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HOMEOWNER INFO NAME(S): ___________________________________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER(S): ___________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: _____________________________________________________________________________________ BORROWER SOCIAL SECURITY #: __________________________ SUBJECT PROPERTY ADDRESS: ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP: ______________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE OF DEFAULT & NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE / FORECLOSURE DATE NOTICE OF DEFAULT FILED: _______________________________________ DATE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE FILED: ___________________________________ DATE & TIME OF SALE: ________________________________________________ TRUSTEE SALE NUMBER (TS#): __________________________________________

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REQUIRED PROPERTY DOCUMENTS Please scan and send a PDF of the following documents, for each step in the process. Please make sure you are including all applicable documents that are available for your clients. Also include this cover sheet with all new submissions. LOAN LOOKUP □ Deed of Trust / Mortgage □ Client Intake Sheet (filled out) ONCE THE LOAN IS LOCATED AND PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE: For all chain of title analyses orders, MCI will order the recorded documents from the county. Turn around for documents is 24-48 hours. Expected turn times from submission of file to completion is 7-10 business days. If you are ordering a Mortgage Fraud Investigation, you will also need to provide the documents listed below. Once we’ve received all applicable documents, the expected turn times for Mortgage Fraud Investigation is 30 days: □ Lis Pendens (if applicable) □ Misc. Notices from Lender / Servicer □ HUD 1 or 1003 form if available □ Summons (if applicable) □ Complaint with Exhibits (if applicable) □ Copy of the NOTE as it exists today □ Promissory Note

□ Latest Loan Statement with account number and servicer address/information ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Services provided are NOT to be considered legal advice, and we do NOT provide legal representation in court. Services provided are NOT done by a law firm, are NOT a substitute for an attorney, and are NOT intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Research is done on a “Best Faith” effort and will include all applicable data found in the process. It is always recommended to consult and/or hire an attorney. Services provided are considered research in nature and done with proprietary licensed software based on the information provided by the client. There is NO Warranty or Guarantee of a specific outcome.

CLIENT SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________ DATE: ____________________________________

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