Chapter 1 Target Vocabulary

Learn to use this vocabulary! Words in italics are not in your textbook, but you still must know them.

Age (be) young in his/her twenties elderly Height (be) tall average height short Weight (be) thin slim average weight

Hair Color (have ____ hair) black (light/dark) brown blond gray red Facial Hair have a beard have a mustache be clean-shaven

have sideburns Face Shape (have a ____ face) rectangular oval diamond-shaped triangular heart-shaped square round Skin Color (have ____ skin) pale light tan dark have freckles

athletic muscular
heavy-set Eye color (have ____ eyes) blue green brown dark Hairstyle (have ____ hair) long short straight curly spiky

Face Shape
What shape is your face? What shape is your friend’s face?

has a rectangular face

has an oval face

has a diamond-shaped face

has a triangular face

has a heart-shaped face

has a square face

has a round face

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