Dr. J. Hansler What Is Ozonated Olive Oil? Ray Behm DDS, Kirk Youngman DMD Ozone in Dentistry Miracle Ozone



Ozone Therapy. Diseases and conditions, complementary and alternative

medicine. [Online]. [cited 2010 January 13] Available from: URL:

Philippines Manila Centro escolar university


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Dr. Breiner's book, Whole-Body Dentistry, is available on-line at or by phone at 1.800.BOOKLOG (800.266.5564).

Nørskov-Lauritsen N, Kilian M (September 2006). "Reclassification of

Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Haemophilus aphrophilus, Haemophilus paraphrophilus and Haemophilus segnis as Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans gen. nov., comb. nov., Aggregatibacter aphrophilus comb. nov. and Aggregatibacter segnis comb. nov., and emended description of Aggregatibacter aphrophilus to include

com/topic/antimicrobial- agent 13 Ascaris Retrieved from Seborrhea Retrieved from http://en.answers. Int. 20 .asp?articlekey=10919 10 Adsorption 17 18 19 Oxidization Retrieved from http://www. Effect Retrieved from Evol.V factor-dependent and V factor-independent isolates". Microbiol. 56 (Pt 9): 2135–46.answers. Originum oi Retrieved from 16 Microorganisms Retrieved from 12 Antimicrobial agent Retrieved from Lauric acid Retrieved from 14 15 http://en.wikipedia.1099/ijs. PMID 16957111.0.medterms.reference.wikipedia. 9 Acne vulgaris Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans 11 Ozonation Retrieved from http ://dictionary.

Moreno.html 1 Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours by: Marianita Shilhavy 2 The Coconut Oil Miracle.& Appl. uk / ozone – dental therapy. 8 50 years medical ozone by Dr.appears inappropriate as a source for medical and nutritional claims.j. Diseases and conditions.Hula clark Ozone Therapy. and H. complementary and 5 6 7 alternative medicine. S.D. 9 Available from: URL: http://www. [cited 2010 January 13] Available from: URL:http://www. Safe dentistry.Bull 5(2): 151-2. 1936. Html . 3 Balce. [cited 2010 January 13] [1 screen].N. Pyrolysis of Coconut Oil. Sci. N.21 Ozonated olive oil Retrieved from http://www. [Online].ozonatedoilonline.Hansler lOzone dental therapy.. (Philippines) Nat. 4 Cocnut cures by Bruce Fife Forwarded by Conrado S. Dayril MD Coconut Philippine by Lalaine Villufurete-Abonal Cure for All Disease by DR. [Online].intelihealth. (2004) . Bruce Fife.

Eur J Clin Nutr. Poulsen HE. Whiley R. Tandon 16 1Covas MI. Anti microbial effects of a novel ozone generating device on microorganisms associated with primary root carious . Mary louise T. THE ESSENTIAL OIL CONSTITUENTS OF THE FRUIT PEELING OF JACKFRUITS (ARTOCARPUS HETEROPHYLLUS ) ROSELLA R. DE GUZMAN May 1993 11 A study of the possibilities of utilizing coconut oil in medical preparations LILIA BoRJA-DE LEON March 1953 12 DETERMINATION OF THE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACCTIVITY OF THE COOCKED AND VIRGIN COCONUT OIL EXTRACT OF THE RHIZOMES OF LUYANG DILAU sr. 2007 Mar 21. 2006 Sep 5. de la TR. controlled trial. et al.145(5):333-41. Ann Intern Med. catalan OSB October 2005 13 A study of the possibilities of utilizing coconut oil in medical preparations LILIA BoRJA-DE LEON March 1953 14 Studies on the separation of fatty acidsfrom coconut oil Glorias TRINIDAD March 1952 15 Essential oils: antimicrobial effects and potential treatment options in dental implantolog Garg R. et al. The effect of polyphenols in olive oil on heart disease risk factors: a randomized trial. Anti-inflammatory effect of virgin olive oil in stable coronary disease patients: a randomized. 18 3Baysan A. Nyyssonen K. crossover. Lynch E.10 . Cladellas M. 17 2Fito M.

dpuf . J Shorman AL.html#sthash.Dm14p7yE. Terashita M.lesion in vitro.http://www. Caries Res. 37: 272. Antimicrobial effect of ozonated water on bacteria invading dentinal tubules. Caries Res 2003.ispub.: occlusal http://www.Dm14p7yE. 4Nagayoshi M.dpuf 19.html#sthash. 34:498-501. http://www.Dm14p7yE. Fukuzumi T. Nishihara T.ispub. Ozone treatment of primary pit and fissure caries.ispub.dpuf 20 5Abu-Nab’a L. 2000. 30(11) journal-of-dental-science/volume-7-number-2/ Kitamura C. Lynch E. 2004.

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