Submitted by: Charanjeev Singh Bagga Roll No.

S-26 (MBA PT (1) 2011-14) January 13, 2012

HR Initiatives at Covidien Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
Covidien is a $12 billion global healthcare products leader dedicated to innovation and long-term growth. Our success is made possible through the dedication of our 41,000 employees, nearly two-thirds of whom work in 53 manufacturing facilities located in 16 countries. Every day, over 5,000 Covidien sales representatives meet the needs of our customers in more than 65 countries

Over the last few years, HR at Covidien has been playing an active role in keeping abreast with the times and as a strategic business contributor. Apart from the routine functions expected of the HR Department to be performed, viz.:     Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants refereeing disputes administering disciplinary procedures Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives;

the HR Department has taken upon itself to some very aggressive strategies. These include, but are not limited to:.      Employment Branding Ethics Circle Meetings Strong Sales Training Infrastructure Driving Sales Performance Creating Sales Career Tracks & Internal Role Movements

Briefly speaking, these strategies and initiatives translate as under: Employment Branding: is an initiative launched by HR in the year 2010 to promote our core values – Accountability, Collaboration, Compassion and Diversity – with an aim to help us define who we are. The theme of the initiative was You are Covidien. In the initiative all employees were encouraged to prepare a short video on them taking pride in being with Covidien and associating with its values. The videos were then used worldwide for On-Campus recruitment of fresh talents. Ethics Circle Meetings: This very vital initiative, also launched in 2010, envisages an ongoing training session of all Covidien Asia employees across all hierarchies and serves to provide Legal Visibility and Compliance Message at all levels of the organization. The initiative also ensures to have tailored made Training Program to the audience with a view to build compliance culture rather than imposing Compliance to the Business.

Under this initiative. the Incentive scheme was customized and improved to focus more on product lines contributing better margins to the company’s revenues. Driving Sales Performance: HR achieves these through Focused and Customized Sales Incentive Plans. HR has started playing a very active role in providing these opportunities. Since 2011. at Covidien believes adequate and relevant training which focuses both on the company’s requirements and the personal developmental needs of the employees can go a long way in providing job satisfaction and lower attrition rates. While in the earlier years. S-26 (MBA PT (1) 2011-14) January 13. The HR Dept. Internal Role Movements were proposed which aims at providing opportunities to employees to change over to other departments and acquire new skills. The plan has paid rich dividends and is likely to be fine tuned further. it also serves to infuse new blood and thought in all departments as new ideas are implemented and the existing processes also may be tweaked in a bid to be optimized further for overall benefits. Computer Based Training modules have additionally been made available. the focus of the employees was on promoting and selling product lines that were easier to handle. Also. the HR Department initiated a new process termed as Succession Planning. which while made the employees exert themselves to achieve their sales budget. Creating Sales Career Tracks & Internal Role Movements: In 2010. the role of training them adequately cannot be under estimated. with the Sales representative being able to earn in multiple s over and above the normal product lines. On the other hand. a successor was nominated in the company and provided trainings and on-the-job responsibilities that would enable him to progress to the next designated level in case of a vacancy. if the objectives of the focus COTs are achieved.Submitted by: Charanjeev Singh Bagga Roll No. In 2011. to ensure retention and to satiate the continuous needs of individuals for acquiring additional skills. the incentive plans were aimed more at an overall sales achievement. 2012 Strong Sales Training Infrastructure: As people become the key competitive advantage in any industry. These include Technical COT (Class of Trade) training aimed at the company’s product line and Soft Skills training like CSS (Consultative Selling Skills) aimed at personal development of the employees. A very integral part of the initiative is the Recertification Programmes that each employee has to undergo every 6 – 12 months to ensure that he is current with the latest developments in the field. . for each managerial position at all hierarchical levels.

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