“You were driven from the Broad Blue once, and warned against the folly of returning.

These are our Lands. There is no negotiation, there is no surrender, you will be eradicated.” Lord Jester Scormas, of House Melkharn to Ousmanri Tepes, during the brief parley that preceded the destruction of the Imperial Human expeditionary fleet into the Uncharted Seas.


The Dragon Lords are tall, broad shouldered humanoids, who have characteristically strong voices and commanding presences. Adventurers from the Old World have only ever seen them clad in ornate suits of ancient armour, a mixture of plate, chain and banded mail which gives them excellent protection and freedom of movement. What is known among the Old World races is that the Dragon Lords function as the ruling class of the Uncharted Seas and have dominion over all of the lesser races of the region. Most ships of this race are crewed with enslaved nations, with a limited number of actual Dragon Lords on board. There are few Dragon Lord nobles in proportion to their vassals, so they rely on their reputation and the support of their most loyal Subasha (slave races) to maintain their power. This has led them to focus on individual combat to test their skills, and removed them from the lower levels of military command, leaving that to the Subasha. Over the centuries they have made an art of single combat, and ensured that any Dragon Lord that aspires to greatness must possess martial prowess if he is not otherwise a sorcerer.

roughly 20 feet in length, though some can reach 30 or 40 feet. They are still insignificant when compared to an adult Elder Dragon which might be between 150 and 250 feet. The Dragon Lords believe that the dragons are physical conduits for the spirits of nature and anchors to the flow of magic. The spiritual connection they have with the dragons is reflected in art, stone carving and carpentry, often depicting them in a stylised manner. It is also seen in the armour that the Dragon Lords wear, and in the battle formations that their troops use. These dragons are not, however, worshipped. They are instead respected as physical representations of power. Dragon Lords have long known that the source of a dragon’s power is its hide, a material that they prize greatly. Dragon hide absorbs the flow of magic and concentrates it into a form which can be used, for instance, to power a ship. In combination with understanding the magical qualities of timber that is cut within their lands, the Dragon Lords collect dragon hide that is shed during the Fire Season to sow onto the sails of their living ships, made from the living timbers. All Dragon Lords are naturally attuned to the ebb and flow of magic, although their mages are particularly adept at harnessing its true power. These mages can perceive their surroundings as if they were part of a magical vortex. An apprentice mage can only perceive a small room with their eyes closed, whereas an arch-mage can sense almost everything up to several miles away, making them crucial to the communication and navigation on Dragon Lord ships. Their use does not stop here though, since they can siphon the nascent magical energy from the dragon sails and cast a range of devastating magic spells.

The Uncharted Seas are ruled by four Houses, each of which is led by a Great Lord who rules over one of the four provinces of Kalath, Melkharn, Traal and Morgloth. The Houses are made up of the families of senior Dragon Lords, whose warriors are called Cadres, which in turn command the lowest rank of Dragon Lord troops, which are the Disciples. It is these Cadres and Disciples that maintain and command Dragon Lord armies and fleets, while political factions within each House, called Cabals, meddle in the affairs of state. Below these ranks are the vassal troops, the most powerful and respected of which are those from the lands of Principia. These warriors often hold a command position, sometimes in charge of thousands of warriors, but only ever command other vassal troops - never Dragon Lord pure bloods.



The hulls of Dragon Lord ships are constructed from living wood. The timber that they use survives even once it has been cut into planks, so long as it is treated correctly with a liquid concentrated from a fungus called Shadow Coil. When built into the hull of a ship, the timber forms a strange magical organism, effectively a living ship with a limited form of awareness. The planks will even re-grow themselves if damaged, which allows the ship to heal itself over time and spares it from the general wear and tear that most ships suffer from. A living ship has a life span of several hundred years, dependant on the timber that is used, although it will eventually die through a curious form of decomposition. The Dragon Lord sea captains are very aware of


Almost every aspect of Dragon Lord culture is tied to the worship of dragons. The dragons of the Uncharted Seas tend to be smaller than the Old World’s dragons of legend, although they are still formidable creatures. An average dragon from the region is

Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules

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KALATH PROVINCE Kalath is known as the Land of Changing Winds because its territories are bordered by the Voskian Strait and the Strait of Usank. though like in all the provinces living wood can be found in almost any colour. but its shipwrights often buy living wood from the other Houses. since House huntsmen generally hunt local varieties of dragon. and also because it has the most fertile soil and richest fish stocks. and occasionally a deep red. this is not just a ritual. The living wood harvested in Kalath has the unique property of changing colour through the seasons. an ice bridge forms between Gorvania and the Voskarian wastes. as there is no prescribed coding in the House fleets. sometimes even crewed by hideous fish-men from the deeps. The House of Kalath is ruled by the Great Lord Mesmar Grukarren. Occasionally they sail into their home ports. barnacles and weeds. Gorvania. They are sometimes woven together to echo the markings on bodies of the local dragon species. a unique sightless creature believed to observe its world through the perception of the flow of magic like Dragon Lord mages. since they get their dragon hide from the local breeding grounds of Dark Serpents. an enigmatic individual who rarely leaves his palace high in the Traal Mountains. The further north that these dragons are hunted. others by arch-mages to enhance their powers over the sea and the elements. Morgloth province is made up of Ossiria. Ganesh and Takia. some macabre. Squadrons may occasionally have a coloured band across the prow. and his ships that are engaged in naval blockades around Vyrdam. Ships from Morgloth almost always have grey sails. and its capital is Usank. since it is very difficult for them to travel through the murky depths of Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . MORGLOTH PROVINCE Morgloth is known as the Fire Mountain’s Blanket because the island of Ossiria is a land of volcanoes and darkness. more manoeuvrable and more resistant to attack from bolt. MARKINGS AND PATTERNS The sails of living ships are made from leather with dragon hide sown onto it. their own forests. The timber that is cut from the forests of Traal is commonly light brown. He supervises the cultivation of magic powders and spices that are harvested in Traal. the centre of wild Traal being beyond even their control. Arbon. In summer this timber can be all manner of colours. The flagships of the House fleets have sails made entirely of dragon hide. many of which are derived from Forest Dragons. If a living ship is not burnt it will continue to exist in the depths of the sea where certain corals have a similar effect to Shadow Coil. Ships from Melkharn are invariably red or yellow. Some are used on the living ships of Traal. whose Cadres have become battle hardened from their seasonal war against the Voskians. and those that do tend to be in self imposed exile or on a spiritual journey to oversee the harvesting of Shadow Coil. TRAAL PROVINCE Traal is known as the Land of Canopies because it is almost completely shrouded in ancient forests. so he argues that he is best placed to lead the four Houses against the threat of the Old World adventurers. or fire. and are believed to have been inter-bred with those from Kalath. It has been known for lost ships to return from the seas covered in coral. Traal and Sorylia. or use banners and even magical signals for identification. where sea conditions are treacherous and the wind blows inland with a fierce and unpredictable temperament. supernatural instinct drawing the desolated hulk back to their home. Dragon Lord ships come in an almost infinite variety of colours. but in winter. The House of Traal is ruled by the Great Lord Vannos san Nar. patterns may vary between individual ships. In the winter. and often have patterned sails. the paler their skins are. its capital is Lamoran. Vyrdam and Mysonnia.the health of their ships. Some squadrons paint the masts and handrails in a bright colour that is a contrast against the timber of the ship. The province is made up of the west coast of Principia. and rarely trades it to the other Houses. for which he considers himself the best candidate. so that the magical properties of the hide make up for the rigidity of the leather. The House of Melkharn is the wealthiest province because of its trade in Fire Dragons. Some have a partial purple color. its capital is the city of Gan. The province is made up of the north coast of Principia. murky days. pale colours dominate. although meshes and colour bands are also prevalent. Very few Dragon Lords live on Ossiria itself. Stripes and spots are the most common. allowing tribes of Vosk barbarians to invade Kalath. many resembling the pale opalescent green derived from the fabled Mist Stalker Dragon. using it in exclusion of all others in the construction of its living ships. and although saddened by the act will burn the husk of an aged ship ceremonially at sea. It is his ships that saw off the first Imperial Human fleet that dared to engage a Dragon Lord fleet. as their dragons have adapted to the icy climates of the north. making them faster. The living wood that is used is normally mid-brown. The only living wood native to Morgloth is a deep blue colour. Ships from Traal generally have green sails. cannon. and the islands of the Delf Channel. However. with long nights and short. The Dragon Lords that inhabit Traal rely heavily on their ships for transportation. However. MELKHARN PROVINCE Melkahrn is known as the Land of the Fire Dragons because there are several breeding grounds within its territories. who is striving to encourage a vote to elect a High Lord. beige or grey. Ships from Kalath Province have blue or purple sails. due to the Province’s vast population of Fire Dragons. The most powerful squadrons are those that have a higher proportion of dragon hide woven onto the sails. but it is a harsh and uncompromising region to live in. Its mountains are rich in minerals and its waters are abundant with fish. Their towns invariably sit on the coast. The ruler of Melkharn is Great Lord Senan san Garran. its capital is Lataria. A fleet owned by a single House will generally be made from the same living wood and similarly pigmented dragon hide. The province is comprised of most of north and south Principia. The House of Traal favours its own timber greatly.

before closing in. and those around them. choosing from its Breath Weapon. Coordinated with a precision born of dedicated practice. they wear down their foe with sustained fire. Sacrificing some of their archetypal speed for a vicious fore-mounted canon. They specialise in invoking the spirits of dragons to imbue their vessels. the Dragon Lords commanders felt the need for a cruiser class vessel even sturdier than its predecessor. and decks crowded with finely crafted ballista. Indeed. the alchemists developed a new mix of Mashosh that grants the vessel magical protection. if all else fails. Swipe Attack: the Elder Dragon can make a Swipe Attack of 10AD against a model that is on the Surface OR Flying and within 1” of its flight stand in a fore facing. with hardened rams and crews of bloodthirsty Kreel. MARs: Coordinated Assault. or. Arcane Blast ARCANE CLASS CRUISER TWILIGHT CLASS HEAVY CRUISER Created to suppress the most determined rebellions. like the jaws of a dragon. There are limitations to which attacks it makes. who give these vessels their name have honed their art to a specific purpose. able to form their own battle strategies and act as emissaries for the Great Lords of the four Houses. Maintaining speed and manoeuvrability. especially when combined with the ship’s twin ‘Dragon Snout’ fore guns. An Elder Dragon can attack in THREE ways. While some may be larger and tougher. the Arcane delivers its precious cargo into the heart of the enemy. If an Elder Dragon suffers a Critical Hit you roll on the Large/ Massive Monster Critical Hit Table on Page 45. MARs: Draconic Blessing CELESTIAL HEAVY CRUISER MARs: Lethal Strike (Swipe Attack. simply blast the foe to splinters with bolts of magical energy.THE MODELS A Fleet Of Living Ships With sails sewn with dragon hide to speed it through the water even on a windless day. these cruisers underline the respect in which the Dragon Lord mages are held. where they can put their repertoire of powerful spells to best effect. 180 degree Turret arc. Invocation ELDER DRAGON (FLYING MODEL) The mainstay of any Dragon Lord force. or ‘invokers’. An Elder Dragon CANNOT perform a Swipe/Tail Attack while it is involved in a Boarding Action. You measure all distances from its Flight Stand peg. • • • • The AD of a Swipe/Tail Attack IS reduced by Hull Damage or Crew Killed Markers. the Elder Dragons are considered to be the reincarnation of the long lost Ancestor Dragons. it CAN perform a Swipe/Tail Attack in the same Activation. An Elder Dragon CAN make a Swipe Attack AND a Tail Attack in the same activation. MARs: None Since the invasion of the Uncharted Seas by the Old World Races. the shipwrights designed a ship that surpassed its cousin in both majesty and destructive potential. has presented them with a swathe of potent new tactics. the Moonbeam Destroyers emphasise the art of combined tactics. there is little afloat in the Uncharted Seas of its size that can match the Sunset for agility and long range firepower. the Elder are the most intelligent. MARs: Arcane Amplifier. but it CANNOT perform a Breath Attack. Breath Weapon: This weapon has a fore facing. MARs: None SUNSET CLASS FRIGATE INVOKER CLASS HEAVY CRUISER Designed to undertake special missions for the Dragon Lords. but both targets MUST be at the same level (both Flying OR both on the Surface). with ballista engineered to sustain their potential even at great distances. If an Elder Dragon Destroys a model with a Ram or Collision. Tail Attack: the Elder Dragon can make a Tail Attack of 10AD against a model that is on the Surface OR Flying and within 1” of its flight stand in the Aft channel. the Twilight. Tail Attack) Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . Iron Ram MOONBEAM CLASS DESTROYER The mages. Relishing in the opportunity to craft a new vessel. Dragon Lord commanders have found this invaluable: being able to reliably generate a sudden burst of speed or enhance a volley to hull splintering force. More ornate than their Shadow cousins. MARs: Draconic Blessing. they often form the anvil against which the foe is beaten. enemies of the Dragon Lords swiftly learned to flee rather than face the concentrated firepower of Twilight squadrons. the Shadow exemplifies the Dragon Lord focus on balance in warfare. and treated with utmost respect. these vessels have long enforced the rule of the Dragon Lords in the Uncharted Seas. Tail Attack or Swipe Attack. Commonly accompanied by an escort of Shadows. MARs: None SHADow class cruiser The Elder Dragon is the greatest and most cunning species of beast that the Dragon Lords can summon to war. An Elder Dragon CANNOT perform a Breath Attack and a Swipe/Tail Attack in the same Activation. 180 degree arc. Further yet. with draconic properties.

and all measurements are made to. it escorts its precious cargo to within striking distance of the foe. You DO NOT roll on the Critical Hit Table and you CANNOT score multiple Critical Hits on a Wing of Nogdra Dragon Tokens. a Dragon Carrier DOES count towards the Hand Size. sundering the foe before he has even primed his guns. cloth and flesh without discrimination. all the while allowing the dragons to absorb nourishment from the sunlight. Nogdra Dragon Tokens CANNOT cause multiple Critical Hits. and not the normal 5/6. A Carrier CANNOT carry more than 6 tokens. If a Dragon Carrier is Destroyed or Captured while Dragon Tokens are onboard. measured from the centre of the base. The following rules apply to Nogdra Dragon Tokens: • A Wing of Nogdra Dragons Tokens MUST be created with the Tokens sitting on top of the provided base. However. you must launch ALL the Dragon Tokens AT THE SAME TIME. Nogdra Dragon Tokens DO NOT roll on the Critical Hit Table when damaging other models. When shooting at a Wing of Nogdra Dragon Tokens if you match/exceed the DR but not the CR you will Destroy ONE Nogdra Token. A Dragon Carrier is deployed carrying a total of 6 Nogdra Tokens (included within its points cost). When launched. and it CANNOT repair HP while involved in a Boarding Action. When the Eyries have closed to within range. these venerable sorcerers command an unparalleled view of the battle.NIGHTSHADE CLASS BATTLESHIP It is with good reason that the Dragon Lords have reigned over the Uncharted Seas almost uncontested for centuries. and the ship drifts forwards 2” as per the normal movement rules. Newly deployed Dragon Tokens are now available for a player to Activate when they are next able to Activate a Squadron. they form either one Wing of 6 Tokens or two Wings of 3 Tokens. and can easily select choice targets on which to expend their frightful arcana. whose strong backs wind the windlasses to lethal tensions. Able to sustain the same long range firepower as the smaller Nightshade. Two wings CANNOT be combined into one larger Wing. If you match/exceed the CR you Destroy TWO Tokens. ANY Wings may land on the Carrier by moving into contact with it. the Eyrie is an entirely unique creation. the vessel can perform NO other action that turn. All attacks against Nogdra Dragon Tokens are made against the entire Wing. NOT individual Tokens. If a Dragon Carrier launches ALL 6 Tokens simultaneously. MARs: None Though seemingly insignificant in comparison to the Elder. The following rules apply to a Dragon Carrier: • • • • Dragon Tokens are launched as Wings BEFORE the carrier moves. and loaded with magically charged projectiles. the Nogdras’ handlers will mount their ferocious steeds and take wing. Housing a nest of Nogdra beneath its delicate glass dome. and capable of exhaling furnace hot gouts of flame. Nogdra Dragons (FLYING TOKEN) EYRIE CLASS DRAGON CARRIER Aptly named. Mage Tower Special Rules: When Activated. Wings of Nogdra Dragon Tokens DO NOT count towards a player’s Hand Size. and from. instead they cause 2 points of Hull Damage if their attacks match/exceed the target’s CR. Defensive Fire against Nogdra Dragons Tokens ONLY hits on a 6. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • MARs: Flame Weapon (Breath Weapon) MIDNIGHT CLASS FLAGSHIP MARs: None Able to outstrip even the cruisers of some races. Swooping down on unprotected decks to set flame to wood. this model can repair 1 of its own Hull Points (HP) on a D6 roll of 6. these weapons maintain their force over unimaginable distances. those Dragon Tokens are also Destroyed or Captured. You CANNOT play ANY Game Cards on Wings of Nogdra Dragon Tokens. From this lofty vantage point. Breath Weapon: This weapon has a 360 degree Turret arc. it can ONLY repair lost HP. nothing in its class can keep pace with a Midnight. However. A smaller Wing of ALL remaining Dragon Tokens CAN be launched if there are less than 3 Tokens left on a Carrier. a Midnight’s most formidable weapon is still the coterie of mages perched in a cabin high in the ships’ masts. It is this base that is moved to attack models. In order to create a Wing of 6 Tokens. Even the artifice of Dwarven engineers cannot provide a match to the broadside ballista of a Nightshade. Manned by Kreel Subasha. Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . the centre of this base. experienced Captains often need remind their brasher officers that a Nogdra is still roughly equivalent in size to a flying troll. If a ship launches ONLY 3 Tokens it CAN move and fire normally. It CANNOT make Weaponry Attacks. the Tokens are placed touching the aft of the model. MARs: Mage Quarters.

Arcane Amplifier PORT 4 - STARBOARD - - 1 2 3 4 6 5 4 1 6 5 4 1 - - - 1 2 3 4 6 5 4 1 6 5 4 1 - - Twilight Class Heavy Cruiser DR 5 5 CR 7 7 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 75 Celestial Class Heavy Cruiser DR 5 CR 8 7 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 85 8” RAM 5 8” RAM 5 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT FORE • Medium Capital Class • Variant model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: None • Medium Capital Class • Variant model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: Draconic Blessing PORT 5 - STARBOARD - - 1 2 3 4 6 5 4 1 6 5 4 1 6 5 4 3 - - 1 2 3 4 8 7 5 2 8 7 5 2 - - Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games - - - .Sunset Class Frigate DR 3 2 CR 5 2 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 30 Moonbeam Class Destroyer DR 3 CR 5 3 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 45 12” RAM 2 11” RAM RED 3 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 3 to 4 Models MARs: None • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: Coordinated Assault. Iron Ram PORT 3 - STARBOARD - - 1 2 3 4 4 3 1 - 4 3 1 - - - - 1 2 3 4 5 4 2 - 5 4 2 - - Shadow Class Cruiser DR 4 4 CR 6 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 60 Arcane Class Cruiser DR 4 CR 6 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 70 9” RAM 4 9” RAM 4 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT • Medium Capital Class • Standard model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: None • Medium Capital Class • Special model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: Arcane Blast.

Tail Attack) TAIL ATTACK - 1 2 3 4 6 4 3 1 6 4 3 1 7 6 5 4 - - 1 2 3 4 9 5 2 10 10 - Nightshade Class Battleship DR 6 9 CR 10 8 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 115 Midnight Class Flagship DR 6 CR 12 10 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 140 6” RAM 8 8” RAM 8 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT FORE PORT • Large Capital Class • Standard model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: None • Large Capital Class • Special 1 model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: Mage Quarters.Invoker Class Heavy Cruiser DR 5 5 CR 7 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 90 Elder Dragon SWIPE ATTACK Points: 100 BREATH WEAPON DR 5 STARBOARD CR 8 8 MOVE RANGE BAND 8” RAM 4 10” RAM RED 6 HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT FORE 6 - • Medium Capital Class • Special 2 Attachment model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: N/A MARs: Draconic Blessing. Invocation • Large Capital Class • Special 2 Flying model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: Lethal Strike (Swipe Attack. Mage Tower FORE 9 - STARBOARD - 1 2 3 4 13 11 9 7 13 11 9 7 6 5 4 3 - - 1 2 3 4 13 11 9 7 13 11 9 7 7 6 5 4 Eyrie Class Dragon Carrier DR 6 8 CR 10 7 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 160 Nogdra Dragon 3 5 1 18” RAM 0 BREATH WEAPON Points: 10 DR STARBOARD CR MOVE RANGE BAND 6” RAM 6 HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT 1 - • Large Capital Class • Special 2 model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: None • Tiny Class • Flying Standard token • Template: NONE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 3 or 6 Tokens MARs: Flame Weapon (Breath Weapon) - - - 1 2 3 4 9 7 5 - 9 7 5 - - - - 1 2 3 4 3 - - - - Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games - - - .

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