Individual Service Strategy

Participant’s Name: __Audrey Benavidez_______________________________________________________________________ GOALS Personal Audrey’s personal goal is to establish stability in her family and “get back on her feet.” She would like to have enough financial security so that she can provide for her children. She also hopes to get a job and save enough money to be able to buy a car so that she could have reliable, efficient transportation. Audrey’s professional goal is to gain full-time employment in the customer service field. Ideally she would like to work in hospitality or health care setting. Daytime hours preferred.


PROFIILE Family Description Audrey is a single mother of 3 children ages 7, 5, and 4 years old. Her 4 year old son has health problems, so she has been staying home full time to take care of him. Her children’s father helps out with financial support and gives rides when he can; he has a felony which makes it hard to find employment. Grew up in Denver. Little/no contact with extended family. Action Required N/A



Education/Language/ Has a HS diploma. Long-term goal to pursue further education. Speaks primarily English; some limited Spanish. TABE scores: AM 6.1 (D), MC 5.1 Literacy (D), R 9.0 (D) Has been full time stay at home mother for past two years. Most recently Work History worked at Jamba Juice four years ago but decided to leave to take care of son. Also worked at Safeway as clerk for four years. Referred by TANF. Has been involved in programs at Bayaud and Denver Referral Source Options. BARRIERS /SUPPORT SERVICES Income Description TANF (~$500) and SNAP (~$500). High on TANF clock; used 42/60 months.



Action Required N/A

Basic Needs (Food, Clothing) Housing Health Care Child Care

Reports difficulty being able to cover living expenses. Lives in public housing at DHA Quigg Newtwon (44th/Navajo). Has Medicaid. Authorized for child care support through TANF. 7yo and 5yo in school during daytime hours; attend afterschool childcare program. 4yo in daycare all day. Uses the bus for transportation. Gets a bus pass from TANF. Does not have a drivers license. N/A

Needs referrals for additional support services. N/A N/A N/A

Transportation Legal Issues Counseling/Mental Health Other (specify)


Went through FACES at DHS; has a counselor but has not needed to call Additional counseling referrals. recently. Currently taking antidepressants. Reports that she experiences recurring episodes of depression. Utilizes positive self-talk to stay optimistic. N/A N/A

SUPPORTS AND STRENGTHS Audrey has support from TANF and from Mi Casa. She also has support from the father of her children. Supports Strengths Audrey describes herself as a “go-getter” who is very determined and motivated to succeed. One of her strengths is that she thinks positive even during difficult situations. She is also a problem-solver who is very resourceful and willing to advocate for herself and others to make needed changes.

I participated in the development of this plan and agree that this plan accurately reflects my current life goals, needs, strengths and supports. I agree to participate in the plan and goals set above, and I will maintain contact with my case manager at least once a weekly until employed. I understand the attendance and performance requirements expected of me throughout this entire program. I further understand that this plan may be modified. I will notify my case manager of any and all changes in circumstances.

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