Tamil poets and writers gathered periodically to publish their work at what was called Sangam, according to legends. This happened ages ago around 200 BC. The period was called Sangam Period and the literature of this time is still referred to as the Sangam literature. Sangapalagai was the name given to the platform where Tamilians shared their highly creative ventures and recieved acclamation from literature lovers. Sangapalagai was also an accreditation platform. All new creations were evaluated by a team of critiques before they could find a place on Sangapalagai. Sangam means a group of people who are united with a common interest. Palagai means a platform. Sangapalagai is coming to life once again in this digital world. We aim to connect Tamilians all over the world virtually through the new Sangapalagai. A double purpose can be served by Sangapalagai. 1. Provide an avenue of expression for Tamil writers and publishers. 2. Fulfill a basic need of Tamilians all over the world. The basic need that unites the Tamilians all over the world is the need to be connected to their root while remaining in touch with the latest developments. Tamilian parents abroad want their children to be in touch with Tamil language and culture. They make it a point to inspire in their children the love for Tamil and Tamilians, right from childhood. Millions of Tamilians all over the world take pride in being known as Tamilians wherever they are. Sangapalagai wants to be a tamil online ebook store linking publishers and readers all over the world. Age old concept is being remixed for the present generation. eDigital Platform to Unite Tamilians in the Virtual World Wherever they go Tamilians would like to be in touch with their culture, religion, unique characteristics and above all Tamil. Sangapalagai will address the needs of the community worldwide by disseminating quality writings in Tamil found in magazines, short stories and novels through a digital platform.
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Sangapalagai Project
Sangapalagai will be a Tamil online ebook store. Sangapalagai will unite customers, publishers, authors and advertisers on a multimedia platform with web 2.0 provisions. By coming together they enrich themselves, strengthen the age old links and benefit through the team building. The project will be a profitable one for all parties concerned.

Project Rationale
We have conducted research on available Tamil Magazines online. There is none like Sangapalagai. Sangapalagai will make magazines readable as easily and comfortably as you read a printed magazine. A special reader has been developed using which you can read your favourite magazines and turn the pages with a click of a mouse. You can zoom and read the important sections and enjoy presentations.

Key Features
Specially designed Reader software Full IP / Copy right Protection Anti Piracy Initiative Bringing together “Tamil people all over the world” Bridging the Digital Divide

Publishers Advantage
No Paper / Printing Involved No number of pages restriction More Advertisement Revenue International reach Circulation track by click of a Mouse New area of revenue generation Instant Delivery

No. 1 Raman Street, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017 Phone : 2815 8345 email:

Customers Advantage
Timely access Affordable price Demand led content More content

Distribution Mechanism
Sangapalagai will be a membership based site. Members can sign up to read their favourite magazine by paying a required subscription. They can subscribe for one or more magazines. We will also be selling books new and old. Sangapalagai will only make the Digital provision available to members. And no print copies of magazines will be posted to subscribers’ physical address. Sangapalagai takes the responsibility to provide the market, the great works of the present day Tamilians deserve. The writers / publishers can reach millions of readers without spending any extra cost, as there is no paper / printing involved. Hence this will be a very novel idea of reaching the world with no extra effort. By joining Sangapalagai you can reach the world, and you will be paid lucrative royalty in accordance with the reader's circulation of your contribution. We hope that you would like to be part of this digital Sangapalagai, which is sure to gain the respect and importance of the ancient Sangapalagai. For further details contact M A Parthasarathy (Maps) Phone : 2815 8345 Mobile : 94443 25535 email : web :

No. 1 Raman Street, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017 Phone : 2815 8345 email:

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