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Recognition Day Script PSU Asingan Campus

Julius and Honelly Mae

March 30, 2006

JULIUS: Today ladies and gentlemen mark another milestone in the history of PSU Asingan, as we push the boat out on this 27th Recognition Day program. Good afternoon Mae. HONEY: Good afternoon Julius. Indeed, we are celebrating a very momentous event especially to our talented and diverse students who will be marching on their way to the stage and receive their awards and recognition. JULIUS: To our indefatigable and the ever equal University President, Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion, Sir; our unrelenting and dynamic Vice Presidents, we have Dr. Victoriano Estira, VP for Administration and Planning, Dr. Benigno F. Castro, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Artemio M. Rebugio, Vice President for Research, Extension and Auxiliary Services; to our munificent and big-hearted guest of honor and speaker in todays event; to our very energetic and good looking, Officer-in-charge, Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento, sir; to our strenuous and hardworking Officer-in-charge for academic affairs, Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud, mam; to our highly competent and deeply motivated members of the faculty and staff; other officials of the university present on this occasion; to the proud and loving parents; visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon. HONEY: Graduation and recognition are the culmination of all hard work and years of study. It is the day when students can say, Ive done it. It is a milestone in their life. It is also a day when students, graduates and their family together with some friends gather and celebrate their success. JULIUS: It is the most important date in our academic calendar as it is the time when our faculty and staff can gather with you graduates to celebrate your academic achievement. Remember that graduation is not the end but a new beginning to a new horizon of your career.

HONEY: To formally start the program. Let us all stand for the national anthem to be led by Sanita Sison, a BSEIII and a grantee of the CHED Scholarship. JULIUS: I believe that the secrets behind this significant event are the teachers who have rendered their invaluable service and shared their ideas and wisdom to their students, who had guided them to the right path and able to sit down in this hall and soon walk up the stage in just a few minutes time. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome and listen to the opening remarks to be given to us by the ever gorgeous and motherly OIC for academic affairs, Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud. HONEY: Let us all give her a resounding round of applause. (Speech of the OIC) HONEY: (quotes from the speaker) At this moment, I believe that not only the students should be given recognition but also the parents who have worked so hard, gave their best to their children no matter how hard life is, they kept on working even if their chin touches the ground because of hard work. Let us all give a reverberating and warm applause to the parents. JULIUS: Let us take this opportunity ladies and gentlemen as we ask our dear parents to go to their children and don the cap of the graduating class to make this occasion more meaningful. (Donning of cap to the AIT graduating class) HONEY: Our dynamic and workaholic OIC for administration Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento will now present the AIT candidates for graduation. (Presentation of AIT graduating class) JULIUS: To confirm the AIT graduating class of this school year 2005-2006, may we call on the Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion, University President to do the honor. (Confirmation of AIT graduating class) HONEY: The next part of our program will be the presentation of

the baccalaureate degree candidates for graduation by the senior class adviser Mrs. Elizabeth F. Episcope. (Presentation of Baccalaureate Graduation) Degree Candidates for

JULIUS: Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it, this was the line uttered by the late American President Dwight Eisenhower which have had helped us move on. At this juncture, let us pay attention, pin our ears back as we call on the head, the father, and a true leader, no other than our honorable university president, Dr. Rodolfo A. Asanion and listen to his inspirational message. (Speech of the President) HONEY: We are very honored to have here with us our very supportive and dynamic mayor Hon. Guillermo Piso as he will inspire us with his inspirational message. (Speech of the Mayor) JULIUS: To break the monotony of the program ladies and gentlemen let us all welcome the selected NSTP students, as they will render their exciting, electrifying, and exhilarating special number. (Special Number) HONEY: In every occasion, the presence of the guest of honor and speaker makes the occasion more significant and memorable. By his words of wisdom we can be able to get ideas that will help us progress. I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen, a famous line uttered by one of the popular American novelists and poets Ernest Hemingway. Ladies and gentlemen to introduce to us our guest of honor and speaker on todays affair, may we call on the ever vibrant and full of enthusiasm, our OIC Dean, Alex as what other called him, no other than Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento. (Speech of Introduction) JULIUS: Ladies and gentlemen let us all stand and welcome the man of the hour, a man dedicated to public service and a

man with philanthropic attitude, another future Senator from Pangasinan, let us all give an echoing applause to our beloved Congressman, Honorable Conrado M. Estrella, III. HONEY:Thank you very much sir for that stirring and stimulating message. And now may we call on Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion, University President; Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento, Officer-in-charge and Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud, OIC for Academics to award the SALAMAT PO AWARD to our guest of honor and speaker Hon. Condrado M. Estrella III. JULIUS: Read citation HONEY: (Please remain on the stage sirs and maam for the awarding of medals and certificates). Being declared graduates would not be complete without receiving certificate. It is the symbol of excellence and passing all the requirements of the course. So may we call on the Chairman of the Mens Technology, Arch. Agnes M. Beginio to assist on the awarding of certificates to the AIT graduates. JULIUS: In every endeavor, there are always victors and underdogs but it doesnt mean that if you lost it is already a defeat butit is not as one omy favorite quotes run like this Losing is not always a defeat and winning is not always a victory. Today, not everybody made it all to the top, only few made it and they are the ones called the the cream of the crops. At this jucnture ladies and gentlemen, may we call on Prof. Nemia C. Galang, Chairman for Home Arts Technology to assist on the awarding of certificates to proficiency, academic, excellence, and meritorious awardees. HONEY: NSTP aimed on enhancing civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training. Starting Academic Year 2002-2003, all male and female students enrolled in any baccalaureate or of at least two (2) year technical/vocational courses are required to complete the equivalent of two (2) semesters of as a requisite for graduation. So may we call on DR. Rodrigo Javier, NSTP Director and Mr. Philip Nonales NSTP coordinator to assist in the awarding of certificates to the

NSTP Graduates. JULIUS: To assist on the distributions of certificates to the College Scholars and grantees, may we call on the spledid and glamorous Student Service Coordinator, Mrs. Michelle M. Fababeir. HONEY: Student teaching is one of the requirements of the BSE and BEE graduates. Among these education graduates, there are some students who excel in their off-campus activity. To award medals and certificates to the student teaching awardees may we call Dr. Luz Q. Ramos, Director Student teaching and Prof. Ester Lomboy Supervisor Student Teaching. Asingan Campus. JULIUS: Perhaps, all would not been a success without our former mentors and leaders in this college who are now enjoying their lives on a new lifestyle. They have in one way or another and in their own little way contributed for the development and progress of our college and to the university as a whole. May we now call on our former College Deans, no other than, oh! Let me begin with the dazzling, stunning, and loving, the former motherly dean, Dr. Marieta M. Escorpizo. In behalf of second awardee, may we call on the daughter, Ms. Ardie Lyne Diego to receive the certificate of recognition to former Dean, Dr. Artemio A. Diego. HONEY: To represent the graduates of batch 2006, may we on Daniel V. Bagul-Lo Academic excellence Awardee to deliver his address of thanks. JULIUS: To break the monotony. May we have the graduating class with their special number. HONEY: Let us all stand and sing together the PSU Hymn as to be conducted by Prof. Florida F. Monce, Chairman for the Related Subjects Department.