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introduction chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 Turning PoinTs The MoTivaTion Behind Your goals Your iniTial goals, Your new goals Your dileMMas — how do Your PasT wounds influence which choices You Make? PuTTing Your Plan inTo acTion eMBracing Your Turning PoinTs and facing Your oBsTacles idenTifYing TheMes in Your life “all is losT” MoMenTs — how hiTTing rock BoTToM can lead You To Your goal reaching Your goal — You did iT Before, You can do iT again develoPing Your new goal — clearing cluTTer Your new sTorY

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These shifts by the universe are there to nudge us and remind us that our current direction is no iii . Change Your Story. For some. In the five years that followed my turning point. For others. You can redefine what you want by better understanding the internal and external components of your desire. change your life. You can change your story and.introduction This book explores three central questions: • After any major turning point. change your life? • Can you become an active hero in your own story? If so. Change Your Life is about learning to become the hero of your own story and creating the life you desire by empowering the possibility of change after your life takes a major turn. Your turning points are times when your world flips upside down. It is all up to you. You can become an active hero in your own story. and life as you know it changes. in the process. I discovered that the answer to all of the questions above is YES. can you change your story and. You can put a plan into action that will lead you to a stronger place than your original destination. in the process. the shock can paralyze all possibility. can your new goal take you. and perhaps others. how? • Through understanding the internal and external part of your goal. to a higher level of consciousness. and perhaps others. to a higher level of consciousness? These were the questions I faced in my own life after it took a turn and I lost my job after fifteen years with the same company. the turn is an opportunity to move in a whole new direction. The accomplishment of your new goal can take you. My goal is to inspire you to become the author of your life through a better understanding of how you can use story tools to write a story of the life you want to live.

Let me ask you a simple question: What do you want? As a Story and Career Consultant.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti longer working. this is probably one of the biggest questions I ask writers when I am working with them on their story. As a hero. You understand the value of your pursuit even more. You stop believing in what life could be. You buy into the idea that “the story” you thought would be your life is just something you imagined as a result of watching fairy tales and thinking that we all deserve our own “happily ever after. you allow your turn to stop you from creating your story the way you want it to be. I ask them what they want and what their central character wants. You begin to look at your life turns as opportunities to learn and grow. You find a new hope and belief in your direction. I can’t tell you how many blank stares I get in response. The turn paralyzes you. You question why you continued on your road for as long as you did. Become the hero of your own story. Identifying what you want is the key to mapping your way there. Ultimately. you have to be clear about what you are in pursuit of. On the other hand. when you become the hero of your own story. When you fall victim to the turn. Fall victim to the turn. It iv .” You think that part of growing up is facing the fact that life isn’t what you thought it was going to be. 2. You recognize that obstacles are part of your story and well worth your effort to overcome them in order to help you get where you want to go. and perhaps to move in a stronger direction. you become stuck. You don’t know how to move forward. you learn that the turn was just a speed bump and you quickly regain the momentum you lost and continue on your way. I will teach you the story tools you need to know that will inspire you to become the author of your story and write the story that reflects the life you want. You lose sight of your dream and start finding comfort in limbo. The success of your story comes down to a choice between two actions when your life takes a turn: 1.

By learning how to use it to tell your story. and putting it into action. and write it down. Changing your story can change your life and open up a door to infinite possibility. By identifying what you want. So.introduction proves that so few of us in life know exactly what we want. The value of the storyteller lies in his/her ability to experience darkness. it forces you to clearly see what it means to “have it and lose it. but the truth is that we need to go there in order to recognize the light. Putting your intention out into the universe (and down on paper) is a very big part of attracting it. By coming into this awareness. It does mean that when your choice is taken away. meditate on it. Darkness is negative. instead of becoming stuck and losing focus. You will begin to visualize. darkness for many people is perceived as negative. writing it down. what if you used your dark moments to awaken your inner storyteller? Your interpretation of your life is what forms your voice. you often go into a shroud of darkness. move through it. you can create your destiny. since we don’t know or haven’t fully defined the answer to this question. How do you figure out what it is you want? How do you identify and create what this is? Step by step. I will show you how to become the author of your life. You will move from a place of uncertainty into a world of clarity where you know exactly what you want. Your voice is what sets you apart from the masses. When you learn to embrace your falls. formulating a plan. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what you lost made you happy. v . You often discover what you only value after it is taken away. Your dark moments are there for a reason. What you want comes from what you value. detach from it. you could find success like you never imagined. you will be able to identify what you want the story of your life to look like and sound like.” When you experience loss. you will be able to get where you want to go. it’s hard to write it from a place of knowledge and awareness. and tell it from a place that empowers the possibility of moving into the light after experiencing the other side of it. Instead of this. Yet.

Did you achieve your Plan A? This is what I call your initial life intention. This is the plan that is born from a state of innocence in life. My suggestion is to start small. because we tell ourselves our Plan A has to happen no matter what. For others. The daily goal-setting usually has to do with getting errands done and satisfying some of your immediate needs. because it wasn’t. I actually discovered that my Plan B was my Plan A all along. Being happy every day and excited to jump out of bed and start the day outweighed my ego gratification. there are many of us who don’t think of a Plan B at all. vi . it is much more challenging. I told myself that being a studio executive and possibly someday running a studio was my Plan A. While many of us contemplate a Plan B in the event that our first plan doesn’t come to fruition. You set daily goals for yourself.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti When you are able to clearly see the destination. It doesn’t mean that transitioning from one to the other was easy. and to wise up to the fact that my title didn’t have as much value in the grand scheme of things. It involved growth and a shift from my ego to my spirit. I’ve come to realize that my foundation and everything I learned in that experience was preparing me to do what I really love: teach and write books. I knew that I wanted to teach story construction and write books. Early on. My achievement and sense of accomplishment was determined by the title and the dollar. All you need to do is start reaching farther with your goals. For some. I just didn’t realize it until later in life. you will truly begin to evolve. Transitioning into the fulfillment of the spirit will be a part of your journey as well. When I was a studio executive. your focus moves toward devising a plan to get there and putting it into action. When you have an authentic intention attached to the right destination. Still. when the fear of failure hasn’t been fully realized. this is easy. to believe that if I did what I loved the money would come. I was driven somewhat by my ego. The shift from ego to spirit allowed me to be inspired by the love of the work. so you believe that your plan can happen.

I began to see that the obstacles I faced in my own life had humbled me and caused me to see things differently. In this book I am going to share with you my personal story and other true stories of people who made it through their turning points and what they did to move in a more authentic direction. Then. As you evolve. Then I began to analyze my favorite stories. I think that many of us can connect with this idea. By understanding how to apply story tools to my own life. both professionally and personally. it will help you to see the possibility in yourself. Either you move on. or the universe nudges you in a new direction. you have to struggle and process the turn so that you can heal and understand that change can be a gift – you just have to be open to receiving that gift.introduction Evolving from ego to spirit is a concept I discuss with writers so that they can reflect this kind of spiritual growth in their characters. I am going to show you how to do the same. By taking control of your life and recognizing that you are the author of your story. You will learn how to vii . then. At a certain point in my career. you will begin to see that you can write from a place of understanding what you don’t want and will start to bring in what you do want. hindsight is 20/20. Why couldn’t you see the situation clearly when you were in it? Perhaps you were blinded by a false hope of what you thought would make you happy. you will look back at the past and see things much more clearly. from the beginning of the story to the end. for their soul’s purpose. you decide it was not what you thought it would be. I saw the same evolution reflected in my own life. especially those that stood out in terms of character growth. I was able to learn how to change my story and change my life in the process. As they say. You want to believe that what attracted you was what you wanted. As we grow and mature. even more powerfully at certain points in our life. we become more driven by the spirit and start letting go of the ego. We are all constantly moving from ego to spirit. often a stronger direction. By reading about the stories of others who lived and thrived after major life changes.

To do this. It’s never too late to make it happen. and define a clear path. viii . You deserve to succeed and change your story into one that mirrors your life’s desire and fulfills your definition of success. It is my hope that by showing you how others were able to get over some of life’s greatest challenges. emotionally. You’ll discover that it’s never too late to achieve by diving into your initial life dreams with a renewed and experienced perspective. Change Your Story. and often find something even better on the other side of change. you will become empowered and believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. and spiritually. It is a guide to show you how to become unstuck. being an active hero in your destiny. Change Your Life is about becoming the hero of your own story. By creating this picture. learn how to become the active hero of your own story and to move forward in pursing it. and creating the outcomes that will fulfill you physically. I will give you valuable story tools that will help you to become the author of a story that has greater meaning. utilizing life turns as a way to move you in a more genuine direction. identify what you want. or devise a totally new plan from a stronger place of wisdom. a story that paints the picture of a life you want and deserve. you will achieve the dream you’ve always wanted. move out of limbo. I will show you how you can turn your Plan B into your Plan A.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti set a clear intention.

This time was different. my world turned upside down and it felt like my value as an executive was diminishing. but I was beginning to question what I 1 . so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. At the time.” Even though I knew what was coming. I was no longer traveling in a specific direction. This turning point was my “all is lost” moment and would later turn into my “starting dilemma” that led me to change my story and change my life. I saw fifteen years of my hard work go down the drain. I had hit a pinnacle. We are not going to renew it…. I made the choice anyway.Chapter 1 turning points We must let go of the life we have planned. My dream of running a studio was ending. I was called into my boss’s office. I can see that somewhere along the way I had lost the momentum in my pursuit. I had taken so many risks during my career to get where I was. In that moment. This person was powerful in the studio system and I knew that my choice could jeopardize my career. In the moment. I was a Vice President. I was so close to reaching my destination. “Your contract comes up in December. I was so close to achieving the dream I had imagined for myself. I felt completely lost. ~ Joseph Campbell Are we ever prepared for the moment when everything as we know it changes? I will never forget the day when my fifteen-year career as a studio executive came to an end. We started the small talk that led to my boss saying. I only had a few more steps to go to attain my ultimate dream of running a studio. I went into my boss’s office and sat down. I had had conversations like this one many times before. In hindsight. The bottom had fallen out of my plan. It was on the heels of a situation at work where I made a choice to stand up to a difficult person. and my calculated risks had always paid off and I was promoted each time. it still was devastating to hear.

I recognized that I had responded from my ego. You do the work.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti wanted. there were other things involved that didn’t fall in alignment with who I was. In the race to the top. The loss of momentum caused me to doubt the path I was on. I had been fueled my ego. I had gone through a divorce nine years earlier and. Did I manifest the situation? For seventeen years. You hit the obstacles. I knew I had to take the time to heal before planning my new direction. Now. While I loved the work of developing story on five shows every week and helping discover talented new writers. Oddly enough. I had to do the work to redefine my path and my identity while making a change. In the moment that I made a choice and took an action that led to the end of my career. as a result. in that moment. So the end of it was like going through a second divorce. I thought that I was responding from my spirit. solid destination? Millions of us spend the first part of our adult lives building a career. I couldn’t really respond from my spirit because. We are often headed in a very clear direction. This was going to be the first time in my life that I could wake up in the morning and not have to be anywhere. I had essentially re-married my job. I had worked on building my career. I was losing a part of myself. Being a highlevel studio executive didn’t seem to fit the picture I had imagined. There was so much emotional work to do. it was time to get it back. You move through them. My life was about to change. I had fantasized about being in a situation where my job ended and I had several months left on my contract that would get paid out. I asked myself this question: If our life takes a sudden turn. As I went through the growth process. and had spent my spirit in the process. I had developed the wrong part of myself during my climb up the corporate ladder. I had so much time to fill. my spirit was depleted. I would actually get paid while not working. can we change? If you’ve traveled one direction for so long. You see the light at the 2 . My destination was changing. since graduating from USC. is it possible to change direction and reach a new.

The wind is knocked out of you. You think you know what to do to get to the final stretch. Clear Intention 2. I was able to rebuild and recreate a new destination. Looking back. My professional life is everything I’d hoped it would be and more. but I turned it into the beginning of a new story. The key is having a clear intention about why you are pursuing what you are pursuing. I am now an international speaker. Can you rebuild? Yes. You feel the fall. your destiny is altered. What do you hope to gain internally from your external pursuit? Part of why you don’t get the 3 . Yet. it could be the start of a new story. It feels like your story is ending. I turned my “all is lost” moment into a gift that would open doors to opportunities I never imagined. I am living my dream. there were three key steps that helped me get from where I was back then to where I am today. Things turn upside down.turning points end of the tunnel. But something happens and. in an instant. It felt like the end. the possibility is within your grasp. These will help you move through your turning points. In this book. turn out to be one of the best things that could have happened to me. It would not have happened unless I hit rock bottom first. you can. a blogger for The Huffington Post. I didn’t realize in the moment my world turned upside down that it was a “life moment” that would formulate my voice and connect me with my audience and. Link Your Story To Your Success clear intention Your intention becomes clear when you understand the “why” behind what you want. After hitting so many obstacles. in time. You are so close to reaching your desired destination. a story/career consultant. Change The Way You View Conflict 3. so put them to good use: 1. I will show you how to transform your “all is lost” moments or turning points into the starting dilemmas for your stories that will lead to your success on many levels. In the years that followed. and an author of three books.

Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti results you want — or soon discover that the end result is not what you thought it could be — is because you don’t clearly think out why you want what you want before you go after it. you learn that you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s about learning how to turn an ending into a beginning. I also learned to be clear about my intention and why I wanted certain results to come out positive. Remember: if your emotional reasons for wanting to succeed aren’t clear.” Throughout this book and later in this chapter. You become clear about why you want to achieve your goal. and often pursue it without recognizing that. How did I get such positive results? I learned how to utilize story tools in a way that would help me write the story that I wanted my life to tell. There was no glass ceiling. I was experiencing success “on my terms. I was able to manifest the results I wanted. you have a much greater chance of hitting your end goal and experiencing it in its full glory. This will lead to the creation of your future goal and help you to manifest the life you want to live. because you didn’t go in with a clear intention. You go from shepherding the vision of others to shepherding your own vision. These tools will show you how to take your “all is lost” moments and turn them into your starting dilemmas for your story. I found that by working on my intention and visualizing the desired outcome in any given situation. I learned to do the work that needed to be done to bring about positive results. My potential suddenly didn’t have limits. 4 . When your intention is clear from the start. the end result may not meet your needs. my world opened up. By doing this. You realize that when you are on your own path there is no one telling you “no. I am going to define the story tools that will help you change your story and change your life in the process. you can lose sight of the finish line. you just think about what you want.” When you go out on your own and start your own business. Instead. As my friend Star Ladin would say.

I see that they are actually the best things that could have happened. link your story to your success Understanding how to tell and sell your story will create opportunities on so many levels. In this moment of hitting rock bottom. I had seen protagonists (i. In the moment.” I was in fact as far away as possible from achieving my goal. By changing my view toward conflict. I had read more than 3. I had to take the time to regroup and figure out a new goal. I suddenly began to wake up to my true possibility. a gentle reminder from the universe that the direction I was traveling was no longer working for me. the hero realizes what he/she needs to do to attain the goal.turning points change the way you view conflict At the point when I lost my job. I viewed them as the worst thing that could happen. I began to see my obstacles and turning points in a new light. In hindsight.e. I was hitting my “all is lost” moment in my own story. I began to realize and see myself as the protagonist in my own story. Only. Believe me when I tell you this: your personal story has everything to do with your professional success. What an empowering idea this was for me. by being the hero in my own story. I needed a nudge.000 scripts. This was the moment when I had to figure out what it was I needed to do to attain the goal. With this discovery.. During my journey of figuring out my new goal. I could turn an end into a start. Upon hearing the words “we are not going to renew your contract. My initial goal of someday running a studio was no longer attainable. I could define a new direction that was in better alignment with who I was internally. You just have to learn to link it to a desired outcome. the hero of a story) move through what I refer to as the “all is lost” moment. 5 . This is the moment where the hero hits rock bottom and is as far away as possible from achieving the goal. I was beginning to change my story and change my life. I could rebuild.

Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti I’ve done work with groups of female entrepreneurs. What I came to recognize is that the majority of people can’t connect with this story. One woman got up on stage and was near tears. It will connect you to your audience and make people root for your success. When I began my talks. By using your personal story in business situations. When you share your story. Linking your personal story to your professional creates limitless possibility. Sure it adds to the credibility of what I am teaching. This was a tool that made a world of difference. She said that she realized that before this exercise. you allow your audience to identify with you. Using this tool in my public speaking sparked the “aha” realization that our personal story is linked to our professional success. losing a job after a fifteen-year career) did I begin to see a transformation in the audience. At one specific event. she realized she was not really telling people what her business was. Knowing that I went through what so many of them have gone through connected us on a universal level and contributed immensely to the outcome of the event. This moment might be similar to the one they are going through or have gone through. Then. you help people get to know you. you open up 6 .g. To see you at the other side of it gives them hope that they can do the same thing for their life. I’d share my background as a VP at a top studio and I’d mention that Aaron Spelling was my mentor for twelve years. I had the group write separate summary lines for their personal story and their professional story. but it doesn’t help people understand who I am.. Through this exercise. a long relationship that ended in a short marriage. I had them link the two together. Only when I began sharing turning points in my own life (e. I’d introduce myself. When you provide a solution to a problem. I learned the true value of this while public speaking. The outcome was phenomenal. she would get blank looks. You give them a peek into what led you to where you are. People would not understand. People could connect with these life experiences. These are moments of clarity where everything changes. etc. when asked what her business was and upon her sharing it.

• Internal Goal — As the protagonist. ask yourself this: What was their starting dilemma that led them to come to me for answers? Very often. • External Goal — As the protagonist of your own story. all drama and comedy stems from our starting dilemmas. So. story tools Following are some of the terms that I will use throughout the book in relation to your story. you will define an external goal. 7 . In story. you link your personal story to your professional success. my new goal was to stop isolation through the revelation of story on a global level and create a sense of community in the process. In life. with neither choice being easy. This is why you want what you want. Dilemmas are moments in your life when you are put between a rock and a hard place and you’re forced to make a decision between two choices. the dilemma leads you to make a choice about an external goal. When you reveal this to your audience. This is the physical form of what you want. In business. you will also think of an internal goal.turning points someone’s world. you are the active hero of your own story. • Protagonist/Hero — You are the protagonist. After the end of my initial goal. I want you to begin familiarizing yourself with these terms as they pertain to your story. What are the emotions you hope to fulfill with your external goal? • Dilemma — The moment that leads you to defining your external goal is referred to as a dilemma. when you think about your client. their starting dilemma that leads them to you links with one of your starting dilemmas that led you to do what you do. your dilemmas determine a lot about the direction you will continue to go and what will come into your path.

They are the moments that create change. For me. Your “all is lost” moment can transform into your “starting dilemma” in your new story. or do I go out on my own and start my own business? I made the choice to start my own business. As I mentioned earlier. In order to find an answer to this question while pursuing my goal. in the process. they are synonymous.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti • Thematic Question — Your dilemma and external goal are followed by the thematic question: think of it as a debate that the writer is having with himself and his audience via the actions of his main character. I wanted to teach others how to change their life by changing their story. The thematic question goes into the internal part of why you want what you want. • “All is Lost” Moment — This is the moment that you hit rock bottom while on the road to reaching your external goal. It is when you are as far away as possible from achieving your goal. which turned into my starting dilemma in my new story. I had to think about the emotional part of the outcome. It stemmed from my “all is lost” moment. change my life?” By recognizing that I could. “All is lost” moments can lead you toward your goal once you learn how to become the hero in your own story and learn to see these moments as the end of one story and the beginning of another. the thematic question I pondered in this process was “Can I change my story and. It is often in this moment that you reach your “aha” moment and know what you need to do to achieve your goal. What did I want from this experience upon hitting my destination? I realized that 8 . Building my business into something big was my external goal. They feel like endings because they are moments where your world is thrown out of balance. the dilemma I faced professionally at the time was: do I continue to climb the corporate ladder knowing that I am putting my destiny in someone else’s hands. In a way.

The components of your summary line are the following: • Set-up of “Who” (create empathy for the protagonist/you) • Dilemma • Action 9 . your journey is universal. I had to break down my old ways of thinking and construct a new path.” In my story. and see the value to be gained through the recognition that each of our stories has purpose. My initial plan and the direction my life was headed in had to change. I’d say things like. I was no longer able to reach the destination I had planned on. You’ve ended a relationship. I know you. I could hear the executive within giving myself the writer notes. Remember: You are not alone. You’ve hit a wall. you make choices from a stronger place of wisdom. You have to move from feeling threatened and fearful to finding truth and peace in what is. Millions of you share my story. you are forced to make a new plan. Our moments lead us to our calling. I knew my goal had to change. Every choice we make creates a ripple effect in our destiny. As a studio executive. share their stories. You’ve lost your job. You’ve reached a moment when your life takes an unexpected turn. Each moment we move through means something significant in the overall picture. For your story. let’s call it your life summary line. but at the same time. In order to design a new plan. Through the loss. This way. “This is when you have the ‘aha’ moment and realize what you need to do in order to attain the goal. You’ve divorced your spouse. you have to reevaluate what you want and why you want it. As I began to see myself as the hero in my own story. I share in your journey. Your carpet is pulled out from under you. either in your personal or professional life.turning points I wanted to reach this destination so that I could help others realize their dreams. I understand your pain. my job was to give writers notes on their scripts in order to help elevate the story. You have to do the work to heal and process the change. This is your unique journey. All stories begin with what I will refer to as a summary line.

you see a protagonist’s growth and transformation.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti • Goal • Twist of irony Your life summary line is a brief synopsis of your story arc. you are taking action. your story arc is an expanded version of your summary line. By understanding how to organize certain life moments into arcs. Below are the elements that make up your story arc: 1. Starting Dilemma External Goal stemming from dilemma Thematic Question Actions Taken Obstacles Hit leading up to your “all is lost” moment Stakes Raised — external and/or internal Attainment of goal During the arc of any story. By doing this. 5. Upon making a choice. you will hit an “all is lost” type of moment when you are as far away as possible from achieving your goal. 7. you will be able to link what moments will connect to your success in any given situation. the arc of what led you to get married. and the list goes on. Arcs allow you to go into more detail. What is the worst that can happen if you do not achieve your goal? By reminding yourself of these stakes in your arc. Throughout the book. the arc of what led you to heal from a traumatic situation. 6. you devise a plan. A good story starts with a dilemma that forces the hero (you) to make a choice. 4. These moments have led you to where you are. you will achieve your 10 . And. You will think about the external stakes in your story. I will refer to story arcs and summary lines as the life moments you experience that are milestones in your own story. The choice is your external goal. vice versa. Then you may explore the thematic question. the arc of a desire that you want to attain. 2. They could be the arc of what led you on your career path. You will hit escalating obstacles and oftentimes. which stems from your dilemma. Lastly. it defines what you want. in your arc. the arc of a dream unrealized. 3. you will motivate yourself toward your goal.

He can’t finish.turning points goal. They finally are able to kiss and have sex and renew the intimacy in their marriage. By turning your “all is lost” moment into your starting dilemma. After celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary. while having sex. They finish the week with Dr. Maeve makes plans to leave the marriage. When you are the hero of your own story. which leads to them renewing their vows and sleeping in the same bed again. Arnold began to close his eyes during sex. It is revealed that their trouble with intimacy started after their youngest child left for college. Bernie Feld (Steve Carell). Arnold steps up and goes into Maeve’s bedroom. This is externally shown through the symbolism of a bed. This is the external goal that stems from the starting dilemma. which is symbolized through them sharing a bed again. you have a place from which to begin your story. The “all is lost” moment is when Maeve and Arnold get over a number of obstacles and feel like they’re well on their way back to intimacy and. Let’s look at a story arc in the film Hope Springs. is when she tells Arnold that she wants to go to Maine for a week and take intensive couples counseling with Dr. this moment will lead you toward your goal instead of away from it. Maeve decides she wants her marriage back. The story begins with the dilemma that Maeve (Meryl Streep) faces after being rejected by her husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) when she suggests they sleep in the same bed again after several years of sleeping in separate rooms. The thematic question that Maeve explores is “Can you change your marriage?” The inciting incident. Feld without fulfilling the goal. You can turn an ending into a beginning. You can get your spirit back. “All is lost” moments are important to you 11 . Certain arcs stand out more because they often involve times of extreme joy or extreme loss and they contribute to the growth and success of your overall story. Your life has many story arcs in it. written by Vanessa Taylor and directed by David Frankel. You can change your story. Arnold opens his eyes and looks at Maeve and everything stops. the moment that triggers the change. The obstacles hit are Arnold’s resistance to the change and Maeve’s pursuit of the change. The internal goal is to change their marriage.

Write down five intentions that you’ve had when it comes to achieving a goal.Change Your Story Change Your Life • Jen Grisanti because they are the starting points for your life summary lines and story arcs which will lead you to writing your own story. Link what happened during your turning points to what you are doing now. 2. How did you see the conflict in the situations? 4. exercises 1. Could they add an added element that will connect you to your audience if you were to share them? 5. By understanding how to write story arcs for your professional and personal life. In doing so. 3. you will help others see that the close of something in their life could actually be the opening of their new life story. you will be able to write the story of your life in a way that inspires you. Write down a life summary line that happened. Write down the emotions that you felt as a result of your turning points. They will connect you to your audience and help you achieve your end goal. 6. Story arcs are invaluable. Write down five turning points in your life. 12 . Write down a story arc from your past. I will go deeper into them in Chapter 5.