Shah Hamadan The Torch bearer of Peace


Engr. Nazi Hussain
B.Sc.Civil(Pesh).M.Engg.(Hydrology & Water Resources) Netherlands. MBA (Human Resource Management)

Shah Hamadan International Conference
Khaplu Distt.Ghanche Northern Areas Pakistan.
26th ,September.2005.


It is a matter of tremendous pleasure that a follower of Shah-i- Hamadan is welcoming you on the soil of peace and tranquility founded by Mir Syed Al Hamadani replacing Buddhism, during 783H (1381AD). Glory to Allah in the highest, whose glorification can not be described in words, whose blessings and bounties cannot be enumerated by reckoners and enumerators, and homage due to Him can not be paid even by the most assiduous and preserving attempters.Ghanche District of Northern areas having an area of 6000 Sq.Km has 95% followers of Shah-i-Hamadan which is now popularly known as Noorbakhshia after the name of disciple and successor of Hazarat Shah Hamadan.It believes oneness of God, prophet hood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the seal of prophet(AS),the Holy Quran and the twelve infallible Imams, the first among them is Hazrat Ali(AS) and the last one is Imam Mehdi(May Allah Exalted Him).It is a sufi sect which believes in the persistency of the sainthood during major occultation of Muhammad Mehdi(AS).but as per teachings of Mir Syed Muhammad Noorbakhsh there are certain conditions of being a successor, they are: 1: Should be a perfect, a complete authority in Sharia law, spiritual knowledge, and knowledge of truth etc. 2: A jurist of complete Shariah law, a follower of spiritual paths, and a benefactor of truth, likewise it is mandatory that the chain of the Wilayat (sainthood) should be connected to the Holy Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH) without any breakage. 3: When you make any endowment then it should only be made to those who has attachment in the chain of that Murshiden (Pious scholar of shariah, tariqa and haqiqa) which connects to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) through the leader of Wilayat Imam Ali AS)_ by hand to hand. Immamat has a broad and comprehensive sense that includes both intellectual authority and political leadership.Afetr the death of the prophet, the Imam was entrusted with the guardianship of his accomplishments and the continuation of his leadership, in order to teach men the truths of the Holy Quran and religion and ordinances concerning the society in short he was to guide them in all dimensions pf their existence. So Mir Nurbakhsh says that after the prophets (AS) the infallible Imams (AS) and exalted saints this chain of saints and system will not ever be broken away till occurrence of the day of judgment. That’s why, Mir Nurbakhsh said: On the doomsday there is exaltment in their obedience and the sorrow for the opposition. The name of that chain saints is called Silsalatuzahab the golden chain and Mir Syed Ali Hamadani is one of saints of that chain. His pedigree meets with Imam Sajjad (AS) the son of the chief Martyrs of Karbala, Imam Hussain (AS).


Shah Hamadan was born on Oct 1314 AD (12th Rajab 714H) on Monday in Hamadan city of Islamic Republic of Iran. Shah Hamadan was imparted to by his maternal uncle; Alaudulla Samnani.Mir Syed Ali Hamadani was great missioner and Sufi saint. He visited Rome,Subcontinent,Russia,Turkistan,Syria,Afghanistanetc.Themuslim population of Kashmir and Baltistan converted to Islam on the preaching of this great Sufi saint during (783H i.e. 1382AD).The remnants of Shah Hamadan in Baltistan are:Chaqchen Mosque Khaplu, Barqchan Mosque Khaplu, Khairdong Mosque Khaplu,Masjid Amir Gulshan-i-Kabir Farwa, Masjid Amir Ghursey,Mir Mosque Farno Chorbat, Six Minarets Mosque Shigar,Amborik Mosque Shigar,Khanqa Mullah Gamba Skardu.His valuable books like Muwadatul Qurba and Zakiratul Muluk were written during his stay in Baltistan during 783H.After Shah Hamadan saints of his chain of Zahbia(the golden chain)like Mir Muhammad Nurbukhsh(RA),Mir Shamusudin Araqi(RA),Mir Abu Saeed Suada(RA)(1099H) and Mir Mukhtar AkhYar(RA) visited Baltistan and strengthened Islam in Baltistan.Mir Hamadan was one of the authorities of missionery,whose teaching was peace, love affection and kindness who never imposed his ideas and teachings to others. He made logical arguments and ruled the hearts of Monks, Pandits and rulers of that day through logical and interpreted reasoning and following the principles of ethology without criticing on proclaimed ideologies and teachings of other parties in a graceful manner. Islam is a religion of peace, tranquilty, faternity, brotherhood, justice, affection and love and dos not allow terrorism. In the Holy Quran are numerous verses on this particular aspect. It says: the punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is :execution or crucifixion of the cutting of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter. The Quranic commentators say that its essence is terrorism, Terrorism is a frightening against a specific school of thought with special planning and vicious designs. The focal agent of terrorism is collective injustice against collective justice. When there is justice in the society, electronic and print media accommodating ideas of sides, then terrorism can not flourish any where in the world. Terrorism may have multi dimensions e.g. intellectual terrorism, financial terrorism, state terrorism, political terrorism, ethical terrorism, communal terrorism, sectarian terrorism, judicial terrorism etc.Infact injustice comes under bigger sins, like murder, telling lies, adultery, formication, accusation, rapeetc.The Holy Quran says: It is those who believe and confuse not their belief with wrong that are (truly) in security for they are on (right) guidance. Imam Ali (AS) said that: a country can survive with unfaithfulness but not with injustice. And injustice literally means putting a thing on a place which it actually does not deserve. Ali Hamadani always preached and propagated justice. He quotes from Hazrat Bu Ali Rudbari (RA) one of Murshid of Zahbia Chain, writes in one of his books named “Zakiria” that one can not be even a murid if the angels responsible for taking down the second activities of human being writes a minor sin in his accountability book. And not lift a small stone or straw which is susceptible to damage any body is one of examples of minor sin. When the wants take the place of needs and becomes slave of Nafs-ego, then


his heart is sealed, and self consciousness is dead that instigates hatred and when the attachment gets deepened and with passage of time he becomes blind virtually. You might have seen that when the cat catches its baby it holds in its teeth and it is neither wounded nor died. Have you ever seen that the baby of rat has ever survived when the cat clutched it in its teeth. One has to ponder over it that who has taught the cat that the first one is her baby. Rat is also a baby of some one but the cat has no love, for the baby of rat this is whole scène of the first the entire world.The one who is servant of ego-Nafs, obeys satan And one who tames Nafs obeys Allah. When the whims and fancies are tamed in the light of teachings of Sufia Karam their will be peace and banishment of terrorism.Syed Ali hamadani always preached justice and showed the true picture of Islam to humanity. The spiritual dimension of man is connected intimately with the mission of religion, and the true and veritable Saint or Imam, is that exalted person who combines in himself intellectual authority and political leadership, who stands at the head of Islamic society, being enabled thereby both convey to men the divine laws that exists in every sphere and to implement them and who preserves the collective identity and the human dignity of the Muslims from decline and corruption. The Wali(Imam) having quality of inerrancy (Ismah) and whose personality, already in this world, ahs a divine aspect, his dealings with God and man his implementation of all the devotional, ethical percepts of God’s religion furnish a complete pattern and model for imitation. It is the Imam who guides the movement of men towards perfection. It is therefore incumbent on all believers to him in all matters for he is a living exemplar for the development of self and the society and his mode of life is the best specimen of virtue for the community. Imam Ali (AS) including other eleven Imams held the position of Syed-uk-Awlia, the chief perfect saint and other saints like Syed Ali Hamadani are shadows of these solar lights and the terminology of Sufism that is called Murshid such type of Wali does not has the quality of inerrancy nevertheless they can observe all things by inspiration (Zakhiratul Muluk,Alorwa, Samnani).He can see by the inspiration from god, then from him one can see revelation of qualities of Allah he scarifies himself in following the commands of Allah and remains very obedient to the Almighty Allah.


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