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9, Bassin Road, Quatre-Bornes th 5 of March 2013 To the Human Resources Officer BAI Co (Mtius) Ltd Curepipe, Mauritius Dear

Sir/Madam, Re: Application for the Post of Human Resources Officer (REF: BAI/HRO/HR) I wish you signify my interest in occupying the post of Human Resources Officer within your esteemed institution. I was pleased to learn through your website that the BAI was recruiting since it has always been my goal to work with a company which has shown great resilience and stability even through global economic mayhem and managed to not only remain financially afloat but also to expand its activities. Being afforded the opportunity to work within such an organisation would be a life changing experience for me. It would seem that the BAI and I have a lot in common since we both share the common trait and value of always being better than what or who we are today and being always resilient even in the face of adversity. I am of the firm belief that I would be able to adapt and adopt the core values and principles of the BAI and perfectly fit in the organisation. I have obtained a BSc (Hons) Management with Law from the University of Technology, Mauritius, with outstanding results in management and legal modules which include Human Resources Management, Labour Laws and Personnel management. However my academic prowess started long before I was admitted to the university. As such, during my college years, I would always come out first of my class and receive Best Performer Awards of the whole school regularly in subjects such as Business Studies and French, as can be seen in my Curriculum Vitae. One thing that I learned at the end of my studies is that I have a huge affinity for business related fields and that deep down I am an entrepreneur. It is quite interesting to know that during the whole of my studies, I was involved in several other extracurricular activities such as part time modelling and assuming the captainship of a professional rugby team since the age of 16. Both of these activities enabled me to develop my charisma and selfconfidence, but above all else, made me better at multi-tasking. Indeed, not for a single moment was my studies and professional career disrupted by other activities which I was practising and which I intend to keep on practising. I can thereby assure you that I will be able to simultaneously handle all of the tasks which the position of Human Resources Officer might be asking of me with all of the efficiency in which I always carry out the tasks given to me. My professional career has been marked by mini-pupillage at the best law chambers of Mauritius, De Spville-Sauzier-Desvaux chambers, under the tutelage of the most prominent lawyer of Mauritius, Me. Patrice Doger de Spville, SC. During my approximately 7 months of pupillage there, I was involved with clients meeting, vetting and preparing of briefs, providing legal assistance to my tutor during court cases among several others. The chambers within which I worked was specialised in industrial and Health and Safety matters and I spent a huge amount of hours studying, analysing

and interpreting the laws regarding labour and Health and Safety. In fact I was entirely given the responsibility of handling high profile employment cases which recently made the newspaper headlines, of course my tutor had the final say in the matter, but nonetheless the bulk of the research originated from me. I am of the strong belief that those reseaches, coupled with my work experience and academic knowledge, will greatly enable me to carry out the duties which is expected from a Human Resources Officer. I already have a more than impressive communication skill but I believe that my main asset is my interpersonal skill. I deal extremely well with other people, including clients or even suppliers and other business partners, which would make me the perfect fit for this position. In fact, lawyers are reputed to be able to ascertain the psychological profile of a person with great ease, which is something which I have picked up during my pupillage at the chambers. Being in constant contact with other people and having to distinguish between lies and truth, I am now able to appraise someone on a whim, which I believe to be a very crucial skill that a Human Resources Officer must possess in order to assess potential candidates. In any case, even if I have some kind of shortcomings while occupying this position, the fact that I am a fast learner and a very polyvalent person should enable me to quickly compensate for and acquire the skills and knowledge that I might be lacking. To conclude, I reiterate my sincere wish to be part of your organisation as a Human Resources Officer and would like to add that these mere few words would not suffice to give a true account of my skills and capacity which would suit the needs of the BAI. Which is why, it would be most appropriate for both of us if an interview could be arranged in the shortest possible delays so that you can better appraise me.

Yours faithfully, Ronny Rannoo