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cover shown for this paper on Okidanokh is the cover of the book:

To Fathom The Gist Volume 1: Approaches to the Writings of G. I. Gurdjieff

This book will be available from Amazon from about 31st March 2013. We intend to make it available as an ebook on Scribd, Kindle and Apple at a later date. The subject matter of this book is how to penetrate Beelzebubs Tales. Thus the book discusses what efforts need to be made in order to fathom the gist and how to make them. It provides explanations and examples. . There will be at least two other volumes in this series of books. One (or more) will consist of notes on the various chapters of Beelzebubs Tales after the fashion of those provided in Volume 1, when sections of Beelzebubs Tales are directly discussed. We can say little more than that except that work has begun on that. There will be a further volume in this series of books which discusses Objective Science. The essay on Okidanokh which follows is a draft excerpt from the volume on Objective Science which is currently in preparation.

The reader should try to be aware that these are only ideas gleaned from study of Gurdjieffs writings in an attempt to gather some understanding of the word Okidanokh. Extracts from The Tales and from In Search of the Miraculous are italicized... Etherokrilno There is a relationship between Etherokrilno and Okidanokh. So it may help us if we understand what Etherokrilno is: In the beginning, when nothing yet existed and when the whole of our Universe was empty endless space with the presence of only the prime-source cosmic substance Etherokrilno, our present Most Great and Most Most Holy Sun Absolute existed alone in all this empty space, ... (The Tales - Purgatory) Here we are told that Etherokrilno is not created by our ENDLESS, or if it was, it existed before the creation of our megalocosmos, within which aside from The Sun Absolute and The Merciless Heropass, it was all that existed. Etherokrilno the basis for the arising of all cosmic concentrations without exception (The Tales - The Arch-absurd) Here we are told that Etherokrilno is what gives rise to all substances in The Ray of Creation. You must also know further, that only one cosmic crystallization, existing under the name Omnipresent-Okidanokh, obtains its prime arising although it also is crystallized from Etherokrilno from the three Holy sources of the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is, from the emanation of the Most Holy Sun Absolute. (The Tales - The Arch-absurd) And here we are told that Okidanokh attains its prime arising from the emanations of the Sun Absolute. This implies that if the Sun Absolute were not emanating anything then Okidanokh would not come into existence. It exists entirely because of those emanations and it is crystallized from Etherokrilno. We should therefore think of the ether (Etherokrilno) as having the potentiality to give rise to matter and energy, and the emanations of the Sun Absolute as causing it do so. Incidentally we may accidentally associate the idea of the Sun Absolute with the idea of a normal sun - i.e. a large ball of \ire with an strong gravitational pull. But that would be our normal mind making unjusti\ied assumptions. It is possible that the Sun Absolute is almost as large as the whole Megalocosmos and creation happens within the space it occupies or adjacent to the space it occupies. If we think of ourselves as a cosmos (as we are sometimes invited to do by The Tales) then our emanations do not stretch very far, but they certainly in\luence everything within our planetary body. Descriptions of Okidanokh If we go through the whole of The Tales, we will encounter many references to Okidanokh. It is interesting to note that Gurdjieff does not always use the exact same words to refer to

it. Here are all the variances we have noticed: Okidanokh, Omnipresent-Okidanokh, Omnipresent-Active-Element-Okidanokh, omnipresent everywhere-penetrating Active- Element-Okidanokh, Omnipresent cosmic crystallization, Omnipresent-World-substance- Okidanokh, the omnipresent and everywhere penetrating Okidanokh, Active Element Okidanokh, Omnipresent cosmic-substance Okidanokh, Omnipresent substance Okidanokh and cosmic-substance Okidanokh. It is clear from this list that we are being told that Okidanokh is a substance (or a classi\ication of substances) which penetrates everything and is everywhere that has been touched in some way by emanations of the Sun Absolute. It is an active element and it is a cosmic substance. Gurdjieff also writes: And so, my boy, the Omnipresent-Okidanokh obtains its p rime arising in space outside of the Most Holy Sun Absolute itself, from the blending of these three independent forces into one, and during its further involutions it is correspondingly changed, in respect of what is called the Vivifyingness of Vibrations according to its passage through what are called the Stopinders or gravity centers of the fundamental common-cosmic sacred Heptaparaparshinokh. (The Tales - The Arch-absurd) So we are told that Okidanokh is formed from the blending of active, passive and neutralizing forces into one substance. We are also told that Okidanokh is subject to the Law of Seven and as such its vivifyingness of vibrations can decrease in its involution. Gurdjieff also told Ouspensky that: " Matter' may be regarded as consisting of 'atoms.' Atoms in this connection are taken also as the result of the Qinal division of matter. In every order of matter they are simply certain small particles of the given matter which are indivisible only on the given plane. The atoms of the Absolute alone are really indivisible, the atom of the next plane, that is, of world 3, consists of three atoms of the Absolute or, in other words, it is three times bigger and three times heavier, and its movements are correspondingly slower. The atom of world 6 consists of six atoms of the Absolute merged together, as it were, and forming one atom. Its movements are correspondingly slower. The atom of the next world consists of twelve primordial particles, and of the next worlds, of twenty-four, forty-eight, and ninety-six. The atom of world 96 is of an enormous size compared with the atom of world 1; its movements are correspondingly slower, and the matter which is made up of such atoms is correspondingly denser. (Search - Ch 5)

The diagram shown is Ouspenskys representation of these different atoms which descend according to the Law of Seven. We therefore assume that, Gurdjieff is talking here about what he refers to in The Tales as Okidanokh. Gurdjieff says: "Thus instead of one concept of matter we have seven kinds of matter, but our ordinary conception of materiality only with difQiculty embraces the materiality of worlds 96 and 48. The matter of world 24 is much too rareQied to be regarded as matter from the scientiQic point of view of our physics and chemistry; such matter is practically hypothetical. The still Qiner matter of world 12 has, for ordinary investigation, no characteristics of materiality at all. All these matters belonging to the various orders of the universe are not separated into layers but are intermixed, or, rather, they interpenetrate one another. We can get an idea of similar interpenetration of matters of different densities from the penetration of one matter by another matter of different densities known to us. A piece of wood may be saturated with water, water may in its turn be Qilled with gas. Exactly the same relation between different kinds of matter may be observed in the whole of the universe: the Qiner matters permeate the coarser ones. So in Search, Gurdjieff provides us with a different view of this omnipresent substance as having seven different levels of vivifyingness which go from The Absolute to The Moon and which interpenetrate one another. It seems to be suggested then that not only is Okidanokh Omnipresent but that any given space could contain many interpenetrating layers of it. On Earth, for example, there may be some things, a rock for example, that could contain the whole 7 different densities of Okidanokh. The Reactivity of Okidanokh Even though it is described many times as an active element, Okidanokh, which we remember is produced from the ether, does not interact directly with anything. Gurdjieff writes about two peculiarities of Okidanokh as follows: The Qirst peculiarity is that when a new cosmic unit is being concentrated, then the Omnipresent-Active-Element does not blend, as a whole, with such a new arising, nor is it transformed as a whole in any deQinite corresponding place as happens with every other cosmic crystallization in all the said cosmic formations but immediately on entering as a whole into any cosmic unit, there immediately occurs in it what is called Djartklom, that is to say, it is dispersed into the three fundamental sources from which it obtained its prime arising, and only then do these sources, each separately, give the beginning for an independent concentration of three separate corresponding formations within the given cosmic unit. And in this way, this Omnipresent-Active-Element actualizes at the outset, in every such new arising, the sources for the possible manifestation of its own sacred law of Triamazikamno. It must without fail be noticed also, that in every cosmic formation, the said separated sources, both for the perception and for the further utilization of this property of the Omnipresent-Active-Element for the purpose of the corresponding actualizing, exist and continue to have the possibility of functioning as long as the given cosmic unit exists. And only after the said cosmic unit has been completely destroyed do these holy sources of the sacred Triamazikamno, localized in the Omnipresent-Active-Element-Okidanokh, reblend

and they are again transformed into Okidanokh, but having now another quality of Vivifyingness of Vibrations. As regards the second peculiarity of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh, equally proper to it alone, and which it is also necessary for us to elucidate just now for the given theme of our talk, you will be able to understand about that, only if you know something concerning one fundamental cosmic second-degree law, existing in the Universe, under the denomination of the Sacred Aieioiuoa. And this cosmic law is, that there proceeds within every arising large and small, when in direct touch with the emanations either of the Sun Absolute itself or of any other sun, what is called Remorse, that is, a process when every part that has arisen from the results of any one Holy Source of the Sacred Triamazikamno, as it were, revolts and criticizes the former unbecoming perceptions and the manifestations at the moment of another part of its whole a part obtained from the results of another Holy Source of the same fundamental sacred Cosmic Law of Triamazikamno. And this sacred process Aieioiuoa or Remorse always proceeds with the Omnipresent- Active-Element-Okidanokh also. The peculiarity of this latter during this sacred process is that while the direct action either of the sacred Theomertmalogos or the emanation of any ordinary sun is round about the whole of its presence, this Active-Element is dispersed into its three prime parts which then exist almost independently, and when the said direct action ceases, these parts blend again and then continue to exist as a whole. So Djartklom - a splitting into three (active, passive, neutralizing) - is how Okidanokh participates in the Universe and it does so when a new cosmic unit is being concentrated. We presume a comic unit means a cosmos (a living thing) of some kind - of any kind. Perhaps this means that, at a conception, whether that be of a Sun or a planet of a living organism, Djartklom occurs, and then the three parts give rise to three independent formations (brains perhaps) - and this makes it possible for the Law of Three to function within the cosmos. Djartklom also occurs as a consequence of remorse. Gurdjieff does not speci\ically say that, is such circumstances, when they re-form the Okidanokh vibrates at a higher level. However we must assume that this is likely to be the case, otherwise remorse would have effected no change. When the cosmic unit is completely destroyed then the Okidanokh re-forms, but may do so at a different rate of vibration than when Djartklom occurred.

Cosmic Units
What does Gurdjieff mean by cosmic unit? Most likely he means a cosmos; galaxy (la), sun (sol), planetary system (fa), planet (mi), moon (re). Si in the Ray of Creation is the Sun Absolute, the world of all stars and the atmosphere or abode of the Absolute. We are told that the change in the nature of the Sun Absolute was a consequence, primarily, of a change to the Law of Seven, and that the Megalocosmos was formed as a consequence. The emanations of the Sun Absolute \irst gave rise to the note La and the cosmic unit this created was a galaxy. This kind of cosmic unit is twice the density on the Sun Absolute. Okidanokh gave rise to the galaxies by the process of djartklom and once this occurred the galaxies had their own law of triamazikamno. This crystalized three centers in some way and, once the galaxies were born they began to

emanate. But their emanations were of a lower vibration and they gave rise to Okidanokh of a lower vibration. Then came the note Sol. This became possible, we deduce, because of the Okidanokh of a lower vibration emanated from the note La, the Galaxy. We think of a galaxy as nothing more than a collection of circling stars, but in reality when we see the Milky Way in the night sky we are looking at the body of the Galaxy, from inside the Galaxy. These stars were formed after the conception of the Galaxy. The note La is of a much higher order of matter/ energy than the substance of the stars themselves. According to Gurdjieff atoms of hydrogen do not appear until the second order suns are created. At the sounding of the note Sol, the individual Suns were crystalized and thus they too acquired their own law of Triamazikamno. And because of this, we deduce, Okidanokh of a lower order was produced and emanated from the second order Suns as they grew. And at this stage the vibrations - the level of vivifyingness of Okidanokh - had reduced by a half. This Okidanokh of a lower level created the solar systems, the family of planets that orbit around the second order suns. And they too, collectively acquired their own Law of Traimazikamno, and they too gave rise to Okidanokh of a lower order. Though we witness the movements of the planets in the night sky, we do not fully see or experience the nature of that cosmic unit - the family of planets. And then, eventually, individual planets (third order Suns) were formed and they also acquired their local Law of Three and they too gave rise to Okidanokh of a lower order. And ultimately, moons were formed from this Okidanokh of a lower order and they too acquired their own law of three. So in the Ray of Creation we witness the downward \low of Okidanokh. Following Gurdjieffs explanations, we can constate that the Okidanokh of the Sun Absolute permeates the whole of the megalocosmos, while the Okidanokh of lower orders is localized and gives rise to creations of a local order, right down to the cosmic unit that we call the Moon. The Hydrogens We may naturally ask the question: How does Okidanokh relate to the Hydrogens? The Hydrogens are substances, not cosmic units. Each cosmic unit is formed from an array of Hydrogens, and functions through the evolution and involution of those Hydrogens. Each hydrogen is a classi\ication of substances that can be active, passive or neutralizing (Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen), and this determines how they evolve or involve in relation to other substances they interact with, in accordance with the Law of Three. When a cosmic unit is destroyed, some of those Hydrogens recombine to form Okidanokh of a particular level of vivifyingness. According to Gurdjieff, Man is Hydrogen 24, although the cosmic unit of a three-brained being contains hydrogens from H6 down to H6144. When a man dies, these Hydrogens disperse, according to their levels, serving as food for other cosmic units or recombining to form Okidanokh of various levels. In theory, only a very small part of man persists with the death of the planetary body, and even that is not guaranteed.