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Rebecca Comay
Excursuson an Excursus In a lengthy or appendix to thefirst "excursus" of theDialecchapter

- Adornoreads of such appendages patchwork tiallyas an extended Homer's Odysseyas an allegoryof the dialecticof enlightenment. of homo oecowould be the quintessential figure Odysseushimself an his his extended business nomicus, voyage trip, passionstheusual wifeat home.So domesmenfallinto whenthey havea devoted affairs his calculations, that so conventional is Odysseus'swanderlust, ticated indeedreadstheancient Adorno novel,thebourgeois epic as a modem genre parexcellence.1 reckons In his reading of theSirens sharply justwhat episodeAdorno If be. reason can only the costs of Odysseus'senlightenment might thisis in turn ofan aliennature, itself as thedomination assert inseparaat itsextreme. becomes self-mutilation a self-domination which ble from to theattempt to itsconclusion: unreason whenpushed Reasonbecomes ritunleashes an endless to theOther from free oneself external bondage has himual of sado-masochistic bondagegamesin whichthesubject - a voiceofnature, a In thefaceoftheSirens'singing selftiedup tight. - both a voiceofthepast,and,yes,a voiceofwomen voiceofpleasure, The Sirensare notthe wouldbe extreme. and thesolution thedanger
Gesammelte derAuJkliirung, Dialektik Adorno andMax Horkheimer, 1. Theodor 80 ("Robinsonade"). 3 (Frankfurt: 1981) 64 ("Abenteuerroman"), Schriften Suhrkamp, trans. John as DialecticofEnlightenment, as GS. In English Herafter cited (New Cumming I willbe citthis as DE. Throughout cited York:Continuum, paper 1969)46, 61. Hereafter as indicated. ofAdorno with somemodifications translations ingthestandard English

- a detourin a book which constitutes tic of Enlightenment itselfessen-


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"art"as an idleluxury of just whatit meansforAdomo to be aside the question Setting . "BacktoAdorno. The sailorswith manuallaboron whichclass society of themodemage: workers their up ears are like thefactory plugged boredom of arms.strong to in would the mast delectation labor. economy just If or in absorbs the safelyset aside? the"appendage" "excursus" fact within theOdyssey rather thantheother book? If Adomo is inscribed If whatis presented as a provisional or diverexcursus way around? an end in sight?If Adomo's own Odysseyremains without unfinAndif. Although Robert Hullot-Kentor that in influence is evident argues Horkheimner's thischapter as elsewhere in theDialecticofEnlightenment. being episode Odyssey it in fact where seems most of the resurfaces work. couldafford to the tialways. temptresses.sensesdulledby thebrutalizing busyhands. in her own the "other woman" in all theessensicaa.he wants whilehe he plugsup his sailors'ears so they can rowon undistracted tied to the mast so as to listenin solitary has himself safety.Let me proposethatwhatis foreclosed What if the at crucialjunctures. Alwaysone to cuthis losses.ButifOdysseus provisionally. be the bourgeois taking tobe enjoyed atsaferemove. . distance tureas the posture Expressed but "sensitive") and thesailorsbelow between Odysseusabove (inert between intellectual and is the (deaf but active) founding opposition as excursionwith a fixed return This content downloaded on Mon. is (though thisis theOdyssey as an allegory that reading theprecise between theultimate question) relationship "philosperhaps .then. butmostly becausetherepercussions 2.22 Adorno's SirenSong or lastwomen to try first to seduceOdysseus. becausethere is reasonto think that theOdysseus excursus is in partly factlargely Adorno's ownwork2. posin thephysical of domination.I'd like to consider whatmight have gone ophy"and "literature" in thisreading unreadhere.ends up being a sea voyage sion . theSirens'songstill ished? haunts? If I speakof "Adorno" I'm usingthenamepartly as a metonhere. Adomo's thinking may determine within far from an contained thelarger chapter. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . fashion. represent to succumb. evenNauCirce. Calypso. the cumbersome "Adorno-and-Horkheimer" ymy (for overly pair)." Telos81 (1989): 5-29.suspending. By sucha strategy wouldinstitutionalize theupright Adomo'sreading. the other this time he to a charms of has keep grip. See Robert Hullot-Kentor. Odysseus solitary strapped wage cautiouspleasurein as modemconcertgoer. druglike to haveit bothways:famously.

openof such difference thestandard wouldundermine organization the economy governing beyond oppositional ing theplay of sexuality the conceptual space of workand power.. those of tity to and sensuous was sweet If secure.3 their "female.Blanchot is just how precarileave understated and Horkheimer WhatAdorno is.technological reproduction. EarlyGreekrepresentations ambiguous. a of the ofdecadence to Greek forso manyothers. theerotic It was notsimply promise for was which blendof sex and knowledge was notjust thatpeculiar sexNor was it simply irresistible. imer's writings Posture Antinomies oftheUpright this moderate Thiscowardly andtranquil pleapleasure. common him from the condition. frequently AllenandUnwin. ous Odysseus'sprophylactic ultimately But perhapsthey remedy thelureof It was notsimply real theSirens' underestimate temptation. as we'll Horkhebears the unmistakeable see. tooka morespecific domination unthinkable. the greatest whichrepresented ual difference danger.Shrines Pollard." according song as sexually of theSirensshowthem 3. perhaps was all that own identity Not that their who listened.Perhapseven was thepossibilforOdysseusthansexualdifference moredangerous a possibility Such be subverted. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ." ence" itselfmight thisI don'tmeanneutrality. period appropriate hero ofthe never deserved tobethe who Iliad. reliand Sirens:TheGreek See John bearded Seers. Andthusitwas notjustdominationwhich seducedOdysseus. stamp onthefamily arenotirrelevant tothis discussion.this happy ina privilege which set rooted andconfident cowardice.. (London: century giousrevolution This content downloaded on Mon. tion. figures. inthe6th 1963) 140. propaganda) of But Adorno. "nature" Nor was it just the whichhad to be reasserted. Odysseus. remained And it whichwas so alluring. over-nature-in-general to the workof civilizacounter a of running past temptation primordial minor and its discontents with its Perhapsthat triumphs.RebeccaComay 23 of thisreading are perhaps mostvisiblein thediscussion of the"cultureindustry" which (music. was thesexual idenWhatthe Sirensthreatened. difference this that might very ity . above the pointthat"differAnd by come to receivethe name "indifference. major therealtemptation Andperhaps form. apart .

12ff). according pains I've so I'm to weep and grieve. spectiveon life whichis. in theorder oftelling) has already a premature of experience. of his own kleos. Robert UP. his tale. whatshall I go borne. .an impossible mourning "Kleos and its Ironies in the Odyssey. strictly tem.24 Adorno's SirenSong theterms of Homer'sday (and ours). 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .the whole story Le sujetde la philosophie. David B. living.stillmore. court [kleos]inthefirst perOdysseus speaksofhisownheroic glory . fact./ Well then. Cf.others [disthanees]: justdie once" (12. Andindeed. known son ("I am Odysseus. only(Greek bybookandlinenumbers andtheIliadicMuses.the story to Alcinous. it seems. Cf. ing. Homer. rendering in "doomed to die a response Odysseusannounces a narrative which redoubles which hislifeas such thegrief mourning performance. Allen 4. It is striking Typographies ofthePhaeacians. Munro and ThomasW.not enunciated to speakof"mykleos"(kleosor fame onlyinthethird person normally andtypically thehero'sdeath). posterior givenOdysseus a death before as Circeaptly twicemortal tasteofdeath."But now you'reset on probing thebitter has.ed. remarks.CharlesSegal remarks famehas reached ." in Harold Bloom./ through compulsion theboundsof what"I" can say of myself.See to advertise abouthimselffora speaker onlyafter intheorder Thetrip to HadesinBook 11 (prior (New York:ChelseaHouse. seem to transgress thusmaking theact of for kindof craft to theworld forevery son of Laertes. hear his own song? If all owntrue is." 7. Greeksand Trojansonce endured on thespreading plainof Troy.whatproved mostirresistible to in was the a fact of so absolute Odysseus ("male")promise knowledge itwouldrupture thebondsof finite theimposbyassuming subjectivity siblestandpoint ofthewhole. of history is at stakehere. death. 1917). in English: Fagles (New Yorkand London: (London:Oxford inthetext Allreferences willhenceforth be given 1996)Book 12."To In offerin "all to on the comes earth. in"TheSongoftheSirens. would first.Jean-Pierre Greece. speechnotonlyan actofmourning for thelostsubject. claimto "knowall thepainthe totality.6 How could Odysseus. him. Homer's The Odiyssey critics 16 (1986): 54-64. Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. thatat the I (Paris: Aubier:Flammarion. This content downloaded on Mon.1988) 128f. Odyssey. trans.7theSirens'promise of narrative of and death on which the order life very veryeconomy HomeriOpera.history The promise as in total The Sirens recollection. 1979) 217-303.22)."4 that know. in its totality.become. On theconnection Arethusa 12 (1979): 121-31. grief to mustbe someone otherthanyourself and story./ what shallI save for Thevery to narrate last?"(9. (to hearyour allothanatography autobiography to disturb the wouldthreaten you mustbe dead). generous pass let him the whole to "his" to hear epic story song ingOdysseus sing himthetotalperhad effectively offered of his heroicexploits5 . ed.lines205-207. edition)." Aspects Vernant. it is unusual in Greek that theskies"[9.see Pietro theSirens Pucci's between 5." rhetorical remarkable analysis Dia"Feminine ofDeathinAncient 6..they only possiblepost-morspeaking. a form ofself-mournindeed. at itslimits. Penguin.19f]). "L'Echo du sujet.

221) and honeyedwine (10.10in contrast.9 of thelotus-flowers fruit" The "honeysweet (9. (5. Buschor. listener. discussion Jenseits by KarolyMarot. arbitrary: Now letme start youmyname. in Greeceas thevery valorized was typically example imageof feminine Kahn's superb and Laurence to Hermes theHomeric passe ou les essay. 1944). By hearing the unmourned fame. theSirens between connection 9.thegodshavegivenme myshare.8 It would the verylogic of self-consciousness. der WissenAkademie Literatur der griechischen Die Anfange Ungarische (Budapest: De de a grief of grief.. PrenticeCliffs: Critical A Collection Homer: Robert Essays (Englewood eds.premature. bytelling pains. altenLiteratur 1902) and K. ambiguitis This content downloaded on Mon. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . private.RebeccaComay 25 For the livingOdysseusto hear of his own heroickleos depends.see Siegfried schaften. (Paris:Maspero. Die Musen des und Kunst(Leipzig: Teubner. inthe that here 101(1970).Hermes hymn de la communication 1978). According a bee. totheEgyptian Weicker. perhaps. would be to transgress A hypertrophic to his own funeral. theSirens Greek andthedead (early correspondrepresent paintings living inder Die Seelenvogel see Georg ba or soul-bird). then.wouldswallowup its as fame itself contradicts famewhichtherefore of theanonymity skinsandbone-heaps. have been an invitation memory of his own posthumous reputation wouldbe Odysseus'santicipation whichwould make a living from the lethaloblivion indistinguishable ofevery death present. "honeyed . Cf Odysseus'surgeto impart sequential it to explodesuch sequence." (9.Odysseuswould. bee as theindustrious insofar is particularly interesting Hall.See also thecritical (Munich:Bruckmann. singing Sirens(eight Muselike) presiding ofthespheres themusic (616b-617-d). See mantic from someMediterranean seiren. onlyshrivelled leaving his own dead. 254-75. Calypsowithher beguiling butat thecost of fame./what "Well."inherited signifying language" and in GeorgeSteiner ofKnowledge." Gresseth. to theword Sirenis related thewordfor to at leastone etymology. butat thecostof life. overthespindle almost of them. The association See for virtue.. 1960) 106-87. of Fagles. andthe andtheunderworld.187)." andtheTemptation "The Sirens Gabriel Germain. On themythological the between as mediating wereseenat somepoint themselves theSirens that possibility thus as birds. Circe's beautiful had made the men forget song of their (10.or render threatens whichin its excessiveness precisely What shall I save forlast?/ whatshall I go through first. ing. oftheissue.15-17).The Sirens' immortality.93) had promised voices" [meligerun promisea op'] (12. oftheafterlife allegory ofNecessity..Fora good survey toShakespeare Homer Sirens 1987) into AnInquiry Sirenibus: (NewYork:Garland. from andProceedings Transactions "TheHomeric as wellas Gerald Sirens.234) made themforgetful voice (1. to his narrative order 8.94) [meliedea karpon] the voyagehome. It is worth Association American recalling Philological ofthe the Platohas thesoul encounter inthelastbookoftheRepublic. .56) voice and nectar fatherland.Suchfame kindof memory./ . 1962) 96. 10.

72) the would to be quite distance and that seem.. knowing.would be a warning to thosewho would ask too manyquestions in Thosewhowouldhearan omniscient Pytho [puthomendn]. Segal makes point ofimmediate theSirens butofa kind (idmen.would relapse into "nature. ClaudeLevi-Strauss. (Opladen: 1974)andKahn. just thesnakein thegrass ultimately. all about it and the womanwhose charmwould make him forget the would equallysubvert notactually speakofkleosbyname. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Figures Art andPoetry & 14.Vernant reminds on theSirens'flowery meadow strewn (12. of forbidden BetweenCalypso's whichis the temptation knowledge." Vernant. replacing epic remembrance which recall hasoblivion as itsend. Pietro despite anddiction tothe(Iliadic)Muses. cf.14 [Puth6] the Sirens'meadowwouldfind. Emily Vermeule (Aspects ofDeathinEarlyGreek [Berkeley Los Angeles: U ofCalifornia theandr6n of 12.negateit. Westdeutscher. 1977). 12. flowery ignorance (5. embalming in theexcessivenaturalness of an wouldresult its "cultural" attributes in the death:thecorpsewouldbe leftto rotunremembered unmarked corpses[andr6n open air. (Baltimore: Language ofPoetry Hopkins See also Jan Hendrik BieneundHonigals Symbol desDichter undderDichtung Waszink. theproximity attributes 11.ll1 will-to-knowledge. 13. 1979]203) relates puthomen6n atDelphi. this blissful the between and Sirens' meadow.their to of its bearer a bones wouldendup paradoxically reducing heap in it mean well."natural 12If thestart. speaknotofmemory "knowing" see "KleosanditsIronies intheOdyssey" 145. 1973). idmen." Levi-Strauss This content downloaded on Mon. 12.On thesemantic of"honey" field inearly Greek . trans. rapturous The womanwho wouldsingback to Odysseus his heroicglory slight. thepremature .46tothe thiscase too. Iliad funerary offering honeyis a traditional .See "The Song of theSirens"130n9. punon therotting Python ness.Memory wouldbecomeforgetfulthehoneymoon butprocessed culreminds us thathoney(an uncooked food.170) . UP. The evidenceof the rotting puthomendn] .46) lying in Greeksignifies also thefemale "meadow"[leimdn] us that genitals13 .a standard turn. Charles theparallel like Hesiod'sMuses. Jean-Pierre "Feminine ofDeathinGreece. that. wouldsoonbe over.205-207). John andDoreen Honey (New Weight York:Harper andRow..26 Adorno's SirenSong If desirefeedson thenarcissistic fact.a "masculinity" so totalit But if the Sirenspromise omniscience .ofGreek 23. indergriechische Literatur Hermes.then. is structurally ambivalent from ture"at itsmostalluring) to the dead (24. What would is other as ways ambiguous appeal sexually of that to seducethrough song?Was thethreat thesongnotprecisely it Puccipoints outthat oftheir theSirens. see Pietro Hesiodandthe Johns Pucci. (thereby forgotten) rendering with narrative orderof timeand history. Culture . From toAshes.

547).therefore. 11. intheOdyssey.233]) is rather "legs have losttheir comtotears he was reduced ofAlcinous.891-92.368and.333.. get bondage games. Odysseus rapist to spellbind eloquence any audiencewithhis own singing [thelgein] wine" who has administered "honeysweet (e.363) to theCyclopsprior softness of honey words his ownmenwith soothed [meilichiois epeessi] becomesat once Odysseus honeying (10.Sullivan.406-11.impregnated by letting in a Understandwould not the man woman?15 no neophyte the sorceress all aboutknotsfrom the from sailors besotted the to away Earlier. of a cow. preempting he simultaintotheir openorifices.C. World (Albany: Itis at21.moreover.indirectly. epicchant overthebodyof herdead husband to a widowweeping (8. 1912).164]andwhose (who"doesnotresemble Odysseus condition" proneto cryat music. effect.173. Seaton withhis lyre.514ff).Rebecca Comay 27 theear..Odysseus'sonly counter-spell Iftheearis in fact theessenofthephallic reassertion position.who. On thequestion himas calvesaround around mencluster 10. atthecourt Demodocus's (8.and who has similarly (9. emphatic itslabyrinthine confusion of equilibrium and theerect tialorgan posture. oftheSirens' victim andsupreme Siren seductive both power. is able himself to thesailorwomen.48) substance [meliedea Not to mensexualconfusion. his phallicposition Whatdoes it mean forOdysseusto reassert by .See Argonautica them IV.g.whowas taught cords? tiedto themastwith himself Odysseus having in Circe (8. upright precarious inner ear. For in closingup thosegaping becommost what he would therefore must deny. Apollonius R. toa bard 16. 1984)59-78. penetrate to the Sirens'magic involvesan ably.At pared.521-29). their bothdeniesand confirms neously enter holes he mustfirst tionhis own. of the disturbance which theseasickness every accompanies Would it not But whatwouldbe the forceof Odysseus'sstrategy? earswith In his men's it was to cure? the reinstate very filling ambiguity the the Sirens'auralrape by pressing "honeysweet" wax. ingeneral "'ReverseSimiles'andSex "rolereversal" in theAncient and J.thishoneyed. (Cambridge: [meliedea oinon] (9. them.Upon hearing [8.indeed.86-93). .reducing his bodyto an openoriassailedthepasserby through In whatever calls? thatviscoussweetness fice.trans. acknowledge menandmale to thesailor female seductress at onceboth ing. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Women SUNY P. Peradotto in John Roles in theOdyssey. We know [8.16 to mutilating him. Hence the sense of balance and the wouldrender gait. at 11. Foley.P.447) .208) and "honeyed words" [epessi meilichioisi] This content downloaded on Mon. 10. 17." eds. an athlete" that 15.410ff Odysseus's see HeleneP. keron] (12. outsinging literally Harvard UP. Odysseus is also compared intheSirens infor stands sometimes inlateantiquity that worth Odysseus Orpheus noting owngametheir theSirens outwit ofRhodes hasOrpheus byplaying episode.

ing and above board (9."Thus Spoke Zarathustra.armsand legs helpless.17 Now. all ears for the Sirens' song. suggeststhat PtolemyChennus.21 With ears like this does it matterwhat sailinvolved thesurviving cave similarly 17.28 Adorno's SirenSong he had draggedthemback weepfruit of the lotus-flowers. they spokeof great who itwasan inverse that men.thetremendous earwas andslender.E. Odysseus would be just this cripple.175f). securelyvertical. see Ernest 18. them.99f). 1968)250.429f). 19. But what is this body any case not partof Circe's originalinstructions. Odysseus remedy against a "braided Melanthios tiedup with willhavethetreacherous cowherd plekrope"[seiren column" (22.The Portable Cf. from a bloated little soulwas dangling also. Walter trans.'19 ofeverything hadtoolittle andtoomuch Odysseus.he insists that the him tie hard. Thepeople." in The Constraints ofSex and Genderin AncientGreece (New York: Routledge. stiffwith the erectionthat masks a deeper fearfulness.a genius.andindeed."Medusa's Head. thin stalk attached being! a tiny envious useda magnifying face.that a human this earwas notonly buta toldmethat however. ofSigmund Strachey Hogarth. & ed. ors(horizontally) Odysseus a (vertical) beamthesize of a "mast"(9. honey-sweet beneaththe rowingbenches to the boat and tied horizontal. Friedrich Nietzsche. (London: 1974)273.torsoreduced to a giantear.trans. SigmundFreud.1990) 129-67. great thepeoplewhen ButI never believed one.butthis Ifone stalk was a human to a small.See John Winkler's dialect. . 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .andI maintained cripple mybelief great ofonething. 1964). "Until it hurts"[en desm6 argaleo] he men plugged up in no and in a rather detail way necessaryto the strategy touching says.20 the second century a from C. episode. satirist Odysseus's nickname"Outis" ("nobody") indeed comes fromthe fact thathe had big "ears" [6ta]. Or. 21. Theescapefrom tying Polyphemus's himself ontothebackoftheCyclops'smalesheep(9. like a sail growingswollen withthe Sirens' swell. On some of thepsychoanalytic theEar."EssaysinApplied "TheMadonna's 144. glassone couldevenrecognize thestalk. being. suggestively. (NewYork:Viking.. Through vol. still more Anear!Anearas bigas a man!I looked closely small was moving. "Penelope's Cunningand Homer's. 2 (NewYork:International UP. redoubling linktheSirens with theprophylactic whichsemantically them. pinnedimmobileagainstthe mast.evenmore inHomeric Greek ouata. underneath theear something something pitifully ofit. Later.18like the"inversecripple"of whichNietzschewrites: . This content downloaded on Mon. theCyclopswith mutilated having andinterms ofparodistic oftheSirens ina kind backhomeinIthaca. ten]andhoisted up a "high resonances of windfertilization." StandardEditionof the Complete Works ofDesire: TheAnthropology essay.322). Conception Psychoanalysis.James Freud18. Kaufman Nietzsche. "On Redemption. no doubt andwretched And. 20.

to contend of coursehad his own Sirens Adorno By the 1930's he saw as had the autonomous it. bourgeois subject Parablesand Paradoxes."] This content downloaded on Mon. enchainers." Altertumderclassischen von Pauly. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Odysseus quite it was notindeedthecureitself which whether own driveto mastery. intact [widerstehen]."] 204 n. in ClassicalAntiquity TheTherapy Lain Entralgo.457) themedical andblighting brain 331-33on thesongoftheFuries."]seirios ["scorching. ondry is a seasickness land. Kafka.indeed. theenchanting to counter was homeopathically which song. word According ing they the to seira. bilingual Glatzer ed. Reihe.""pipe. bind. etymologies 1927).24 enchanters finally. was who it not withhis whether seducedhimself silent...Zweite and the Semiticsir of seirendincludesurizo ["hiss. "TheHomeric Gerald lastpoint See onthis Sirens. ["song.B. A double anddoubled. (NewYork:Schocken. Other Bd. bloodinitsstringless melody. "binding" . Cf Eumemides "binding guishable." edition.MetzlervonGeorgWissowa(Stuttgart: Neue Bearbeitung begonnen swissenschaft. the outset is from split binding power Adorno'sSirens it I saythat when andI amnot I have joking experience.for sharea common and "spellbinding" as in otherlanguages. then.cols.22 ofhaving overthem thefeeling byone'sown triumphed Against remained could have before noearthly down oneverything it." Gresseth.A. 22.Whocouldwithstand ofthe stance? induced tion[Uberhebung] bytheexperience upright thatbears and the subsequent exaltation [Uberhebung] strength. Entralgo companions hunting Odysseus's points ofa "charm" thebleeding andstaunch "bindup" [desan]hiswound [(epaoide] bymeans indistinandindeed ofthecureareinseparable andmagical aspects (19..thewordfor"cord"or "line"or "bandage": "Siren"relates the that the wouldbe. See August Real-Encyclopiidie J. powers Whatif thebinding of sucha binding? And whatwouldbe theeffect inGreek.1. 1970)21.RebeccaComay 29 is to hear?Kafkawonders whether there the Sirenswerenot.Nahum 1961)88f. Friedrich 24.Franz Kafka with. liquidated been. "The SilenceoftheSirens. Suggesting. 3. thevertical exaltawas in theendtherealdisease. 23.289f.was onlyto redouble its constricting semantic thread23 power?If the as bindwith werestringing themselves Sirens along promises Odysseus the one to at least were untethered? as etymology. . scheVerlagsbuchhandlung. See Pedro (New oftheWord when outthat Haven:Yale UP.

bornin priviof the back to name. withtherestorathe event of coincides precisely recognition Concept. which no longer to thehypnotic needsto maskitself try. had been goredby a wild borewhile how as a youngman Odysseus howwell he was taken care at his grandfather's estate. If the scar recallsthe "pain" or "Nobody"[outis]his proper whichis odussamenos Odusseos'spaternal "trouble" (19. itssutured in thelaborofthe is neutralized Pain(in Hegelian fashion) putto work. and so on. tothefascinations oftheculture succumbed indushaving beyond repair. orproper name. gifts of the contained within the flashback: the mention second flashback of how reminds was named at birth: his Homer Odysseus grandfather or "troubled" namemeans"troublemaker" middle (odussamenos. (19.407). is a long which there at his thigh hero's mark) identifying point (the Just at the pointwherethe nurseis aboutto exclaim camerafreeze. and homereturn-to-self to his the modem exile is unable find back home.As Odysseus Eurycleia getsundressed. and of tender fullof memory convalescence. coming.butthescarwouldhavefound Odysseus Fullyhealed.stripped guised himexcept for his dog. In a sense the interruption.326) . way was a scarred itsuses. Odysseus'sscarhad been theverylocus of self-identity. recounts in a lengthy Homerindulges aloud in recognition. oftheetymon tion has arrived homein Ithaca.30 Adorno's SirenSong microcosmor synecdocheof theOdysseyas a whole. preempting If Odysseus is thefigure of eventual all return. the recognition scene is consummated. Thereis a of by his relatives.Odysseus Recall the famous of heroic divestedof his as a appearances.Sucha submission disrupted of everynostos.whopromptly name.407destiny smoothness wouldbe a signthat all that painhad been 409). since infancy) to wash the stranger's nurse(Odysseus'sown servant of a scaron catchessight feet. of childhood. dead (17. flashback.and particularly the thenight. beggar. voice) withthesedetails. WhenHomeris through everything snaps back intoposition. of family. immediate theplace where thescaralso marked recognition (bytheserfirst could take It was a scar vantwoman Euryclea) place. This content downloaded on Mon. signifying security lordlypedigree. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . with its narrative functions as a together structurally overcoming. scene of shortcircuiting every recognition.Nobodyrecognizes drops His wifeis kindto the notPenelope. spellofa power wouldhavealready thepossibility as such. country hunting how many he received.disscene. andputshimup for old beggar telling Eurycleia anyway. thenurse utters herlongdeferred and exclamation. man.

says Adomo. In English." guageas Heinetheoutcast Once moreit is fact. has becomea universal The threat of shipwreck of a preOnce morea question and dispersal. aus dembeschdidigten Moralia:Reflexionem Minima 26.unending. the homelessness homelessness. Jephcott. Leben. everyone's ally lanin and their in their been as have human being beings badlyinjured was.Heine which marks woundas theuniversal modernity diaspora Thatwound."Now that all also become has . and particuwhich are beinginterpolated seus's birthright inthewings.has becomeour literHeinesensedhas beenfulfilled which thedestiny own. Adorno. (Frankfurt: Suhrkamp. E. nowhere becauseitis located space Sirens?If music's veryessence is to be the Who are the modern Literature in Western Mimesis:The representation 25. In America. 1957).Rebecca Comay 31 The description ofthescarin Book 19 wouldbe thedigression to end within all digression: thelarger a litlecircleinscribed circlewhichis thesynthehero'swandering home.F. without exception. In English." 1974) 100. image By contrast. Schriften Notesto Literature.. Shierry This content downloaded on Mon. nothing signifies Odysseus's . livedhis exile as a wound. chase of reminiscence by Odysseus'sunveiling in no name. waythreatens ancestry. (Henceforth citedas MM). of such have made would Adorno economy any impossible ing in emigrahe wrote: knewsuchexile. woman whois waiting whenitis a servant larly thus otherthan. intothetext. as such. whenit is thepatriarchal details of Odysstrain. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . question relationship impossible of thephallicsubjectis once more theear. 2 Gesammelte "Die WundeHeine. Adorno."Notenzur Literatur. property up conjuring of of therecognition scene. 4 (Frankfurt: melte 1974). Eric Auerbach. "everyintellectual He wenton to speak of this mutilated. Weber Nicholsen trans. return. 27. Suhrkamp. seducof is it a Once more to death. (Garden City. unhealmodem wound the of the home. The propriety tionthrough which penetrates voice an threatened everywhere emasculating by in and time.25 Particularly. "HeinetheWound. 85. patrimony.the steepleintroduced tacticaldigression by the scar's description unleashed of his leg. of reality New York:Doubleday.the very and scar is. can tolerate such a digression the epic present.Auerbach out that journey points .GesamMintrans. perhaps. 1974) ?22..N. of distraction a question of an Once moreit is a question andhencepreemptive mature pleasure."26 tionis. Schriften ima Moralia: Reflections fromDamagedLife(London:NLB.The relaxed narrative thecoherent economy a without he says.

theSirenshave fallensilent Benjamin suggests from Thiswill notprevent them. producofmassmusic. modified. enchantment.has been perma- This content downloaded on Mon. because music as such . consumer. As of modemculture. they squeaking on these them.the last "token of hope" . Mouse. 1969)118. (Hereafter 30. impact which thepathetic ence failsto appreciate nonetheless.) GS 12: 126.. 369. 33.1984)443.acquiescent in the reified dwell together"29 hostilesisters. tions that by Kafka'sday. A LifeofFranzKaJka 31. Schriften trans."TheComplete 32. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . identifying subject to whatever calls."28 it is thesign "surviving messageof despairfrom it fallson deafears.TheNightmare ofReason: (NewYork:Vintage. H6rens. ortheMouseFolk. Harry (NewYork:Schocken." Mickey 34. In English. "Uber den Fetischcharakter inMusicandtheRegression of "On theFetish-Character GS 14: 28. of musicwhichwouldhave already infantilized reducing autonomous to thespellbound thealert. In English." on strike for better conditions. "MUSICPHANTOMS: 'Uncanned' of Musicfrom theSinger to Conceptions Josephine Sub-stance 58 (1989): 3-24. GS 14: 14.Or rather: it is a degenerate form of thetimes that its listeners. stops singing. proper Having exiles. theSinger. the mass mouseaudiof tubercular disappearing31) laryngitis.) 1978)281. "Josephine while his own voice.32 missed out "enchants" childhood. 1971)362. (a representational advanmusicwouldseemto havethesupreme "non-mimetic mimesis") andWesleyBlomtrans."34 it bothcarries thegreatthe"mostimmediate expression to themost vulnerable andwouldbe therefore estemancipatory potential of all the art As theleastobviously forms distortion.are at once too "childish" Josenoticewhentheenchanting and hardly and "too old formusic. See LaurenceRickels'ssuggestive essay. AnneMitchell 28.2 (Frankfurt/Main: Benjamin. ofModern Philosophy free translation. was." in Andrew Aratoand Eike Gebhardt." 364. exerting mently gagged. In theSinger" a certain (Kafka'sfinaltestahypnotic spell."nearly rodent alwayson therun". citing Musik derneuen is more sober. School eds. Walter "FranzKafka." cited as F. Adorno. resist therather ster 1985) 133.) (Translation Reader(NewYork:Urizen.30 perversely. Music. thedegradation Music forAdorno epitomizes of instinct.F 270. "Josephine the Singer. "Sie istdiewahre Theoriginal Philosophie Flaschenpost.I cannot (New York:Continuum. Ernst Pawel. Suhrkamp. underthe written on his deathbed ment. The EssentialFrankfurt Hearing. Stories "Josephine (NewYork:Schocken. insist.(Hereafter des in der Musikund die Regression 29. 1977)416."Gesammelte 2.32 Adorno's SirenSong theshipwrecked. FranzKafka. Adorno. "Vulgarization and withwhathe hears. Illuminations Zohn.33 working phine." cited as PMM.

"38 thesameolddish. Adorno Music. wouldentail from tendency signification. GS 3: 305 (supplement 39. thisprocess with become. inPhilosophy 37. to material which is the mark of fetish. Dialectics(NewYork:FreeP. thusharas musichas to be performed Insofar or self-interpretaself-imitation within itself itsown congealed bouring and itsreproduction wouldbe in logicalsymbiosis itsproduction tion. (with andSocial Science9 (1941): 19. It wouldthusseemto itsownalienation It anticipates force of capital.a "greatformless been reducedto pureorifice thatit is for as it is smile"39 in a voracious teeth just true. F287. Processed has becomea film. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .36 they assembly parts itslisof abstraction. to thecommodifying mostreadily submit easilyalienown source."40 equally psychological "voice of the inner him ofthelistener on thepart sionalprojection strips of self-reflection. plete. Adorno.swallowedup."Studies Simpson).RebeccaComay 33 art'sutopian mandate whichis theexpression of the tage in fulfilling in But its lies its weakness. cut off from its ated fromits own performance. In English. privilege veryautonomy its"monadic" to introversion. consumers becometheundifferentiated teners musicbecomestheconformist. the verypossibility whichprovides of conscience" Hullot-KenRobert trans. ofNegative This content downloaded on Mon. swallowed by thejunk it conhim. blindness a certain origins every in order to be realized. Adorno. GS 14:35.says Adorno.35 thestart. as 'participasumed." 40. GS 14: 39. (Hereafter tor. Its components like the commodities an on standardized line. TheOrigin zurneuenAnthropologie. (Minneapolis: Theory "On Popular ofGeorge theassistance 36. from It is in thissensehalfphantasmagorized theoutset. GS 7: 190f. Undertheimpact says Adorno. its listeners spell whichturns "Es istbabyfood. inEnglish notincluded 38. from in itsinner form. is indeed just whatI understand for the new which is so totallycharacteristic tion' [Mitmachen] Deluwhom. Asthetische Theorie.Identifying haveindeed whoselife. citedas AT. edition ofDE). the who is unclear it becomes consuming tus. reproduction of musicbecomescomand thustheself-alienation whelms production like abstract become interchangeable. devours mass culture(like Charybdis) "Being babyfood. 1977) 189. Its inexpressible. easily overof soundrecording.) U ofMinnesota Aesthetic P. "Notizen quotedin SusanBuck-Morss. F 290. 1997) 125f. withshining mouth . repetitive who keep on children intotheretarded. is who unclear It is hearing type.37 for asking withtheapparaidentification Because of thelistener's hallucinatory If audiencehas whom. entities. 35. the the child devours less than No swallows.

Jazz. . seeks "alien" product.49 industry in the form of homoerectushis hard-won would guarantee dignity 41."43 theorthopaedia of industry the or theupright Reification "stiffness" posture. the finds thesirens an instant modemlistener providing self-interpretation. was to institutionalize tion'sdefense. GS 14:42." 44. whatthey their ownaudience before the offer. (Hereafter cited as J). Civilization and itsDiscontents. Civilizatheupright Freudinsisted. 266. 42. andrefers picksup thisscent episodeat GS 3: 90.239). Works 2: 99-100n. GS 3: 214. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . DE 189. (Cambridge: 45. GS 4: 182.41 The Lackinginnerspeech he now hearsvoices from . trans."42 fact."GS 10: 133..1. menintosnuffling Circe's magichad turned pigs (10.. 49."As ifto confirm that peopleno longer ofecstasy. 43. . Freud."On Jazz. "On Popular Music"25. Adorno. tartly.233."GS 17: 99. thesuperfiknowhowto dance. produces "rigidity"44 whichsignify the compensatory erections of Medusa's victims. In English. "cut offfromthe masses by a dense screen. Criticism and Society. GS 17: 98. J66.forAdornoas forBloch . . Jamie Owen Daniel. thefeet ofevery form areunableto fulandtreachery ciality Jazz listeners are the castratiwho fill what the ear pretends. constituting predigesting hears for thelistener. 47." 48. Prisms MIT. 46." 10: 29.MM?102. 1982)34. " See "Kulturkritik Prismen. posture But if theadvertising in itsrepression of thesenseof smell."Lackingbothvoice and ear of his own. Weber. F 292. DE 71. Adorno Complete itspecifically to theCirce at GS 3: 209. In English. Like in an born of stiff the deepest writhing ecstasy Odysseus against mast. GS undGesellschaft."Dis"UberJazz."45 The "whimpertheir as an aesthetic ownmutilation experience pleasure.stepping outonlyso as to stepback in lineof impotence comforts and incomplete whichkeeps orgasm"48 onlythe"premature expressing on cheating youoftherealthing. somewhat theimpotence whichis their fate. "ZeitloseMode .consistsof the "right If "humandignity" This content downloaded on Mon. the outside.34 Adorno's SirenSong to speak forthe silent. course12 (1989-90):67.Adorno comments. Samueland Shierry "Cultural trans. "Perennial FashionPrisms129. of thejazz singer croonsthe sound"47 or "eunuchlike ing" vibrato46 . "Thecomposition theculture wouldhavecrippled to walk. "Alle Phinomene starren. thespellbound listeners' hardandjerkymovements betray deprivation.Zum Jazz. DE 184.

54 they frantically a similar and withperhaps Platonic to a familiar formula. of be the distorted creatures oftheupright would Kafka'simagisubject .a Perennial to the"jitterbugs" also refers 53. NLB 1981) 107. GS 3: 191. as a "bewitching he refers which of their to.RebeccaComay 35 whiteteeth and freedom from Adomoreminds bodyodor. 10 above).hunchbacks to Grewe come.. original of the of film out "birth the holds. the "hit song" becoming an ing like an imitation it as theonlycontent out itsown title foritself. "The Metamorphosis. GS 14: 31. phe of a simulacrum becomes voice the become indistinguishable. F 292. atleastin themselves theSirens recall that evenfurther: thematter were. spirit thevoice becommancesoundslike its ownphonogra ph recording. Kafka. Cambridge Listening myth. F 277. Phaedrus UP." 54. Rodney citedas W).Prisms128."55 just likethemovies. GS 14:41. in the of a wounded convulsions animal) "jitterbugs" Adomo'sunusuThe siren-bonds "whirl aboutin fascination.mice. Versuch 55. In English. thebackground temptation against Sirensong"(259a).(Hereafter In SearchofWagner stone (London: 56.56 of itself. GS 13: 102. LivingiiberWagner."50 "shining can thesurface us that suchvertical be Beneath appearances deceptive.DE 167. in "Jazz. the"Sirens" it"(259c). 1987). According of the artwork the uncontrolled subtext. Adorno."53 vivid description ally moretightly all the themselves Thejitterbugs are tight. expresses reproducibility gender catastromimetic flux. forsomeinteresting totheCicadas(Cambridge: J. travelling his sister's Adorno's towards violin. To twist to speak toinsects related Socrates." GS 10: 254-287.dogs. advertisement sending 50.then.After no longer theoriginal itself. trans. The CompleteStories 130f.A genealogical as an infinitely itself regressive of the have disordered would Copy and very process reproduction. of animality to thetheme response 245-271. remarks Adorno.. victims torsand thefirst See. trying (cfn. F 284. nary in grotesque salesmanturned insect.moles." in Kafka. 52.Ferrari.crawling gor Samsa. F 292. only"entangle" tobreak themore inthenetofreification try away.until . Prisms English. buzzing menwhobecameso drunk from to descend are said bySocrates The cicadasthemselves and"diedwithtoeatordrink oftheMusesthat from themusic with forgot they pleasure theperpetraboth wouldbe. GS 14: 42. one tradition. 57. ofthenarcoleptic Phaedrus warns noiseofthecicadas. GS 14: 23. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .finally.In thePhaedrus. The "perforbecomes lifeitself of music.In see "Noteson Kafka. Adorno GS 10: 132. This content downloaded on Mon. drone. For Adorno's 51.51 modemCirce has transrapture In a sadomasochintoinsects.52 meninto"savages"and in turn formed like the hideous istic parodyof sexual ecstasy(or.By suchan allegory outnoticing on the remarks of musicalseduction.indeed. Fashion.

61.DE 143(translation altered). 60." a song aboutall theyare to sing: a song aboutitself.59 Utopiabecomes"merely behind for those like Plato's background projected reality"60i."62 burst into their . phatic/phallic all orifices. Tzvetan Poetics Cornell Todorov.183-188) thepromising between Whatwouldbe thedifference songandthesong is of the instance of the whichis promised? course paradigm Promising of which the and the utterance "doing.says Blanchot. GS 3: 183. Blanchot. "The gigantic factthatspeechpenetrates everywhere replacesits contheechoadvertising tent.The culture industry.DE 159.advertising forits own sake. (12. Maurice "TheSongoftheSirens. 1977)56.e. of a starhas becomean "Todayevery giant close-up forhername. voice it promises: its soundsas sweetas thehoneyed certainly promise would allureis as lethal. ofProse(Ithaca: 62." TheGaze ofOrpheus. intotheteasing havetransformed sucha radical specularperformativity of Radio function of sheer assumes the ity performance. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .promisotherthanthe factthat sing of nothing ing to sing of "everything. NY: Station Hill. Odysseus pride glory moor onour coast soyoucanhear our your song! ship inhisblack our craft Never sailor shores hasany passed our the voices from hehasheard until honeyed pouring lips.there was alreadya fineline between the song "itself' or replication.DE 143."58 "Onlythecopy"appears. thrilling song: . GS 3: 187. 63.everyhit-song a plug [zumPlug] forits advertisement a gilded tune. song. they high. trans..just as Goebbels. GS 3: 165. Lydia Davis (Barrytown. In Homer. directed towards a singing whichis always"stilltocome. by Adorno'saccount."63 Soundbecomes but nothing itsownpublicbecomesartand nothing else. UP. This content downloaded on Mon. and its own announcement Odysseus'sSirens.are indistinguishable.Homer.61A song.penetrating invading space. says Todorov."the "saying" performative In theSiren's announcement and theact.Achaea's famous and 'Come closer..with ity:"Advertising .1981) 105. all noise forthesake of noise. oners..combinesthem: 'artpour l 'art.36 Adorno's SirenSong wouldannounce. prisinCalypso's orperhaps for those cave. GS 3: 166. foresight 58. 59.DE 163(translation modified).

GS 3: 161.F 274. GS 3: 162. This content downloaded on Mon. Sound a becomes threat. it draws which note The pleapromises. GS 3: 185.DE 140."64 In an infinitely a purerepresentation defercircular the in which turn to a reduces ral."65 mere theenjoyment itpromises promise to Tantalus.DE 162(translation modified). blocking hearing.69 the with reading its own fulfilment: thepromise In thetotalitarian every state. Adorno's subtext According underlying serieswouldbe indistinguishable mimetic toniclogic.thead promises product. illusory: maliciously.blocking becomes. promissory petually all the is actually which thepromise. GS 14: 19. traces replaces ofwhat itperitsconsumers cheats Theculture industry perpetually on . 66. spectacle be satisfied must that the diner willnever realpoint be reached.DE 159. the menu. sureis endlessly prolonged.from which modem propaganda announcing panic that the wireless knew Socialists The National gave anyway.GS 7: 26. is that all itsignifies consists of.AT 12. of sirens thehowling to resemble street risesfrom loud-speakers canhardly bedis. indeed. GS 3: 186. 69. DE 139(translation modified).. preempts invitation a call to panic. 67.Rebecca Comay 37 of socialpower.Art'spromesse articulation The eliminated.DE 140.66 of Hollywood reducetheconsumer tantalized spectacles it wouldpreempt the greater so numbing witha forepleasure urgeto it desire which frustrates a thereby (pornograBy stimulating happiness. every promise siren. the very makesthe promise industry phy in its essence). a screeching as follows: aredescribed Thenewsirens thought.. have would been of art"67) heur("once thedefinition bath"of "fun"[das Fun]68scrubsaway the last utopian "medicinal themeal: Themenu ofhappiness. hisvoice ofthe universal the becomes Theradio mouthpiece Fiihrer. GS 3: 159.DE 163. 65. CfGS 3: 162. "incessantly The which as a commodity.70 did tothe as the totheir cause press printing just shape Aberrations Reproductive is a certain that there to emphasize It is perhaps gender unnecessary Plato a familiar uncontrolled 64. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Cf.the culture de bonof whichwouldbe its own denial. 70. tinguished Reformation.

cannotbe learned. beauty. areinduced bythestimuresponsiveness identity. ofitsreproduction. the very "wound of membered. Perhapsmankind's to prophesy declared becauseit is opento everyone theworst: "designed to be remembered. unconextolinfertile Mankind. idioticallyinscribing It is deathitself. F 281 This content downloaded on Mon.If children have become the death wish of a fatherless societywhich has replaced with sterile authentic propaganda. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . suggeststhatthe propagation Adomno to the past is distorted along parallel lines.75 of course.which goes most unreitselfis. 74.If mourning 71. W31 GS 13:29. 72.216) offspring. "underthe spell of an opium ful."73Berlioz's idee fixe puts the listener dream. pathic lus of newness. MM ? 150(translation modified).71 never known. But the generational disturbance goes in both directions. A genealogical relationship A mourning to theancestors. In its complicity thatwriting once did for ner's music has the mnemotechnic versatility intendedfor the forgetPlato . GS 14:270. DE 215. confusion at the aestheticlevel suggestsas always the fraReproductive If the unproductive of the culture gilityof the sexual contract.38 Adorno's SirenSong fromthe wantonpropagationwhich makes potentialbastardsof every Even Telemachus is not so sure who his fatheris (1. is renunciation of the wish forchildren lates. everysubjectand corrupt inhisself-abandonis consummated The decomposition ofthesubject This drains all firmness ment to an everchanging sameness."74The detachedor morcellizedmusical "theme"impressesitself our generalamnesia. 73. GS 13:29. as Adomo says. relationship" with mass culture. 75. demonic self-replication would both soften the virile "firmness"of thelegitimacy of everybirth. to situations. despairing of thething ontothechimera itswishforsurvival sciously projects butthis is equivalent todeath. Faithlessness andlackof images. WhatBaudelaire commanded thepowerof through comesunbid towill-less fascination.makindeliblyin our memory.WagMemory itselfis at issue. [Feste] from characters. foreplay its industry yields only the simulacral pleasures of false advertising. is one ofthe ofall those unborn. no longer stimualready. W31 GS 14:27. which as a merestimulus. thereby confirming what ing us memorizewhat we cannotremember. Malthus thenewis thesecret figure and Baudelaire had reasonto forefathers of thenineteenth century. GS 3: 243.72 "disturbed gone astray.

itwouldbe naturally in tionalefficiency of every order thefirst thing which That is not to an exchange to society undergo liquidation.whichis thepast.RebeccaComay 39 whichchallenges thefunccivilization"76 . F 294.The unburied become. 81.Nietzsche's "revenge" against against listener of inauthentic themark danced.and Freudrecognized be? Oedipal autonomy proper mourning of the father's the son's internalization kind. "Mass" psychology ment Lackinga an archaicfather thesons project to bury.Immito give proper the inability of the past is itself hatred booksgetset of their pastlife. mourning. 82. GS 3: 244. GS 13: 139.the withits"beautified funeral The modemrn of thecrematorium. put will alwayskeepcoming back to restby proper says Freud.79 Adorno beginwith. DE 216. And thisis just whathappens. GS3:244. oftheEgo. hating they onlyyesterday had been. mourning According Freud. Psychology "Group This content downloaded on Mon. 78. father imagobefore proper The "leader"would identification. F 295. just therage spatialized the"it was" . 80."77) Regressed else on whichto vent one's aggrestime because thereis nothing that frantic need to be "Uptodatesein. to thedead. thewhirling "tarantella. 77.required other prohibimonuwouldbe the onlyproper of a super-ego tion:the acquisition has no suchmemory. The of mourning." Thus See Nietzsche.a purepurposeless activity . would What "mass of the to psychology." In a note"On theTheory fake.a "homecoming a cheating unto death."81 ofthedead. therecycled haunt us. of timeto a radicalfailure the modematomization burial."82 phantasmagorias directly no ."78In their theyridicule and the old most were which with infatuated. SpokeZarathustra. "kill listeners ifnotthejitterbug. andtheAnalysis See Freud.DE216 "TheTarantulas. timeof serialmusicexpresses The atomized. GS 14: 44. GS 14:45. in helpless fuseprostrate whomthey 76. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ." sion. music ofthe tunes industry. ornaments mensurvivor the"hardened" bottled ashessuits corpse"andtake-home even has which continued life of a reification of the guilty80 tality without a home. Adomo. thiswhole thegender But let us notignore determining assumptions leads of misfired sort to some discussion.Out-of-print wipe awayall traces grants for beach on the Sirens' bones their own ecstasy as if to avengethefactthat out-of-date relates ofGhosts."SE 18: 67-144. adds Adomo. 79. (Nietzsche's vengeful memory.

"New German Critique 13 (1978): 35-57. See also Klaus Theweleit.ed.Philip (NewYork:Rinehart.40 Adorno's SirenSong for themissing whocan be neither be thesimulacral father. posestheinternalization capacity that be strong fathers to overcome.Patricia phantasien. Generation Cf. and theFamily."88 sional mother" ("Mom"87)turns so on. mourned nor. This content downloaded on Mon. regressive pal to pre-Oedipal: gender. (I like a social aboutafter And "bustles cultural goals hyena. Mills. 88." Benjamin. supplement The ties wouldremain all overthrown. he is told.. into the the self-reliant businessman order.body. ofAdorno's ricandthesubstance andHorkheimer's argument.84 freedom patterns presupmourning ofa prior theadult for resisauthority." 389. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . The Family: Its Functionand Destiny(New York. Horkheimer. 83. replacing authority theself-legislating thecomsonwith replacing powerof administration. See inparticular. Jessica "The End of Internalization: Adorno'sSocial Psychology. Theory 1972) 114. Critical O'Connell. Sexualityand Mind: the role of the motherand 2 vols.1977-78). A Worldwithout Nanda Anshen. Horkheimer." in Ruth (New York: Seabury. "Authority and the Family. ofVipers 1942). The Essential Frankfurt School Reader. Jessica there tancerequires precisely has outlined theissuewell. ofFascist GS "Freudian andthePattern Theory Propaganda.85 and Horkheimer's Benjamin By Adorno's of wouldhave the decline entrepreneurial capitalism gloomy reckoning. Cf JanineChasseguet-Smirgel. "Authoritarianism 87.1959) 390."89 butonlyslightly sinceI'm actually quoting boththerhetoparody. The prohibition on enjoyingthe introjection or internalized: mother's thefather's "No" bodyhas notbeenregistered unheard. GS 3: 288. Wylie." 8: 408-433. Fathers?. 89. of If the aberrant mass culture. group's of than the the mother's rather the body pre-Oedipal83: incorporation of the father'slaw. (Frankfurt: Roter Stem.therefore.Nature. Also. Harper. DE 250. from Oediremains on thistriply axis . father psyche 84. From earto mouth.Replacedas well wouldbe pliantchildwho does whatever from "warmand lovingmother" whoseveryexclusion the traditional a certheworldof workandpowerhad meant Horkheimer) (imagined of theprinciple of exchange. from father to mother. perversions to Adorno's almost verbatim oftheFreudian transcription According the to the decline of leads Oedipal family directly grouppsychology.) in the (NewYork:NewYorkUP. "Authority and the FamilyRevisited: or.86 The "profestranscendence tainutopian Woman affection into"hygiene.and Psyche (New Haven: Yale UP. Telos 32 (1977): 42-64. 1986)81-91. 1987) 93-116. "Authoritarianism andtheFamily. stagewould to masspsychology's seem turn. Woman." Matthew trans. Jagentowicz 86. turning dislodged patriarchal the with of the father the thescrambling employee.Minner- 85.

now buffer the detourthrough worksdirectly on its subjects. Thislackofnostalgia critique sharp particularly 97-117."Instead 90. or motivational conflict instinctual by internal.The endof thefamily evenproduced paralyses perhaps ofopposition. value scales. of thebourgeois repression superfluous . of internalizing tasmof the"leaderimage. resistance which. pre-Oedipal. (self-) rendering Withtheerosion and obsolete.notonlythemosteffective agency also strengthened.The family The administration for and from thedemands ofcivilization." Huxley 92. idenanddirect there is animmediate the itagainst even turned latter. ofthe internalizaInstead is formed.though repressing theforces him. ofguilty inwardness family goes thelastvestige ofrevolt: the final Adomosomewhat notes sadly. GS 4: 23. says Adorno.Rebecca Comay 41 Monopolycapital has dispensed. . of clearin Adorno's becomes 91. passes away. ofconscience tribunal which the and not made itmore which social command tion ofthe binding only and itfrom alsoemancipated more but time atthe same society open. partly ofa trade into the the workers union.withthe need for no of social theinternalization Governance requires longer superegos. GS 3: 224. of normal achievement the whichsubverts (male) cannibalism growth. DE 198(translation modified). the individual. possibility the economic undermine interests When the incessantly bigindustrial theindependent decision economic basisformoral by eliminating and over the self-employed entrepreneur taking by subject. ing. thatthe relative Adornosuggests In his essay on fascist propaganda. objects bytransforming partly is nolonger an . MM ?2. This content downloaded on Mon. but of the bourgeoisie. in thepresent theprojective creates absenceof paternal phanauthority the a realauthority. also the lasts.Prisms in"AldousHuxley andUtopia.butat thesametime.90 with tification stereotyped bourforthe patriarchal Adornois not exactlynostalgic Although this that on and note this of I lack must stress nostalgia geois family that notes he from scorehe differs Horkheimer91 sharply its markedly forindependemisewouldmeanjust theeclipseof thelastopportunity the system while there "Withthe family dentthought.. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ."92 we findan endless In the absenceof effective prohibition paternal workof mournauthentic for the melancholic substituting consumption narcissistic to the reverts In identification fascism. There must alsoatrophy for reflection the capacity to be adjudicated. 10:97-122. is no longernecessary or sufficient to providea norms.

mass in withthenineteenth-century male imaginary finally." inTaniaModleski. in ed. they thing. they haveinfact "made". 99. fact.94 nalists." imitation a "mimesis of mimesis"95 "Grouppsyis this fiction.Adorno has withdrawn Wherelegitimate authority suggests thereby . 98.. 94."They likehairdressers.Man surrenders him. The seeds of homosexuality are amorphous that itonceexisted (almost Foucauldian) "power" steps in to fill the vacuumleftby the unmourned dead.bleakand unyielding. 1986). 97. DE 236."Just so thenation Or theunmoved before fascism. Andreas "Mass Culture as Woman.andproceed toeatit.cold. and hackjouractors. of magicpractices.Studies Huyssen. chiming culture as woman the fantasy of a lethallassitudeor an oceanic thefantasy of a watery has outengulfment. genuflects to power conscious of itselfas again: "Now emotionis reserved to man.. themassesbecome. GS 3: 216. . was quick to pronounce 93. But because the is only deputizing who leaderhimself forthe powerlessindividuals in invented the leader is an the him. GS 3: 290. 95. GS 3: 209. GS 8: 432-33.99FromNietzsche'spolemicagainstWagner's effeminacies Le Bon's description of the sphinxlike hypnotic through crowdto Eliot's depiction of thelureof mass society as a return to an little is left to the Weimar womb. provincial writes The phantasmagoria of fascist are Adorno.93 . Early filmtheory. encompassing theend.Andreas Huyssen lined the issue well." demagogy of a banished the finaldissimulations mimetic an "organized impulse. GS 8: 417-419.42 Adorno's SirenSong masses simplyabsorbwhattheythemselves orphaned put out: they own psychic overflow their and go on to devourtheir own embellish Like creation as an external "discover" what positivists. just actor.a woman.Man turns did before intoa womangazingup at hermaster . DE 185.96 chology" just Andwhatbetter than thefigure of "thefemforsucha fiction figure father inine"?Lackinga proper whose authority internaltheymight as womenadore ize. grave."98 And thuswe findAdorno. Entertainment: CriticalApproaches to Mass Culture(Bloomington:Indiana UP.. 96. DE 191."97 paranoiac. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . This content downloaded on Mon. have. on the dangers to hygiene too. playing role of "leader"to an enchanted who cannot tell the realthing from public look thefake. GS 3: 270. as woman power. DE 252.

in TheLibrary 103.479-482. Penelope their areinbedandtelling andPenelope When Ulysses first. In the first scenarios. presents 1921).HeidiSchliipmann.1. Deorum De Natura also Cicero. pddie James Frazer trans. Miriam Hansen."Das Ornament ofsomeofthegender determining assumptions 1977)322. with togetpregnant andproceeds (On Penelope HeineWilliam H. see Paulyand Wissowa. say? mythologized. where this us towonder.In theother husband. NewGerman Critique on the filmcriticism in feminist theme 101. antiquity Penelope she was to She there was What be to faithful."frauen andPatrice 29 (1983): 147-84. byAmphinomos Penelope mann.101 riskof sexual contact reproduce he doesn'texactly thesefearful fantasies."Langeweile. has a leg to stand. 1933]). VII: 36-38. classischen Altertumswissenschaft. Kracauer.Odysseus were going full steam. Fora survey Real-EncycloBd 19. 33 (Oct. Penelope ofPan. lodorus beingsent sleeping speaksof herpromiscuity. instance." JoyCritique in Weimar Women and Melodramatic less Streets: (Princeton: Germany Representation Princeton UP.Theother SideofDiversion.xxii. she As Hyginus upon Odysseus'sreturn. andPenelope's . tells it. Apollodorus toherfather is sent is seduced Icarius.cols. . air. I believe a hers tells tooneanother. [London: andis killedin is seduced instance." andCrisis see SabineHake. 102. oftheclassicalliterature. 1989). her into turned Later tradition home. der Masse: Essays (Frankfurt: 100. inaddition period.102 the Hellenistic Apolperiodthe fantasies withthesuitors. Rackham trans. byherreturning punishment This content downloaded on Mon. came By wove.see as themother PanbyHermes. stories Penelope comefirst havemade male writer would story Ulysses's second. WhosePublicSphere?. This has becomea central focusing "Kinoto SabineHake (citedabove). good a slut. Leaving dispelthemeither.andbearing hisfather one dayin Ithacato murder whoappears Italus.103 away in disgrace son by Circe.RebeccaComay 43 of themovietheater: thestuffy posedby the"darkhole" (Kracauer100) the of class and gender divisions. two alternative don: Heinemann."Girls film Kracauer's theory.theriskof disease. "EarlySilentCinema: undfilm sucht. Epitome (LonofApollodorus. III. Weimar See.Odysseus'sillegitimate ends up marrying Telegonus . NewGerman Petro. Erste der Reihe. awaybyOdysseus byAntinous.56. 40 (1987): 147-64. modem Odysseus finally.Samuel Butler at play? I haven'tmentioned sexual economy Or is thereanother too boringly she was considered in Even few do.theblurring If Adornodoes notexactly itself. 1982): 45-52. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . . Foran examination Suhrkamp.

106. FabulaeCXXVII. 107. Patricia Fat Ladies: Rhetoric. 105. This content downloaded on Mon.137). Calypsoand Circe.44 Adorno's SirenSong after whomItalywas named. Hyginus.34. Herprevarication promits own point. Butevenin theOdyssey heridentity was less secure than one tends to think. perilously the suitors see heras another Siren. (Paris:Flammarion. ed. thelatter is associated with thesuspicion of a trapor snare[dolos](10.thesamecunning later attributed to PeneSee John Winofcourse. to mention heron his travels.throughout.212). is another the web had become Renaissance. toOdysseus himself. SythFabulae CXXVII. Batavorum: A. Rose (Lugduni hoff. To tighten are theidentification stillfurther.a trap. Hyginus.100. Cunning Intelligence (Sussex:Harvester 109. reading.Agamemnon backhandedly comparesher to a Clytemnestra Athena insinuates that she'sjust hunting foranother (11.222).105) By Penelope's of feminine of the veryimage a sign promiscuity and prevarication.89). etmythe 1982)259-70.433f. Telemachus doesn'ttrust her to protect the family in his absence He that (15. Vernant. say yes eagersuitors self professes to understand Helen's adultery as. (New Literary Property York:Methuen.20-23).537).Penelope her(1. story.and."Femme 108. H.fathering stepmother process. Cf.I.Cf.The weaving ise thatso defersitself thatit unravels 104. Gender.249f. Penelope'sCunning inGreek Culture andSociety P. 106 a spider's diversion.62 and 10.209-30). complains bitterly to the property won't or no she cf 16.160f)until of the seductive One of the suitors trickery (18. man (15. takes a place wrapped If is it's compared to death(13. lope's weaving (19.258).conversely.Penelopetoo knows Certainly men's hearts with of honey" howto "enchant" "words [meili[thelgein] chiois epeessi] (18. a normal withpleasure of abouthercollection "error" (23. Parker. 1978).104 meanwhile is said to go (Telemachus on to marry in Latinus the butthat Circe. with ofwhich outfitted looms(5.200f).She dreams The menshe feedsamongthepigs becomejust pet geese (19.88-91). 10. web. W. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .730).its allurewould be closetothedistracting exileitwas toend.108 like thepig-victims who rarely sees fit Odysseus.232. 1963). homecoming said to be "honeysweet" (as Teiresiasputsitl09). 24. 11.Odysseus's owninvocation ofhomesweet homeat9.107 of Circe's magic. and Homer's"and MarcelDetienne and Jean-Pierre kler. herwith on his treats jealous suspicion in His homecoming while he's slumber so return.79-8 "sweet"[hedistos] 1).283): she too knowshow to "fan"and "inflame" their "kneesslacken" and "hearts dissolve" their passion(18. For a psychoanalytic see Georges "Le caractere de Pen&Devereux. after all. 1987)26. lope. complains bitterly is itself theultimate of herweb routine (2.

112 fabric whole crumbles a Did itnotrepresent Butwas notPenelope's weaving quiteessential? that itcouldnotcometo term? desireso vertiginous Penelope's"seducFor likeherweaving.. anyyounger. Odyssey" complains.337-44). housewifely and bad logic110.. "authoress has he feel.. " butI can find this is feminine. when I wanted these courses successful found a goodstiff for her web. is in factinseparable tiveness" theentire Phemius charms When the bard end. errands for them. Butler them backto theshopto change or keepon sending things. Odysseus knowing from norabstain of herloss .. things in been earnest about if she had atnolosstohit would have been upon sensethe one touch of common With to be courted? notwanting into dust.givethem tosittoher Did sheask[them] time? Didshefind toit. oftheOdyssey 126. Butler 130. because it cannot whichis "unforgettable" simply or alive not whether is dead therefore.RebeccaComay 45 butto be quitefatal.The slaughtered provesnotonlyto be deceptive ina net(23. 111. In a This content downloaded on Mon... It wouldhave been easy if she had reallywanted. for her andforget them docommissions them? Ormake so astute a matron thousand oneofthe didshedoa single word. topaythem. Fifield. Penelope only singing company sorrow" his siren alaston](1. "I do notsaythat nothing A."Did she beena good forty. 112. lope's forwhatit's reallylike to be a man in love.C.. from herweeping. (London: 1897) 151..she can neither mourn thefullmeasure likeitintheIliad.384f). 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . evertry snubbing?" read that? Didsheever there wasboring didsheever . andthen try them her own she her Did them of letters? sing any grandfather's I havealways music ofherowncomposition? orplaythem songs. TheAuthoress SamuelButler. aredescribed as fish suitors caught In 1897. toget rid ofpeople. enoughforPenelopeto getridof thesuitors to "All she had to do was boltthedoor."'11After all.. Samuel Butlerreads the Odysseyand concludesthata woman havewritten it. knowing. tothem allthe them stick andtalk make pose. inconsistencies and finally thewhitewashing of PeneThe of the no name. want scold andthen andsayshedidnot them torun.thevarious matters. cannot Penelope'sgrief the one to resist is his with (1. Not come to term.." he asks.Her"unforgettable it is a sorrow her words)won't acceptthe drugof musicalcomfort. 110.The telltale must theobsessignsarenumerous: thetrivial sion withwomanly details. she musthave "andnotgetting Butler adds.342) (in [penthos spell.

quite "unforgettable" endless preciselywhere it is most uncertain what hasbeenlost.if his very Odysseus's that wife wait at it that Penehis requires glory patiently home. likePenehealing lope's. quickly The and to be trusted thiswoman.) Were Penelopeto allow herself wouldbetray hertrust herrealuntrustworthiness.46 Adorno's SirenSong In this anddesire. theswinean of and thefather. Thisgrief wouldbe. "Arnold GS 10: 171. Knowledge. double nornot-mourning. . No comfort couldassuagethis. In Prisms. is ironic in the herself won't she renders lope participate generalrecognition and thelimit of Her reticence is at onceboththecondition possible. and to be a wifein sucha circumstance To trust everbe fully pistos? be at trusted wouldseemhereto odds. thenurse. (In Homer.Penethatworked well enough verycharm If Penelope'sfaithfulness and inert. it's only typically. To trust are. tension between own Penelope's mourning. mourning bindnowcomestolight. On Penelope'snon-recognition. thiswifedemands infinity proofs."'114 Suchburning feedson a grief which patience knowsneither norrecompense. Unlikethedog.Her up. reproaches being"untrusting" and Butcould both is apistos:itmeansin fact untrusting untrustworthy. loss. see Sheila Murnaghan. impatienceit is doomed. 114. is said to be the lope remains stony condition of heroic reputation (24.192-202). 1874-1951.the even whenOdysseusappearsin dazzling.72). In Aesthetic of which the he writes theendlesslonging Theory." Power andGender Helios 13 (1986): 103-15. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .at moments. itsgreatest zeal. lope. "Penelope'sAgnoia: intheOdyssey. the son. Her son reproaches her for nurse The wordin Greek (23. Adorno writes: "Like knowledge. and Achilles who getthefamiliar male companions likePatroclus epito be seduced too thetof pistos. artcannot but as as it soon succumbs to wait.113 his heroic kleos:shewithdraws from theintersubjective arenashe opens her forherhardheartedness (23. Odysseus's had glimpsesof this PeneAdornohimself Perhaps.97-103). by Odysseus. greased-up splendour on Nausicaa (6. its claim on a happiness wouldbe every tenacity outstripping in itspatience its urgency.230-35). Unseduced herd. exactly 113. feedsoffan infinite The stubbornwithinmourning a desire which introduces ness of its attachment and thusstakesa nourishment refuses theconsolation of every partial In fact. she does not in factrecognize Neither mourning herreturning husband. Adorno.Prisms165. double bindofbeing wife.for quiteirreconcilable." Schanberg This content downloaded on Mon.

Such renunciation of without sacrifices which hope its with of religion. writes: wouldlie itsonlystrength. own that he wouldsomehow conviction resignaget Its melancholy would confidence."l116 Theory. But hereOdysseuswould have become odysseywithout wouldhave becomejust thanPenelope. GS 4: 95. theknight . GS 2. writes "are likespiders' written Adorno. a finalend." "Properly In he the Aesthetic andfirm. as anelement oneandthe ofthe ofthe many identity ity have their nolessthan reason. resignation" Kierkegaard is not restitution.Kierkegaard: Konstruktion U of Construction Robert Hullot-Kentor. what whoseleap .and thisis of courseprecisely of faith. GS 7: 278. is enmeshed because oflogos." her expectancy: on dryland.117 of the"infinite writes In Fear and Trembling. Penelope. (Minneapolis: of theAesthetic Kierkegaard: Minnesota P. 117. they as suchis formed. concentric. 118. thetext where wouldseemto be thetightest. It unravels itsownwillto oftheartwork. The bonds would loosen just now is felteverywhere In sucha loosening. cunning inthe nexus of itmutilates. Through category ofitsunity. cunning Penelope gory is not verses this since Homer's Ever onherself. a kindof "seasickness. This content downloaded on Mon. comforting by theconsolations (yet)compromised of which is notyetthat a mourning It thusinstalls hopeof recompense.l15 has a homeland. during sheactuinflicts onher ofart: What artifacts. Kierkegaard 115. well-spun transparent. webs: tight. texts. Adomo.Adorno writes thatfor"theone who no longer itself the only place to live. Artworks. trans. cunning.involved theabsurd was to find mostirritating abouthim118 Adorno "Infinite his back. GS 14:96. Theunity unraveled whointhe ofPenelope. 116." becomes writing of a permanent an Such a place would be the non-place wandering. of thespecial"cunning" writes moment tototalize as an essential itsownfailure andincorporates mastery than is noneother ofthis Theparadigm ofitstruth. AT 186f. 1989). episode allyinflicts but itis easily a constitutive which for orrudiment addition the taken. into itself the takes this art ofart.Rebecca Comay 47 In MinimaMoralia. In English. MM?51.His intransigence none other which as Kafka remarked. MM?51. des Asthetischen. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . tion"would have no such knightly in its the of exceed economy every hopelessness rigorous homecoming. allethe is a self-unconscious what shehadaccomplished day. Homer's tale itsown evening guilt. impossibilstory.

with butthen too itis a better than iron andsteel. UP. Howard HongandEdnaHong Philosophical Fragments.The resignation is spun thecloth bleached with thread under theshirt sewn tears. 21 Jan 2013 01:53:34 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .48 Adorno's SirenSong Infinite is thatshirt we readaboutin theold fable. tears.1985) (Princeton: This content downloaded on Mon... tears. and the everyone is that a mancan sewitfully as wellas a woman. trans. Kierkegaard. protection in lifeis that The secret mustsew it forhimself. Princeton 56.119 astonishing thing 119.

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