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though. 2010 in Beijing. 201 0 | Published in Mem o (htt p://officewrit ing.com Instant Grammar Checker Correct All Grammar Errors And Enhance Your Writing. It may be good. Lim Meng Wee FROM : Mr. 201 0 | Published in Mem orandum (ht tp://officewrit ing. Kindly inform every member of the sales force to mark the date.com/Grammar_Checker A memorandum or letter that aims to issue a directive should be written in a professional. A ranking officer issuing the directives need not discuss so many details in the letter.com/cat egory /memorandum/) Career Building Services Superior Resume Writing. or to get updates on routine tasks or assignments.com Request For Information Download a Request For Information Template .right here! www. Try Now! www. Advice to Subordinates Memo (http://officewriting. A memo or letter issuing directives specifically states how you expect the reader to proceed in order to accomplish certain tasks. pay the entrance fees for all those attending. We will.careerinception. the correspondence should clearly state the subject matter. The directives contained in the letter/memorandum should be clear and precise. Victor Wong SUBJECT : FIABCI World Congress ===================================================================== The FIABCI (Federacion Internationale Administrateurs de Bien Conselis Immobilieres) is staging the FIABCI World Congress on July 19-23.com/cat egory /memorandum/) .com/category /sample-let ters/memo-sample-lett ers/) . yet courteous manner. since we have signed up as one of the participating firms. Mem orandum (ht tp://officewrit ing. In connection with said event.Grammarly. Here is a memorandum issuing directives. include an advertorial about our company participation at the National Advertising Congress • Order new banners and pop-up displays for the aforementioned event If you have any questions. to clearly indicate any foreseen problem and how it may be solved. Bullets may be used to highlight key points. of course.October 31 st. simple. Interview Preparation & Communication Skills www. please handle the following: • Set up reception table with brochures at the Congress venue • Coordinate with advertising agency and reserve for advertising space in two major daily newspapers.com/advice-tosubordinates-memo/) October 23rd.Method123. I would appreciate it if you would encourage everyone to go. A memorandum or email message may suffice for subordinates coordinating with each other to carry out tasks as part of an activity. China. please don’t hesitate to call me up or bring it up at the next management meeting Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. and provide me with the names of those who will be attending no later than the 30th of June. citing specific tasks that need to be undertaken: Sample Letter Memorandum on Sales Department’s Participation at FIABCI World Congress DATE : 18 June 2010 TO : Mr. Whether it’s in letter or memorandum format.

and then continue by saying that however.com/OnlineEdD Have a Meeting to Plan? Our App Will Put Your Meetings on Track. We have noticed that when you are working.C. Nelson and Sons Policy Change Memorandum Letter (http://officewriting. such that you have to move your chair whenever you have to get a writing instrument. but is merely offered both for your benefit and that of the office.D. Perhaps you could save some time and work more efficiently by rearranging your desk such that the things you need at hand will be easier to reach. However.org Janet Andrews Logistics Department Dear Ms. The most important thing to remember about this type of letter is that its ultimate intention is to help the employee improve their work performance. We hope that you understand that this letter does not represent a reprimand in any way. The rest of the letter then gives their advice on how to effect the improvements. The essential elements of this type of letter are the identification of the particular duty or task that needs improvement and the advice being given by the letter writer. It can either offer corrective advice to staff members doing a certain task or give suggestions on how a particular job can be performed in a better manner.org www. It can begin with the writer assuring the employee that they are generally satisfied with their performance. Stop Wasting Time/Money! www. Greetings! To begin.com/policychange-memorandum-letter/) . 2010 Nelson and Sons Washington. they have noticed the following areas that could use some improvement. D. The tone of the letter should be professional but not too formal. we would like to offer to you the following advice. Below is a sample of a letter in which a supervisor gives advice to an employee. Sample Letter April 10. not to scold them or take them to task for perceived shortcomings. as the writer does not want to make the employee feel bad. email@server.itbusinessedge.com/meetingtips Ed.yamlabs. nor is it a criticism of you.Meeting Management Tips Free Slideshow Offers 10 Tips to Running More Effective Meetings www. Randolph Stafford Personnel Manager. Respectfully yours. you place your pens and pencils too far to the right of your desk. in Higher Education for College Administrators: Doctor of Education in Higher Education! EducationDegreeSource. Andrews. we would like to stress that in general we are satisfied with your performance in fulfilling your duties in the workplace. in the interest of making workflow in the office more efficient.address.com/efficient-meetings A letter from a company officer giving advice to a staff member is usually written when the officer sees that a particular employee needs more guidance from their superiors in the performance of their duties.

Social responsibility is part of the mission vision of Company X. All paper forms being previously used shall be collected by all Supervisors and Managers for recycling and disposal.com/HR Meeting Planning Resource Sign up to jump start your career. a constant factor in the business world. Company Name Change Memorandum Letter (http://officewriting.July 4th. 201 0 | Published in Mem orandum (htt p://officewrit ing. Guideline #3: Always state the section and the content of the policy being changed vis-à-vis the modification or the modified version of the document. this usually translates into e-mail communication. must be communicated to those who are impacted by it. Guideline #4: Allow ample time for the information to be spread prior to setting a date for implementation. all vacation leaves and sick leaves must be filed through the company intranet site. Like any major or minor change in the company . Guideline #2: Major changes to a company policy must be communicated to the majority of the company through a widespread form of announcement such as an e-mail blast. Again. curb company expenses. which serve as the backbone of the organization. Changes to policies are periodically made to achieve a positive impact on the workforce. and in this electronic age. The information may be cascaded to the downline/departments/teams through a regular meeting. comparisons and Reports! TechnologyEvaluation.com Top HR Software 2010 Get Free HR software evaluation. This short article lists general guidelines on how to communicate a change in policy to employees. Guideline #1 : Minor changes in a company policy may be communicated in an e-mail.org/WebConnect Dynamic businesses will revisit and review its objectives to foster continuous improvement. a memorandum is the most common means of communicating such information. and this is one way to enjoin all our employees in our promotion of a paperless environment. 201 0 | Published in Mem orandum (ht tp://officewrit ing.com/company-name-change-memorandum-letter/) July 3rd. addressed to those directly affected by the change. in order to maintain internal standards and quality. Change. Free for qualified meeting planners MPIweb. this is communicated through meetings or through a memo. Sample Memorandum (Minor Policy Change) Please be informed that effective 1 July 2010. For this guideline.com/cat egory /memorandum/) Train to Teach English The ICAL TESL/TEFL Cert online Train & teach around the world icalweb. The same is the limitation on this article. thus giving back to society. a town hall meeting or a general assembly. such as a slide presentation or handouts. A memorandum is the most common means of communicating such information. it will be helpful to provide visual aids. in that this does not cover how to communicate the change in policy to its external stakeholders.com/category /memorandum/) A change in company name equals to a change in identity. More often than not. thus greatly impacting efficiency of the employee’s jobs and clarity of job roles. and more specifically. These inner workings are reflected in the company’s policies and procedures.

and correspondence may be used for this purpose. which serves as the primary announcement for the change in company name. There are a few things that need to be considered in composing this particular business announcement. Third. Communication vehicles such as meetings. First.com/office-memo-submission-of-list-neededfaculty/) Nov ember 7 th. Y ou will be briefed by Human Resources and your immediate superiors as to the department-level changes that need to be immediately implemented. reassure employees that a change as major as this will not affect their employment negatively. provide the effective date of the said change. provide means of support should there be any questions. events. so the announcement must be widespread in order to ensure the awareness of all employees. and giving way to the modern and innovative products of Company Y ! Effective 01 July 2010. Second. Company X. printed materials.that directly or indirectly affects all its employees. Finally. all employees are invited to join the launch of Company Y on at . We are looking forward to taking this giant leap with you as we venture forward into the future of Company X! As part of the new direction that the company is taking. always provide a brief summary of the cause of change of name. AY 2001-2002 May 12.com/cat egory /memorandum/) SUBMISSION OF LIST OF NEEDED FACULTY FOR FIRST SEMESTER. A change in company name would definitely qualify under major news. and modern logo for our organization that reflects the direction that we are taking in the next 10 years. this must be communicated efficiently and immediately. The last thing we want is for our employees to start panicking over a change in company name. we are also bidding farewell to our previous company name. 2009 | Published in Mem orandum (ht t p://officewriting. we shall transition to the name “Company Y ”. Also. Let us join hands and be together as we move forward to our company’s success! Office Memo – Submission of List Needed Faculty (http://officewriting. 2001 To: Vice President of Academic Affairs (Abucay Campus) Campus Directors Associate Directors Academic Affairs Dean of Various Institutes / Institute Coordinators . fresh. Sample Memorandum To: All Employees Fr: The Executive Director Re: Company X Branding Many of you have been involved in our most recent campaign to create a new. Below is a sample memorandum. but alongside our effort to move forward is to move away from our traditional brand. We have launched several successful and ground breaking projects as Company X.

com/cat egory /memorandum/) For: Mr. 2009 | Published in Mem orandum (ht t p://officewriting.com /tag/sam ple-m em o/) Memo – Request Installation of COBOL (http://officewriting. the undersigned is requesting you to submit the list of needed instructors in your respective institutes on or before June 03. 2001.In preparation for the opening of the First Semester come on June 19.com /tag/progress-report/) . Kindly specify the nature of the possible appointment (Full time/Part time) and the subjects to be taught by each instructor. sample memo (http://officewriting. . Manansala Vice-President Tags: office memo (http://officewriting. guidance and compliance.com /tag/office-m em o/) Memorandum – Request of Progress Report (http://officewriting. may we request for a copy of the progress report on lending operations as of January 1985 to enable us to get certain data on said report needed for our annual report. 2009 | Published in Mem orandum (ht t p://officewrit ing.com/memorandum-%e2%80%93-request-ofprogress-report/) May 7 th. Rhey Santos Subject: Progress Report on Lending Operations In connection with the preparation of our annual report on loans. Henry Tan Director Tags: progress report (http://officewriting. 2001. We have recently acquired the software via an academic grant.com/cat egory /memorandum/) Date: January 15. Mr.com/memo-%e2%80%93-request-installation-ofcobol/) February 24th. Rebecca H. 2000 To: Regie Cheng From: Delfin Pascual Re: COBOL in new lab I would like to request that COBOL be installed in the new lab. For your information.

2008 | Published in Mem orandum (htt p://officewrit ing.com /tag/m em o/) Memorandum Sample – Daily Time Record (http://officewriting. Rosalie Lopez EE Instructor This College 1. The faculty member is under obligation to time-in based on his/her first period of the day and time-out on . 2009 | Published in Mem orandum (ht t p://officewriting.com/memorandum-sample-%e2%80%93-daily-timerecord/) Nov ember 25th. 2.This should be ready for the semester since we are planning to use the product for 8 programming classes. Please explain in writing within 72 hours upon receipt thereof why no sanctions must be imposed on you for deserting your classes in February 12 and 13. 2008 TO: All Members of the Faculty THRU: The Deans RE: Daily Time Record 1. and 14. 334 and 335 Tags: memo (http://officewriting. including several sections of 331.com/cat egory /memorandum/) TO: Engr. Please submit your explanation to this office. Failure to do so shall constitute a waive of your right to be heard. It has reached this office that you went together with the ME Educational Trip last February 12. 13. EE Department Tags: memo (http://officewriting. 3. 2007 Engr. 2007.com/category /memorandum/) June 30. To maintain regular attendance of the faculty in their respective classes. February 16. 2.com/samplememo-%e2%80%93-education-trip/) February 1 7 th. 4. 2007 without official permission. the Accounting Office has pasted on your respective DTR’s a copy of your class schedule. Rexie Roxas Dean.com /tag/m em o/) Sample Memo – Education Trip (http://officewriting.

values and attitudes are unquenchable. 3. all members of the faculty especially those assigned to teach in the First Y ear level are hereby reminded to: a. 2008 | Published in Mem orandum (ht t p://officewriting. therefore the responsibility of the faculty to satiate them. In any case the room or office should be indicated and the cashier should be given due copy of the consultation period preferred. strong professionally dedicated. For information and compliance. Treat these students as their children or younger brothers/sisters whose thirst for knowledge. social and moral needs of these highly motivated students. The consultation hour of 2 hours a week may be spread. c. b. so the faculty must develop the classroom into a learner-friendly environment.the last period effective July 1. EDUARDO SANTOS College Administrator Tags: sample memorandum (http://officewriting. skills. to quote from the opening statement of this representation used in the General Faculty Meeting last June 13. Take advantage of the momentum of enthusiasm the freshmen have (and all students for that matter) in their college life by giving all their best to fill in the academic. reputation and track record in delivering quality education thru a highly motivated. and: e. efficient and effective members of her faculty of instruction”. 2008. 2. “BHMC strives to improve her integrity.com/cat egory /memorandum/) TO: All Instructors THRU: The Deans/Heads RE: Maintenance of College Standards 1. once satisfied with our services. 3. Let us answer point-blank the needs of . d. Consider that no students are exactly alike. In this regard. their capacity and rate of learning are of different degrees. 2008. These same students.com/memorandum-%e2%80%93-maintenance-ofcollege-standards/) Nov ember 21 st.com /tag/sam ple-m em orandum /) Memorandum – Maintenance of College Standards (http://officewriting. hence the responsibility of the faculty to adjust the lessons and strategies in such a way that at least 90% of the class is effectively served at the end of the day. concern and love shall return to us under the principle of multiplier-effect. thus: 30 minutes MTWTh from 4:00-4:30 pm or 1 hour MT 4:00-5:00 pm or 2 hours Mondays – 3:00-5:00 pm or to whatever schedule is convenient. Let us take care of the few hundred students we have. Provide avenues where lesson difficulties are converted into “play” by reinforcing it with assignments and other self-activity exercises. Exert utmost effort to keep the teaching-learning situation a challenging but enjoyable one.

com /category /sam ple-letters/com plaintletter/) Collection Letter (http://officewriting.our students for they are God-given to us thru their parents who believe that we can give them only the best.com /category /sam ple-letters/assignm ent-letter/) Authorization Letter Samples | Template | Example Formats (http://officewriting. 4.com /category /sam ple-letters/apology -letter/) Application Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/accountsreceiv able-letter/) Acknowledgment Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/confirm ation-letter/) Contract of Employment (http://officewriting. enviable track record and tradition of excellence.com /category /sam ple-letters/correction/) Customer Service Letter (http://officewriting. quality education.com /category /sam ple-letters/disagreem entletter/) Dispute Letter (http://officewriting. 2007 MARK RONALD SANTOS College Administrator Tags: Memorandum (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/custom erserv ice-letter/) Delegate (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/cancellation-letter/) Certificates (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/adjustm ent-letter/) Announcement Letter (http://officewriting.com /tag/m em orandum /) « Previous Entries (http://officewriting. we owe our college the perpetuity of her standards of service. We owe our students and their parents the best of what we can give.com /category /sam pleletters/acknowledgm ent-letter/) Adjustment Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/application-letter/) Appointment Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/endorsem ent-letter/) .com /category /sam ple-letters/appointm ent-letter/) Appreciation Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/dispute-letter-sam pleletters/) Endorsement Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/acceptance-letter/) Accounts Receivable Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/approv al-letter/) Assignment Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/announcem entletter/) Apology Letter (http://officewriting. Everyone in this academic family is counted in this gigantic endeavor for the betterment of our wards June 1.com /category /free-sales-leads/) Acceptance Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/contract-ofem ploy m ent/) Correction Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/authorization-letter/) Cancellation Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /m em orandum /page/2/) Categories –>> Free Sales Leads (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/collection-letter-sam pleletters/) Confirmation Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/delegate/) Disagreement Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /tem plates/certificates/) Claim and Complaint Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/appreciation-lettersam ple-letters/) Approval Letter (http://officewriting.

Although these are actual letters.com /category /m em orandum /) Minutes (http://officewriting. consult with an appropriate professional first.com /about/) Privacy Policy (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/personal-letter/) Progress Report (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/m iscellaneousletters/) Notification Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/reference-letter/) Reminder Letter (http://officewriting.com /about) .com /category /writing-guides/) Pages About (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/inquiry -letter/) Invitation Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/follow-up-letter/) Inquiry Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/thank-y ou-letter/) Transmittal Letter (http://officewriting.com /priv acy -policy ) | About Us (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/welcom e-letter/) Writing Guides (http://officewriting.com Sample Cover and Business Letters Samples are intended as a guide only.com /category /sam ple-letters/progress-report-sam pleletters/) Recommendation Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/transm ittal-letter/) Welcome letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/m inutes/) Miscellaneous Letters (http://officewriting. ©2011 Free Sample Letters.Follow up Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/term ination-letter/) Thank you letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/reprim and-letter/) Request Letter (http://officewriting. These are simply samples to help you get started.com /category /sam ple-letters/request-letter/) Resignation letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/rem inder-letter-sam pleletters/) Reprimand Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/resum e-cov erletter/) Sales Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/notification-letter/) Order Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam pleletters/recom m endation-letter/) Reference Letter (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/m em o-sam ple-letters/) Memorandum (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/sales-letter/) Termination Letter (http://officewriting. Writing Examples & Letter Templates Privacy Policy (http://officewriting.com /category /sam ple-letters/response-letter/) Resume Cover Letter (http://officewriting.com /priv acy -policy /) Site designed by dXbSEO.com /category /sam ple-letters/resignation-letter/) Response Letter (http://officewriting. If you are not sure about the letter.com /category /sam ple-letters/inv itation-letter/) Memo (http://officewriting. they are based on situations.com /category /sam ple-letters/order-letter/) Personal Letter (http://officewriting.

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