Improving Humanity and World for Future Generations

A Message to All Intellectual Members of our Civilized Society

Copyright 2008 by Cesar Castillo Uribe


MESSAGE TO ALL INTELLECTUAL INDIVIDUALS OF OUR SOCIETY Our biggest problem our civilized society faces today is debt, corruption and greed. When money is our motivation, we become loyal to money because it helps us get what material thing we desire. Unfortunately, we have been taught that providing for our family and having as much money as we can is our purpose in life, from the time when we start going to school. For this reason, we need to find a real meaning to life, the one that would involve everyone in the planet. Our purpose here on earth is to improve humanity and the world for future generations. We are all spiritual beings created to integrate this planet to the kingdom of peace, integrity, hope, prosperity, knowledge, truth, love. The only way we can all collectively evolve as human beings is by eliminating debt and greed from our planet. Money can corrupt the most honest person when that person is in debt. Our purpose in life has solely become to make as much money as we can so we can support our family and debt; no matter how dishonest we become to get that money. Ironically, we depend on many money making corporations filled with debt corrupted people, to provide us with our consuming goods. We can begin to fix our civilized society by making small changes at a time. The way to make those in power positions to restraint themselves from corruption and greed is by demanding for all groups, businesses, corporations, and government institutions to disclose their financial transactions to the public at all times. This will ensure that all of our tax money is being used for the benefit of the entire civilized society, and for everyone employed by any business organization to be awarded a fair share of the profits. Violence should never be used to repair a problem in a civilized society. We are all civilized individuals, and we can communicate with each other to improve our society without the need of criminal acts. The love of money will never fulfill our mission in life because it makes us selfish, and when we are in debt, we voluntarily enslave ourselves to money. We spent most of our time working for wealthy people and on top of that, we spent our money on expensive clothing and unnecessary material things that only benefit wealthy people and pollute our planet. Also, we spent the rest of the day watching television which benefits wealthy people. We can argue that we also give money to charity, but if we do not make sure our money is being used correctly to help those in need, we have not done any good deed. We should never let other people do our charity work for us in a society where dishonesty is a virtue. It is unacceptable to live in a civilized society where 1 percent of the population controls 80 percent of the wealth. Unfortunately, we do not see any thing wrong with it, even when we know money corrupts any honest person. Wars are fought because wealthy greedy people want more money and control. When we know this is wrong and part of our hard worked tax money is sponsoring these atrocious wars, mainly to benefit greedy people, and we do not do anything about it, we are accomplices by continuously funding the war and letting it happen. In order to repair this trend, we have to make sure that our


public defense agents’ passion is protecting the citizens of our society, not the greed and power of wealthy corrupted leaders. In any civilized society, where corrupted people are allowed to deny healthcare to anyone, every single intellectual adult member of that society is part of the problem. We have allowed for our health to be a business wealthy greedy people can profit from. The wellbeing of any individual should never be a worry for any member of a civilized society. For this reason, healthcare should never be a commodity that only the wealthy are able to afford. If we keep financing unnecessary devices by buying them, we will keep wasting our resources and contributing to the already existing pollution problem. No good invention can come from a mind driven by money. Even when people are trying to improve our technologies to benefit the planet, they are censored and discredited because their invention could harm a wealthy greedy individual’s existing empire. If it interferes with our way of providing for our family and debt, we are allowed to be dishonest. Where are we going to end up as a civilized society if we keep living like this? Our culture has been corrupted by debt. We no longer have passion for what we do because we voluntarily enslave ourselves for money. Unfortunately, we have to resort to entertainment devices. We all use entertainment devices, and may call it relaxing time, to distract us from our biggest time consumer, debt. We also look for other types of entertainment like experiencing different kind of drugs. Also, having sex with several partners before marriage has become a virtue and a goal; when in essence sex is the tool for a couple to express a lifetime commitment to each other. How much more can we advance as a civilized society, if we keep living like this? We are all the same, whether we are famous or not, or whether we are wealthy or not. We go to sleep, we wake up, we do our shore, we eat, we find a distractions, and we go back to sleep. We keep doing this until we are 80, and we never accomplish our mission. How much money is enough to feel we have accomplished our purpose in life? As a civilized society we have to eliminate money as our purpose of living because it hurts us, our children, our planet, and future generations. Money is a great tool in our society, but it should not manipulate us. We should use money to benefit our families, planet, and future generations. The only thing we know for certain when we are born, it is that we will leave this planet someday. We do not pick what family we will be born into or what color of skin we will have. As a society, we need to realize that materialism will only distant ourselves from our family, friends, and planet. We have seen many of our family members, friends and celebrities die; and ironically they leave every single material thing behind. When life leaves the body, it will not take any material thing with it, not even our skin color. When wealthy greedy people become our leaders in a civilized society, they teach that hypocrisy and corruption are good traits in an individual. Unfortunately, we tend to follow the footsteps of these leaders. Greedy wealthy people have used fear to protect


their wealth and control the less fortunate masses. Several generations have come and gone waiting for the world to end or for one leader to come save the world. Well, we do not have to wait for that leader to come anymore. We just have to wake up the leader inside of us so we can all save the world. We have to become the leader we would like to follow. There is no one person, or group of people we can blame. It is the lack of a logical purpose in life that created this problem in our civilized society. However, we are all to blame if we keep letting it happen. We cannot change what has already happened. But if we act today and everyday, we can definitely improve the future for everyone in our civilized society, our children and generations to come. PURPOSE We live without a logical meaning of life. Our purpose has been a misconception since the time we start going to school. We learn that our purpose is to provide for our family, and/or have as much money as we can, and if we are provided the opportunity, have fame. However, we do not start out having to provide for our family. We begin by trying to have as much money as we can, building our love for money early in life. WHEN MONEY IS OUR MOTIVATION, WE BECOME LOYAL TO MONEY BECAUSE IT HELPS US GET WHAT MATERIAL THING WE DESIRE. Still, not many of us have the opportunity to have a lot of money, so we fall into debt to make the illusion we have a lot of money. Eventually, we will use our money to provide for our family, but we already have that love for money embedded into our way of life. But how much money is it enough to say we have accomplished our purpose in life, is it one million dollars, one hundred million dollars, one billion dollars? In the same way, fame becomes our next goal. We are exposed to the way famous people live, so we have the urge to be like famous people. Yet, we do not realize that famous people live that way because they have already accomplished the goals our society has provided for them. When we know we will hardly accomplish luxury and fame, we set lower selfish goals as our purpose in life; ironically, those rich and famous people do the same thing after they have accomplished luxury and fame. We start having as many sexual partners as we can because it is our new goal in life. We use as many different drugs as we can because experiencing them is our goal in life. We live under the influence of a drug because it makes more sense than what our reality is. As a result, we become selfish, cutting off from each other and planet, and we cannot any longer appreciate the simple things in life; which are spending time with our family and enjoying the beautiful nature around us. FOR THIS REASON, WE NEED TO FIND A REAL MEANING TO LIFE, THE ONE THAT WOULD INVOLVE EVERYONE IN THE PLANET. We have all wondered the reason why we are here. What are we doing here? Who are we as a human race? We are here on earth to make this planet part of the cosmos of prosperity, peace, knowledge, truth, love, light. OUR PURPOSE HERE ON EARTH IS TO IMPROVE HUMANITY AND THE WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN AND


FUTURE GENERATIONS. WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS CREATED TO INTEGRATE THIS PLANET TO THE KINGDOM OF PEACE, TRUTH, LIGHT. This means we have to provide for our family but also improve our culture so our children and future generations can enjoy the world as well. We cannot do this if our motivation for doing things is driven my debt and money. Debt also influences us to make dishonest decisions. The greed of wealthy powerful people, to have more money, is destroying our planet’s resources for their personal material gain. Yet, we approve of these actions by buying unnecessary products that at the end will only pollute our planet which our children are inheriting. We only have one planet, if we do not take care of it, future generations will not be able to experience it as well. How is making so much money to help your family’s future generations helpful if there is no planet where to use that money? How is misusing our resources improving our planet for future generations? How are we helping our children if we keep teaching them to provide only for themselves and not the planet as a whole? THE ONLY WAY WE CAN ALL COLLECTIVELY EVOLVE AS HUMAN BEINGS IS BY ELIMINATING DEBT AND GREED FROM OUR PLANET. DISHONESTY, CORRUPTION, DEBT, GREED Honesty is a good trait a person can have, but we can hardly encounter it now days. When we let debt and greed control our society, we create dishonesty, envy and hate. And any civilized society cannot function when its members have to make use of dishonesty, envy and hate to improve their lives. There is a weakness in our society, and I call it money, debt. MONEY CAN CORRUPT THE MOST HONEST PERSON WHEN THAT PERSON IS IN DEBT. We tend to look away when someone is doing something wrong if making the correction would cost us our job, money. We could argue that since we did not do the damage, it should not affect us if we keep quiet. It actually harms us as well because we are actually approving of those actions that person (or corporation) did, and eventually we would not see it as a bad thing anymore and we would do the same thing too. We all have accepted this trend because we know money is power. OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE HAS SOLELY BECOME TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN SO WE CAN SUPPORT OUR FAMILY AND DEBT. We know we have become a little dishonest to protect our income; imagine a wealthy greedy person that is in the position to have lots of money, and that person’s purpose is to increase in wealth. For a big company (corporation) increasing its revenues is its main purpose. IRONICALLY, WE DEPEND ON MANY OF THESE MONEY MAKING CORPORATIONS FILLED WITH DEBT CORRUPTED PEOPLE, TO PROVIDE US WITH OUR CONSUMING GOODS (e.g. food). Think about this; if a corporation (in debt or controlled by wealthy greedy people) finds that adding a toxic chemical (very small amounts, but toxic in the longer run if consumption is kept) to the crop or its product could save money and increase its


revenue, would they use it or not? We have to keep in mind that in that corporation all employees, from top to bottom, are also people and their motivation is money because they have to support their family and debt. Just like you and me, those employees can easily look away, and argue that since others were who made the decision it should not affect them if they keep quiet. This is just one small example of how the power of money (greed) and debt can harm us all, and we can find other examples that actually are more frightening than this one. THE LOVE OF MONEY WILL NEVER FULFILL OUR MISSION IN LIFE BECAUSE IT MAKES US SELFISH. AND WHEN WE ARE IN DEBT, WE VOLUNTARELY ENSLAVE OURSELVES TO MONEY. The only way we can correct and control this trend is by incorporating a true check and balance system for businesses, big corporations and government officials, and only buying what we really need and can afford. FIXING OUR BIG PROBLEM VIOLENCE SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO REPAIR A PROBLEM IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY. We are all civilized individuals, and we can communicate with each other to improve our society without the need of criminal acts. Violence creates divisions and most of the time innocent people get hurt. When civilized people interact with each other with the best intentions, results that will benefit everyone in the society will always prevail. When people in power are not given a check and balance system that shows real transparency in their finances, they become greedy and corrupted by money. We could argue that they have the best intentions, but we can be assured from our own experience that money and debt corrupts the most honest person. In addition, if we are in debt, we will always look away to protect our job and voluntarily enslave ourselves to money. However, if we have a true purpose that involves everyone, not just our family; if we use money correctly to buy what we need and help others ; and if we make those in power show transparency in all their finances; we can be guaranteed that we can eliminate debt, corruption and greed from our civilized society. The way to make those in power positions to restraint themselves from corruption and greed is by demanding for all groups, businesses, corporations, and government institutions to disclose their financial transactions to the public at all times. This can easily be done by using the internet as a monitoring device. We should demand all banking accounts and financial transactions to be displayed on their respective websites in real time. However, this can only start on a local level, and the starting point should be our local government. We should demand all of the taxes we pay for our government’s use to be disclose at all times, including tax money staying in our town, tax money going to the state and federal government, and how the tax money is being used (to also include government officials salary). Nevertheless, the next step should be implementing the same system to all businesses and corporations (especially big corporations) TO ENSURE THAT EVERYONE EMPLOYED BY ANY CORPORATION WILL BE AWARDED A FAIR


SHARE OF THE WEALTH. This will ultimately help replace the minimum wage for a living wage for all. We just have to become principled honest leaders ourselves. WE HAVE TO BECOME THAT LEADER WE WOULD LIKE TO FOLLOW. We all have an image of that leader we will like to follow. These leaders are usually principled with high moral values. We have been waiting for that leader to come, but if we know how these leaders are to act when making decisions, why cannot we emulate them ourselves? In times when in our civilized society millions of children go to bed hungry every day, and restaurants over producing food throw it away everyday; we cannot wait for a leader to come, we all have to become leaders and stop debt and greed from ruining our society. CHARITY AND TAXES Charity and taxes are a way “we assume” we are contributing to those in need. Unfortunately, we all know that debt and greed corrupt us. Even when we think that we are doing a good think by donating money to people in need, if we do not monitor our money to make sure it is going to those people in need, we have not done a good thing. Imagine that a charity group is asking money for an honest cause, and we donate the money blindly because that money could benefit a good cause tremendously. We go home and we feel good about ourselves because we assume we did a good thing. However, the people in the charity used the money for their own benefit and not those who needed the help. Yet, we do not know about this and we keep thinking we did a great thing. Actually, we have done a bad thing because those we thought we were helping with our donation never got the help. By assuming others will do good deeds with our money, we hurt ourselves if our money is used to harm others because we provided the funds. Money corrupts honest people, and when making money donations we have to make sure that the money is being used for good things because it could also be used to harm people. WE SHOULD NEVER LET OTHER PEOPLE DO OUR CHARITY WORK FOR US IN A SOCIETY WHERE DISHONESTY IS A VIRTUE. Another perfect example of how our charity can be harmful is the way our tax money is being used. We can argue that we did not make the damage ourselves, so it should not affect us; but it does because we are providing the funds and we keep letting it happen. Right now our tax money has been used to go to war with another country. Unfortunately, many people have died on both sides for a made belief good cause. WHEN WE KNOW THIS IS WRONG AND PART OF OUR HARD WORKED TAX MONEY IS SPONSORING THIS ATROCIOUS WAR AND WE DO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, WE ARE ACCOMPLICES BY CONTINUOUSLY FUNDING THE WAR AND LETTING IT HAPPEN. That is why we should become honest leaders in our communities, not being motivated by money but the good intentions of all people. There is not much we can do the way the system is setup at the moment, but it can be changed by absolutely restraining our public leaders from using our tax money for their own benefit. The tax money should be used for the benefit of all in the community.


The perfect way to restraint our politicians from misusing our tax money is by being able to choose where we want our money to go. A simple system could be having the power to choose a percentage of our tax money to go to different purposes. Let’s say that 20% of our income is taken away for taxes. Of those 20%, we can choose to distribute our money into 5 different categories: science, education, healthcare, defense, and infrastructure. Also, we could be able to choose how much of our tax money we want to use in the local, state and federal levels. This system limits our politicians from having to choose for us and we could feel assured our money is used where we want it to be spent. The way the system is setup now, we do not have a say where our tax money goes, and most of it goes to the federal government. Every single individual that works pays more taxes to the federal government than to their local government. It should be the other way around, since there are less people in our local communities contributing to the local government than there are people contributing to the entire country. GOVERNMENT We should use our government to provide for us the basic need of every society. The government should provide real education, defense and healthcare. Real education means teaching our children the basic tools to aspire for higher education. We can easily do this by teaching our children how the devices we use daily really work. We all use a car and a television more than once a day, yet we only know how to power it and how turn it on. If we were to teach our children the basic components of a television and car engine and how each component works, we can open that window of creativity and they are more likely to want to make those things better in a way it would improve humanity and world; eliminating money as a motivation to create new devices. Our education system is now flaw because our teachers are in debt and their main motive for teaching has been shifted to money. Even when we aspire to help others when we go to college, our motive changes because we have debt. We feel like we are enslaving ourselves for money so our job becomes a shore not our passion anymore. Instead, we keep looking for a way to make more money to provide for our family and debt. Teachers or any other public official cannot function correctly if their passion is taken away from them. Furthermore, defense is important for a society to feel safe. The first defense the government should provide for us is a fully transparent government, by disclosing all financial transactions it makes at all times (we have the technology to do it). The people of a society should feel protected by their government not threatened. The police and armed forces are needed to protect us from criminals created by a society where money, envy and selfishness are the fuel that ignites it. People become criminals when they do not have a purpose in life or they realize that the purpose provided by their society is a misconception. The member of our armed forces and police departments are also people just like us and have to provide for their family and debt and may look away when something dishonest is going on. WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT OUR PUBLIC


DEFENSE AGENTS’ PASSION IS PROTECTING THE CITIZENS OF OUR SOCIETY, NOT THE GREED AND POWER OF CORRUPTED LEADERS. Healthcare should be a right to every individual in a civilized society, no matter their social status. Moreover, we have the most sophisticated medical technology in history and we should be proud of it. But how is it useful if only a few people can take advantage of it? Not to mention people not being able to afford the medicine needed to relief symptoms and pain. The health care system that we have in place now only benefits those who can afford to pay the high premium for health insurance. Nevertheless, this system is run by people whose purpose in life is to make as much money to increase profits for the investors. Unfortunately, many people have been denied care and sometimes have died for not being able to afford that care. IN ANY CIVILIZED SOCIETY, WHERE CORRUPT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO DENY HEALTHCARE TO ANYONE, EVERY SINGLE INTELLECTUAL ADULT MEMBER OF THAT SOCIETY IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. Here is our misconception again; since we did not take action in the damage it should not affect us if we keep quiet. We always wait for something to affect someone in our family to want to correct it, when we knew it was wrong the whole time. HEALTHCARE SHOULD NEVER BE A COMMODITY THAT ONLY THE WEALTHY ARE ABLE TO AFFORD. How could we as a society let people’s health be a business? Unfortunately, when money is the motivation of a society, the society does not see anything wrong with a system where someone gets wealthy from refusing care to an insured individual because it is not cost efficient. OUR SOCIETY (MONEY AS A MOTIVATION CULTURE) OUR CULTURE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED BY DEBT. WE NO LONGER HAVE PASSION FOR WHAT WE DO BECAUSE WE VOLUNTARILY ENSLAVE OURSELVES FOR MONEY. We have become a society where all the things that used to be wrong are the cool things to do. For example, our young professionals to be are using more drugs than ever before, having sex with several different people before marriage, and probably already lost their passion for their future career. We use drugs because we want to separate ourselves from the reality we live in. We have more sex partners because we think that sex is just a pleasure device; when in essence sex is the tool a couple has to express a lifetime commitment to each other. Last but not least, we lose passion for our profession because we have to do it to pay our debt not because we want to. This is the result of the illogical purpose in life our civilized society provides us. In our society we do not do anything unless it is an entertainment or money is our motivation. We all want to be famous and have lots of money. We wonder to ourselves what it would be like to be that famous person on TV. Furthermore, we live trying to achieve that position of fame but only a few make it, while for the greater part of us it becomes a dream; and when we realize it, we are not able to do other different things we could have done if fame and money would not have been our purpose in life.


What we do not realize is that famous people live the way they do because they have already accomplished the goal our society set for us to achieve. Since money and fame is not famous people’s motivation anymore, they create other superficial goals to accomplish. Drugs become their best friend, and experiencing all the drugs they can is a new goal. Sex becomes a pleasure device, and to have the most partners in a life time is the new goal. Ironically, these are the roll models we have created for everyone in our civilized society, including our children. When money is the main drive to do things, we become selfish; and when in debt, we easily corrupt ourselves to get more money. Every good intention we have becomes distorted and only ends up benefiting ourselves, immediate family and debt (habits). Unfortunately, what we do not realize is that we all do the same things everyday, whether we are famous or not, or whether we are rich or not. WE GO TO SLEEP, WE WAKE UP, WE DO OUR SHORE, WE EAT, WE FIND A DISTRACTION, AND WE GO BACK TO SLEEP. WE KEEP DOING THIS UNTIL WE ARE 80, AND WE NEVER ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION. We never accomplish our mission because we have a misconception of our purpose in life. If this is the case for us, it is also the same way for those greedy people in power positions; our so called leaders will only care for their own family and debt. The people of our society have been motivated by wanting to have more money. Well, when our main goal is to have money we will do anything to get it, and sometimes we do not care if it hurts someone. Every business leader motivation is also to make lots of money. If we own a military complex industry, in order to sell our products and make money we need war. If we own a bank, in order to make money we lend money at high interest rates; and we could lend a lot of more money to a military complex industry and countries involved if there is a war. If we own a consumer goods corporation, in order to make money we have to cut expenses; and if it means we need to send our labor overseas where labor is cheaper or add a toxic chemical to reduce cost, we will do it. If we own a pharmaceutical industry, we rarely look for cures because it means people will not get sick as much and we will lose money on the long run; so we settle with symptom relief medicines; that way the costumer have to come back to get more of our product. Unfortunately, these acts are happening now in our civilized society. HOW MUCH MONEY IS ENOUGH TO FEEL WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE? In addition, if we are in the position to have so much money and we could find a way to cover up our wrong doings so we can keep making more money, we will definitely do it. One of the ways to cover up our wrong doings is to have control of a major news organization. In news organizations we have also people working trying to provide for their family and debt. Even when those reporters and newscasters want to tell the truth, they will look away because their job (money) could be threatened. We have seen how truth telling politicians are ridiculed and scrutinized by news organizations because doing the right thing might hurt someone’s already existing business. These truth telling politicians are mostly those who do not take money from big corporations; meaning money does not interfere with their rational decisions. Yet, we keep voting for those


politicians who are constantly getting money from big corporations; interestingly enough, these politicians are called front-runners and they are given more coverage time on news organizations. Once we look away just one time, we become used to it and we do not see it as a wrong doing anymore. Again, as it has happen to us before; an honest reporter’s passion, when in debt, changes to wanting to have more money than doing its job. After all, we are just protecting our family and future by constantly looking out for our money. That is the reason why Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Mike Gravel are censored, ridiculed or scrutinized by corporate owned news media. They are a threat to those already wealthy greedy individuals who benefit from lies and wars, and money and power are their whole purpose in life. AS A CIVILIZED SOCIETY WE HAVE TO ELIMINATE MONEY AS OUR PURPOSE OF LIVING BECAUSE IT HURTS US, OUR CHILDREN, OUR PLANET AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. We all share this world. We have lots of physical differences but at the end we are all the same. This is what we know, when we are born, we do not decide what family we will be born into. We also do not decide what color of skin we will have. Furthermore, someday each one of us will die, and life will leave the body. WHEN LIFE LEAVES THE BODY, IT WILL NOT TAKE ANY MATERIAL THING WITH IT, NOT EVEN OUR SKIN COLOR. If we keep this philosophy in mind, we could eliminate debt, corruption, greed, and racism from our civilized society. DIVISIONS Furthermore, our society is filled with divisions. There are 3 main divisions: social status, race, and religion. The social status division is really a misunderstanding because we come to think that we would feel better than others when we have more material possessions or money than them. However, if money was not our purpose in life this misunderstanding would go away. We have seen many rich people who have more money than they could spend in their life time, and could be saving for their own family’s future generations. But if there is not a planet for the coming generations to live in, how would their generations benefit from their wealth? Similarly, we tend to feel comfortable around those people of our same race, color. Imagine a world with only one kind of flower, fruit, plant, animal, etc. Could we really live in a world like that? Racism is only used by those who have not realized that we are spiritual beings. We do not pick what race we will be born into at birth. We have to treat each other as individuals, avoiding feeling inferior or superior of others because of race. As I have said before, we do not pick what color of skin we will have or what country we will be from when we are born; and we will not take our skin color whenever we cease to exist as a human being. Just as race, religion is an absurd division. There are just too many religions in the world for one to be the right one. We are all human, how can anyone of us know more about God than the other? We should all have a personal relationship with God; we do not have


to join an organization to show we have a relationship with God. We should show we have a relationship with God with our everyday actions, not just by going into a building. This does not mean to pray all day, but it means that we keep our integrity and show honesty, respect, and passion in our everyday actions. THE ONLY THING WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN WHEN WE ARE BORN, IT IS THAT WE WILL LEAVE OUR BODY SOMEDAY. If we all have the same fate, how can anyone of us be better than any other human being? TECHNOLOGY (MONEY AS A MOTIVATION) When money is our motivation to do things we have to become selfish. Our latest inventions have been only distraction machines. We enslave ourselves for money so we can afford the high-tech gadget (debt), as is a new model car. The only difference in cars since their creation has been the body. The engine basically works the same way and still pollutes our planet. Ironically, we always want to buy the new model car, just for the looks and we fall again into debt. IF WE KEEP FINANCING UNNECESSARY DEVICES, WE WILL KEEP WASTING OUR RESOURCES AND CONTRIBUTING TO THE EXISTING POLLUTION PROBLEM. Our new technologies are mainly directed for entertainment or as I like to call it, distractions. We have cell-phones that can be used as different gadgets, video games used more and more by intellectual adults, televisions of all different sizes, and different type computers that let us browse the internet. Why do we all desire distraction devices? Interesting enough, looking at other people’s made belief lives on TV we now call enjoying our day. WE ALL USE THESE ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES, AND MAY CAILL IT RELAXING TIME, TO DISTRACT US FROM OUR BIGGEST TIME CONSUMER, DEBT. Unfortunately, these devices also disconnect us from our family, friends and planet. Once money becomes our drive to want to create a new thing, the invention only benefits the inventor with profits. Even when we have people wanting to create something to improve our way of life, they are blocked from exposing their invention because it might hurt an already existing business empire controlled by a wealthy greedy individual. Do you think big oil corporations are trying to find a better way to fuel cars, or are they intentionally blocking new technologies that will eliminate the use of oil as a fuel as we know it? Since water is abundant and easy to access, it would not make as much money as oil does; hence why water would never be our fueling resource if we let debt and greed control our judgment. As we all know, IF IT INTERFERES WITH OUR WAY OF PROVIDING FOR OUR FAMILY AND DEBT, WE ARE ALLOWED TO BE DISHONEST; NO MATTER IF WE DESTROY OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS INHERITING PLANET IN THE PROCESS.



For the United States to finally bring hope to Iraq, we have to ask all the countries in the world for help, without exclusion. If we get at least 1,000 soldiers from at least 100 countries, we could have a 100,000 International Peace Keeping Force in Iraq easily. The more international help we have, the better the chance to overcome the sectarian war in Iraq. This diverse peace keeping force will not look like an occupying force, and Iraqis would not feel threatened by them. Additionally, sectarian violence should drop dramatically and the Iraqi people would be able to renew their lives in peace. We should get together with other countries to organize an International Peace Keeping Force to help in Iraq. As the International peace keeping forces start entering Iraq, U.S. forces will start coming out. Nevertheless, the United States will also be part of the peace keeping force in Iraq. All of the U.S. armed force members coming out of Iraq will be allowed to go back to help in Iraq, if they decide to do so, after a mandatory two months combat rest. Most of the U.S. weaponry will stay in Iraq to be used by the International Peace Keeping Force. The war in Iraq should not be anymore about big corporations gaining control of the Iraqi Oil, but to improve and provide a better future for the Iraqi people. Furthermore, we are to ask vacation resorts, and those corporations benefiting from the war to sponsor a week full covered vacation for each U.S. armed force members coming back from Iraq and 3 of their family members and/or friends. We have to show our troops that we really appreciate their effort in Iraq. Hopefully, all of those other countries helping the Iraqi people with their armed forces will also follow our example and do the same for their troops coming home. By helping our troops relax, they will be able to adjust to civil life again. TIME TO TAKE ACTION Just 5 things we have to eliminate from our civilize society: • Debt – it takes away our passion for our job, enslaves us to money and makes us dishonest. • Greed – it makes us live for money, disconnects us from our family and planet, and makes us dishonest. • Buying unnecessary devices – it helps contribute to the already existing pollution problem and keeps us in debt. • Divisions – we are all the same; no matter what skin color, social status, religion belief, and/or political affiliation we have. • Apathy – we cannot longer wait for one person to fix everything we already know is wrong. We have to become leaders ourselves and engage in the movement that finally gives us a real meaning to life. Turn off your television set for a day, and talk to your family and friends about the issues that really matter. Reconnect to your planet and nature by reminding yourself it provides all the essential foods you need to survive, and it is the only planet you have. Be part of the group of leaders who want to improve and save our world for our children and future 13

generations. Start in your local community and let this improving change for all reach government organizations from the bottom to the top. We can all put a drop of water that will ultimately start the ocean of prosperity, integrity, knowledge, truth and love for all of us, our children and future generations. If we all become that honest principled leader we would like to follow, we can start improving humanity and world for future generations. God bless