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31 August 2005

Khirod Ch. Malick Pitabash Sethi Jogeswar Majhi Makardhawj Sahu Shiv Prasad Meher Aurobinda Mahapatra Pradeep Kumar Mohanty



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A training programme on Management Practices was organized at our central office conference hall on August 28th 05, Sri K.C.Malick, Chairman, BISWA explained various aspects of Management Practices in his efforts to add some inputs in the mind of participating office staffs. He narrated some management convictions, which leaves strong impressions in working minds and explained that these are nothing but just myth. He informed the participating staffs about some “Does and Don’ts” and urged to practise them sincerely. He tried to persuade the staffs to do away their fears and nourish some dreams to achieve some higher goals in the life. He taught to adopt positive attitude and make action a habit. He also gave ideas to think like a leader. Sri Malick also disclose some management gimmicks and warned the staffs to be aware of them. He gave a clear message that one has to think progressively towards his family along with thinking progressively towards himself and the community. He tried to share the visions of his staffs in his efforts to know what would be “BISWA” in future. The training class was so absorbing that everybody enjoyed it. The staff could feel that their could not be any better way to enjoy a better half of a holiday.


Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that “The soul of India lives in its villages”. With improving our villages, we can improve the whole country of course. But unfortunately our villages and its rural lives are utterly neglected, which needs a through strategy for desired improvement. In our bids to copy the western culture, we are blindly and rapidly adopting urbanization. As our all attentions are being focused in grooming urban development, so there is hardly any time being left for caring our countryside. As a result of it the villages are being pushed further & further from our focal point. No developmental scheme initiated by the government ever reaches there. Schemes for rural development starts from the government files and they are never able to come out of it. Obviously trapped in the system of red tapeism, its benefits never percolate to the people at grass root level, who are eagerly waiting for it. In these five decades of post independent era, many a government have come to power but none of them have ever thought to reach out to our rural lives. Commitments are made during election campaigns to improve the conditions of our villages by removing bottlenecks, but soon after victory in the election they are forgotten as some bad dreams. God knows when His angels would come to the rescue of our hapless villages. A meeting on Project Implementations was organized on August 18th in the conference hall at central office of BISWA. Speaking to handpicked gathering of staffs, Sri K.C. Malick, Chairman, explain how to make our projects successful with proper implementation. He detailed on how to coordinate and monitor the ongoing project works properly with giving tips for successful implementation. He thrust on providing fields reports on day to day basis to the planning department management. He emphasized on proper budgeting and its strict implementation to make the projects sustainable. He advised to monitor Total Sanitation Project (Rural) on district wise basis. He disclosed that Niwano Peace Foundation (NPF) project works is being carried on in 10 villages. He urged upon the participating officials to at strictly on the said points on project implementation to make the ongoing projects of the organization successful.


On August 23rd a training programme on Branch Accounting Practices was organized at our central office hall. In this programme all the district coordinator & accounting staff of BISWA participate. In the whole day training programme participant learnt about the clean cash posting, cash book maintain, discussed all heads of account,ledger posting etc,. This type of training programme will help staffs of BISWA for improving their capacity in account on branch level for smooth functioning. Mr. Dharmendra Padhi, Office Administrative, Mr. Duryodhan Mallik, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Ashish Kumar Sahu, Project Officer mF were the resources person in the training programme
Mr. Deepak Kindo and Miss. Amrita visited, BISWA from 21st to 24th of July’05 to observe microfinance operation. During their visit they had gone through various books of accounts and records of BISWA-microfinance activities. They had a discussion with the Chairman, CFO, and Project Officer (mF) BISWA on the capacity building of micro-finance activities at different levels. As CARE is doing the capacity building of Sambalpur area, so they decided to support the Bargarh district office for its capacity building. They also paid a visit to Bargarh for situation analysis and discussion to understand the capacity building needs at different level of staffs at Bargarh.


A Sensitization Workshop on Establishment of Mahila and Sishu Desk in Sambalpur district was organized at Collectorate Conference Hall on August 24 th , 2005. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. U. Sahu, CDMO, Sambalpur & he elucidates the aim and objectives of the workshop. Sri. R.K. Mishra, ASP Sambalpur gave an outline of Government policy in this matter with a short introduction of staffs of Mahila and Sishu Desk, established at Burla police station. Dr. Sahu presented a brief study on Violence Against Women in his deliberation and urge that more and more efforts be taken to bring forth such incidents and registered at police station. Sri R.N. Mishra, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee explain on Juvenile Justice Act and the role of Mahila and Sishu Desk. Sri Shiv Prasad Meher, PRO, BISWA inform the house about functioning of a family counseling center in their central office. He said that as far as 36 cases of family counseling have been registered in that center with an average of 3 to 4 cases every month. Ms. Mousumi Nanda, Counselor-BISWA, shared her experiences in running family counseling center. Dr. Jayadev Meher, ASS, gave a brief description on how they are managing Ashraya, the short stay home. Mr. Sushil Panigrahi, Inspector in Charge-Burla P.S, described how the Mahila and Shishu Desk is operating. Sri Ramanikant Sahasia, MKP, Smt. Ashalata Pradan, KAMS, Sri Janakiram Panda, MASS & Smt. Kamla Biswal, ASS, also spoke to the occasion. Smt. Hiranmayee Das, DSWO, proposed the vote of thanks at the end of the workshop.

Review meeting cum Individual Operating Plan (IOP) & Detail Implement Plan(DIP) preparatory meeting was conducted as per the Business Development Plan (BDP) for the next year, on 29 th August’05 for BISWA-CARE-CASHE staffs. The session was lead by the Project Officer micro-finance. Also on 30th August’05 a training session was conducted for the CASHE staffs on the topic “FAMIS, Management Information Software and its utility in microfinance. Mr. A. Jenamani and Mr. S.K.Sahu were the trainers for the entire session. They discussed on Disbursement Register, Repayment Register, Outstanding Report, Ageing Analysis of Overdue, Employees Performance Report, Monthly Progress Report & Repayment Schedule. Mr. D.Mallik and Mr. S.K. Sahu, presented their deliberation on ParCalculation and Interest Calculation Day Wise.

Basiapada is a remote village, interest to be a part of such groups. A surrounded by dense forest in Jujomura group took shape there consisting 11 block. Around 500 families live in this members the same day. She and the other village. Their main income is derived members of the group stated saving from agriculture, non timber forest Rs.10/- per week. Two months after product & fire wood BISWA SHG Basiapada Gr.No.75 initial formation, a etc. They earn wages bank savings Name - Mrs. Bhagbati Poudh from daily labour account was opened Category- S.T, Age -35 years and bidi making. Block - Jujomura, Dist:- Sambalpur in the name of Smt. Bhagabati B I S WA - S H G Poudh hails from this remote village. Basiapada.01 in BAGB Mundher branch Her family consists of husband, a son, a on July 5th, 2003. She was very happy to daughter and her mother. All these five save money since then, as she had no members earn for the family. saving of any kind previously. She took Remoteness, rough terrain and no-road a loan of Rs.300/- from her group for her caused no government schemes ever husband’s treatment, who was gravely ill. reached the village. The village was left She returned the loan amount alongwith neglected & deprived of any interest within a month. The group took development. Rajeswari Mirdha, an an external loan of Rs.12,000/- from organizer from BISWA, arranged a BISWA out of which Mrs.Poudh took a meeting of women in the village to loan of Rs.5,000/-. She invested the organize a self help group. She told the amount in bricks business. She earned a women about the different programmes good income out of the business and was of BISWA, which could help them to able to repay the loan amount timely. This improve their financial and social business has made her able to fulfill conditions. She described in detail about household needs alongwith providing how to improve themselves by forming good education to her children and save SHGs. Mrs.Bhagabati Poudh was also money for future needs. present in the meeting and she grew

Two Health Camps were organised by BISWA at Budapada in Maneswar block on August20 th, 05 and Thelkopada in Sambalpur Municipality area on August 23rd, 05. The medical check ups were conducted by Dr. Kishor Kumar Barai on behalf of BISWA.


31AUGUST NUAKHAI JUHAR BISWA salutes the adorable pious spirit of NUAKHAI, which is a symbol of our rich heritage of agrarian society. We pay tribute to our sincere efforts put forth in cultivating food grains to feed us since time immemorial. We wish the safe beings of this rich heritage in this instable era of heartless industrialization.

The Doordarshan Kendra, Sambalpur has recorded a panel discussion on “The Role of NGOs in Agricultural Activities”, wherein Sri Khirod Chandra Malick, Chairman & Sri Shiv Prasad Meher, PRO participated. BISWA is already identified as a member of the District Level Agriculture Mass Media Committee. In the first meeting of the committee BISWA has contributed many valuable suggestions to make the proposed narrow casting on agriculture enriched. In the said panel discussion, the two panelists have shed light on how an NGO can improve the ongoing agricultural activities in the region by adding desired inputs and updated informations. The recorded panel discussion is expected to be telecasted on September 6th, 2005.

A meeting was organized in the office of District Blindness Control Society Sambalpur on August, 25th to observe 20th National Fortnight Eye Donation. Dr. Sundar Ray, ADMO, Sambalpur presided over the concern, wherein Dr. Dani detailed the importance and procedure of eye donation. Shiv Prasad Meher, PRO on behalf of BISWA participated in it and put forth the views of the organization in this matter. He disclosed that 1856 patients are treated in various eye camps organized by BISWA this year and 1626 patients were provided with medicines for their treatment along with 840 patients were provided with spectacles (glasses). He also said that 362 eye patient were operated in the eye ward of district head quarters hospital, out of 562 cataract cases brought here as referred form various health camps organized by BISWA. Mr. Shyam Sunder Agrawal, President of Lions Club, Sambalpur also spoke to the organization and shed light on the role of his club in blindness controlling activities. Office bearers and members of Lions Clubs of Hirakud and Burla also participated and spoke to the occasion.

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Rajiv Gandhi Akshaya Urja Diwas

Rajiv Gandhi Akshaya Urja Diwas was celebrated on August 25th,05, in the fond memory of our beloved Prime Minister, who laid his life for the peace in the country. School children & volunteers rallied in the street on that day to spread the message of multiple benefits in adopting renewable sources of energies. Printed and Published by Debabrata Malick, Chief Editor. The Link, at BISWA Computer Section, Danipali, Sambalpur. PIN- 768150 Ph. No- 0663-2533597

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