- Safety Factor Value of tower structure and foundation shall follow EIA-222-F prescription.

- Wind Load Calculation calculate from every equipment installed on the tower react to tower
structure, antenna disc, antenna line and accessories holding to tower follow EIA-222-C
regulation. Wind calculation to tower structure at vertical 90º and 45º and parallel to tower
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- Allowable Stresses according to EIA-222-F and AISC

- Sway and Twist at wind speed 120 km./hr. not more than ± 0.7 degree at the end of

4. Structural design of Self Supporting Tower

- Tower structure cross section shall be square or triangle.

- Tower steel structure cross section shall be made of steel equal angle shape or carbon
steel pipe.

- We use bolt and nut with spring washer and plain washer (High-Strength) ASTM A325

Steel Structure uses to fabricate tower shall follow JIS Standard or equivalent as
follows (High-Strength)

Steel Angle, Pipe & Plate (High-Strength)

: ASTM A440
: JIS G-3101
: JIS G-3106
: JIS G-3440
: TIS 277,277
: TIS 20, 24
Bolt & Nut (High-Strength)
: ASTM A325
: JIS G-3101
: JIS G-4104
: JIS B-1180
: JIS B-1181
: JIS B-1251

5. Galvanizing & Welding standard

- Tower steel structure, bolt, washer, nut and other parts shall be hot dip galvanized
according to ASTM A123 or JIS H-8641 type Hot Dipped Galvanized after fabrication
electric arc and smoothen surface according to the following prescriptions :

Steel Type Density or Diameter Dip Galvanized Weight(g/m²)

Structure and Plate 1. thickness 4.8 mm. or lower 550
2. thickness over 4.8 mm. 611
JIS G-4104 3. diameter – 9.8 mm. or lower 260
4. diameter over 9.8 mm. 306

Quality test of dip zinc check from weight of zinc coating, uniformity of zinc and adherence
of zinc to steel by ASTM-A90, ASTM-A239, ASTM-A123 accordingly.

Welding according to AWS (American Welding Society) or equivalent

6. Ladder , Rest Platform and Feeder Rack.

Ladder and rest platform (for medium and heavy type only) shall be installed at the center
of tower with safety ring and rest platform at every height of 40 meters. Every platform
installed shall have safety load capacity not less than 200 kg. /sq.m.

Vertical Feeder Rack (option) width not less than 50 cm. install parallel to the ladder.

Horizontal Feeder Rack width not less than 20 cm. by install apart from vertical feeder rack
straight to the building.
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7. Lightning Rod and Ground System

- Air Terminal head is galvanized steel rod single pointed installed on the highest point of
the Tower with minimal length not less than 2 meters fasten with steel structure tightly
and firmly.

- Air terminal shall weld to down conductor wire along the main leg which have support at
every 1.50 m. interval fasten to tower steel structure tightly and firmly by clamp. For Down
Conductor use bare steel galvanized wire twisted with 70 mm.² cross section surface.

- Down conductor wire shall connect to ground test box (casted aluminum)
and shall connect to ground system which consists of steel galvanized
ground rod connected with bare steel galvanized wire 70 Thence
after installing and test ground resistance value using earth tester shall not
higher than 10 Ohms. In case that ground resistance value is higher than
set value, more ground rod shall be installed or using chemical technique
to reduce ground resistance not over 10 Ohms.

- Use exothermic welding to connect copper wire to tower steel structure and
ground rod.

7. Aircraft Warning Light System

- Comply to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Tower that is higher than 30
meters we install warning light for aviation.

- LED lamps shall be installed at 30 m and /or at the top level of tower .

- Use low voltage NYY. 2x1 or 1.5 in IMC or PVC. conduit (option) from tower
light bulb to the building. Every connection point shall be kept in metal box or other
rustproof and leak proof.

- Control switch 5 A. 220 VAC to turn on and off the automatic light with surge protection
current install inside metal box or other rustproof and waterproof.

9. Tower Foundation

- Tower installs on the ground. Ground bore shall be done for ground test of tower
foundation design. This data shall propose with other calculation of tower foundation.

- Use concrete with compressed strength concrete bar cylinder specimen size Dia. 0.15 x
0.30 m. at 28 days concrete not less than 240 kg/cm2 with Portland cement type 1 not less
than 350 kgs. /concrete per 1 cbm. Concrete mix design shall be proposed for consideration
before starting.

- Use reinforce deformed bar grade SD-30 for diameter size 12 mm. onward and round bar
grade SR-24 for diameter 9 mm.

- Concrete pile. Use Portland cement type 1 in concrete pile production from manufacturer
with license from Thai Industrial Standard (TIS). Vendor shall propose engineer concrete pile
calculation for examination and approved. In case of using bore pile, calculations with details
of reinforce steel, size, length and SEISMIC test by an engineer must be submitted for

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10. Tolerance

Plumb shall not be over 1/500 of tower height for self support tower.
Linearity when inspect straight line of each structure tolerance linearity not more than
1/1,000 of inspection span.

11. Soil Investigation

- Tower shop drawing shall comply to soil qualification at the position of station. Hence soil
investigation shall use wash out method and Standard Penetration Test (SPT) with soil
sample collection collected from Standard Split Barrel Sampler. SPT testing shall be done at
every 1.00 meter deep.

- SPT test either record of Blow Count (N) in blows/ft unit which this value shows load
capacity of soil at SPT position or soil collection at every level by lab test according to
ASTM standard as following details :

- Natural Water Content

- Atterberg Limits
- Sieve Analysis
- Total Unit Weight
- Soil Test Report for every hole shall compose of the following data
- Tool, Work Scope and Proceeding
- Soil Investigation Analysis
- Area
- Soil Level Qualification
- Load Capacity
- Load Capacity of spread footing
- Load Capacity of bored pile.
- Conclusion, Suggestion and Endorsement by engineer with License for Professional
Practice in Civil Engineer (Earth Science)
- Bearing Capacity Prediction of Spread Footing & Pile Footing
- Log of Boring
- Theory and Principle used in footing and boring design.
- Photo shows penetration and soil sample of each hole.

12. Self-Supporting Tower installation

- Tighten every bolt according to bolt tighten standard. Wrench use to tighten shall not
cause damage to hot dip galvanized. bolt.

13. Painting

Material Use Acrylic Water Based Enamel Color produce for high
tower paint which color shade must comply to FAA

Color 4 kinds of colors i.e.

First Coating it’s work as a binding agent for all paint to adhere to zinc
coated of steel structure.

Tower paint color shade comply to high tower paint of FAA standard
with 2 colors: white and orange

Foundation use Epoxy Coal Tar color to protect leaking and durability
to chemical corrosion and acid.

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Zinc Use Cold Galvanizing Compound Spray type for zinc and
mixture of zinc surface.

Color Product All 4 types above be made from one manufacturer. We

submit of product catalog for consideration and approval
before proceeding.

Painting Area Preparation Tower structure fabricated will pass inspection of bolt
tightening. In case of first coating before fabricating,
repair of painting for decay and dirty area by washing and
leave to dry before painting

Layers Tower shall be painted with 1 time coating and 2 times

paint as prescribed by manufacturer .

Appearance of Tower Paint Top Coated must be 7 strips of orange and white color
starting from the tower leg in orange and white
alternatively, the latest upper part is orange, the height of
each strip must be equal i.e. the height of each color equal
to the height of tower divide by 7 in case that the position
of each strip is close to block position of tower structure,
block position is adapted but the difference shall not
excess ±1.00 m.
- For subordinate structure which is redundant, vertical
feeder rack, platform use color according to that color
strap position
- Connection of orange – white shall be straight and in
the same level throughout the tower structure

Painting Method - Painting self support conform to follow Department of

Civil Aviation rule by dividing tower structure into 7
intervals, painting white and orange color alternatively
by which the upper part and the lowest part of the
structure is orange color.
- Painting on very humid or rainy day is prohibited.

Painting for concrete foundation .

To protect concrete and steel leg of the tower to humidity, acid environment or alkaline from
soil, color be use epoxy cold tar type upon structure 1.00 m. above the ground, practical
method follows manufacturer instruction.

===End of technical data for self-supporting tower===

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