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Summary of the story Beowulf

One day, a king named Scyld had a son, and he named his son Beowulf. As years passed, he trained his son to be a mighty and brave warrior. Unfortunately, Scyld died. Beowulfs uncle Hijelac was there to be with him and to train him to be better. Years passed and Beowulf became mighty and the king of the Geats.

Rumors were heard by the Geats and Beowulf overheard them. The rumor says that King Hrothgars great hall Heorot and his people, the Danes, was in a plagued by a monster for 12 years. As Beowulf heard the rumor, he then decided to travel the high seas to go to King Hrothgar and help him. As he reached Heorot, a feast for his arrival was prepared by King Hrothgar. They feasted until dawn. Night came, Beowulf and the Geats decided to stay at the hall to wait for the monsters coming. Beowulf said to King Hrothgar that he would kill the monster through his bare hands or be killed himself. As Beowulf and his people were resting in the hall, the monster named Grendel then came. Grendel reached for a soldier and he drank his blood and ate his flesh until nothing is left of him. As the monster reached for Beowulf he grabbed the monsters arm, giving it a painful grip. The monster was destroying the place, shouting to Beowulf to let go of his arm. Yet, Beowulf remained. With a grip on the arm of the monster, the arm got ripped and the monster quickly left going back to his cave. The ripped arm was left in the vaulted roof. While the monster died because of pain. Days passed, Grendels mother hungered for revenge. She brought Beowulf into her cave, they fought. Victory was Beowulfs, strucking the sword into Grendels mother. Years were passing by with Beowulf in peace. Suddenly, a fire-breathing dragon attacked the village and destroyed the place. The dragon was in revenge for a thief has stolen gold from his lair. Beowulf came and fought against the dragon. Beowulf succeeded in killing the dragon through strucking a sword into him. Unfortunately, he also died because of swallowing fire from the dragon. The geats, his people, mourned. Beowulfs best friend, Wiglaf, fulfilled a task given by Beowulf, to bury him in the hill. So that everyone remembers the great Beowulf.


In some parts of the story based on the book was more detailed than the movie. It is because some parts of the story in the book was not anymore seen in the movie. Like that of the introduction in the book wherein Scyld was still seen. Also, in the book, it is said that Beowulf killed the mother of Grendel, while in the movie that does not happen. Lastly, in the movie it is found that the dragon was Beowulfs son, in the book that is not stated. The scene in the movie that struck me most was the part when Beowulf found out that tha dragon he killed was his own son. It struck me most, because knowing that a parent would always love his child would never try to harm him. Yet, in the movie, it would be very difficult for Beowulf knowing that he never had time to be with his son. The only time they were together was when they fought and he killed his son. The character that had a huge impression on me was Beowulf. It is because he has the initiative to help. He is brave and mighty. He cared for everybody. Even though, he became king, he is still humble to help through his own ways. He did not just let his soldiers protect the village but he also gave his very best to be able to help not only as king but as a warrior. The movie was good. It shows every detail for the one who watches would really understand the story. It was not only based on action movie but has the combination of a love story. It shows love and care of a man to his people, and family. It also shows that it is not God who made our destiny, but it is us who made the way on who we are today.

Movie critique on the movie Beowulf

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