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Constitution for CUAnime

Spring 2011 ARTICLE I. NAME The name of this organization established by this constitution shall be CUAnime. ARTICLE II. PURPOSE The purpose of this organization shall be to: A. Provide a friendly social environment for those students and faculty interested in Anime and the Japanese culture. B. Promote the Japanese culture and language. C. Promote Japanese Animation (Anime), Japanese Comics (Manga), Japanese Music and Voice Acting as an art form, as well as exploring how the above art forms and topics are reflected in American culture. ARTICLE III. ANIME SHOWN CUAnime is formed with the express purpose introducing members to a variety of Japanese culture as shown in Article II, section C, therefore: A. Officers will select anime of a variety of genres, styles, art forms, and production years. In this way all officers will seek to show a balanced and inclusive presentation that allows all members to enjoy and learn about many subject matters. B. If members are not happy with what is being shown, or if members have suggestions, they can approach officers with suggestions that will be taken into account to replace any series at the end of that series showing. C. Officers will discuss and decide anime being shown, as well as preview it to ensure that balanced content is presented to the club. D. Due to the scope of shows available, CUAnime will attempt to show a mixture of subtitled and dubbed shows that include both American releases and unlicensed Japanese shows. E. Any proposed show must be watched by their respective officer in its entirety. F. Shows proposed must be screened in advance for content that might be considered offensive or disturbing, including, but not limited to: a. Explicit Nudity b. Explicit Sex/Rape c. Extreme Gore d. Excessive profanity and/or derogatory terms G. TV-14 shows are allowable. a. If an anime is considered TV-MA but does not meet the criteria in Section F, it is allowable. b. Officer discretion in selection of shows is encouraged. H. Should a proposed anime violate any of the prior criteria (specifically an individual scene), it shall be reviewed by the officers for possible censorship or cut from the list of proposed shows. ARTICLE IV. Section 1. MEMBERSHIP Anyone may become a member who: a. Is a student (undergraduate, graduate, or seminarian) at The Catholic University of America. b. Is a faculty/staff member at The Catholic University of America. c. Is an alumni of The Catholic University of America. A person qualifies to be a member if: a. Article IV, Section 1. is satisfied.

Section 2.

b. Section 3.

That person has attended at least six meetings and/or club events total for the entire school year.

Any member may bring a guest so long as: a. The guest is an adult, or 18 years old or older. b. The member notifies an officer prior to bringing the guest to a meeting or club event. c. The member takes full responsibility for the guests actions. d. The guest understands club rules and agrees to adhere to them. Grounds for removal of members include: a. Violation of Catholic University policy. b. Behavior deemed offensive or unacceptable by a majority plus one of the CUAnime officers. (Officers will first speak to member to alert him or her of offensive behavior.) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF CONTENT A. Members and club guests of the organization must be aware that some content may be disturbing or shocking in nature due to culture differences and art style. We will make every attempt to ensure that members are aware of this. B. Members and club guests should agree to keep an open mind while viewing anime, but are also encouraged to express their opinions during meetings. C. The officers will also ensure that showing times and days for all anime are consistent, so that members who elect not to watch one or more series have the ability to leave early or come late to meetings if they do not want to view a certain series.

Section 4.

Section 5.

ARTICLE V. Section 1.

OFFICERS ELECTED OFFICERS: A. B. C. D. President Secretary Treasurer Two General Officers

Section 2.

QUALIFICATION FOR HOLDING OFFICE: A. The candidate must be a student member of the organization. B. The candidate must be an actively participating member who holds a record of regular attendance. C. Candidates must not have held the office they are running for two consecutive years previous to election. D. Newly elected officers are required to attend the CUA officer training seminar (aka SOAR), unless there is legitimate excuse for the officer being unable to attend. DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS: A. The president shall be the principle executive officer and shall have the following duties: a. To preside at meetings of the organization. b. To call special meetings of the organization. c. To schedule all meetings and activities of the organization. d. To regularly meet with officers of the club and have knowledge of their activities and goals. e. To provide oversight of the club and its activities.

Section 3.

To handle logistical aspects of the organization in conjunction with the treasurer. B. The treasurer shall have the following duties: a. To keep all financial records of the organization. b. To handle logistical aspects of the organization in conjunction with the president. c. To prepare and submit financial records to the members. d. To prepare the annual budget and all budget requests for funds. e. To become familiar with University accounting procedures and policies. f. To perform other duties as assigned by the president. C. The secretary shall have the following duties: a. To keep a record of all activities and attendance of the organization. b. To keep minutes of each meeting of the organization and distribute them to the president as needed. c. To provide the webpage updater with minutes, activities and meeting dates of the organization. d. To notify all members of meeting dates. e. To perform other duties as assigned by the president. D. The general officers shall have the following duties: a. To assist the president as needed. b. To accommodate club audio visual needs at meetings. c. To help the club in general ways as needed throughout the year. d. To assist other officers with public relations/advertising. ARTICLE VI. Section 1. ELECTIONS NOMINATIONS: A. Officers will announce an election at least one meeting prior to elections. B. A list of nominations will then be opened up to the rest of the floor. Section 2. ELECTIONS A. The officers of the organization shall be elected for a term of one year. B. There will be no restrictions placed on the number of terms of office a member may hold. C. Elections will be held the last meeting of the year. D. Election to office will be by simple majority/vote of the voting members. E. Nominees must be present at the election to be considered. Section 3. VACANCY OF AN OFFICE: A. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president before the end of a full term, the treasurer shall assume the duties of the president until a special election can be held. B. Nominations for a vacant office shall be held and a vote shall be taken from the club as laid out under elections.


ARTICLE VII. ADVISOR The advisor to this organization must be a member of the faculty or staff of The Catholic University of America. A. The advisor shall assist the officers and the members in accomplishing the purpose of this organization.

B. The advisor shall serve as a resource or consultant to the organization. ARTICLE VIII. REMOVING AN OFFICER Grounds for removal of an officer include: 1. Violation of a University Policy. 2. Failure to perform the duties of the office as set forth in the constitution. 3. An officer may be removed by the following process: a. Members can approach any officer to speak about removal of an officer; officers can then present grounds for removal as laid forth in Article VIII, section 3C. b. Members can also submit a petition to any officer with at least 50% of the member's s signatures on it, in this case, the president or treasurer must present grounds for removing this officer. c. The grounds for removal are to be presented by the officer at a regular or special meeting of CUAnime. d. The officer in question shall be provided an opportunity to present a defense either in person or in writing. e. A 2/3 majority vote of the voting members shall decide upon removal, with voting not to occur sooner than one week after the club is notified (via e-mail to the club email) about the officer's impending removal. ARTICLE IX. AMENDMENTS RATIFICATION At the beginning of every semester, the officers shall revise and update the constitution as needed and inform the members, who will vote on changes one week after the updates are announced. Members will look over it and if it is 2/3s approved, it will become the new constitution. 2. If an ordinary member has an amendment, they can bring it up to the officers and it will be reviewed by the officers and voted upon as described above.