Ajim Premji Born: July 24, 1945 (age 63 July 24, 1945 (age 63Mumbai, IndiaMumbai, India Residence: Bangalore, India

Net worth:$14.8 billion$14.8 billion Spouse's: Yasmeen Premji Yasmeen Premji Azim H. Premji was born to M.H. Hasham Premji. His grandfather was the rice king of Burma. His father had declined an invitation from M.A.Jinnah to go toPakistan. Premji attended St. Mary's School I.C.S.E. in Mazagaon, Mumbai. He was just finishing his undergraduate engineering studies at Stanford University in 1966 when his father passed away Premji started off with a simple vision: to build an organization on a foundation of values. He eventually received permission to take correspondence art courses to complete the requirements for his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Vision; Significantly contribute to achieve quality universaleducation that facilitates a just, equitable andhumane society”. Under his leadership, the fledgling US$ 2 millionhydrogenated cooking fat company has grown to aUS$1.76 billion IT Services organization servingcustomers across the globe. Wipro started off as a small company manufacturing hydrogenated cooking fats and consumer products. It is now one of India's top IT companies and a world-class player at the global level. There is one man who is almost single-handedly responsible for making this miraculous transition from soaps to software happen: Mr Azim Premji. If there's one mantra for success given by Mr Premji's, it's: “keep striving for excellence.” And he has been very true to his own belief. A recipient of numerous awards, including the coveted Padma Bhushan award, his leadership style is lauded by entrepreneurs not just in India, but across the world.

While earning is important. As we climb the ladders of success. These are times when our jobs have become more complex even though some new technology is being rolled out almost every day.The government was the logical choice for doing it. we must have mechanisms by which we use it for the larger good of our society. On Excellence . Some tackle it by going for a daily jog. You must develop your own mechanism for dealing with stress. we must not forget what owe to the society.On Teamwork Unless you build a strong network of people with complementary skills. It's only natural to get stressed under such circumstances. Perseverance can make miracles happen. In the millennium of the mind. some find relief in listening to good music and so on and so forth. you will be restricted by your own limitations. You must be true to the values you believe in and stick to them in good and bad times. Keep at it and you will succeed. no matter how hopeless it seems at times. You will need lots of energy to deal with the challenges. It's the ability to become an integral part of a cross-cultural team which is an important ingredient in the recipe for success. but it was strapped for resources. The important thing to do is to develop your own stress-busting mechanism. knowledge-based industries like Information Technology are in a unique position to earn wealth from outside. Other countries were willing to give us loans and aids but there was a limit to this. On Dealing with Stress The stress that a young person faces today while beginning his or her career is the same as the last generation faced at the time of retirement. This is because we are confronted with harsh challenges in this world and it is very difficult to face them alone. On Perseverance No matter what you do in life. On a Social Vision For decades we have been waiting for someone who will help us in 'priming the pump' of the economy. Unless you take care of yourself there is no way you can take care of others. you cannot do without having that indomitable grit and an ability to withstand hardships.

the community. With 80.S. employees. Buffet lives in Omaha.000 engineers—or one engineer for every 2600 citizens of India.13 billion people.” One has to raise the bar constantly.mensxp. http://www. But that‟s not what motivates him.” adds Sheth. It's all about continuing to strive for more. you can't just sit down and relax. In the present-day scenario. the stock dropped from hovering in the neighborhood of $16 per share to trading closer to $13 per share.com/work-life/corporate-skills/5733-leadership-lessons-from-azim-premji.There is a tremendous difference between being good and being excellent in whatever you do. will turn out 75. set the tone for their organizations. The drop in share price caused a sizeable decrease in Premji‟s personal wealth—about four billion dollars. “Western education is not doing enough [to get students] into science and engineering. it‟s a habit. “Leadership is about shaping expectations of all the stakeholders—customers. he touched on several things he believes Wipro can improve upon and talked about the steps being taken to make such improvements. with a population of 1.000 engineers—one for every .” Great leaders like Premji. the U. says Sheth. Globalisation has ushered in new standards of quality. do both well. but across the globe. Nebraska in a house he bought in 1958. Known for being unpretentious.000 of them located outside of India—leadership needs to be culturally sensitive. With a population of 303 million. says Sheth. and he sees the shortage of science and technology talent in the U. Striving for excellence is also a Premji standard. excellence is a like a “goalpost in motion. Working in teams is also an integral part of how Wipro does business.html Wipro‟s stock trades on the NYSE. and leaders like him. Premji is a champion of education. In a global economy. suppliers. Wipro not only competes with similar companies in India.” he says.” he states. To aid in this accomplishment. and an employee‟s ability to be a contributing member of a cross-cultural team has become increasingly important to the company‟s success. In fact. “Excellence is not an act. as a huge problem. During his lecture at Goizueta. Premji‟s goal is for Wipro to be the best at what it does—period. They are different skill sets. So if you reach a milestone. “Management is about delivery and executing those expectations. and in the last year. investors. noted philanthropist.S.” “This requires a huge adjustment. going good is not enough. founder of conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. Wipro leadership must be “globalized. India. who compares Premji to Warren Buffet. as of early 2008. This year. the world‟s richest man. will graduate approximately 500. and he realizes that he.000 employees—15. and.” notes Premji.

and puts them to work. Not surprisingly.” Sheth says.net/opinion_wipro_azim. Good coaches can get more potential out of an athlete than the athlete realizes. That number is estimated to jump to 500 in the next three years as Wipro recruits IT graduates from local schools.” This has proven true of Premji. “Our biggest challenge is scaling and maintaining uniformity of culture. is his ability to recognize talent. management consulting and product engineering.” A lean 62-year-old. “Selfconfident people assume responsibility for their mistakes and share credit with their team members…. The company employs approximately 8000 people in the U. who is also building capacity in China and the Philippines. Premji believes self-confidence is a necessary part of good leadership.” explains Premji.html According to Ajim Premji there are 10 steps to leadership which goes as below:First. observes Sheth. Remember. Premji recently told a group of graduates in Chennai India. You invest in talent to get more out of someone. It‟s essentially a „tough love‟ message. leaders must develop powerful personal credibility .” One of Premji‟s greatest talents. Within the next year. GA. http://www. and recently opened its first American software development center in Atlanta.” he says. Wipro also manufactures a variety of consumer products. The leader has togenerate a collective enthusiasm for the team. It has to be consistent.jagsheth. That confidence allows leaders to take risks and learn from them. The uniformity of customer experience has to be the same. According to Sheth. One of India's leading providers of system integration and outsourcing services. “Your business will have a base wherever it can find the best value of talent and cost. “The coaching model of leadership is important. Operating in nearly three-dozen countries. including hand soap. Premji is big on regular exercise. including lessons gleaned from the occasional failure that accompanies risk taking. and the team must . more than six-dozen former Wipro employees have launched successful businesses around the world.4040 of its citizens. trains them. the company‟s Wipro Technologies division offers software development and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. “He‟s just like a good coach. Wipro plans to hire 200 employees for its Atlanta office. “You need tenacity and energy to be in a leadership position. no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. This means they should not only beconsistent in what they say and do -but must deliver on their commitments.S.

some would say. People need guidance on the path they need to follow. Leadership demandsextraordinary physical. mental and. Neither are rewards and punishments. becauseleadership is about making judgements that others. One has to realize that leadership isnot privilege but a responsibility. In a recent survey at the WorldEconomic Forum. Winning leaders are willing to decide with imperfect data.I remember this story which someone told meSixth.Leaders must work both hard and smart. Leadership is about making tough yes-no decisions. I personally invest half-a-dayof my time in every leadership development program in Wipro. long and intensely. I have found that my own job has become amazingly complex in the lastfew years. They do nut dither. the more they tend to deliver. Expectations alone are not enough. weencourage our top management to address our high potential managers. It only means that the leader must havethe capacity to look ahead and give the right amount of guidance at the right time.Seventh. accountability and continuous increase in performance and productivity. whether it be in terms of performance or values . The more that is expected from people. great leaders are great teachers and coaches . Winning leaders aredemanding leaders.Second. All research shows today that personal credibility-is the mostimportant ingredient of leadership. leaders do not always have to be in the limelight. There is no longer any debate on whether a person should work smart or hard. are either unwilling or unable to make. Low xpectations can lead to low ambition and hence low performance. At Wipro. leaders keep renewing themselves . Think of birds flying in a formation. The leader must know where to lead and where to step back.different birds l ead the formation. spiritual energy to remain on top of thedemands made on them. successful leaders need to have energy and be able to energise others . if needed. ninety-nine per cent of the leaders attributed their success to hard work. They demand discipline.Fourth. winning leaders face reality. This doesnot mean that the leader should spoon-feed his people. At different times.have faith in the leader beforethey commit to his or her dream.Third. great leaders tell people clearly what they expect from them.Fifth.

They constantly learn from their ownexperiences and those of others.Eighth. They constantly learn from their own experiences and thoseof others. They create knowledge capturing and sharing processes and methods in theorganization. A cynic http://www. leaders surround themselves with people who err on the side of optimism . If people arealways in the company of cynics..com/doc/24306163/Leadership-Style-Wipro .scribd. they will soon find themselves becoming like them.

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