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AblackescortisjustasmuchofaBritishbeautyasanyother glamorousgirl

Has the tide finally turned in Britain? Has the national best known for its stuffy attitudes and prudishness finally accepted the need for change and tolerance? Its hard to tell because all the signs seem to be conflicting. On one hand there is a lot less stigma attached to a white man spending an afternoon with a Black Escort, or a Christian marrying a Muslim in the 21st century. On the other, the rise of the BNP combined with discordant rumblings with the church seem to suggest that things havent progressed as far aspreviouslythought.

Some of the most notable blows to the cosmopolitan vision of Britain, championed by Londons inclusiveness, have come from the Church of England. The C of E is inherently a conservative institution any religion with an absolute authority is by its very definition opposed to change and reconstitution but even so, its recent actions have suggested a disdain for modern ethics that few could have predicted. In making such moves, they have riskedthemselves being brandedasantiquated quacks, nolongerfittohave special rights or influences over the nation. Its a damning indictment against them that the head of the church, the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, has criticised his fellows for what he perceives to old fashioned views. In particular, the decision to deny women the right to become bishops has stirred many in protest, given that it is a sexist discrimination that wouldnt be tolerated in any other sector of society. The fact that the matter was put to a vote, and still failed, is, if anything, more damning that if it had been decided by a counciloftheupper echelons.Itshowsa wholescale and active desire to exclude,asentiment that is not echoed by the rest of country. At least, not by the majority, because it is worth noting the increasing support for the BNP and a semi resurgence of the EDL, both organisations built on the idea of segregation. Itsnotallbadthough.Theseincidents,thoughunfortunate,areinisolated.Thechurchnolongerspeaksfor thepeople,insteaditspeaksfortheprivilegedoldorder.Mostchristiansdonotdiscriminateinthesame wayastheirleaders,insteadembracingthemessageoftheoldtestamentandlivingalifeofloveand compassion.ThesamegoesfortherestofthecountryanditstoBritainsgreatcreditthattheyopenly acceptandembracedifference.Withit,culturalexpectationsandstandardshavechanged,andnowthe commonportrayalsofminoritiesarenotalwaysdetrimental.Britishbeautiesarentjustpetitewhitegirls withpaleskinandblueeyesanymore,thecountryhasevolvedpastthat.Nowthegorgeousebonyskinofa blackescortisjustaslikelytodrawamaninastheporcelainofanEnglishrose.Menareallowedtobe attractiveinawaythatdoesntjustinvolvesheer,rough,masculineenergy.Somemenareevenconsidered beautifulnow:acomplimentthatjust50yearsagowouldhavecarriedaemasculatingstingwithit.For moreinformationseeBestEscortsInLondon