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Aaron Dore EDTECH 541 Using the Internet in the Classroom Assignment Lesson Title: Monetary Policy and

the Fed Introduction: Students will use the internet research to seek out information regarding the Federal Reserve and their use of Monetary Policy to manipulate the economy and money supply. Students will then use their information to create an online mind map, use the mind map to create a brochure (using an online resource), and finally create a comic using an online comic maker to create a comic illustrating one of the three Monetary Policy tools. Content Area and Grade Level: 10th Grade Economics Objectives: Students will be able to Describe the process of money creation. Explain how the Federal Reserve uses three basic tools - reserve requirements, the discount rate and open market operations - to implement U.S. Monetary Policy. Understand why some monetary policy tools are favored over others. Understand how Monetary Policy works. Describe two distinct approaches to Monetary Policy. Explain how predictions about the length of a business cycle affect monetary policy. Standards Addressed (Michigan High School Content Expectations): E2.2.4 Explain the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System and compare and contrast the consequences intended and unintended of different monetary policy actions of the Federal Reserve Board as a means to achieve macroeconomic goals of stable prices, low unemployment, and economic growth. Timeline: 4 class periods Materials: Computer with Internet Access, or Internet questions handout for guided research Learning Activities:

1. After an introduction to the Federal Reserve System in class students will conduct research on Monetary Policy. 2. Students will be given the handout of Internet questions to guide their research. 3. Once research is complete, students will need to create a mind map using the information they found. The mind map will be created using, an online mind mapping program. Students will then save and print or publish their mind map. 4. Students next will take their information from the mind map and use an online brochure maker to create a brochure that could be handed to an individual who knows nothing about Monetary Policy. The information should explain how Monetary Policy works. 5. Students will finally choose one of the three Fed policy tools and create a cartoon explaining how the chosen policy tool works. Adaptations for Learners with Special Needs: 1. Students may have extra time to complete assignment. 2. Students will only need to complete two options - The mind map and either the comic or brochure.