Alix is a teenager who dies in a car accident at the age of 15 and goes to heaven.

She hadn't had the chance to travel too much in her short life, so God decides to make her a wandering angel. A wandering angel has to travel from place to place and help people in distress. Alix adores her new job, because she likes helping people and there are so many places in the world she's never been to while she was alive. However, angels have their own strict rules. They mustn’t interfere in the lives of the people who are not on their daily list, and they mustn’t fall in love. A rule that Alix breaks. After all, she’s a teenager. Alix can fly over green fields and sparkling rivers, over dark woods and white mountains, over blue oceans and seas. Everything is great and she feels very happy and free. But as she comes closer and closer to the house of the boy she loves, happiness turns into butterflies and freedom into longing. It is her daily ritual. Everyday she flies past his house on her way back to heaven, hoping she will catch a glimpse of him through the window, knowing it is the most she would ever get. She lives with the hope that one day God will put his name on her list. And He does in the end, but in tragic circumstances.

Imagine life and death are two compartments separated by a crimson curtain. The reason why we can't see this curtain is that it wasn't designed to be seen by human eyes. We were given eyes so that we cannot really see. Because if we had been able to see the curtain, we would have torn it to pieces by now. M. has this revelation in a dream. He sees the crimson curtain and tries to rip it off but then he wakes up and realizes nothing has

Never trust a bus driver. It could be like a dull black and white dream. Submitted by Silentia . What he can see in his dreams is not the real curtain. he manages to destroy the curtain but in the morning he wakes up and everything is just the same. on an overpowering greyscale. Everytime.changed. He's having it night after night.. And remember. The places you can see when looking out of your little window are not the places you knew. Imagine the things that could happen on this journey. But how can he get there? And if he fails in his mission. The only place where he can find the real curtain is exactly where it is meant to be: at the borderline between life and death. or like one of your most colorful dreams. and the journey begins.. the places you used to be familiar with. will he be able to come back? THE BUS JOURNEY How about a bus that doesn't take you where you want to go? You pay for the ticket. Let your mind wander. The dream becomes recurrent.this is a journey that is going to change you forever. Then one day he has the revelation of why this is happening. the things you could learn. a false copy of the original. how your old beliefs and ideas would be shaken and your whole mental universe reshaped. you take your seat. A whole new scene displays in front of your eyes and you're starting to realize that this is not a common journey . it's just a mirror image. But something happens and all of a sudden you realize the bus didn't go on its usual route.

Before even starting. even an embedded picture – anything that makes you feel better and turns the blank page into a comfort zone.Fear of blank page Creative writing is a very rewarding activity. (8) we think we’ve got to get everything perfect from the first attempt. (2) we like to cling to familiar things. Welcome to the club. After all. (9) we have the almost superstitious belief that getting the first sentence right is of paramount importance. Create a special document you can open every time you want to write something new. a message to yourself. a writing prompt. Start it with an inspirational or motivational quote. You’re not the only one. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you conquer the fear of the blank page. (5) we feel we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our readers (and responsibility is always a burden). writers are humans. Don’t start with a blank page. . read it carefully (not necessarily aloud) and say to yourself: “See? You can do it. (10) we are scared of making mistakes. a favourite saying. There is no reason why you can’t do it again. You’ve done it before. don’t worry. uninviting blank document? When the terror creeps in. a mantra. a prayer. (6) our subconscious interprets the blank of the page as a reflection of the blankness in our mind. once you get into it – that’s what the professionals say. But how do you get into it? How can you overcome the existential terror that paralysis your will every time you have to confront the cold. go to the best passage you’ve ever written. (3) we are never quite sure whether we can do it or not (even if we’ve done it before) (4) we feel the pressure of “having to do it well”. (7) we feel our head is full of ideas but that we’ll never be able to organize them in writing. The first question that comes to mind is: why? I could think of several reasons for this irrational fear: because (1) we are scared of the unknown. too. 1.” 2. a magic spell.

exploring your imagination and expressing yourself. Write with the sole purpose of pinning your ideas down. 6. Actually. Worry about nothing else but unleashing your creativity. It is much easier to face a blank document if you’ve already repeated in your mind what you want to say. Don’t worry about the form. Once it’s written down. If it helps. When I’m going through a bad inspiration crisis. You can rectify all those in the editing stage. Think about what you’re going to write before you open your word processor. write them down on a piece of paper. That’s what editing is for. so the logical reason for your illogical fear is gone. taking a shower or even in bed at night. change the colors and the fonts again. 7. the grammar. while having your breakfast. the punctuation. add a bit more content. it’s much easier to go through all again and edit the original wherever necessary.with the sole purpose of getting something on the page. Start by writing keywords instead of whole sentences (preferably in a column rather than a row). Use a Dictaphone or another recording device. 5. add a bit more content. Experiment with formatting. It’s a little trick that may sound childish but it works. . Once you’ve got the first words on the screen. change the color of the background. 4. you can start planning it in your head even before going online. Then all you’ve got to do is transcribe your own words without worrying about being creative. I play with the formatting like a child with his toys. even the spelling. All the rest will come later. There comes a stage when you find yourself writing just because your page looks so good you can hardly believe it’s can even copy and paste one of your old passages . Train your mind to give up the idea of getting it perfect from the first try. and so on and so forth. It goes like this: write a few keywords or phrases . Start experimenting with different font types and sizes. try different styles and headings. Come with a title and/or a few lines. the page is no longer blank.3.

are we? So how about surfing the net for a bit of inspiration?” A: “What’s the point?” Q: “How about looking for some writing prompts?” A: “Too much hassle.. Something like that: Q: “What are you going to write about today?” A: “I have no idea. there’s no rush. I know that sounds crazy but sometimes writers do crazy things and this tip is a last resort when you are completely drained of inspiration.8. Did you think of a good title for it?” A: “Nope. Don’t you understand?” Q: “How about watching cute puppy videos on YouTube?” A: “What?” Q: “You’ve heard me..” A: “What’s your problem?” Q: “No..” Q: “We aren’t getting anywhere. I’m sure many people will appreciate this topic.. Did you dream last night?” A: “I can’t remember.” Q: “How about checking the weird news online?” A: “Leave me alone.” Q: “Well. Ask yourself questions and answer them.” A: “How about keeping your mouth shut?” Q: I’m the one who asks the questions here. Talk to yourself in your head. then write it all down. That sounds interesting. Imagine you are interviewing yourself. I just can’t write today.” Q: “Hmmm. what’s your problem?” .

You are a writer. a man needs a woman. That’s what writers do. God had to invent number 2. I think it’s the blank page. Split yourself in two: the one who asks questions and the one who gives the answers. yin needs yang.” Q: “I see no blank page.” A: “Hmmm. In order to create.. you’re on the way to enlightenment.. You can turn anything that goes on in your head into writing material. So why don’t you?” A: “I don’t know. You’re meant to write. Creation begins with two. You’re quite right.. I haven’t thought of that.” Q: “Yes. you have.g. It inhibits me. but only TWO can make real things happen (e. .” You’ve got the idea. an electron needs a proton.) ONE contains all the probabilities.A: “I’ve got no problem. All I can see is a page that’s got our conversation on it. etc. (There speaks the Gemini in me...) Once you’ve grasped this truth.” Q: “What blank page?” A: “The one you’re just staring at..