Wayne Peterson, President

World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers Inc 361 South Camino Del Reo Suite 241 Durango, Colorado 81303 Nuggetbrain1@msn.com register@wwats.us

Mission Statement
“Preserve, Promote and Protect the right to the use of the Land and Natural Resources for “We the People” now and in the future.”

The World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers (WWATS) was established in the year 2003 to unite the people of many recreational groups and organizations worldwide. We are organized to preserve, promote and protect our rights to use our Public Lands and our Natural Resources. The WWATS Board of Directors consists of a group of very dedicated and professional people. Included in that group are the four officers that this organization relies on for its daily operations. Each officer comes to this organization with professional skills and decision-making abilities to make WWATS a leader in our field of service. The Board also has on staff two attorneys and a Washington DC based lobbyist to fight for your rights and freedoms when needed. WWATS is based out of Durango, Colorado. The WWATS membership spans Worldwide and is growing into an organization that is well respected with professional leadership. WWATS has a growth in membership of concerned people with respect for all of our rights Worldwide. WWATS has the following structure and “chain of command”. The Association consists for the most part as a group of professional volunteers and associates. These people and groups provide you with help, assistance and information when problems arise for you and your groups. We do have some paid staff but the conpansation is very small and reasonable for the amount of work and expertise these people provide to the association and membership. MEMBERSHIPS IN WWATS The Association membership consists of two types, a free “Standard Membership” and a paid “Charter Membership”. The free membership is for one year and must be renewed on-line every year to provide us with your current contact information so we can provide you with our organization’s information and updates. WWATS will always have a “free membership” to help those that are unable to assist WWATS with a small paid membership but want to support us with their talents. The on-line registration gives WWATS the ability to provide you with that membership at a low cost to our organization. This membership also gives you an opportunity to be involved with us at no cost to you. Your registration information is not

sold and is not published. WWATS maintains an eMail list so you will be kept up to date on information concerning events from local, State, National and Worldwide levels we are involved in. WWATS wants anyone and everyone that is interested in our way of life to have the ability to be part of this wonderful organization and become well informed on problems we all face in our life around the World. The paid Charter Membership is setup to provide WWATS with the ability to provide those members with a more dynamic membership with services and special offers not found in a free membership. The paid membership also provides funds for events, outings and special areas of concerns and needs faced by the association in whole. We thank and rely on the generosity of the Charter Members to provide all of the core functions that WWATS offers to everyone by their support. The cost for a “Charter Membership” is $1.00 per month for a three year membership. The total cost is $36.00 to be part of this Charter Membership group. Here is one example of the benefits of being a Charter member. There is a special discounted fee on upcoming WWATS seminars, Rendezvous, Rendezvous Rally, merchandise and other associated services. The cost of this membership can be defrayed by just a few saving that you will receive if you participate in some of the events. Please consider becoming a Charter Member at anytime for those saving or become a Charter member at the renewal on your expiration date. WWATS CLUB ASSOCIATE WWATS also has organized a Club Associate program. That program provides a way for Clubs and Organizations to align with like minded Clubs and Groups by way of the WWATS Association. This Associate program will consider those Associates as a stand-alone group. WWATS will has no control of those organizations or their business other than to assist with guide lines set up in a Club Associate membership forms. That document can be found on-line or mailed to the groups seeking membership as an Associate. The Associate secretary collects fees for Charter Membership and sends them to WWATS. A membership list for their Charter Members in that organization is also provided at that time. The Associate is allowed to retain 1/3 or $12.00 of the $36.00 membership cost. The retained $12.00 helps that Associate with funds they need to function as an Associate Organization. WWATS Organizational Structure As President, along with the other national officers: our job is to be your voice in Washington DC, to look after the laws that exist and are introduced that might harm our ability to enjoy the freedoms we love and hold so dearly. WWATS also seeks ways to co-exist with government agencies and wants to educate them to the many good deeds done by our rights to use our Public Lands. State and Country Leadership Directors: We NEED more State and Country Leadership Directors with a goal of having one or more in each State or Country. If you are interested in helping in that position please contact WWATS. The jobs are hard, fun and rewarding. Now for your help and assistance in keeping WWATS an organization that protects its membership. Your help is needed desperately in keeping WWATS informed of the changes that are happening in your areas that might affect our outdoor activities now and in the future. Generally by keeping an eye on the legislation introduced each year within your area WWATS will become very affective in protection of your rights. Without your help WWATS might not be able to head-off any damaging laws coming to legislation. Once a law or regulation is made by legislators that law becomes very difficult to change or reverse and may have precedence in damaging our rights. A good example is what just has happen to New Jersey to the State and public lands they control. A very bad blow was dealt to our rights to place to public lands. Many States, including your own can and will someday see what the New Jersey State legislator did and may try to follow the same lines to remove your rights too. Once they have their foot in the door it might be hard to close that door on them. We must stay on top of what is happening in each of our States and Countries. If we care enough to protect our rights to enjoy our Public Lands we might continue to have

them. We need Country and State Leadership Directors to guide the membership in those areas all over the World. Please consider volunteering and getting involved in this position and challenge! Being an active Member of WWATS will help your local community become more responsible to you the citizen they sometimes forget is out there. It is very critical to WWATS to have a good and active membership. We need your eyes and ears and your dedication to be the best ambassador to our way of life as we set a good example of our motto, ”PRESERVE – PROMOTE – PROTECT” Membership is need to promote more community activities in your local clubs and as an individual member. Stay on top of any changes at the local level in laws that might affect our public rights of use of our lands. Keep WWATS informed and be proactive by stepping up to the plate to open those closed areas and keep areas within your communities open for our use and enjoyment. WWATS will always be beside you with support and assistance on all of your efforts to preserve, promote and protect our rights. Publish the good deeds done by yourself or others in your areas. Educate those that are not in knowledge of what we stand for. Protect always good family recreation and show others that there is more to life than watching a television and playing video games. Show them what they are missing and you enjoy. Every member is responsible for themselves and their actions, first! So any future, education or prohibiting laws starts with you first. Have the dedication to know your rights and stand up and be counted as one not to allow government to take those legal rights from you and your children. Support WWATS with your time and dedication and our future might be more secure and productive. Welcome to the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers and we look forward to serving you and your needs. We hope you become involved and support our way of life now and in the future endeavors we seek. Sincerely, Wayne “NuggetBrain” Peterson, President http://wwats.org http://wwats.us http://scribd.com/wwatsUS Membership Card: If desired, cut along dotted line.

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