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Various vidya OSTs from your friendly neighborhood anons, feel free to dump at the bottom in the specified format, Ill arrange them later.

Try to get clean filenames, track numbers, etc. on the stuff, if you dont Ill get to them eventually and tidy them up.

Format: Title of game, OST or gamerip, format of songs, size of the RAR, download location

Pastebin back-up: (Updated) Old pastebin:

Arranged alphabetically for autisms sake

Periodically check to make sure your links are still up. They can be erased by accident or on purpose

A: Ace Combat: Balkan War (OST, MP3, 213MB)

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Whyd you steal our garbage? (OST, MP3-128, 77MB)

Afro Samurai (OST, MP3-320, 104MB)

B: Bastion (OST, MP3, 143MB)

Bloodrayne Betrayal (OST, MP3, 179MB)

C: Castlevania Judgement(OST, MP3, 178MB)

Catherine (Sound Disc (just the classical songs), MP3-320, 62MB)

Chrono Trigger (OST, SPC, 3MB)

Code of Princess (OST, M4A, 29MB)

D: The Darkness (Greatest Hits (all the music but not an OST I guess), MP3-320, 366MB)

Darksiders (OST, MP3-320, 167MB)

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition (OST, FLAC, 322MB)

Deus Ex Human Revolution (OST, lossless WAV, 174MB)

Dewprism/Threads of Fate (OST, MP3, 166MB)

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label (OST, MP3, 40MB)

DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label (OST, MP3, 86MB)

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (OST, MP3, 197MB)

Doom (Gamerip(?), OGG, 88MB)

Double Dragon Neon (Official OST, Multiple formats(MP3, FLAC, etc...), Varying file sizes) [NOTE: Click Buy now, enter 0 as price]

Dustforce (OST, MP3, 113MB) Uploading currently, please wait

E: Einhander (OST, MP3, 122MB)

Etrian odyssey Super Arrange (Remix OST, MP3, 64MB)

Etrian Odyssey IV (Promo CD from game, MP3-320, 50MB)

Etrian Odyssey III (Arranged OST CD, MP3, 108MB)

Evil Genius (OST, MP3, 192MB)

F: Fallout (OST, MP3-192, 80MB)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (OST, MP3) Disc 1 (128MB), Disc 2 (134MB), Disc 3 (132MB), Disc 4 (133MB)

G: Gradius Ultimate Collection(OST, Flac) Disc 1: Part 1, Part 2 Disc 2: [Uploading]

Gunhound EX (OST, MP3-120MB)

Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks (OST, MP3, 107MB)

H: Hotline Miami (Rip from Steam files, OGG, 148MB)

I: inFamous (OST, MP3-320, 147MB)

Iji (High Quality OST, MP3-320, 48MB) [Regular soundtrack]

J: Jet Set Radio Future (OST, MP3-V0, 129MB)

Jet Set Radio Future (Lost Tracks, MP3-V0, 75MB)

K: Kirbys Return to Dreamland (Gamerip, no track names, rough filenames, MP3-VBR, 390MB)

Kokuga (OST, MP3-113MB)

L: Legend of Mana (OST, MP3-320, 149MB)

Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask Orchestrations OST (Orchestral OST, Mp3 , 83 MB)

Legend of Zelda: Theophany Times End Majoras Mask Remixed (Remix OST, Mp3, 124 MB)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OST, MP3-320, 137MB)

Legacy of Kain: Defiance (OST, three folders separated by disc, MP3 VBR, 272MB)

Love, Peace and Happiness - The Original Yoshis Story Soundtrack (OST, MP3/FLAC,103MB/206MB)

Little inferno OST (Ost, Mp3, 30,3 MB)

Luigis Mansion (OST, MP3, 71 MB): (uploading now)

M. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (OST, MP3, 187MB)

MGR Revengeance (OST, MP3-320, 154MB)

Mighty Milky Way - Mighty Flip Champs (OST, MP3, 133MB) Mighty Switch Force (OST, MP3-320, 186MB) Monster Girl Quest Part 1 & 2 (MP3, 199MB, also has some music from side stories)

Monster Hunter Tri (OST, MP3, 338MB)

N: Noitu Love 2: Devolution (OST, MP3, 49MB)

O: Ourai no N'gah-Kthun ~ What a Shining Braves (OST, MP3, 127MB)


Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door (OST, MP3, 668MB)

Parappa the Rapper 2 (OST, MP3, 87MB)

Persona 3 FES Original Soundtrack (OST, MP3, 96MB)

Persona 4 Arena (OST, MP3, 87MB)

Pokemon Conquest (Gamerip, MP3, 184MB)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Series Compilation (OST, MP3) Part 1 (545MB) / Part 2 (538MB)


R: Ragnarok Online (OST, MP3, 228MB)

Rhythm Heaven Fever (Gamerip, MP3) Part 1(191MB) / Part 2(135MB)

S: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (OST, M4A, 91MB)

Scribblenauts Unlimited (OST, MP3, 164MB)

SEGAGaGa (OST, One folder per disc, MP3, 166MB) Sekien no Inganock ~ What a Beautiful People (OST, MP3-192k, 71MB)

Shantae: Riskys Revenge(Official OST, mp3, flac, etc. [varying file sizes]) [NOTE: Click Buy now, enter 0 as price] Get game ported to PC

Shatter (OST, MP3, 186 MB)

Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~ What a Beautiful Tomorrow (OST [RAR file renamed to avoid it getting taken down again], MP3, 142MB)

Skullgirls OSV (OST, MP3, 190MB)

Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed (OST, MP3, 103MB)

Sonic 06 (OST, One folder per disc, MP3, 303MB)

Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD (Jap/EU), Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball (Gamerip, One folder per game, MP3, 365MB)

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn), Sonic R (Gamerip, One folder per game, MP3, 202MB)

Sonic Advance 2 (OST, MP3, 87MB)

Sonic Advance 3 (OST, MP3, 168MB)

Sonic Adventure (OST, One folder per disc, MP3, 244MB)

Sonic Colors (OST, 3 Discs, One folder per disc, MP3, 311MB)

Sonic CD US Version (OST, MP3, 48MB)

Sonic CD JAP Version (OST, MP3, 93MB)

Sonic Heroes (OST, One folder per disc, MP3, 142MB)

Sonic Unleashed (OST, One folder per disc, MP3, 229MB)

Space Channel 5 (OST,One folder per disc, MP3, 451MB)

Splatterhouse 2010 (OST, MP3, 120MB)

Star Fox 64 (OST, MP3, 87MB)

Street Fighter X Tekken (OST, MP3) Disc 1(187MB) / Disc 2(147MB)

Super Mario World (OST, FLAC, 282MB)

Sword and Sworcery (OST, MP3 320CBR, 147MB)

System Shock (Gamerip, MIDI, 67kB)

System Shock 2 (OST, FLAC, 237MB)

T: Touhou 1 - Highly Responsive to Prayers (Gamerip, FLAC, 581MB)

Touhou 2 - The Story of Eastern Wonderland (Gamerip, FLAC, 751MB)

Touhou 3 - Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream (Gamerip, FLAC, 1001MB)

Touhou 4 - Lotus Land Story (Gamerip, FLAC, 1.33GB)

Touhou 5 - Mystic Square (Gamerip, FLAC, 1003MB)

Touhou 6 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Gamerip, FLAC, 434MB)

Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom (Gamerip, FLAC, 659MB)

Touhou 7.5 - Immaterial and Missing Power (OST, FLAC, 922MB)

Touhou 8 - Imperishable Night (Gamerip, FLAC, 626MB)

Touhou 9 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Gamerip, FLAC, 627MB)

Touhou 9.5 - Shoot the Bullet (Gamerip, FLAC, 186MB)

Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith (Gamerip, FLAC, 567MB)

Touhou 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (OST, FLAC, 795MB)

Touhou 11 - Subterranean Animism (Gamerip, FLAC, 508MB)

Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object - (Gamerip, FLAC, 578MB)

Touhou 12.3 - Unthinkable Natural Law (OST, FLAC, 504MB) Missing song

Touhou 12.5 - Double Spoiler (Gamerip, FLAC, 163MB)

Touhou 12.8 - Fairy Wars (Gamerip, FLAC, 239MB)

Touhou 13 - Ten Desires (Gamerip, FLAC, 744MB) Spirit world mixes (MP3)

The Drive: Vidya Edition (Various sources; still Vidya, MP3, 106.1 MB) (Coming soon)


V: Vampires The Masquerade: Bloodlines (OST & Gamerip, MP3, 126MB)

VVVVVV (OST, MP3-320, 68MB)

W: Witcher 2 (OST, MP3-320, 156MB)


Y: Ys Books 1 & 2 (OST, MP3-320, 138MB)

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (OST, MP3-320, 51MB)


Z: Zone Of the Enders (OST,MP3,115MB)

Zone Of The Enders II: Anubis (OST,MP3,157MB)



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