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com Article: Texas Ethnic Studies Bill Protested By Latino Activists
JOSE, GREAT JOB – AS ALWAYS. I don’t know how Dan Patrick and other bigots of his ilk call themselves “CHRISTIAN,” while taking bully actions which would hurt minority children, Mexican-American, Black and Oriental who would like to learn about their culture. The Forefathers of these minority children inhabited this region long before “ESTEBAN” Austin and others like him came to Tejas. As you know, Stephen Austin changed his name to Esteban, when he betrayed his country and became a Mexican citizen in exchange for land. ….. and they consider him a “hero”??? These bigots need to know that we are not just going to roll over – and let them roll all over us. WE ARE U.S. VETERANS – AND WE DO NOT RETREAT! Being a “republican” is one thing – and I can respect that, but people like Patrick are just down-right bigots, hiding behind the “Christian” label. Would CHRIST approve of these bullies’ tactics? I DON’T THINK SO. Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran
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Plácido, below is an email I sent out yesterday to the genealogy/history folks. We can’t step back one inch. ALL: I am sending this informational email to those of you who (as I do) are trying to spread the word on our rich early (pre-1836) Texas history. In short, based on an article in today’s San Antonio Express-News, we may be headed to a bumpy part in our path. However, we must keep going.

This morning, I read with much interest an article written by Elaine Ayala. (You may wish to read it online or hopefully your local papers also carry the story.) In the article, Ms. Ayala clearly explains that our efforts to educate others regarding the Spanish Mexican roots of Texas may be thwarted by politicians who don’t agree with our purpose. That is, they support illadvised legislation that would end such emphasis on Texas’ long history. As we travel throughout South Texas (just returned from Port LaVaca, TX), it never ceases to amaze me how well our presentations are received. The overwhelming majority (mixed Anglo and Hispanic audiences) agree that it’s time to incorporate early Texas history in the teaching of mainstream Texas history in the classroom. As a matter of fact, several school districts already incorporate pre-1836 Texas history as a portion within the social studies curriculum (for example, Laredo ISD, Austin, and some schools in the Rio Grande Valley). At the same time, unfriendly politicians, such as Texas Senator Patrick want to stop teaching our children their history. Specifically, Senator Patrick and other like-minded Anglophiles have specifically targeted Mexican American Studies (MAS) programs. They are taking their lead from Arizona. Some of us have seen it coming. In my recent article, “Children of Escandón”, I make the following observation: “Yet, there are some who take a negative view. For example, a state first settled by Spanish Mexican pioneers, Arizona has become a laboratory of sorts specializing in anti-Mexican culture legislation. These are disturbing signs. Worse, the same bigotry also exists in Texas.” What can we all do? Regardless of our political beliefs, let’s remind state and national elected representatives that teaching MAS programs and preserving our heritage seek to fill-in missing pieces of Texas history. We cannot afford to turn the clock back to pre-1955 as Senator Patrick proposes. Our social and human advances have been hard won. We cannot take one step backward. This is not about re-writing Texas history. It’s all about ensuring a fair and balanced rendering of Texas history. Saludos, José Antonio “Joe” López
From: Placido Salazar [] Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 11:18 PM Subject: Article: Texas Ethnic Studies Bill Protested By Latino Activists

I now MORE FIRMLY THAN EVER stand by my remark at the Senate Committee on Education, quoting David Dewhurst that, “Rick Perry and I won’t be around forever.” I strongly suggested pointing to Dan Patrick that, “They should take Senator Dan Patrick with them.” He calls himself a “conservative;” to me, he is just a plain and simple racist, just like all those others who also call themselves “conservatives,” hell-bent on erasing OUR FOUNDING FATHERS’ existence prior to 1836.

He has truly shown his bigot colors, by introducing Texas’ version of Arizona’s racist act to do away with Mexican-American studies. Just WHAT does “conserving” whatever they are supposedly conserving, have to do with allowing those who wish to study Mexican-American cultural or historical material have to do with “conservative” anything” Does it bother them that maybe presenting a different version about what REALLY was behind the battle of the Alamo, or that students might learn about the fact that the Mexican culture existed in the Southwest, hundreds of years before Austin, Houston, Travis and other illegal immigrants from the Northeast crossed the Sabine River? HISTORY – is HISTORY and nobody can erase the facts. They cannot just close their eyes and pretend that NOBODY lived in this neck of the woods before Travis and other renegades came here, running from the law – and from his wife and children. Are they afraid that students might find out that most of these “Texas heroes” were actually traitors to America who became Mexican citizens and Catholics, out of greed, in exchange for some acres of land? Or are they just plain jealous that they don’t have a permanent sun-tan like we do? NEED THEY WONDER WHY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS FAST SLIDING DOWN-HILL, ALONG WITH Ted “out of Cruz control”? Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran

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