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Taxi driver

We are surrounded by the desire of the occupancy of properties in our own life, and
we are driven by endless ambition. People try their best to seek high salary jobs, live
in big houses, and drive expensive cars. However, there is another kind of people,
who do not desire to live the luxurious life. It seems that they are stupid, but they are
positive and happy people. Maybe, the friendship between us is the symbol of real
fortune because it shows that we are willing to live a simple life and admire those who
are satisfied by the simple life.

I have known such a person. That is when I just graduated from school of law. I was
so confident and ambitious then, as if there was nothing in the word that I cannot get
it done. I was eager to get promotion and stand out in order to make friends with the
celebrities in the field of law. But I did not predict that my first mission was much
tougher than I expected.

One day, my boss let me go to New Milton, which is a small town, to send summons
to a guy named Austin Luke. We needed him to be our witness, but he paid no
attention to the letter that we previously sent him.

When I arrived at that small town, my hopeful emotion for peaceful country life
suffered a disastrous decline. The streets there emitted nauseating smell like a river
full of slush. The only thing which was pleasing to the eyes was the man standing by
the train station. He was about 40 years old. His work clothes did not seem clean but
quite suitable for him. I could immediately tell that he was in low status.
I told him that I wanted to find a person whose name is Austin Luke.

“Austin? He was here one hour ago. He may go to play cards in Franklin’s store. Hey,
why are you looking for him in such a hurry?”
“I would like to go back downtown by train this afternoon after finding him.” I said in
a serious manner.
“I have a taxi. We can look for him together because I know where he usually goes.”

He was so kind and friendly that I was moved by his warm heartedness. Of course, I
knew that he intended to do business, but he was genuine. I agreed with the price he
had decided, which is 2 bucks per hour.

He drove the taxi out of the car park and shouted, “Hi, young man, this is your
wagon.” He laughed happily as though I was his old friend, and surely, he treated it as
his own mission.

I was glad that he did so because I could not find Luke myself. However, I believed I
can find him with the help of the well-informed taxi driver. I treated the driver as my
bosom friend and told him that I was going to send Luke summons.

He laughed aloud, “Ok, we’ll give Mr. Luke a great surprise.”

“Let’s go, driver!”

“People here call me Bill.”

“Well, Bill, let’s leave for Franklin’s house.”

“Ok! Whenever Luke is playing cards, he is always a good cheater.”

It appeared that Bill admired the Luke’s ability of dishonesty. I could also feel that if
Bill were a policeman, he would arrest Luke respectfully and feel sorry to put him
into prison.
Bill brought me to Franklin’s house and exultingly asked him, “Have you ever seen
Luke today? His friend is looking for him.”
“He was here a few minutes ago. He might go to public casino.” said Franklin.

We then drove to the public casino, but the manager there said that Luke merely
bought a bundle of cigarette packets and went away.

We had spent more than one hour pursuing after Luke but could not find him. It was
already one o’clock and I felt hungry a lot.
“My wife can cook for us. The cost will be less than half buck, but you can enjoy very
delicious food.” Bill said. “We can go to the pick of the Watt hill to enjoy the
beautiful view of the town when we are eating.”

The wisdom of the optimistic countryman is extremely fresh for people living in city
like me. When we were sitting on the grassland located at the top of the hill, Bill
talked about everything in New Milton with a native accent, interpreting whatever he
had met. He was sneering at the local people without any constraint, but he
comprehended the spirit of the people and forgave their foolishness. He was
describing the situation where the wife of a minister singed an anthem in a wrong
rhythm in the church because of her being heavily in debt. He was making comments
on those boys coming back from colleges who were strangely dressed. He was
narrating that the judge with black canonicals and red tie appeared so unpleasing and

During that day with Bill, I knew more and more about New Milton, therefore, I
started to love this place. We left the grassland and went on to search for Luke but we
failed. At last, Bill captured a friend of Luke and made him admit that Luke might be
in his mum’s house three miles away from here. So, we were going to approach his
mum’s house.
“I know Luke’s mum. She has a well-known ill temper.” Bill sighed.

As expected, the one who was standing in front of us is a tall and happy old lady.
When she understood the reason why we came to her house, she shouted, “I don’t
know what the Austin is. I don’t want to know, either.” At the same time, she seized
an electric iron from the burner to drive us away.

It was time to take the train, so Bill sent me to the train station. On my way back
home, the image of Bill appeared again and again in my brain. I felt excited when I
was thinking about the people in New Milton who are far away from the higher
education and the field of law but happy and honest.

What a pity! I had not found Austin Luke. If he could not appear when holding a
court, everyone must think that I was a useless fool. My bright future would be gone,

My boss nearly wanted to kill me! He dispatched me there the next day with a man
who had worked with Luke. On the other hand, there was a pity that I could not spend
a wonderful day with Bill.

When the train arrived at New Milton, Bill was standing on the platform, leaning
against his taxi. What was extremely strange was that Luke’s mother, the female tiger
was talking with Bill happily.

I introduced Bill to my companion, “He is a good man, a genuine man!”

My companion asked, “Did you see him yesterday?”

“I spent a whole day with him.”

“Is it him who helped you look for Austin Luke?”

“Yes, he had given me a lot of help.”

“He should help, because he himself is Luke!”

His mother laughed at me loudly when I gave the summons to Luke, as though I was a
little kid, which made me feel too ashamed to show my face. They showed me a lot of
friendship and goodwill and invited me to have a cup of coffee in their house.

“When I told them your story, they were waiting for your coming again anxiously,”
Luke said rapturously, showing me the people in the house. “They are the only ones in
the town who did not see you yesterday.”