Thoughts  to  Make  Your  Heart  Sing  

By  Sally  Lloyd-­‐Jones  
Release  date:  10/09/2012  
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Thoughts  to  Make  Your  Heart  Sing,  an  innovative  devotional  by  bestselling  author  Sally  
Lloyd-­‐Jones  (The  Jesus  Storybook  Bible),  presents  101  insightful,  biblical  thoughts  that  
build  a  reader's  personal  day-­‐by-­‐day  relationship  with  Jesus  and  create  a  deeper  
understanding  of  faith.  Through  the  text  and  beautiful  art  by  Jago,  discover  God  seeks  to  
know  us  with  an  amazing  and  grace-­‐filled  love.  
About  the  Author  

Sally  Lloyd-­‐Jones  is  a  leading  writer  of  inspirational  books  for  children,  with  an  expertise  
in  conveying  biblical  truth  to  young  children.  She  is  the  author  of  three  bestselling  
children’s  Bibles,  including  the  Gold  Book  Award-­‐winning  Baby’s  First  Bible  and,  most  
recently,  the  Moonbeam  Award  Winner-­‐-­‐-­‐The  Jesus  Storybook  Bible.  She  has  written  
many  picture  books  for  children,  including  Handbag  Friends,  Time  to  Say  Goodnight  and  
the  critically  acclaimed,  How  to  Be  a  Baby:  By  Me,  the  Big  Sister.  A  native  of  England,  
Sally  lives  in  New  York  City.  
Find  Sally  on  her  Facebook,  Twitter,  &  at  her  website:  www.sallylloyd-­‐    

In the beginning, God sang everything into
being—for the joy of it!—and set the whole
universe dancing!
God was in the center, at the heart of
Like the dance of the planets before the sun—
turning, spinning, circling, wheeling, revolving,
orbiting around and around—God made
everything in his world and in his universe and
in his children’s hearts to center around him—
in a wonderful Dance of Joy!
It’s the Dance you were born for.
“The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God
shouted for joy.” Job 38:7 (KJV)



Three SmaLL WorDS
“[Treasure] these words of mine in your heart and in
your soul.” Deuteronomy 11:18 (eSV)

What words does God want you to treasure
in the deepest part of you?
“Be good”? “Do it better”? “Try harder”?
are those the words God wrote in the Bible
for us, to rescue and free us?
no. Those words only show us what we
can’t do.
The words God wants us to remember are
just three small ones: “I love you!”
They are the words that stop the Terrible
Lie that Satan whispered to eve in the garden:
“God doesn’t love you!” They are the words
that heal the poison in our hearts that stops us
from trusting God.
They are the words that Jesus came to tell us
with his whole life.
They are the words he died to prove.
What words will you treasure today?



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