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Clinton Bowles of the university of Missouri have independantly verified the results of excess energy from the PPC cell and from their own rebuild cells ! .28 Welcome to the CETI Patterson Powercell page This is the latest news we learned to know via Infinite Energy magazine about the CETI (Clean Energy Technology Incorp.) Patterson Power Cell (PPC): Prof. Miley from the University of Illinois and Prof.

29 .

and this is key. Second. independent scientists now claim to have reproduced the results.m Prepared by the staff of Infinite Energy Magazine A Report on Clean Energy Technology Inc. (CETFi) Cold Fusion Device Charlie: "Scientists discover a virtually limitless source of energy.6 19996. February 7. Now let me say right off the bat that lots of ideas come across my desk.1996. It's a device that its inventor says produces a hundred times more energy than it consumes. Furthermore. Our Science editor Michael Guillen is down in Washington this morning.8:22 a. No. double issue: Transcript of ABC's Good Morning America program. .30 Here are 2 transcripts from TV-Reports about the PPC from Infinite Energy magazine Vol 1. Michael? Guillen: Thanks. 5 & No. the inventor has a distinguished track record." Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe not. but this one is different. having an exclusive look at an invention which has the potential of changing our lives. Charlie. that claim to be the energy source of the future. 8:16 . the invention itself has been issued a patent by the US Patent Office. For one thing.

beads so perfectly round that few people in the world can duplicate them. Guillen: It's hard to believe. president Clean Energy Technologies Inc: We've been able to reliably demonstrate a device that produces a thousand times more energy out than you put into it. Prof.31 and major corporations like Motorola are taking a serious interest in it. University of Illinois: What could it do as far as an electric power plant or a water heater in your home? There are so many applications that the mind can run wild. University of Missouri: It would be a true source of power for use by the general public. but here's what is causing all the commotion. and the man who invented them is no ordinary person. Patterson: Dow hired me before I graduated.some wires. . got my degree. cosmetics. this is my storage area. It doesn't look like much . [laughs] I'm a good cook for little beads. Guillen: Over the years. Dr. even as the 'talcum powder' inside surgical gloves. George Miley. Well. Quinton Bowles. C. is this potentially the greatest discovery since electricity? Since fire? Good question! Have a look. So.it's almost like a library of what I've done. . [Interview with James Patterson in his laboratory] Patterson: I started making beads back in 1953. working out of a large garage in Sarasota. Patterson's beads have been used in many different ways: in water purifiers. Guillen: Just because . while working for his PhD at Berkeley. Florida. and . [Brief interviews] James Reding. And they paid me more than what I was going to get after I got my degree. and at the core of it: this container of tiny beads. Patterson: I'm better than a millionaire. Dow Chemical made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Guillen: 74-year-old James Patterson looks about as homespun as his device. with more than a hundred patents to his credit. Patterson: If I have a claim to fame. Guillen: It was during his years with Dow that Patterson invented a recipe for making tiny beads. Patterson had always planned on being a chemistry professor but in 1951. So . But these are no ordinary beads. some salt water.

so it really is just a genuine mystery right now. that's the big mystery.: Well. this is creating heat. it is hot. scientifically? Guillen. [Cut back to studio] Charlie: Michael. I mean. They have tested dozens of these devices. and at Motorola. at the University of Missouri. Remember the University of Utah. you can't just tell by looking or even touching it. . little beads! [laughs] I have converted alchemy . you can't disavow what you're looking at. It's consuming only one watt. Charlie: Michael. what? 1989 Guillen: 1989 Charlie: This sounds like the cold fusion debate again. they say they can't get it not to work.] Oh. Every time you plug it in. Charlie: But what's going on. very often times you run across something in the laboratory and you go 'wow! Look what it's doing' long before you understand why it's doing that. in the sense that you have electricity passing through an electrode that is emersed in salt . and it's putting out two hundred watts. compared to what it's consuming? Patterson: One watt. Patterson: . the scientific evidence is here. what you are telling me is you have a scientific experiment that is producing a certain result and you have no idea how it's producing it. nickel and palladium.32 of the money you got from . but that's not unusual. a metal sandwich Patterson claims works like magic. Patterson took his regular beads. it may sound too good to be true. even for a scientist like myself. . Charlie: Michael. this sounds like going back to 19 . Guillen: You know this sounds too good to be true? Patterson: [Laughs] Well. . . and coated them with thin layers of copper. little beads into gold! Guillen: Talk about alchemy! In creating his new energy device. . you know. I mean. we're looking at it. Guillen: Yeah. the University of Illinois. the doggone thing just produces all this excess heat. That's where the other scientists come in. And so how much energy is this little cell putting out. alright.. Guillen: Yeah. an ordinary chemical reaction that's not behaving the way we expect it to. Guillen: So this is water that you have flowing through it. It's either. But there is no radioactivity that's evident from this thing so it doesn't appear to be a nuclear reaction. but if you'll only look. you know. you're looking at it. Pretty warm! Yeah. It's neither one nor the other. the whole cold fusion thing? Superficially this looks like cold fusion. . Patterson: This is the guts of it.. or some kind of a nuclear reaction. [Feels outlet tube. I mean. but how's it working? Guillen: Well.


water. But there are essential technical differences. First of all the beads make this cell absolutely unique. That wasn't like the original cold fusion device. The other thing is that the original cold fusion device used heavy water, this uses ordinary water. So, it remains to be seen whether this is just a variation of the old cold fusion experiment or whether this is genuinely a new phenomena. Charlie: Is there an anticipation that what is taking place here in microcosm can take place in a macro situation where you can produce a tremendous amount of energy? Guillen: Now *that* is going to be the key question. If the scientists at the independent universities and corporations continue to verify that this device seems to work, the next question is going to be: can you scale it up from this laboratory model into something that can be mass produced, and be cost efficient. Because we have heard other alternative energy like wind power and solar power, they also sound great but they have never become cost efficient. That's going to be the big question in the future. Charlie: You keep saying 'if this works.' You are telling me that a number of scientists have been able to make it work. There are also a bunch of other scientists who are saying this is just crazy. Guillen: Yeah. The scientists are really cautious because of the old cold fusion flap six years ago. They want to be real cautious. The question is here, you have to measure the temperature differences, how much of the heat is putting out . . . is being put out by this device. That requires you to use thermometers of various kinds. They are just double, triple and quadruple checking those thermometers to make sure they are not misreading them. But they are all saying yes, this seems to work as advertised. So it's potentially historic. Charlie: Five seconds: are you a believer or not? Guillen: Uh, talk to me in about two or three months. We're going to be updating this. Charlie: All right. Michael thanks. Michael will have more of this on Nightline, tonight.

ABC News Nightline Program features


Patterson Cold Fusion Device
On February 7, 1996, the ABC late night news program "Nightline" was devoted to James Patterson's cold fusion device, which is being commercialized by Clean Energy Technology, Inc. (CETI), of Dallas, Texas. It was titled aPatterson Power Cell: Fact or Fiction?" A shorter, five minute segment about Patterson, with the same film clips, was shown on the morning broadcast "Good Morning America" (see transcript of the latter adjacent to this article). The show was written and narrated by ABC's chief science editor Michael Guillen. The broadcasts included a long interview with Patterson, and brief interviews with Jim Reding, president of CETI; Professor George Miley of the University of Illinois; and Professor Clinton Bowles of the University of Missouri. The Nightline version included a short question and answer style debate between Michael McKubre of SRI and Prof. John Huizenga, retired from the University of Rochester, who was the head of the DOE ERAB panel that eliminated funding for cold fusion research in the fall of 1989. The program also had brief interviews with Patterson's patent attorney. ON the oposing side were Professor Herman Feshbach of the MIT Department of Physics ( who totally denies the validity of cold fusion evidence), and Professor Howard Birnbaum of the University of Illinois, another negativist and member of the 1989 ERAB Cold Fusion panel. In recent years, two serious, hourlong documentaries about cold fusion have been broadcast by the BBC in the U.K. and the CBC in Canada: "The Secret Life of Cold Fusion" (June 1993), and "Too Close to the Sun" (April 1994). The latter was a co-production of the "Horizon" series) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This ABC Nightline broadcast is, sad to say, the longest and most serious look at cold fusion in the U.S. television since 1989. Guillen did a short segment on Pons and Fleischmann in May 31, 1994, after visiting their IMRA laboratory in Nice, France. NOVA, the main U.S. science documentary program has totally abandoned its responsibility by having a complete blackout on news of cold fusion since 1990, when it broacast the atrociously negatively biased "Confusion in a Jar" A member of the NOVA staff- Evean Haddingham- has discussed cold fusion with Eugene Mallove over the


years and has told him that "they know they need to update their cold fusion coverage" Still, nothing has been done by NOVA -not even broadcasting "Too Close to the Sun," which NOVA could readily do if it so chose. The Nightline program was generally positive and informative, although it had little scientific content. It began vvith a down-home interview with Dr. James Patterson in Sarasota Florida, and tour of his lab, which is, as he put it, "like a library of what I've done" It is filled with old chemicals, obsolete machines and junk. It was messy, but nowhere near as bad as the laboratories I have visited at MIT and the Japanese National Universities. It struck me as an ideal place to do research. Patterson, who is 74, briefly described his career which began at Berkeley and Dow Chemical. He is an expert in manufacturing small, uniform beads for a variety of applications. For example, microscopic beads are used as a man-made replacement for talcum powder in surgical gloves, and larger beads are used in catalysis. The latter application inspired Patterson to try them out as cold fusion cathode material. Patterson holds more than 100 patents for beads and other innovations, including, he told me once, a new type of fishhook. The bead patents have made him a multi-millionaire. The shots of Patterson in his lab were fun but frustrating. You see him giving an animated, interesting and apparently informative scientific briefing, describing the instruments and methodology. Unfortunately, you cannot hear him because these segments are used as filler, background shots, with a foreground voice-over vapid script from the television writer. Turn the volume way up, listen and watch closely, and you see Patterson had some interesting things to say. If only the producers would say less and let him talk more we might have had some higher scientific content in this program. Even these short segments, and abbreviated glances at the chart recorder, beads, cell, pumps and other equipment convey a lot of information. Patterson claimed that 1 watt was input and 200 watts were coming out. Look carefully, and you can see the return water splashing into the pump reservoir, indicating a high flow rate. At one point Guillen put his hand on the outlet tube and declared: "It's pretty warm" I felt like shouting: "Okay Mike, now put your hand on the other tube and tell us about it". If they had shown a few more details like the input power supplies we could have worked out


a ballpark estimate of the excess for ourselves. With the high flow rate and 1 watt input Guillen could not have felt any palpable difference between the inlet and outlet temperatures unless there was massive excess heat. The program suffered from a curiously amnesic, dreamlike detachment. It is a story told in a vacuum, with no context, no background, no reference to history or other current research. The morning segment barely mentioned the term "cold fusion," except when Guillen said: "Remember the University of Utah, the whole cold fusion thing? Superficially this looks like cold fusion, in the sense that you have electricity passing through an electrode that is emersed in salt water. But there are essential technical differences. First of all the beads make this cell absolutely unique." That would come as a shock to other researchers who have used thin film and nickel cathodes, and especially to Mills, who was the first to publish reports of excess heat from nickel. [1] Piantelli's gas loaded nickel experiments are unique, but Patterson's technique draws on many previous mainstream experiments. [2] There was no mention of the ongoing MITI/NEDO project, no mention of any work after 1989 (except Patterson's), nothing about the international conferences, and no hint that the literature reports widespread replications. Miley is shown working with the CETI thin film device, but Guillen does not mention that Miley published a paper describing his own thin-film cold fusion cathodes. [3] Miley has independently replicated the CETI beads from scratch, and he has verified the performance of beads provided to him by CETI. He expressed confidence: "We've consistently measured excess energy coming out of it." Bowles has verified the performance of the CETI cells. He is funded by Kansas City Power and Light. He said: "These Patterson cells seem to be unique, and somewhat amazing, in the - in their reproducibility. . . . We have, in fact, had a total of three cells at different stages over the last nine months, and it's fair to say that all three of them appear to be producing excess power". Motorola's involvement was hinted at, just as it was in the Wall Street Journal article. [4] Guillen: "Already, says Patterson, Motorola has tested his cells and offered to buy him out." [Ed note: Motorola representatives were there in force at the CETI demo at the Power Gen '95 meeting in December.]


The second half of the program was devoted to a depressing debate between Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International, one of the leading cold fusion researchers, and Prof. John Huizenga, the "Darth Varder" against the field. I felt sorry for Huizenga, who looked old, tired, and nervous. He began by saying: ". . . Iet me simply say that since Pons and Fleischmann's results were shown to be flawed, there have arisen a whole array of exotic phenomena, including the synthesis of precious metals like gold, vvhich would, of course, be the alchemist's dream, and the light water cells, I think, that are discussed . . . that Mr. Patterson is working on have all been shown not to be producing excess reaction products in the past, and I don't think these people have looked for the reaction products either" Needless to say, from our point of view Pons and Fleischmann have not been shown to be flawed, they have been widely reproduced. But the real issue here is nuclear evidence: neutrons. Whenever the issue of excess heat comes up, Huizenga always evades it and talks about reaction products instead. In point of fact he is incorrect about this particular case. Miley and others are looking for reaction products. But Huizenga claims there are no neutrons and therefore there can be no nuclear reaction, and therefore the calorimetric results must be wrong. When asked for a reason why the calorimetry might be wrong, he always responds as he did here: "I'm simply saying that what I know about these experiments, they're using an open cell and they're not taking account of recombination . . " At that point McKubre, who has heard this as many times as I have, could not help interrupting for a moment to say: "That's completely incorrect, completely incorrect" Huizenga went on to cite "many, many errors that they are making that have not been accounted for" He has often cited these many phantom errors, but he has never actually listed one of them. McKubre is quite right: the CETI results are far too big to be explained by recombination. The best results reported to date are 4,000 times beyond the limits of recombination, and furthermore CETI researchers do take account of recombination, with a precision gas flowmeter, so Huizenga is Footnotes wrong on both counts. Huizenga was not aware of these

and the amounts of money that are being spent on this research are very.38 facts. Given the fact that it is not theoretically impossible and it's not .." Evidently. Herman Feshbach also claimed scientific clairvoyance: "I don't know the device. because. in fact. They can be delivered by e-mail for $10 per copy.given the fact that people are observing it in numerous laboratories around the world. Video Tapes of ABC's news broadcasts can be purchased by dialing 1800-913-3434.. I think it would pay us to pay some attention to it. there is. Japanese scientists have spent a hundred million (at least). Transcripts are available from 1-800-255-6397. and MITI has budgeted $100 million more over the next four years. but he never specifies which scientists have spend hundreds of millions. no theoretical objection to the existence of a nuclear process occurring in a solid metal lattice. I don't want to see any more evidence! I think it's a bunch of junk and I don't want to have anything further to do with it." .. McKubre closed the debate by justifying continued research: "Well. as he admined. he now decided to make it a rule that he will see no more evidence. Huizenga also claimed: "It turns out that mainline scientists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars looking at all of these claims. This program was "Nightline (ABC) #3838. and that he can safely pontificate on national television about research he has never heard of. very small". w-ith out any concern. The Japanese claim that they have been able to verify the cold fusion experiments. is that it's not a nuclear phenomenon" This brings to mind Feshbach's famous 1991 pronouncement to Eugene Mallove: "I have had 50 years of experience in nuclear physics and I know what's possible and what's impossible. and no one has been able to verify the cold fusion experiments" He has often said this. he has not actually seen or read about the CETI experiments. so I don't know what's in it and what's not in it. but these examples do not count. and the one thing I can say unequivocally. I can only speak in generalities. Huizenga is looking for an invisible army of researchers who have spent this kind of money and found nothing.

H. 1994. MRA . neon bulb . 313 4. field . samarium .L." Wall Street Journal. battery doubler . Miley. CETI . pollution . Takahashi . testatika . no. generator .H. antigravity . "Electrolytic Cell with Multilayer Thin-film Electrodes. 1996 back to the OVERUNITY homepage email the WEBmaster: harti@harti. "Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H System. p. bulbs . S. zero point energy . January 29. Zich. pm_square . machine . "Excess Heat Production by the Electrolysis of an Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Electrolyte and the Implications for Cold Fusion. Vol. neodym .39 Footnotes 1. scooter ." Fusion Technology. battery . Umweltschutz . 6. UFO . coil . Piantelli. Palma ." Il Nuovo Cimento. TOMI . R. G. Hydrogen . Batyrbekov. levitation . Kneizys.AC . J. Leistung . Mills and Steven P. Newman . 107A. Energie . DC . Methernitha . Habel. E. Bishop. N-machine . alnico . overunity . magnetic wankle .com copyright 1997 by Hartmann Multimedia Service Keywords: free energy . 1. Sciex . vol. Hora. Randell L. power . Focardi. pm square . commutator . Jan. TMI . environment . "A Bottle Rekindles Scientific Debate About the Possibility of Cold Fusion. August 1991 2. pp 163167 3." Fusion Technology.G. space energy. G. Johnson . permanent magnet . cold fusion . R. energymachine .

40 .

it must be possible to build a shield of photons around the source. The shield begins at distance rs from the source where the radiation density is such that there will be a photon in opposition to each incident graviton . This critical situation occurs when D = hf 2 / Sg . Courtesy of Fran De Aquino created on March 21th. the result is mg = 0. Therefore photons have null gravitational mass. So .(1. rs = (rg / f )( P/h)1/2 .Last update April 20th.JLN Labs . 2000 It is known that photons have null inertial mass (mi = 0 ) and that they do not absorb others photons (U = 0 )..04).41 The Gravitational Spacecraft from Fran De Aquino Warping to the deep space. which will impede the exchange of gravitons between the particles inside the shield and the rest of the Universe. where Sg is the geometric cross section of the graviton. Thus rs is given by the relation.. frequency f and radiation density at distance r given by D = P /4π r2 Due to the null gravitational mass of the photons. 2000 . if we put mi = 0 and U = 0 in Eq. Let us consider a point source of radiation with power P .

the new relativistic expression for mass. So. Thus . the metrics becomes from Galilei. consequently . the interactions are instantaneous . the speed of photons will be infinite inside the shield. In addition . shows that a particle with null gravitational mass isn’t submitted to the increase of relativistic mass. there will be "clouds" of photons around the particles inside the shield. It is clear that the space-time which the particles occupies remains non-euclidean.e. Thus. we will have 2 2 2 where t' is the time in a clock moving with the particle . It can be easily shown that. it can reach and even . and that the space-time inside the shield (out of the particles) becomes flat or euclidean . In an euclidean space-time the maximum speed of propagation of the interactions is infinite because .06).42 We then see that the ELF radiation are the most appropriate to produce the shield. Due to the null gravitational mass of the photons . if f << 1mHz . the radiation will traverse any particle .This means that the particle will be not more submitted to the relativistic effects predicted in Einstein's theory. as we know. Therefore. these "clouds" will impede the exchange of gravitons between the particle inside the "cloud" and the rest of the Universe. and ds = c dt where t is the time indicated by a clock at rest ( dx = dy = dz = 0 ). the component of the metric tensor will be equal to -1.. So. Thus .i. in this space-time the speed of photons must be infinite. It is not difficult to see that in this case. we can say that the gravitational mass of the particle will be null with respect to the Universe. the gravitational potential for the particle will be null and. because under these circumstances its gravitational mass doesn't increase with increasing velocity .(2. it remains null independently of the particle's velocity. From the combination of these two equations we conclude that t' = t . Eq. On the other hand . simply because they are the quanta of the electromagnetic interaction.

05 ( Mach’s principle ). we can say that its gravitational mass will be null with respect to the Universe. If the photons. as above mentioned.2. Fran De Aquino.(m .05)). a particle with null gravitational mass will be not submitted to the relativistic effects.(2. In addition. as we have seen .This means that the spacecraft will lose its inertial properties . April 20th. for an observer in this space-time . will be .and consequently . 2000 .001) kg . the spacecraft will can reach and even surpass the speed of light because . and negative gravitational mass ( see System-G in appendix A) equal to . We can imagine a spacecraft with positive gravitational mass qual to (m) kg . in agreement with Eq. Consequently. which produce the shield . due to the "cloud" of photons around the spacecraft its gravitational interaction with the Universe will be null . It has a shield of photons .43 surpass the speed of light . the inertial forces upon the spacecraft will also be null. Therefore . Furthermore. the total gravitational mass of the spacecraft. if its propulsion system produces F=10N (only) the spacecraft acquires acceleration ( see Eq. then the space-time that it occupies remains non-euclidean .0. and therefore. radiate from the surface of the spacecraft .

44 .

45 .

com or mail to the JLN Lab's eGroup at : jlnlabs@egroups. Return to the System-G home page .46 See also : • • The System-G Experimental setup tested by Fran De Aquino on January 27th. 2000 Engineering the System-G device by JL Naudin and Steve Burns The Gravitational Spacecraft by Fran De Aquino ( physics/9904018 ) Gravitation and Electromagnetism: Correlation and Grand Unification by Fran De Aquino ( grqc/9910036 ) Reference documents : Email : JNaudin509@aol.com if you are a team member.

On page seventeen of the "Nature of the World and of Men" (compiled by the technical staff. July 15. A specially construction high frequency transformer is used to control the voltage so that any desired voltage may be obtained. Dr. the operation of the Moray device is not perpetual motion. In the "Physical Review". Electricity is not made by the generator. and the Moray energy device as an electric syphon. so in this case the circuit is tuned by the right arrangement of inductances . For more detail. page fifty. Chicago Institute of Technology).eight.000 horse power per inhabitant of the earth at the present time." The aurora borealis is considered to be very definitely an electrical phenomenon produced by the passage of electric charges through the rarefied gases of the higher atmosphere. The conversion of matter to energy in the stars is now very generally accepted as demonstrated. written in 1904: "Ere many generations pass our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the Universe .47 Sympathetic Vibratory Physics . Also. As in the reception of radio waves. One wire leading from the device to a special balanced antenna and another wire to a balanced ground connection. if Kinetic. producing 200. Radiant Energy Device This account will endeavor to give a brief explanation of the Moray Radiant Energy device whereby it is possible to utilize the vast stores of energy of the universe without a prime mover. then it is a more question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature. many of whom are highly trained and hold degrees in physics and electrical engineering. as it creates nothing. 344.000 amperes of electrical current.It's a Musical Universe! Earning $100.000 when you know how! Over 7 million doing it now! Create Your Own Six Figure Income! Moray Valve Manuscript Part I.) The switch of the set is simply turned on and the device properly synchronized resonance is established. A brief description of the device. 1939.Is this energy Static or Kinetic? If Static. Navy Research Laboratories states that the earth itself is a huge dynamo. and this we know it is for certain. one of which is our sun. A brief description of what the device has done and of experiments of which hundreds of similar ones have been made in the presence of hundreds of reliable men. we find it states that our planet is receiving energy from the sun continuously at the rate of 160. or high speed oscillating turbine. an electric generator might be referred to as an electric pump. but it utilizes energy that exists and transforms it into useful forms. it is merely pumped. during which energy waves are radiated. but through ionic oscillations. read pages 335. From that standpoint. Right here I would like to state I do not believe in perpetual motion and while I have no quarrel with these who may. The following is taken from "Experiments With Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency. our hopes are in vain. "Physical Review". we may conclude that energy waves of every frequency are sent out from the stars." by Nikola Tesla. S. (This has now been replaced by a special tube. and reasoning from what occurs in radioactive disintegration. Once it is operating the device "syphons" the energy from the air.000. An electrical generator is in the true sense not a generator.000 a year is just as easy as earning $15. a brief description of why the device works as given in the enclosed description on the oscillations of condensers. The device was enclosed in a box ten by ten and one-half by twenty-six inches. Gunn of the U.

when the seals were broken and the device put under severe strain and tests for about an hour longer and then shut off. This is further proof the current is different from any coming from conventional sources in use today. as it can be formed. It makes no difference whether one fifty watt lamp is used or whether fifty of them are connected to the machine. is sufficient to burn up wire of that size if ordinary current were used. The places for these experiments were selected by the members of the party making the test and not by the inventor. Tesla type could be used to advantage. All parts of the machine run absolutely cool. . A variation of Tesla high frequency button type globe would be an ideal light globe to use with this device. regardless of the length of time operated. but with the oscillators filling up somewhat as when water is poured into a bucket. R. and because of the incandescent gas the luminosity is much higher and whiter than with ordinary current. The quantity of current passing through the secondary of the transformer. Only an alternating current can be so handled. The device in an endurance test was operated under standard R. F. During the entire test the light burned evenly and brightly without flickering and there was no change in the brilliancy from day to day. become exceedingly hot in one spot about the size of a dime when operated on this current. Experiments have been made at different places many miles away from all power lines. All that is necessary to put the device in operation when properly assembled and connected is to start electric oscillations in the circuit. which is the difference of potential between ground and atmosphere into supersensitive oscillating tubes. The current cannot be derived from batteries. device is whiter and less harsh. so that this film also burns into the print to such an extent one has to hold back dense portions in order to get a satisfactory picture. Close examination of the device disclosed that all parts were in perfect shape and could have been run indefinitely. K. not the car of the inventor. yet there is no heating of the transformer even though there is no circulation of air through it to cool it. The frequency of the current is extremely high. There is not sound from the machine when in operation.48 and capacities and oscillators by resonance to respond to the particular wave frequency "oscillations" of energy from the Cosmos. This current has another scientific characteristic disclosed by the fact that photographing the lights operated by the Radiant Energy device the lights burn right into the film. Moray uses a special valve to prevent return of the power to the outer circuit and forces it to go through the power application circuit. due to the fact that the gas in the globes becomes incandescent under the influence of the very high frequency. as it is completely enclosed. as is shown by the brush discharge when either the antenna leading or the ground wire is disconnected from the machine. and again Doctors of Physics have pronounced the current H. Ordinarily when a potential is applied to the terminals of a condenser a full charge is acquired almost instantaneously. Doctors of Science have asserted. Electrical oscillations not prime mover operations. one experiment being given at a point more than 50 miles from all power lines. up to the maximum capacity for the given potential and frequency. the greater the charge taken. and 26 miles from even a farmer's telephone. The electric light globes (standard articles bought in the open market). Yet the light from the R. the draft of current is adapted to the load. seals for a total of 157 hours and 55 minutes. even to work or injured eyes. and the places were not prearranged but selected by them as they drove along in their own car. and battery current is direct current. looking for a place to make the test. Certain difficulties of insulation inherent in high frequency currents are avoided by the ingenious operations of the oscillator tubes which reduce the frequency on the output side. Later if one takes a photograph of a photograph the resulting film has the same characteristics so that prints made from this second film have the same characteristics. there being no moving parts. the longer the voltage is applied.

and cannot be accounted for on the basis of induction from existing power lines or curent from batteries. Nebeker and Mr. and further. instead of taking the charge practically instantaneously. by inventor T. It is not radio power. much as in filling a bucket by pouring the water into it. the greater the charge they take. Mr. the condensers fill slowly. The "antenna wire" was momentarily disconnected. Judd had seen and then when the switch on the device was closed the lights came on. Utah. Adams and Attorney Nebeker called at the inventor's laboratory in Attorney Nebeker's automobile. Moray requested that we select a place near a stream of water so that the ground pipe could be sunk in its bed and be more effective. The device was then "tuned in" as in all the former experiments that Mr. The inventor did not want to have any say in where the test should be made as he wanted the experiment made at a place selected by them and not him. I met Misters." The switch on the device was opened and closed as in all former experiments time and time again. even to operate a loud speaker it is necessary to amplify a radio current many times. H. When the "Radiant Energy" device was packed in the auto we drove away. We leaded the electrical equipment into my car and left Mr. 1926. a professor in one of the greatest universities of the country. As last the three mentioned decided to go up Emigration Canyon. Judd's car in the Moray lot. as is ordinarily the case with condensers. Dear Mr. Knight at Oren. also that speedometer registered 52 miles where we stopped to demonstrate. of Sciences. The same happened when the "ground wire" was disconnected and again connected in the same way as described above. but no light appeared. as the ground in the mountain was frozen. Another short account follows. Moray and Judd at the Moray laboratory about 7:10 a. as an induced current is always of the same frequency. The three above mentioned gentlemen began then to discuss where they should go to make the test experiment. or by his having anything to say about the location. up to their maximum for the applied voltage.m.) That when the oscillators are connected in the circuit. making the distance 52 miles from the nearest power line and 26 miles from the nearest one wire rural telephone line. Judd stay in the car because of an injured foot." "That the size of wire in the transformer could not carry the amperage passing through it without burning up. at which time he noted and mentioned the following: (And this was verified by another Dr. I remember that the speedometer registered 19 miles at Charleston and 26 miles as we left the last electric line near the mouth of Daniels Canyon. yet the wires remained absolutely cool no matter how long the machine operated. Knight and myself.49 It cannot be induction from adjacent power lines. It was dusk when they left the Canyon. Mr. As prearranged. on October 29th. as the inducing current. being much too great. Adams put up the "antenna and ground. if ordinary curent were used." "The above points show that there is developed something which is entirely out of the ordinary. He stopped at a place about 10 miles south- . while Mr. the frequency of the incoming current is higher than radio currents. as there were only three of us to make the trip from Salt Lake and to meet Mr. Judd. After driving about four miles up the canyon. Today Mr. (All this with Attorney Judd hopping around on one foot. he having gotten out of the car when the tuning the device was started." The inventor then took the device out of the car and connected it up with the "antenna and ground. the light went out but came back when the "antenna" was again connected to the device." The above statement duly signed and verified. they selected a place but changed their minds and selected another place a few hundred feet further up the canyon. 1926. and the longer the current is applied to charge them. Moray for Attorney Judd. as there are no power lines in that canyon. Cooley: This letter is being written you for your information and in order to make a record of the electrical demonstration made October 29th. to say nothing of lighting a lamp or heating a flat iron. An experiment was given for a nationally known physicist. Mr. and there is no line on earth carrying of the frequency of this.) All three gentlemen were very well satisfied and pleased with what they saw.

and Mr. The lead-in wire was fastened to the antenna wire at a point about 10 or 15 feet from the east pole. A pilot light on the cabinet first became illuminated. The switch was then moved connecting a light rack with the current. the antenna lead-in wire was disconnected from the apparatus and the lights went out. Two dry boards were laid on the ground and a rubber mat used under my office chair was placed on the boards for Moray to stand on as a precaution against electric shocks. Part II. Ferguson. A piece of wire about two feet long connected each insulator with the pole. I helped Moray solder the connection where the lead-in wire fastened on to the antenna wire and also helped him solder the ground wire to the rod. Instantly thirty 50. The running board was hardly large enough for the equipment so we took the seat cushion out of the front seat and placed it on the mat and Moray transferred the equipment to the seat cushion and connected it up there. He then connected it and the lights appeared again. this location being almost due east from what Mr. I stepped the distance between the two antenna poles and estimated it to be 87 feet as I took 29 steps intended to be three feet each. after she had seen him "tune in" the energy. After "tuning in" for slightly more than 10 minutes the key or switch was put on the operating post and the light appeared immediately.m. Before "tuning in" he placed the key on the post he said it would be in contact with while the light burns but no light appeared. It was slightly after 1:15 P. Moray took this electrical equipment out of the automobile and placed it on the running board of the car. Mark Yuri. Utah Your interest in the Moray invention to take electrical energy from the "air" and make it usable for light. The inventor . When all of the wire connections were made. Moray put the key. C. except that Moray suggested that the wire be stretched tighter to prevent so much sag at the center. There were present a dozen people. The tuning in device was improved and the time required to bring in the energy was shortened from five minutes to less than a minute. The cabinet containing the machine has been simplified and improved. Operation The balanced ground rod was pointed at the end to make its driving into the creek bed easy.watt lamps and five 100-watt lamps were brilliantly lighted. Jonson." Moray disconnected the "ground wire" and the lights went out. by my watch.M. Knight called Haystack Mountain and perhaps 3/4 of a mile east of the Strawberry Lake on a little stream which made a zig-zag course through a gently sloping grassy flat to the lake. or switch. I first witnessed a demonstration of this device three months ago. It was quite apparent there was no possible faking of the power produced. it was just 1:05 p. Very light snowflakes fell occasionally and a tarpaulin was hung over the top of the auto doors. to protect the equipment from getting wet. A regular Hot Point flat iron was then connected without [dimming] the lights in the least. when opened. Salt Lake City. The antenna wire was put up without any aid or instructions whatever from Moray. The operation was as simple as tuning in a well-equipped radio set. as it had been "balanced".50 east of the Daniels Strawberry summit and about 200 yards west of the main road to Duchesne. heat and power purposes justifies me reporting to you a new demonstration which I saw of this principle on Saturday. This was shown by a lady who was witnessing the demonstration for the first time operating the device as easily as Dr. Connected again and the lights appeared. by my watch. including Paul Harsh. and the device synchronized in resonance by Moray. "While the lights were burning. on the operating post two or three times before and during the tuning in operation but no light appeared until perfect "balance" was established. This was done and the wire then appeared to clear the ground by 7 or 8 feet at its lowest point. The antenna wire was insulated from the poles with two quartz glass insulators about six inches long. February 21. Moray himself. This letter signed by E.

but in a very definite mathematical order of time. I confidently believe Dr. circuits and theory have been pronounced by leading men of science as scientifically. that the device carries many times as much current without even getting slightly warm as any other electrical device of like construction known to man today could do without bursting into flame. This energy has a definite elastic rigidity and density. The Sire of Gravitation. but it will merely slide back in a dead beat to its unrestrained. (Names of these men of science will be furnished upon request. On account of the brilliancy of the light it was apparent that much more than the ordinary voltage was going into these lamps and the excessive heat developed in one spot made me feel that they would soon burn out. mechanically sound and correct." The drawings. electrically. recovery will be quicker and quicker until inertia will assert itself and lengthen out the time of final recovery by carrying the recoil beyond the natural oscillation and thus prolonging the vibrations by oscillation. and Moray's device proves. (Signed) Nilton H. In the internal impedance is too great. When the strain is removed. coming and going as the waves of the sea. but it is claimed that the device works. It is generally accepted now by science. whether large or small. surging back and forth as the waves of the sea. this medium will spring back to its old position and beyond.51 asserted that the result would have been the same had one hundred lights been used in place of the 35 on the light rack. These electric oscillations are not simple oscillations. but they did not. One will ask. . is completed during the same interval of time. but always coming with a regular beat note that might be referred to as the Father of Time. Welling Secretary of the State of Utah Many men of science have come from foreign countries and from the East and the West and have been shown experiments and not one of them has been able to find any fault with what they have seen or heard. This energy. completed during the same interval of time. the heart beats of life. As stated. there will be no oscillations. It is not claimed that all of Moray's theory is proven. state. that the earth is surrounded by such a field of energy. the color of the light different. Moray is on the threshold of perfecting one of the most amazing fundamental invention of history. the oscillations of the Universe all prove the same great fact that oscillations are all governed by the same eyelet of time. The results are certain and that in the absence of better explanations as given elsewhere Moray's explanation is as good as any. but surgings with a definite beat note of oscillations. coming to the earth from every direction. cutting down the resistance to the minimum and by synchronous resonance (sympathy) of the device with the resonance of the Universe. Every oscillation. The lights and iron together were consuming more than four horse power of electric energy. there is energy coming from somewhere.) These men have had the device opened for their inspection and have pronounced the experiments wonderful that the current is high frequency. as stated above. and will continue to oscillate until the original pressure is used up. Very sincerely yours. or. When the recovery is distinctly oscillatory resonance sets in the oscillations will go on forever because of the oscillations of the Universe. That the "tubes used are far more powerful than anything known to science today.these oscillations of Energy are picked up by the Moray device and the oscillator tubes of the device itself. and as Moray stated years ago. these surgings or oscillations of Energy coming and returning to the Universe are picked up by the Moray Device because the Moray Device is tuned to oscillate in harmony (sympathetically) with the oscillations of the universe just as musical instruments can be made to oscillate together. how can you get steady energy from such surging having so great an amount of energy at such a terrific potential? Could not a steady flow of water be obtained from the surgings of the sea? The operation of the condensers need not be repeated here as it is believed they have been fully explained in the enclosed account. which is subject to displacement and strains. or as Moray explains it . these waves of energy have a regular beat note of time. stronger in the day time than at night.

D. for as Mark Twain said." and one should be armed with but scant philosophy if they remained for long surprised at the attacks of some or at the exasperation of a certain number of worthy people. pages 41-43: ." Again quoting from "Foundations of the Universe" by Dr. They are however. They gave to the world their ideas in a form unintelligible to others of their day. page V. nor is it contrary to ideas that scienc has accepted today. but we doubtless have at present an inperfect account of the situation. By inertia. directly or indirectly. there are still greater difficulties in getting them recognized. Electrons in motion go to constitute an electric current. Of all the energy that pours forth from the sun. Hence this further explanation of the Moray theory. Electricity is vibrations or radiations. Moray has taken "Radiant Energy" and found a means of using it. Baker. Professor of Astronomy. It would seen that nature is squandering its resources of energy so prodigally that it must end in bankruptcy. Where ether (or if you do not like that name. although they have spent from five hours to days on the theory and claims and made test experiments. Luckiesh. Farady. of the great number of learned man who have seen and heard of Moray's work. of being recovered. "In the far-off stellar crucibles we see the same laws being obeyed as in our laboratories. "ASTRONOMY". as it is hard for the average human mind to rid itself of inherited ideas. Heat. General Electric Company. Below will be found excepts from a few additional account of some experiments taken from some of the hundreds of accounts of tests made and also some excepts from some scientific books. less than one part in 200 million is intercepted by the planets and their satellites. Director of Lighting Research Laboratory. and at the silence of the greater number of the scholars. so far as we know. Cavendish and others were unable to always express themselves so that those of their day understood their inner meaning. and electrical inertia to common inertia.52 In explaining this theory to a well known and noted American Scientist. The remainder spreads through interstellar space with little chance. University of Illinois. light." Nevertheless. not one has been able to disprove his claims. by Robert H. Light causes vibrations of this "ether" and it is these vibrations which cause our eyes to detect. It is becoming more and more certain that the apparent complexity of nature is due to our lack of knowledge. which so completely. Among those in question have been some of America's foremost in Science. What electricity is to matter. although perhaps unconsciously control our line of thought. D. or. Fully realizing that whatever the difficulties in discovering new truths. call it what you will) is quiescent we use nothing. Be that as it may. page 303: "Another problem relates to the apparent lavish expenditure of this radiation. Luckiesh of General Electric.) i. or effects produced by this "Cosmic Power". but sensations. original with Moray in aplication and when Moray first advanced them years ago they were "killed" as it were by those who heard of them before they get very far. The suggestion that the sun shines only in the direction of material that can intercept it makes an appeal from the point of view of economy." "FOUNDATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE" by M. so is electric force to common mechanical force. theories or discoveries. on which Moray has spent his time from boyhood. who have heard of these experiments. but appears to have little else to recommend it. Ph.. I mean the ratio of force to acceleration. There at its very foundation it seems to consist of electric charges which probably simulate the motions of celestial bodies. but what has been done in Radiant Energy has been and perhaps rightfully called "radical. Ether waves in motion go to constitute an electric current. electricity. it is not well to say anything is impossible. he said. Perhaps electric inertia might be defined as the ratio of electric motive force to the acceleration of electric displacement. All substances are really combinations of one (primordial substance. printed in 1925. The theory herein contained is not new in the main. As we trace down to the almost infinitesimal constituents of the extremely minute atom we find that apparently it does not exist at all as the realistic matter which we have supposed it to be. e. "It takes many years to get a new idea fixed in the human mind." In this day and age. As the picture unfolds it promises a marvelous simplicity. "You go in your theory back of the law of gravitation. Ss. power and energy are not things in themselves. yet their ideas have since become known facts. electricity is specifically modified ether. in other words. Franklin.

or possibly one. Radiation or radiant energy is emitted of various wave lengths or frequencies which must be taken into account in laws of radiation. with such pictures of the Universe being constructed we may cease to be surprised at anything. matter and energy. Physics. and the next epochal event was the founding by Planck (1900) of the quantum theory. The method of transfer is known to be by means of wave motion. Here on earth we have many 'receiving stations' which are tuned to certain ranges of wave lengths. steel." Pages 18-19: "From the definition of energy it is the potential of the Universe." Part III. He conceived elements of energy of equal magnitude analogous to the equality of electrons. this relationship is not quite so surprising. page four. The exact manner in which the radiant energy traversed space was not known. the sudden revelation that light (and radiation in general) was an electrical phenomena was very startling and revolutionary. Now the physicist uses quanta as commonly as he does electrons and atoms and molecules. The wide space in diamond. The earth and sun. Even today those persons who are unfamiliar with fundamental physics find it difficult to believe that energy traveling from yonder star to the eyes is electromagnetic in nature. Here we see the atomistic principle applied to "material" (matter) and then to electricity (What shall we call it?). a half century ago.the radiation emitted by the electrons . etc. to pass through. J." as Thomson calls them. Here we have the atomistic principle applied to energy instead of being confined to the material of the universe as it had been.' This was written in 1892. and the atom (quantum) of action ( a product of energy and time). a lamp filament. California. But that it is so has been amply proved. It is to be expected that it has found other applications equally fascinating and promising. Director Lowe Observatory. It is now being pressed further into the service of explaining the structure of matter. all suns and dark bodies in space. or atoms of a given element. considering the total absence of knowledge." Professor Barker. Thomson (Lord Kelvin). These are doubtless either electricity in its ultimate refinement. or very closely allied to it. is the sum total of all that has been found during three centuries of incessant research in all that portion of the Universe visible in a forty-inch telescope armed with the most powerful spectroscope over made. Bodies are build of molecules. says:' Energy is defined as a condition of matter in virtue of which any definite portion may effect changes in any other definite portion. his achievement was epochal. The atoms in those distant stellar crucibles have moving electrons which are emitting electromagnetic waves of many wave lengths or frequencies. When matter is in a phase allowing it to be active. Energy is internal and inherent. Knowing what to do at the present time in regard to the structure of atoms. flint or anything else allow these "Bodies smaller than atoms. Maxwell's Theory "When Maxwell (1873) propounded the electromagnetic theory of light (radiations). or rather.is divided into quanta.53 "The great success of the atomistic principle as it is involved in the kinetic theory of matter is one of the wonders of the modern scientific age. and discoveries since confirm it." It is the belief of the writer that all this space is saturated with inconceivably minute corpuscles of energy: Those discovered by Professor J." "These two. or its immediate carriers. glass. We now have the atom of matter. and the atoms of electrons (and Protons). in the quantum theory we have the atomistic idea applied to physical processes. Finally. Energy then. One . Each impulse moves from the omitting to the receiving mass on a rigorously straight line. all granular matter move through the primordial cosmical mass of electrical corpuscles as would a wire screen through water. In other words. is a state of matter. Planck assumed the emission of radiation (from the sun. the atom (electron) of electricity. but our interest and admiration will grow. pertaining to the existence of electrons in atoms of matter. However.) to occur discontinuously. a physical process . it effects other quantities of matter at a distance. the molecules of atoms. the result of a particular state of conditions in which matter may be when any observed phase of energy appears. at page 17" "Radiant here means proceeding from a center in straight lines in every direction." "RADIANT ENERGY" by Edgar Lucien Larkin. "One of the most marvelous relationships that has ever been revealed in the entire science of physics is that between light and electricity. printed in 1903.

if it be a coincidence. can stimulate the chemical actions going on in the leaves of plants. with honors from a score more and has held offices of President in a dozen or more Scientific Societies.supplies everything on earth with warmth. in which the only relevant velocity is the velocity of light.may be regarded as due to. encounter the obstruction of a target. it is certainly a focus of energy. can hardly fail to have some meaning. and much like. such as the motion of railway trains. traveling at a high speed in a vacuum. the entire wave motion of the Universe is electro-magnetic. It is well known that all the ordinary energy we are acquainted with. or croquet balls. Other kinds. it is a question for physicists and physiologists in collaboration. which is therefore called light. another distant from it 186. this kind of invisible radiation being called X-rays. There is nothing absolute about it.. Through the whole range-from telegraphic waves. They do not differ in any other essential particular." "Those who hold this view of the Universe are strengthened in their position by the expression of Einstein of energy in general.they all travel at precisely the same speed." a paradoxical term appropriate to the condition of a sleeping top.e. which is the most stationary thing we know.a rather deeper harmony as it were . other kinds. they are all subject to the same laws of interference.relative to the earth. at right angles to it. can be ascertained.54 continuous set of oscillations in this straight line is called a ray. This coincidence. Locomotion is not to be attributed to the Ether. perhaps the only stationary thing that exists.i. Fellow of the Royal Society of Science and holder of five or six Doctors degreees from colleges. of reflection. again. and so on. It is not clearly known why the eye is sensitive to some kinds of etherical radiation. Thomson fulfilled the prophecy. Other kinds of radiation can affect a photographic plate. and by evaporating water contributes to most of the phenomena of weather. are omitted when individual electrons." "ATOMS AND RAYS" by Sir Oliver Lodge. which have long been studied in the department of physics known as optics." Moray would qualify the above statement by saying there are speeds greater than the speed of light. the only speed at which the Ether is able to transmit energy. They are all of the same electromagnetic character." "In speaking of these kinds of radiation as different. and ordinary locomotion. or vibration or wave-length. But the eyes of animals and insects as well as of man. They differ only as treble notes differ from bass notes. as lying outside our physical ken . But Einstein gives an expression for what one might be inclined to call absolute energy. and only expressible in billionths of an inch . and thereby supply the energy needed for vegetable growth. its energy would be equal to that of the electric field in the space surrounding the electron. containing the known mass of the electron and circulating with the velocity of light. and as demonstrating slight modifications of the . another kind of radiation is emitted by great aerials. means that kind of etherical radiation which is able to affect the eye. and polarisation. That. or is not. Another kind . and not to other kinds. at any rate in inorganic nature . like that of a top or a whirlpool. Since the corpuscles are negative and can be drawn out of their original straight path by the action of magnetism. and the next. or shifting from place to place. but it may be full of what is sometimes called "stationary motion.000 miles in the same straight line will also make a vibration at the end of the first second of time. And all the phenomena we observe in nature. Each negative or Thomsonian corpuscle makes a double vibration to and fro like a pendulum straight across the direction of the ray . printed in 1924: "The term 'light' strictly speaking.omitting the phenomena of Life and MInd for who present. or to some other piece or matter. But it is common knowledge that there are many other varieties of radiation besides those to which the eye is sensitive. which may be a mile long. After the first corpuscle makes a swing. And if we could imagine an Ether vortex. the corpuscles moves over and returns to its original position it had before the excursion. of which the wave-length is actually smaller than atoms. they differ in rapidity or rate. again. and is known as the Hertzian waves employed in radio. at the opposite end of the scale. This is what Maxwell prophosied many years ago." "After one corpuscle makes an oscillation across the direction of the ray and return the next does likewise. to X-rays. by which adjectives it is intended to discriminate between rotatory motion. all appear to be sensitive to a limited range of etherical radiation. And. Pages 41-44: "Whatever an electric charge is. we are not speaking quite accurately. in merely relative . And there are those who are beginning to think that the whole material universe is built up of Ether in various states of self contained or intrinsic motion. no doubt.

which still retain the property of spontaneous disintegration. But all electric and magnetic phenomena. Simple atoms. but to the eye of science it is there. is the sign. and means have been sought. the complete manner and meaning of which have still to be worked out. and even then only on a relative small scale. of higher elements. Henry Moray. we see some small residual outcomes of this production of energy at the expense of matter. until it partially exhibits itself as transmitted waves in the form of radiation. without loss. are likewise known to be modes of manifestation of the Ether of Space. they are tractable. In their motions. 1929. For the spinning motion itself is impalpable and beyond the ken of our instruments. Testimonial TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that on the evening of March 16. and it is only the heavy atoms of fission material. unless it is converted into the energy of chemical separation or electric charge. seems now to be the more overflow or surplus of the violent constitutional energy within . Utah. "So the question arises.energy which at present seems inaccessible to us. That is how we first knew about the Ether. can be packed together so as to form the more complex atoms." Part IV. which we have no means of getting at. We call it radioactivity. Conversion from one form to another. It is highly unlikely that this will go on spontaneously or uncontrollably or dangerously. guided and controllable. in form which enable it to appear to our animal-derived senses. "How soon energy of this kind may become commercial. such a process will liberate vast stores of energy. They have spontaneously emitted of their energy. The practical way is by using Energy from the Cosmos. But here. and will not run rampant. of Cedar City. but which is possessed in enormous amount by the very constitution of the atoms of matter. the interior of which is at an altogether exceptional temperature and pressure. and the power of explosives. Salt Lake City. and therefore. no one can say. "Such a process has not yet been performed in our laboratories.e. What is Matter? Is that too a manifestation of some peculiar properties in the Ether? We know now that matter is built up of protons and electrons. and settled down into apparent stability and quiescence. And it is becoming provable that what we call matter is one of those forms. rather than as yet suggested. and the interaction of molecules generally. and are essentially resolvable into ethereal energy of a specific kind. And the proof that matter is a form of energy will not be clinched until it can be demonstrated that matter too is convertible into other forms of energy." "Energy in the chief thing in the physical universe that directly appeals to us. not by so called fission material. That which we ordinarily recognize as the locomotive energy of bodies.55 portion affected by this great ethereal velocity. Wilkinson. for getting at it. has long been known to give rise to various forms of energy." "Combination of atoms into molecules. Dr. like those of hydrogen. Hence we are beginning to think that matter itself is form of energy. and constitute a laboratory where results can be beyond the scope of our present manipulation. They show no obvious sign of possessing any. Most of the forms of energy that we know are convertible one into another. i. except by reason of bad or malevolent arrangements. The energy of motion turns into heat. They may be violent enough under the conditions in the interior of stars. including perhaps our sun. Witness ordinary combustion. Fortunately. we probably see the same thing. (or has it?) though it is believed to be occurring in the giant stars. on the earth. all chemical activity. But when we come to analyze these into their fundamentals.natural of energy. we kind far more than a hint that they are but special modification in the all-pervading ether. and other substances at that end of the series. so does the energy of electric currents. In the light from those stars. and do not damage. under such conditions as we are familiar with on the earth. a few of those atoms have given us the hint. much greater than could be obtained from ordinary kinds of chemical combination. Moray claims to have devised and invented an apparatus that will produce electrical energy without the use . in connection with Dr." "All the light that we experience can be resolved into vibrations or tremors in the Ether. The other more familiar atoms seem to have lost that power. We apprehend it under a great variety of forms. I witnessed a demonstration at the laboratory of T.

Objections that I have heard 4. While the demonstration was being conducted and the lamps were receiving the energy through the apparatus the main switch that controls the lights in the building was opened. One was attached to the blade of the switch and the other the jaw of the switch so that when the switch was open the antenna. and coils of wires and other equipment. and to a flat iron during part of the demonstration. . apparatus in the boxes. Tests 5. I further tested by closing and opening the switch several times to see if any sparks appeared. were all in series. Objections that I have heard. except that a small switch connected in series with the coil was left open. ten large condensers in one set and ten small condensers in the other set. These pieces of apparatus were connected by a number of wires by which the hookup was connected. Thus the lights could not have received their power from that source. If the antenna or lead-in were connected to the lighting circuit this would have produced a short circuit.56 of a prime mover. That the power is obtained by a hidden wire from the electric lighting current. Dr. 1.were neither brighter nor dimmer at that time. Description of Apparatus 2. 2. We turned the table over and examined it carefully for hidden wires but found none. Two wooden boxes were placed on a table. This indicates that the circuit was dead. lead-in. Conclusion 1. Before and after the demonstration I closed the big switch which connects or shorts the antenna and ground and made other tests. Description of Apparatus The apparatus consists of an antenna specially balanced or aerial capacitor and a special ground wire. Demonstration During the demonstration the apparatus was connected in series as above described. 2. 4. Demonstration 3. which was about 60 minutes. and this is the apparatus demonstrated on the occasion above referred to. These are connected to the terminals of a switch. Two of these wires were led out to the switch. Tests. the lights went out. With the apparatus all connected as when operating the lights. the contacts with the switch were moved but produced no arcing. but there were no sparks. I touched my hand to both sides of the switch and the wall to check for ground but could not feel anything. 3. each of these weighed about three or four ounces. The subjects of this article will be treated in the following order: 1. On one of these boxes was a high-frequency transformer and in the other box were two sets of condensers. and another box approximately hemispherical in shape about two inches in diameter and weighing about two ounces. I placed my wet finger between the blade and the jaws of the switch and could not feel any electricity. the lamps were lighted and remained bright as long as the circuit was left closed. All lights on the house circuit went out but the light on the Radiant Energy circuit were not altered . Moray energized and synchronized the device and in three or four minutes. each about 11/8 inches in diameter and four inches long. When the "ground wire" was disconnected and then the leadin was disconnected. and ground wire. He then connected an electric flat iron. The other wires leading out of the box were connected to six 100 watt lamps connected in multiple during part of the demonstration. two composition cylinders. That the power is obtained from batteries. In a short time the iron was hot.

with a Masters Degree. He has also invented a very sensitive sound detector whereby it is possible to hear conversations carried on in an ordinary tone of voice at a distance of several blocks. showing a brilliant strong arc and a loud [snappy cloud] showing a sudden discharge as condensers are supposed to do and batteries never do. Besides the boxes were not large enough to hide batteries in. J. thus proving that electrical energy was passing through this apparatus. some of his position being Assistant Superintendent of Power Stations of the Utah Power and LIght System. Utah To all Whom it May Concern: It is now more than two years since I first became acquainted with Dr. and at the end of that time a 100 watt lamp was lighted simultaneously with the heating of a 575 watt standard hotpoint flatiron. but no sign of spark appeared. which lasted for more than an hour. H. the lights were brilliant at all times. If they had been batteries they would have showed a spark. The small condensers were less vigorous in discharging but the same snappy discharge a condenser and not a battery discharges. nor is it derived from radio stations. Ex-Secretary of State of Utah: "In regard to the Moray Radiant Energy discovery. E. I have had it demonstrated to me to my full satisfaction and have read the reports of many reliable experts and have heard others express themselves favorably about what they have seen. This device was subjected to an endurance test in which it was operated continuously for a week. The terminals were shorted. T. These tests proved positively that condensers and not batteries were in the cases supposed by some to contain batteries. The electric lamps receiving energy from some source and during the demonstration. YATER. He has also worked out numerous radio hookups which eliminate many of the parts now considered necessary . J. a graduate from Cornell. Crockett. the positive to the negative. One is therefore forced to the conclusion that the electric energy was received from some other source and difficult as it is to understand. E. (Signed) T. The lights on demonstration were a different color and brighter and whiter than those on the house circuit. Perhaps the most wonderful of his inventions is a device whereby he is able to draw electric power from the Cosmos. Yates. The boxes were completely emptied thus leaving no possible place for batteries to be stored." KE N. Conclusions.57 The condensers were thoroughly tested. as has been demonstrated by taking the apparatus more than 50 miles from the nearest power line and over a hundred miles from the nearest radio station and showing that it operates just as well as anywhere else. just as bright at the last as at the first of the demonstration. as has been suggested by some. and in that time he has demonstrated inventive ability of an exceptional order. He was Chief Engineer of the Utah Radio Products Company and a consulting engineer for many years. During the time that the lights were burning the connections with the big switch was moved along the switch and vigorous arcing occurred. T. He had charge of the Research and Experimental work of the American Smelting and Refining Company. Besides the current is high frequency. making a total of 675 watts. The electric energy that lighted the lamps and heated the flat iron was not received from the house circuit. One of these M. Moray. This energy is not derived by induction from power lines. 5. Besides no batteries of such size could produces such power. Superintendent of City Electric Service of the Utah Power and LIght." "Salt Lake City. After thus being charged the large condensers gave a vigorous discharge. Quotation from letter of R. They were then tested by connecting them to the electric terminals. Moray and the work he is carrying on. with our present knowledge generation. is a nationally known electrical expert. It is very evident that no batteries could sustain such a drain as this. and a man of high character who has had many year's experience in the electrical field. no other conclusion can be drawn from the demonstration as above described than that the energy was received by and through the apparatus as claimed by Dr.

There are a great many other equally remarkable things that he has done such as reducing old rubber from truck tires to the state of a viscous fluid which is readily vulcanizable without the addition of smoke sheet as is necessary with other processes. When all is explained. M. and got wonderful reception or radio-loud enough in fact. and numerous other devices which show great ingenuity. when he had seen the inside of the device he admitted that it could not have been what he had supposed. "It is very interesting. Dr. and I am sure that this is a revolutionary and epoch making invention. B. Moray has explained all to me without reservation. and I am free to say that I can find no inconsistencies in it . He connected his detector in a crystal set for receiving radio. and that its commercial adaptation is feasible. W. "Salt Lake City. it is in reality very simple in essence. under so many different conditions of weather and of season that I am positively convinced that it is what its inventor claims it to be. including graduate courses in physics and mathematics. with major in physics under Dr. would not be noticed unless pointed out by him. in fact. He has also shown to me and explained the detector which he uses. In this he has applied a fundamental principle of electric circuit which. . though the antenna was merely one of the bell type. Sincerely yours. Moray has shown to me the wiring diagram of the assembly. as above mentioned in respect to the circuit. This element of his device also. Lovesey: Pursuant to my promise to you at our recent discussion. Lovesey City Dear Mr. Recently Dr. that is. Hayes PhD. signed. Murray O. there is a notable elimination of interference from static when some of these are used. He also took a lump of lead treated according to the process which he has invented and used in it place of the crystal. to operate an old fashion horn speaker of the type put out of R C A about 1923." This machine has been operated in my presence so many times. but they are in reality of basic importance. Hayes. I am writing to make of record the extent of my acquaintance with the construction and operation principles of the Moray device for utilizing cosmic energy. He remarked many times." Dr. when looking at the machine. I believe that Dr. has Educational Record and qualifications as follows: "A. not anything which does not appear to be logical and sound. H. in my own home. Morray O. he gets definite. He has devised a means by which he is able to measure with some degree of accuracy the energy evolved during mental activity. I was recently present when an electrical engineer representing a foreign government. variable deflections of the needle of a sensitive galvanometer which appeared to be related to the rigor of mental activity. has numerous features which appear incidental but are the heart of the matter and of first importance. S. You are already aware that I have seen many demonstrations of what this mechanism will do and that I have seen the parts of which it is built. (Signed) Murray O. I believe. and obtained better reception than with the real crystal. He at first said that amplification of radio wave accounted for what he saw. Utah Mr. although it would be a real achievement to amplify such waves sufficiently to light six one hundred watt lights at one time. Hayes. also a high frequency therapeutic device. the Russian Government was given an experimental demonstration of the energy machine. Harvey Fletcher. who makes the above statement. in place of the crystal.58 for good reception. and based on reorganized laws of electricity. While this hookup appears to be very complicated. There are many features which appear to be incidental. and also to heat a flat iron of the standard five hundred seventyfive watt type. yet there is no apparent diminution in quality or volume.

To take Bar examination soon. Not one mentions such as idea. 2484 So. Every part of the system was inspected by me. D. Five years in examining corps." Dr. the . a safer and better means of starting the device has been devised. and once the set is put in operation. coils an other parts noted at the previous test were now in one small box about 10" x 10" x 30". 1922. T. Patent Office. When the lights were on bright. Fifth East Salt Lake City. vice Carl F. The iron heated quite rapidly and in about 2 1/2 minutes was hot enough to be used for ironing. I made a thorough and careful examination of the entire system to see if it were possible for the electricity to have been introduced on the system from some other source. which were supplied from the house circuit.Patent Correspondence "Washington. Utah. Brigham Young University. on devices for the reception of radiant energy. Murray O. I have always a felt certain that you would obtain broad protection on your radiant energy invention. who was finished work for doctorate. Dear Henry: For your information I wish to report what I have done in the matter of your radiant energy machine since coming here. We arrived here Friday. Hayes. C. During this test. I spent the whole day in the search room of the Patent Office. I now have. some changes in the apparatus were noted although a great improvement was made in the performance. and leads from the switch to the box containing the condensers and coils. the electric iron was plugged in. T. Moray by which he produces electrical energy. Moray. in geology. S. Very truly your. There was no noticeable blinking or sudden diminution of lights as in usual in house lighting systems when an electrical iron was on. of Science and registered patent attorney. To start the set operating. The condensers. all wires were checked. U." Part V . Neither is there any patent which suggests anything like your oscillator tubes. but now I know it. On Monday July 13. You may use this letter in any way that you see fit.59 Ph. A report of that visit has already been made.23. Byring. H. about two years later. On the other end on this cord was a 575-watt electric iron. it will continue to charge itself. The lights were as bright as before the iron was put in. "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I witnessed a demonstration of the apparatus invented by Dr. the leads from the box to the lamp rack. witnessed a second demonstration of the same set. on reading. and not one is there which show. H. D. and examined every patent issued by the U. The lamp rack which formerly held six 100-watt lamps is now displaced by a larger rack which holds 32 50watt lamps. Most of them were so obviously dissimilar to your invention that they did not consume much time. all of the electric lamps were lighted one time and were whiter and more brilliant than other lights in the room. the switch was removed and examined. S. even the remotest resemblance to your radiant energy machine. I feel perfectly safe in saying that there is not one chance in a hundred thousand that the Examiner will find any disclosures that will restrict your claims. 3 100-watt lamps and a receptacle to receive an extension plug and cord. July 10. the box itself was lifted and examined. Acting head of department of physics.

In witness to the above I hereunto sign my name. and the longer the current is applied to charge them the greater the charge they take. Dear Mr. My only purpose in issuing this statement is in the interest of the advancement of science. My Commission expires (Signed) R. "Murray O. Moray claims for it. A short time ago a demonstration was given for a nationally known physicist a professor in one of the greatest universities of the country. E. If there had been power from other sources on the antenna or lead-in. The cylinders called "oscillators" and the small conical shell called the "detector" are the only things not commonly known. J. Yates Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of December. STATE OF UTAH COUNTY OF SALT LAKE Thomas J. Chapman May 7. 1930. When the system was working.residing at Salt Lake City. reception would not have been possible but a loud. M. much as in filling a bucket by pouring water into it. the lights were burning bright. instead of taking the charge practically instantaneously as is ordinarily the case. I do not own any stock or interest in Moray's work. Yates. but the system works. at which time he noted and mentioned the following: That when the oscillators are connected in the circuit the condensers fill slowly. (SEAL) (Signed) Thomas J. H.E. The condensers and the coils of wire are common. I consider this development a great advance in the science of producing electrical energy. That the lights are much hotter than is ever the case with any current used at the present time. Loveay. due to the . Utah. Utah. (Signed) Thomas J.E. not an inch of space was overlooked where it would be possible to introduce any metal that would carry the power and I am prepared to say that no such connection existed from which power could be had from any other system. I do not understand the principle by which Dr. This was demonstrated by connecting the radio set to the house lighting system. A crystal radio set was out in on the lead-in wire from the antenna on one side and to the ground wire on the other side and perfect reception was had. A vigorous arcing occurred and the sparks jumped over an air gap as much as eighteen inches. Moray produces the electric energy. Very truly yours. Hayes W.60 lamp rack was lifted and examined and the ground wire from the switch to the water pipe on which it was grounded. This would indicate that the power was high voltage and the nature of the sparks indicated a high frequency. Yates. up to their maximum for the applied voltage. deposes and says: That he has read the foregoing statement and acknowledges that he wrote and signed the same as above set up.. 1934 Notary Public . being first duly sworn. Salt Lake City. Loveay: This letter is in compliance with your request for some facts relating to the Moray radiant energy invention. It produces electric power in abundance and does all that Dr. The terminal attached to the antenna was disconnected. by connecting the radio set to the ground wire. humming sound would be produced.

I have never had a doubt. and also the fundamentals of the detector. That the size of wire in the transformer could not carry the amperage passing through it without burning up. Very truly yours. Hayes. I believe the above. and have charge of all the electrical work for the Tribune and Telegram Publishing Company. I have been with the Kearns Corporation over seventeen years. at the same time he had become familiar with all of the detail of the construction of your device for utilizing cosmic energy. "UTAH OIL REFINING COMPANY Salt Lake City. Hayes furnished me a detail of his educational record. . if ordinary current were used. but I thought the real detail secrets of the invention were held only by yourself and after my conference at New York with Dr. Utah W. WHL/T Salt Lake City. Hayes in any office and. The above points show that there is developed something which is entirely out of the ordinary.having agreed with them that I would endeavor to induce you to give the detail of your invention to Murray O. Your truly. Hayes made these similar statements to me several times. Hayes has made similar statements under oath. Dr. Lovesy. and added that you had applied only fundamental principles of electric circuits. Purchasing & Traffic Mr. Hayes if he could duplicate your machine. (Signed) W. Murray O. in which he advised of his being shown and having explained to him the wiring diagram of the assembly . was with the Utah Power and Light Company for thirteen years.61 incandescence of the gas in the globes under the influence of the very high frequency. Utah To Whom It May Concern: I have worked in electricity all my life. and in Kearns and Tribune Buildings. H. and it may be from my determination in having him repeatedly make the declaration that he had been shown every detail of the invention that would give him the impression that I had a doubt about the invention. in addition to the presentation made in the letter whereof I gave you a copy a few days ago will enable anyone to form a reliable opinion as to this device. at the time. Utah Dear Henry: I have handed you the original letter of Murray O. at the Bell Laboratories. Personally. The memorandums on the face of these two original documents were made by me at the time I was consulting with Murray O. he definitely advised me that he had been shown every detail of your invention and argued that he could make one of the machine himself from the information that had been given him. Harvey Fletcher and Fr. and in which he stated plainly that while it would not have been noticed unless pointed out by you. Carl Eyring. There is attached a second letter in which Mr. T. (Signed) Murray O Hayes. . D." Ph. yet the wire remained absolutely cool no matter how long the machine operated. and worked in all departments including substations. Henry Moray 2484 South 5th East Salt Lake City. and cannot be accounted for on the basis of induction from existing power lines or current from batteries. H. and in every instance his answer was emphatic and to the effect that he could do so. LOVESEY.

R. 120-volt lamps. Moray connected this box to a special balanced aerial and ground wire from the outside and two of us held a counter poise antenna attached to glass insulators in the room and when he connected the box to this counter poise antenna I saw the same results. heated iron heators. in fact. Top of Page | Master Index | Front Page | What's New | FAQ | Catalog .C. Dr. ran a small motor especially wound at great speed. Moray's laboratory of his electrical marvel box. about 18 x 30 x 15 and connected it to the outside aerial and ground wire. it just turned off the power from the box. We attached the wire from the box to the building side of the switch and he lighted his building. I am satisfied myself from my experience in electricity that there was no fake of an kind of concealed batteries. It was a very remarkable demonstration and one which I will always remember. Moray then disconnected the appliances and lamp. During this demonstrations and while the lamp and appliances were on I shorted the aerial and ground wires. From this box he lighted about fifty 100. Everything was in the open so I could see every operation. some of his cold tubes and some condensers. 1929. everything the Utah Power and Light Company service would do except run motors which I understand have to be specially wound. There was no feeling and they were both cold. I witnessed a demonstration at Dr. (Signed) Geo." Let us urge the reading of the paper filed at the Naval Research Laboratory. R.. Washington D. By. Pyper Geo. O. I then took hold of both of these wires. Pyper. He then took a larger box." Also the paper by B. and attached two longs wires to the box and we pulled the main line Utah Power and Light Company service switch for his building. 1929. and a 500-watt glow heater. There was no spark. Ross Gunn on "A Theory of Permanent Magnetic Fields of the Sun and Earth. F. Dr. June 4.62 In December last. Hulburt of June 6.watts. I did not see the inside of the larger box. or wires. He let me see inside this box and there was transformer H. Standard globes were used but they seemed to give a softer whiter light which was more daylight. Dr. an original electric iron.

der von ihnen als Gravity Motor bezeichnet wird und auf einer Theorie des Gründers der Firma. nach der eine indische Firma namens SK Dynamics einen Gravitationsantrieb entwickelt. Die Antwort kam wenige Stunden später: Dear Andreas. kann es sich herunterladen. basiert. Regards Deepak Jariwala Mit diesem Artikel möchte ich der Bitte von Deepak Jariwala nun nachkommen. Wer das Material im Original lesen möchte. mir Material über diese Entwicklung zuzusenden. einen Gravitationsantrieb zu entwickeln und zu testen. Die Theorie Die Theorie von Rakesh Goel besagt in ihren Grundzügen. I have sent sufficient literature to you. was es mit dieser Geschichte auf sich hat und schrieb an SK Dynamics mit der Bitte. Rakesh Goel. Wie kommt er zu dieser Hypothese? Stellen Sie sich zwei H-Atome vor. wie das in der . der auf einer Theorie von Rakesh Goel basiert. dass es sich bei der allgemein als Gravitationsfeld bekannten Erscheinung im Grunde um ein elektromagnetisches Feld eines sehr hohen Frequenzbereiches handelt. Erste Ergebnisse wurden bereits erzielt.63 Andreas Hecht Der Gravity Motor Eine indische Firma ist dabei. Hope you will give access to the same information to all dear German readers in this field. Vorgeschichte Die Theorie Von der Theorie zur Praxis Die Maschine Erste Tests Pläne Über den Erfinder Quellen Rechtlicher Hinweis Vorgeschichte Ende September 2000 erreichte mich eine Nachricht. der bisher noch unentdeckt geblieben ist und dass dieses Feld seinen Ursprung in der Bewegung der elektrisch geladenen Teilchen innerhalb der Materie hat. die sich in gewissem Abstand zueinander befinden. Ich war natürlich sofort interessiert.

dass. dass die Eigenschaften elektromagnetischer Wellen unterhalb dieses Bereiches hinlänglich bekannt sind und offensichtlich keine gravitative Wirkung haben. Die komplette Theorie Goels finden Sie in [1]. Dabei kommt es darauf an. so Goel. umso steiler der Stromanstieg ist. mittels steiler Stromimpulse erzielen lassen. die sich in Gegenwart eines radialen magnetischen Feldes auf einer Kreisbahn bewegt. die oben beschriebenen Zustände zwischen den Atomen mittels anderer Ladungsdipole zu simulieren. dass es sich bei den beschriebenen Kräften schlicht um die chemische Bindung. die der Sinusschwingung von Ladungsdipolen in drei Raumachsen gleichzusetzen ist. Goel schlussfolgert dies aus der Tatsache. wenn man elektrische und magnetische Kräfte in einer Apparatur in geeigneter Weise zusammenwirken läßt. möglichst hohe Frequenzen zu erzeugen. Derartige Frequenzen würden sich. Eine frei bewegliche Ladung. die den magnetischen Anteil der Gravitationskraft darstellt. es möglich sein sollte. Analog gilt für die Gravitation: Ein Ladungsdipol. wobei das Spektrum umso höher liegt.64 nebenstehenden Zeichnung zu sehen ist. intermolekulare Kräfte handelt und dass diese Kräfte bei Abständen um 10-9 m wesentlich größer sind als die Gravitationskraft. Ausserdem sind diese Kräfte nach dem bisherigen Verständnis in größerem Abstand nicht mehr wirksam. F3 und F4 ständig verändern und somit natürlich auch Fe. Fachleute auf dem Gebiet der physikalischen Chemie werden an dieser Stelle einwenden. die in das von Goel postulierte "Gravitationsband" hineinreichen. Von der Theorie zur Praxis Wie kommt man nun von den oben angedeuteten theoretischen Überlegungen zu einem konkreten Aufbau? Rakesh Goel beschreibt dies folgendermaßen: "Der Ausgangspunkt ist die Theorie des Magnetismus. Da die Elektronen den Kern umkreisen. Was aber ist denn nun eigentlich Fe in der Realität? Rakesh Goel beantwortet diese Frage mit seiner Hypothese: Die resultierende Kraft Fe ist der elektrostatische Kraftvektor der Gravitationskraft! Ähnlich kann auch eine zweite Größe Fm abgeleitet werden. Die Gravitationskraft selbst ergibt sich demzufolge aus diesen beiden Anteilen: Fg = Fe + Fm Rakesh Goel hat mit Hilfe einer extra für diesen Zweck entwickelten Software die resultierenden Vektoren für unterschiedlichsten Fälle und Entfernungen ausgerechnet und ist zu dem Ergebnis gekommen." Man muss also versuchen. Die resultierende Kraft ist also immer positiv (Anziehung). dass sie für die uns bekannte Materie in keinem Fall Null sind oder negative Werte annehmen. erzeugt eine axiale mechanische Kraft. Es müsste also . Den Berechnungen Goels zufolge ist das jedoch nicht der Fall. also oberhalb des Bereiches der kosmischen Strahlung. ein künstliches Gravitationsfeld zu erzeugen. der sich in Anwesenheit eines radialen magnetischen Feldes auf einer Kreisbahn bewegt. also interatomare bzw. Nach der Theorie entsteht Gravitation durch die Bewegung der Elektronen in ihren Orbits innnerhalb der Atome. erzeugt eine axiale Gravitationskraft. resultierend aus den Ladungen der einzelnen Teilchen: • • • F1 zwischen den beiden Elektronen (Abstoßung) F2 zwischen den beiden Protonen (Abstoßung) F3 und F4 jeweils zwischen Elektron des einen und dem Proton des anderen Atoms (Anziehung) Die Resultante dieser Vektoren wird mit Fe bezeichnet und ergibt sich aus der vektoriellen Addition der Einzelvektoren. Ein Stromimpuls in einem metallischen Leiter erzeugt ein breitbandiges Rauschen. werden sich die Kräfte F2. Dieses Frequenzspektrum soll offensichtlich oberhalb des heute bekannten elektromagnetischen Spektrums liegen. wenn er dem Impuls von Stromdipolen ausgesetzt wird. Ein Resultat der Theorie ist. In dieser Konfiguration existieren mehrere Kraftvektoren.

8 um starke metallisierte PE-Folie. Die Windungszahlen der ersten Prototypen lagen zwischen 256 und 1760 Windungen. Im nebenstehenden Bild ist die prinzipielle Schaltung dargestellt. die abwechselnd Schichten aus Metallfolie und einem Dielektrikum enthält und auf einen isolierten zylindrischen Kern gewickelt ist. während an die Anschlüsse A/B und C/D gleichzeitige und entgegengesetzt gerichtete Stromimpulse angelegt werden. Die Maschine Die Realisierung der oben geschilderten Theorie basiert in der Hauptsache auf einem von SK Dynamics neu entwickelten Bauelement: dem Capacito-Inductor. . Der CapacitoInductor besteht in der Hauptsache aus einer vierlagigen Wicklung. die sich ergebenden Kapazitäten C1 zwischen 2 und 18uF.a.65 durch die Anregung von Ladungsdipolen zu solchen Schwingungen ein Gravitationsfeld entstehen. Zur Erzeugung eines axialen Gravitationsfeldes wird die gesamte Konstruktion in schnelle Rotation versetzt. Die mechanische Ausführung zeigt das zweite Bild. wie der Name schon andeutet. das abhängig von der Frequenz und der Geschwindigkeit der Dipole ist. die ein radiales Magnetfeld erzeugen. Bei den Prototypen kamen als Material u. die gleichzeitig als Leiter und Dielektrikum diente oder eine Kombination aus 15um starker PE-Folie und 6um starker Aluminiumfolie zum Einsatz. Es handelt sich dabei. Beim Gravity Motor wird dieses Bauteil in eine Anordnung aus Permanentmagneten montiert. von denen allerdings einige wegen Fehlern bei der Herstellung nicht zum Test kamen. Zwischen A und C wird eine Gleichspannung angelegt. Die Drehzahlen lagen bei den Prototypen zwischen einigen hundert und über 3000 Umin-1 Erste Tests Bisher sind bei SK Dynamics über 20 Prototypen gebaut worden. um eine Kombination aus Kondensator und Induktivität mit vier Anschlüssen.

in einer Waage montiert und mit einem Gegengewicht ausbalanciert.07. Die Ablenkung zeigte sich nach den ersten 5 Minuten des Versuchs und ging innerhalb von 3 bis 4 Stunden während des Versuchs fast auf Null zurück. nahm allerdings wenig später Schaden infolge eines Durchschlags des Dielektrikums.5 Die Tests ergaben im Mittel eine Ablenkung von 0. C = 32uF Testergebnisse: .03% nach ca. P24 (rechts im Bild). 17 g/mm Hier einge Daten am Beispiel des Prototyps P14: • • • • • Gesamtgewichtgewicht: 10 kg Drehzahl: 2800 .8 2954 151.5 ..152 0 151 750 151.C: Spannung Anzeige V mm 0 151 750 151. Der letztgenannte Effekt zeigte sich auch bei anderen Prototypen.66 Die Prototypen wurden.in Abhängigkeit von der Spannung A .5 Gramm bzw. 6 A Gleichspannung zwischen A und C: ca. das entspricht einer Verringerung des Gewichts der Apparatur um ca.2000.05%. 8.5 3330 150.5 mm auf der Skale der Waage. Weitere Einzelheiten und Testergebnisse finden sich in [2]. 453 Wdg. -0.in Abhängigkeit von der Rotation Rotation Anzeige Umin-1 mm 0 151 2500 151 2860 152 3100 152 3262 151. zeigte einen Rückgang der anfänglichen Reduzierung um 0. Die Ablesegenauigkeit dieser Anordnung betrug ca.2900 Umin-1 Stromstärke der Impulse: ca.5 2868 151. getestet am 24. einem Tag. .05% auf 0.5 . wie im Bild zu sehen. 750 V Daten des Capacito-Inductors: Material PE/Al-Folie.

die Testequipment und Steuerungssysteme u.. Ltd. In der zweiten Phase. aber auch eine mathematische Ableitung fehlt noch. die diese und weitere Daten enthält sowie einen Gesamtüberblick enthält. Von 1978 bis 1992 arbeitete er als Technischer Direktor und Teilhaber in einer Firma.5fache seines Eigengewichts (ohne Stromversorgung) zu heben vermag. Text: © Andreas Hecht . 1977 schloss er sein Studium ab und erlangte mit Auszeichnung den Grad eines Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication. Beschleunigungsmesser. Über den Erfinder Rakesh Goel ist Mitglied des IEEE und studierte an der Universität von Roorkee (Indien). dass er das 1. sind angemeldet. Ist dieses Stadium erreicht. weitere Patente in Indien und Amerika. Sie unterliegen dem Patentschutz! Bildmaterial: © SK Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. u. einen Gravitationsantrieb zu entwickeln. lautet das Ziel. Eine der wichtigsten Fragen ist die nach dem Frequenzbereich.. für Zentrifugen. die bis Ende 2006 erreicht werden soll. der sich aus der Theorie ergibt. finden Sie unter [3].: A New Invention: Generation of Gravitational Force MS PowerPoint Presentation Rechtlicher Hinweis Die vorgestellten Technologien und Geräte sind geistiges Eigentum der Firma SK Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.a. eine eigenständige Firma für Forschung und Entwicklung. Diese Ziel soll zum Ende des Jahres 2002 erreicht werden. Die Genehmigung zur Veröffentlichung liegt vor.Ltd. entwarf.B. die sich auf den Gravitationsantrieb beziehen.: Test results MS Word Document [3] SK Dynamics Pvt. mit der er nicht nur das Ziel verfolgt.67 Natürlich steht diese Entwicklung noch ganz am Anfang und es gibt etliche ungeklärte Fragen sowohl hinsichtlich der Theorie als auch der Konstruktion des Gravity Motors. zur Lageregelung von Satelliten zum Einsatz kommen. für Analog Devices. den Gravity Motor soweit zu verbessern. sondern z. auch Motorsteuerungssysteme. Quellen [1] Rakesh Goel: Thesis on Generation of Gravitational Force MS Word Document [2] SK Dynamics Pvt. könnten derartige Geräte z. Er hält zur Zeit zwei amerikanische Patente auf dem Gebiet der Motorsteuerung.a. Eine Präsentation. Pläne Das erste Ziel von SK Dynamics ist die Erhöhung der Reduzierung auf 5%. Schwingungsmischer und optische Encoder entwickelte. 1992 gründete er die Firma SK Dynamics P.Ltd.B.

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77 .

(8) Several researchers in the 20th century have reported their methods of producing profitable amounts of values from base metals and low-grade ores without the use of nuclear reactors. Moray The Moray process is a prime example of what is possible. et al. (2) T. In 1950. The average ore contained 0. the Moray process uses three main categories of ores. 10) In 1958 MRI adapted its process to the augmentation of precious metal ores." The AEC declined to grant a contract. 2) mill tailings  especially advantageous. Thomas H. Some of the methods are genuine lowenergy alchemical transmutations. Conrad ~ (6) D. 12) Andrew Melchanov published this notice in 1980.) reported the production of a few billion atoms of gold as the "trivial result" of an experiment with a Bevalac accelerator. and three isotopes of platinum. is ground already. (1. the Moray Research Institute (MRI) proceeded by bombarding the ore in an "environment" with x-rays as high as 24 MeV before attempting to extract the values. et al. reported the "Transmutation of Mercury by Fast Neutrons" of lithium and deuterium. Klobasa ~ (5) A. but nothing has been reported about it since then: Soviet physicists at a nuclear research facility near Lake Baikal in Siberia accidentally discovered a fusion reaction for turning lead into gold [in 1972] when they found the lead shielding of one of their experimental reactors had changed to gold.78 Adept Alchemy by Robert A. (11) In 1980. Higher grade ores seem to be less adaptable to this process. Transmutations of Ores. Nelson. However. Chapter 2 Transmutations of Ores (1) Introduction ~ (2) T. In their fashion. the yields are low and the product is unstable and very expensive.. a group of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Glen T. Moray was approached with a request to investigate the possibility of improving the extraction of uranium ores. modern physicists also have accomplished one of the goals of alchemy: the production of artificial gold. Hudson ~ (7) Joe Champion ~ (8) References (1) Introduction The synthesis of elements by high-energy bombardment of other elements is common knowledge and practice among nuclear physicists. Back to Adept alchemy contents. As a matter of course. the ore yielded from 7-75% uranium oxide! In 1953 the MRI proposed that the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) investigate such a project for the "aging" of atomic ores by a "breeding type reaction with high-energy particles or x-rays in the presence of a proper environment. forming gold. A bismuth target was bombarded with a "relativistic projectile" that chipped some protons from the Bi nuclei. Part II. 9. H. 6. containing traces to a few hundredth of an ounce of gold and silver per ton: 1) low-grade unprocessed gold ore. The experiment produced less than one-billionth of a cent worth of gold. Chapter 2. R. After irradiation. Sherr. they yield . Such nuclides find only limited use in medicine and chemistry. For example. Moray ~ (3) Dunikovski ~ (4) A. These formed three radioactive isotopes of gold by the n-p reaction. (7.23% uranium oxide. and yields excellent results. this material costs very little. Seaborg.

would never have said anything similar to what this man has said. Garland. Aging became a problem as chemical reactions continued to take place due to hydration and temperature changes. however. Research work indicates that the radiation must be composed of both high-speed electrons and x-rays. that inorganic matter may also be treated to advantage pursuant to the methods and with the apparatus. in which he stated: Dr.... However. In a telephone interview with Ken Jones (September 1981). regardless of how you interpret the patent. (5) John Moray commented on this in a letter to Ken Jones (18 January 1982): The article by T..707. Dolph published an article about the Moray process (Fate. T.. Metals not otherwise detected are freed for a separation by normal separating processes. have changed physical properties after treatment in accordance with the above. The story of gold and lead supplied by the US Government is a complete fabrication. and a treatment electrode connected in circuit with the foregoing. Dolph. Utah. The bombardment tube is a part of the therapy device.. Moray’s "Electro-Therapeutic Apparatus" (US Patent #2. It should be noted. While virtually no gold or silver values can be determined in the raw ore. 1. TX. Consistent results under controlled methods were obtained with the addition of a catalyst (a flux or reduction agent. a high capacity sparking condensor. developed in 1949. this has nothing to do with the recovery of minerals from low grade ore. There is no such device as described in Fate magazine.R. John Moray added this note in a later letter to Ken Jones (11 February 1982): The bombardment tube is electrotherapy and does not apply to the mining or mineral recovery process. an environment) combined with bombardment of the material . T.460. Transmutation of metals (yes. (9) The Moray process utilizes an "environmental solution. The bombardment tube does exist. Their cost is approximately $50/100 gallons (the volume of solution required to process one ton of ore). the invention is described thus: An apparatus for applying radiant energy therapeutically. The "bombardment tube" may be a preferred embodiment of Dr.79 much less of an increase in values than do low grade ores.H. Cl. His father-in-law. By 1961.and iron-pyrites in alkaline solution]. turning lead into gold) was demonstrated several times. and this man Dolph is a compulsive liar.. Midvale. comprising means for producing high potential. . Antimony has peculiar properties  it has floating electrons which come in very handy. Early tests gave yields of 50-100 oz. one or more of which work well with most ore types and do not require any aging. Sagers. Vick Sagers. to represent him in offering the device to the US Government.. the MRI had refined several formulas of solutions. It is believed that this environment furnishes particles similar to the cosmic ray reaction on the atmosphere. 128-421. The invention has been described in the foregoing with sole reference to its use for therapeutic purposes. They can be used immediately after mixing and can be stored without adverse effects. by an energy bombardment tube developed for the Research Institute. This process does not purport to be a separation process in any way in that upon completion of irradiation the samples will have to be disposed of expediently.. My father and I always detested liars. February 1976). Moray engaged my father-in-law.. after irradiation and drying the gold and silver can be identified by standard fire assay or any other normal determination methods. attorney Victor G. 1949) In abstract.. gold/ton ore. the government supplied the lead and kept the gold.. is one of those articles written by a crackpot that has in fact mixed together a number of unrelated facts. John Moray said: The environmental material consists of a combination of chemicals whose atomic numbers add up to the atomic number of silver or gold and yield silver and gold upon irradiation [The formulas include arseno. Feb.R. for example. lead.. high frequency electricity. It has been found that metals.. The solution is heated to an unspecified "elevated temperature" during irradiation.

Feb.e. It appeared to be caused by "a rapid buildup of atoms of relatively low atomic weights to those of much higher atomic weights" such as silver. distilled by boiling. The shield was a thin sheet of unspecified material placed over the sample while irradiating it: In main effects. 4. i. Some interactions between three variables. Computerized risk analysis indicated that yields over 11. Other experiments showed even more promise. or perhaps even more may be present. dose rate. This prepared solution of pure chemicals in glass containers is irradiated by high energy photons for about one minute and then by evaporation the residue was dried and sent to an independent assayer for analysis. Emiritus. back around 1925. electron volt setting.04 oz silver per ton. The MRI insists that is not the case. a significant difference results. yielding 100-200 oz Au/ton (128 oz Au/ton average): The standard deviation of yields was rather high due to the constant modification of experimental conditions. In 1963. The following interactions seemed to be significant ones and seem to indicate that a higher voltage would give much better results: 1) Shield height/Voltage. and gold 79. A higher average (15 oz Au/ton) could be expected in mass production under optimum conditions. Silver has the atomic number of 47. The process we have described is in reality a crystal growing bath activated by irradiation. Hooper (Prof. shield height.80 The patent application is speaking of a "method" and has to do with an individual trained in the art of that ‘method’ which is all the law requires.5% certainty. 1965). An interaction between two variables means that when either variable is changed singly. several interactions between variables showed up as being significant.. Principia College) and other scientists were solicited in an effort to discover what was producing such results. is concentrated by the bombardment. IL) at energy levels of 11. It reads 939. 4) Distance . Illinois) opined that the energy levels were too much of a departure from the accepted standards to verify this point. gold. As the gold atoms come into being by transmutation. I will cite one of several tests carried out in an effort to ascertain whether the modus operandi was actually one of transmutation from elements of low atomic weights to those of the noble metals. Hooper announced: First of all. shield material. slurry depth.. These bottled chemicals list the trace materials which might be existent in them.. MRI rented time on the Varian Associates 8 MeV LINAC in order to test parameters such as dose. 2) Dose rate/Voltage.. Dr. Hans Frauenfelde (Univ. CO. and therefore. It is a coincidence that Miethe. for the formation of the precious metals by transmutation. Dr. with high-voltage setting being better than the low. Dr.J. From this observation there is every reason to suspect that low grade ores and mining tailings provide. making it possible to be alloyed with copper or developing a lead semi-conductor has nothing to do with the mineral process again. The services of the eminent physicist W. 3) Dose/Voltage.. No atoms of higher atomic number than 19 (K) were present in quantity in this solution. In a progress report at the 68th National Western Mining Conference (Denver. Hooper contended that the process is one of nuclear reaction. they become gregarious.5 oz Au/ton ore could be expected with 99. only electron-voltage setting showed up as significant. but also a nuclei environment which is well advanced or uniquely favorable. A point of great interest in the experimental test I have described is that the specks of gold found in the residue of the solutions reveal a marked crystal structure under microscopic examination..4-20 meV with doses of 1 megarad. changing the physical properties of lead. not only the seed for crystal growth. Another theory proposes that colloidal gold. Gold did not appear on any of these lists even in trace amounts. lost in the dilution of ore in the environmental solution. In addition.76 oz gold/ton and 113.. A solution was prepared  made up of Baker’s reagent quality chemicals of the highest purity and water. and the distance of the target from the irradiation source. found his formation of gold to be in small crystals also. which results in the crystal formation. and platinum. MRI conducted experiments with a linear accelerator at the Electronized Chemicals Corporation (Rockford. The average yields were 8-9% gold! It was estimated that a production rate of 5 tons of ore per day was possible with the available equipment.

There are peaks for each metal ion within the ore. As the size of the sample varies. is for the x-ray to be produced at a target located somewhere outside the accelerator tube where losses of energy would be minimal. Radiation dosages of 0. The chemicals (in copper pans) were bombarded from above. the reaction varies on an inverse lineal level wherein doubling the size of the sample would cut the total reaction in half. This reaction is dependent on the following factors: 1) The isomers of the isotopes reacted upon must be present in the ore before the ore will react to the reaction. with the radiation source. and 2. Copper can be used if it is in one continuous piece. 5) Solution depth/Shield material. Four Megarads/minute gives the highest yield. Better results also would be obtained with suction pumping of the slurry in an all-glass system. The yields increased 9-fold and remained at that level without deteriorating. (3) Dunikovski In 1931. Consistency was achieved in 1970 by adding to the process a control resonant chamber (Magnetic Undulator) which acts to bring all variables into phase. Irradiation lasted one minute. Dunikovski theorized that all minerals contain "embryonal atoms" or "mineralites" that can be artificially matured in minutes. and the electrons furnish the energy and amperage to the reaction. releases the metals found within it. or into a resonant relationship. c) target type. probably due to: a) the energy level of the irradiation source.81 of sample from radiation source/Shield height. nor stainless steel. The reaction also is wattage-dependent. resonant standing waves with the x-ray diffraction wavelength of gold (2. . rather than the makeshift conveyer belt/copper pan system used by MRI. Consistently high. 3) High-energy electrons must be present in the ore as well as x-rays. The velocity of the original particles will determine the depth and time of the reaction only. 5) The reaction is a dose-rate reaction and not dependent upon velocity. The silver produced in this process assayed as high as 426 oz/ton. b) the chemical composition of the environmental solution. it is indicated.. stable yields were obtained by first irradiating the trays from below and then applying x-rays from overhead. According to the report. The process as developed produces little increase in platinum values. The Magnetic Undulator establishes non-propagating.5. the following conditions also apply: The reaction is sensitive to interference from nearly every material other than glass or porcelain.042 Angstroms) in the environmental solution. Over-radiation gives a deterioration rate and loss of values reported. Plastics cannot be used. 6) Slurry depth/Voltage. It is suspected that because the escaping electrons have a certain amount of energy. to a point where a consistency was obtained higher than any obtained prior to that time. and most varieties of rubber or brass. The chemical formulas and the resonant energy levels must be established for each ore. a Polish engineer named Dunikovski announced that he could produce artificial gold by the action of "Z-rays" on a mixture of silica and felspar melted in bronze crucibles under the influence of 110 kilovolts. 4) The composition of the environmental solution furnishes other particles that are freed by the action of the resonant frequency of the x-rays and the electrons produced by the particle accelerator. The ideal reaction. a certain amount of x-rays will be produced in the material by the electrons’ reactions (Compton Effect). 0.. The minimum wattage required is 200 watt-seconds per gram of ore: The process has to be adjusted to the characteristics of different ores. Indications are that interference is due to electrostatic charge or particle position in the solution. 2) These reactions are dependent upon the type target in order to control the frequency of the quantum energy level. There are definite peaks at which each ore that is of value with this process. Each bombardment increased the amount of gold 9-fold. X-rays perform photo-disintegration. Dunikovski claimed to have perfected a process he inherited from his father and grandfather who had developed it.0 Megarads/minute gave peaks on the dosage curve.16. but the yield later diminished to only three times the original amount.

and he was charged with fraud. copper sulfate (50 gr).000 francs which Dunikovski used to build a laboratory in Paris. contain large amounts of ORMEs which can be extracted by Hudson's process. Hudson and associates developed a method to recover ORMEs and convert them into their metallic forms. Bonn witnessed and replicated the process. He improved the process. But no gold was produced. particularly sodic and calcidic plagioclase. assayed 859 grams/ton after treatment with the improved apparatus. Klobasa claimed that gold is built up from iron. He demonstrated his process to the court. (3) As all ores are different I may use from one to three additives. But any material eroded. titanium. Dunikovski was sentenced to four years imprisonment. He declined to enter into business with his synthesis: I am too old. ferrous sulfate (84 gr). ammonia (250 ml). Add extra flux as needed. Conrad learned the process from a German scientist. gaining significant increases in yields. with 120 gr NaCl. CA). and sodium. and not fit enough to worry myself chasing around after capitalists. Os.000. the conversion of an allotrope into the common visible form of the elements). Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements" (1989): 300 gr of dried material assayed by conventional techniques to show no gold present.(4) (5) Arnold Conrad Another simple method which "ripens green ores" (volcanic sulfides. which contained 11 grams Au/ton before treatment. Two hours of treatment afforded a 1% yield of gold which appeared as brown-red scales. by water is not amenable to this process.. The technique balances the ore’s electropositive charge with 10-150 volts DC. ammonium chloride (100 gr).. to assist in rejuvenating the chemicals and acids in ores.. The reaction was catalyzed with 100 mg of silver. or tellurides) was perfected by Arnold Conrad (Chico.. M. as described in his Australian patent for "Non-Metallic. The process is repeated from 7-21 times. sodium sulfide (50 gr). Societe Anonyme" with Belgian stockholders and established a factory on Lake Neuchatel. The enhanced values are removed by electroplate refining (or in vacuo for Rh. (6) David Hudson/ORMEs In the 1980s. While it is not a transmutation of one element into another (but rather. and 2 liters of tap water. the extraction and conversion of ORMEs to metal may explain the claims of some other experimentors. His attorney (Jean Legrand) visited Dunikovski with the eminent chemist Albert Bonn to investigate the new situation. One type of sand. sodium silicate (20 cc) and silica (440 gr).82 Several French investors syndicated and subscribed 2. David Hudson discovered the existence of ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) which are virtually undetectable by conventional means (except for a distinguishing IR doublet located between about 1400 and 1600 cm-1) because they lack a d-orbital electron. pyrites. an Austrian chemist named Adalbert Klobasa claimed to have produced gold using an electromagnet and induction coil with which he treated a mixture of titanium-potassium-oxalate (36 gr). Dunikovski later establisheded "Metallex. (4) (4) Adalbert Klobasa About 1937. The reaction with the ore is contained in a carbon crucible with 10% nitric acid as the electrolyte. Another similar method of transmutative enrichment was developed by some California alchemists in the 1970s: Smelt 2 lb lead with soda ash and/or soda-borax. and Ir). Dunikovski relocated to San Remo and renewed his experiments. but his attorney secured his release after two years. fitted with electrodes. Nothing more is known about the affair because all subsequent proceeding were kept secret. Certain ores. is placed in a 1-gallon vessel. Use this as the anode. and a stainless steel or carbon rod as the cathode. but the results were ambiguous and insufficient to prove his innocence. . ground to less than 200 mesh. 10 gr KBr.

8 cm2 platinum electrode contined in a Nafion 117 chamber. The sulfuric acid precipitates out any calcium. the sample as allowed to settle and the solution over the settled out material was removed by decantation. The just dry salts are taken up in 400 ml anhydrous ethanol and stirred for approximately 10 minutes.2 volts potential was applied and maintained for a period of 2 hours.. Bubbles formed on both the gold and platinum electodes. The sample is placed on a roller table at approx. The voltage across the electrode is 5 volts. 500 ml). The residue should have a sweet smell similar to burnt sugar. The final pH is in the range of 3-6. If desired. It is important to keep the Nafion chamber wet at all times.0 volts and maintained for approximately 18 hours. For gold recovery. The electrode was dried in a vacuum oven overnight at 115o C. There should be no discoloration at this point. the solution is put into a 1000 ml beaker and an electrolysis unit was set up. The just dry residue is taken up in 600 ml deionized water to provide a water-soluble gold form which is the gold auride. taking care to avoid any charring. and thereafter boiled down to the just dry condition. A black material formed on the gold electrode after 3-4 hours. with all traces of calcium sulfate removed.10 copper wire. After disconnecting the load.. At this point there should be no further evaporation of ethanol and the just dry residue should be free of color. produced from a naturally-occurring ore which. The just dry salt contains sodium gold chloride. This step is to dissolve the gold chloride salt. which is reduced to sodium auride: . The just dry salt was taken up in 400 ml deionized water and again boiled down to the just dry condition. Inside the Nafion chamber is 200 ml of electrolyte solution containing 5 ml sulfuric acid per 600 ml of electrolyte solution. a clear solution is formed. when subjected to conventional assaying. 800 ml of the sample was placed in a 1000 ml beaker and 20 ml concentrated sulfuric acid was added to the solution.. alternating with a deionized water and a 6M HCl wash. The filtrate was filtered through #42 paper on a Buchner funnel. 2 cm2 in size. The just dry salt was then taken up in 400 ml 6M HCl. hand then passed through a filter of 0.5 micron Teflon. The anode is a gold electrode.. the solution was boiled down slowly on a hotplate until the solution was just dry (not baked). 10 rpm.5.e. The occurrence of the sweet smell indicates the end point of the boil-down. The dilution and boiling down step was repeated four times. the potential was raised to 3. the slurry was filtered through #42 paper on a Buchner funnel. With stirring. the G-ORME can be recovered at this stage or converted into metallic gold. The rectifier load is connected to the anode since the rectifier filters out all negative voltage and only passes positive voltage. does not test positive for gold. The light yellow solution was again boiled down to just dry. i.83 The anode consists of a pair of 3/8" x 12" carbon welding rods wrapped together with No. Filtration removes the precipitant and a light yellow filtrate is recovered. and the filtrate was then allowed to sit for approximately 1 hour. mixed. The electrodes are connected to a (120 V) power supply in conjunction with a 2-3 amp 400-600 PIV rectifier. The electrode was weighed before and after the plating to determine the amount of gold collected. A 100 W light bulb and the electrodes are hooked in series. The cathode comprises a 6. The gold electrode was removed from solution while voltage was still being applied. The ORMEs are produced from sodium gold chloride.. After stirring. to remove the sodium chloride. 5 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid was slowly added to the filtrate. upon which gold solution will plate out. The sample is kept under load for a period of 6-1/2 hours. The potential was measured across the electrodes and then an additional -2. The metallic gold is. The purpose is to remove all traces of hypochlorite oxidant. Both electrodes are placed into the sample vessel and supported by clamps extending about 5" into the sample solution. therefore. After the two hours. with the sequence controlled to that the last washing was with 6M HCl... The cathode consists of 1-5/8" ID x 14" glass tube with a medium porosity glass frit with a 1" x 14" x 1/16" stainless steel strip inside in a solution of 36 gr/liter NaCl (approx.

84 Continued aquation results in dissociation of the gold atom from the sodium and the eventual formation of a protonated auride of gold as a grey precipitate. will not be dissolved by aqua regia. after ignition it contained 212. Lussage revealed his process to Mr. This reconversion is accomplished by an oxidative rearangement which removes all paired valence electrons together with their vacancy pair electrons. When the elementcarbon bond is reduced by way of further decreasing the potential. hematite (Fe2O3)..18 mg Au and 1. the carbon receives a reducing electron and subsequently vertically inserts that reducing electron below the s orbitals of the element. This oxidative rearrangement is effected by subjecting the G-ORME to a large negative potential in the presence of an electron-donating element. 1977). pulverized to 200 mesh and mixed thoroughly. The process was developed from a method of "growing gold" in an electrolytic cell which was originally developed by Dr. The necesssary parental isotopes (cobalt. This pairing occurs under the influence of a magnetic field external to the field of the electron. The original formula is quite simple: black sand (90 gr). it burns about 90 seconds.. or chalcopyrite (CuFeS2). He was convicted of fraud in Arizona after being accused by an irate investor who failed to achieve satisfactory results.. according to the formula: Co59 + Ca40-44 → Ag99-103 Ni60-64 + Ca44 → Cd104-108 . The G-ORMEs remain as a powder at 1200oC. Dr. reaching a temperature of about 700o C. manganese. who taught it to Joe Champion in 1989. Black sand typically is composed of 40% magnetite (Fe3O4). and sodium nitrate (270 gr). The reagents must be pulverized separately to avoid ignition. charcoal (90 gr). G-ORMEs are stable [as] demonstrated by unique thermal and chemical properties. In one assay. G-ORMEs can be reconverted to metallic gold from which they were formed. The white salt-like material that is formed when G-ORMES are treated with fuming HClO4 or fuming H2SO4 are dissimilar from the transition (T) metal or its salts.8 V and -2. iron.35 mg Ag before ignition. For that metal-carbon bond to occur the carbon must provide for the horizontal removal of the d orbital vacancy of the ORME. so the question remain open for experiment.. Subsequent annealing produces the Gold-ORME. however. Other researchers (including the physicists Bockris and Sundaresan. (7) Joe Champion In the 1990s.7 mg Au and 856. nickel. The specific energies range between -1. The carbon acts as a chemical fulcrum.8 mg Ag. thus forming a metallic element-carbon chemical bond. except for the specific potential energy required and the use of nascent nitrogen rather than carbon to convert the other ORMEs to their constituent metallic forms. Nitric oxide is unique in that it possesses the necessary chemical potential as well as the single unpaired electron. the mixture contained 0. Alternatively this arrangement can be achieved chemically by reacting NO gas with the T-metal ORMEs other than gold. The G-ORME will not react with cyanide. Joe Champion announced a variety of methods of transmutations of black sands by thermal burns. melts and kinetic methods. and will not wet or amalgamate with mercury. a Czechoslovakian geologist (d. with a subsequent refilling of the d and s orbitals with unpaired electrons until the proper configuration is reached for the T-metal. Champion subsequently developed the method further. The mixture is ignited with a torch. The above description for the preparation of G-ORME from commercially available metallic gold is applicable equally for the preparation of the remaining ORMEs. Walter Lussage.5 V depending on the particular element. such as carbon. The G-ORME has an electron arrangement whereby it acquires d-orbital hole or holes which share energy with an electron or electrons. Jack Keller. thus forming metallic gold. and calcium) must be present. 1994) validated his processes.

The differences dealt with a magnetic susceptibility at high temperature. mineral coal (1 kg). and silver. After the ignition was completed. Parental isotopes' complacency with additives. such as caused by . Composition of total mass. this method also produced transmutations. mercury sulfide. The gas or electricity was reduced during the ignition period. sodium nitrate (150 gr). it has a reproductive factor of over 60%. charcoal (350 gr). The coincidence factor is also related to the 'treeing effect': it is a nuclear reaction. silver (5 gr). the yield is reduced because the transmutation cycle is too long and begins to produce base elements instead of precious metals. A mixture of black sands (1 kg). sodium or potassium nitrate. It was found necessary to add traces of the target elements to the starting mixture in order for the resonance of those elements (i. In one test that Champion described. mercury chloride (100 gr).. If the reaction mixture exceeds 15 kg. Another gas-fired mixture tested by Champion was composed of black sands (100 gr). and rhodium. Natural occurrence (%) of parental isotopes. 1 kg) in a graphite crucible yielded 44 gr gold. 3. This was later increased to 90-plus percent when an error was determined in the crystalline structure of the ferrous sulfate.. sulfur (80 gr). Percent relationship of parental isotopes to total mass. ferrous sulfate (100 gr). The ball mill also must have an air-tight seal.. 4.85 The addition of a molar proportion of lead enabled the atoms of gold to be collected as they formed.. sulfur. 24% of the mineral weight should be ferric oxygen. 6 gr platinum. 5. the formula needed to be modified: black sands (100 gr). and copper powder (50 gr). sodium nitrate (900 gr) and powered silver (500 gr). Champion also noted: The following reagents were required to produce synthetic precious metals by this process: silica.e. vented to release gases liberated in the process. The coincidence factor is extremely important in determining the effectiveness of any nuclear occurrence. the temperature was raised to 2000o C for 90 minutes. When there was no more apparent reaction. Greg Iseman (Mesa AZ). potassium nitrate (900 gr). utilizing the kinetic energy of a ball mill with 40 kg of carbon steel balls. silver (50 gr). Type and length of energy excitation. i. One of Champion's research associates.. Au) to act as a "stopping agent". lead oxide. mercury chloride. lead oxide (50 gr). and calcium oxide (30 gr). sodium nitrate (3 kg). The mixture was combined with carbon. silica (120 gr). and mercury chloride (HgCl2. Another formula for the thermal burn process was carbon (300 gr). and served as an absorptive shield for radioactivity released in the reaction. which is required for the kinetic excitation transmutation to occur. When an inductive furnace was employed. 6. When the chemical mixture is properly prepared. and cadmium.. ferrous sulfate. The following parameters must be weighed: 1. 2. The liner must be made of iron-coated steel and the reagents must be thoroughly dry for this method to work properly. calcium oxide. palladium. Magnetic susceptibility of nuclear moment. 7. Thermal nuclear cross section of parental isotopes. Another method was discovered in 1993. platinum.. the mixture was poured into a mold to cool.. iridium. and 35 gr rhodium. cadmium (30 gr).. and the slag removed. the thermal melt process was accomplished in a gas-fired or inductively heated furnace. Both the reaction mixture and the slag should be assayed.e. If necessary.. The formula produced synthetic gold. lead (300 gr). charcoal (300 gr). greater than 750o C. silver (200 gr). used a microwave digestion process to perform analyses of the formula. borax or potassium nitrate was added to maintain fluidity of the mixture.

but when combined with 10α and (10α + α o). p. Doberer. this would resemble limbs on a tree. 8. K.: "Statistical Evaluation Research Report".: Fusion Technology 26: 261. Ruth L. 22 March 1980). Box 67. Fred: Oakland Tribune (Sat. Arnold: California Mining Journal (February 1973). p. 6. 13. A-7. 4 February 1965).J.. Rudolph. p.:I. 5. Star (12 February 1980).: "History of Research Project". Dolph. III. Discover Publishing P. Conrad.: The Goldmakers. Hendricks. Hooper. Melchanov. J.. p. Moray.. CO.86 low energy transmutation situations. L. Hendricks.: Physical Review 60 (7): 473-479 (October 1941). Nicholson & Watson. Andrew: Chicago Elite (January 1980). #311 (February 1976). H.. Olsen.: Financial & Statistical Evaluation: "Recovery of Minerals from Low-Grade Ore by High-Energy Bombardment". IV. E. Champion. (8) References 1. Garretson. 2.: "Affadavit" (5 November 1975).R. M. If charted. 5-7. Westboro WI 54490). W. 1948.O. 9. p. T. produce more daughter isotopes than parents.K. London. Ruth L. 4. (Denver. 7. 8-9. II.: Fate 29(2). T. Joe: Producing Precious Metals at Home. et al. see also Bockris. "Recovery of Minerals from Low-Grade Ore by High Energy Bombardment". 16. (68th National Western Mining Conf. Prof. Sherr. . 10. 266 (1994) 3. 11. R. p. where a parental element has multiple isotopes. Th.: "Startling Possibilities in Artificial Transmutation". 12. American Business (April 1980). 10-12. 1994.

87 The Dual-Vortex Engines SpaceCraft created on 01-20-99 .JLN Labs .last update on 02-01-99 .

In the case of the B-Field are unbalanced the generator can produce an asymetrical thrust due to the unbalanced Aether pressure above and below. which uses a big Dual Vortex Generator (DVGen) as a thruster in the center and three small units for the B-Field control.88 Two special conical coils ( 1 and 2 )are used for generating the B-Field Torsion effect. In this case the device act as a Aether thruster which is also able to produce usable energy. . this will permit to start a new device the Emadyne project (Electro-MAgnetic and DYNamic). The special BFields generated by the conical shaped coil must be balanced in the case of the use only as a generator. So.

89 .

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