   Howdy out there everybody! What was that? Sorry I’m kinda harda hearin’….

oh, there ya are! Well it’s real nice to meet you all, glad you could make it…I’m Zebediah…Welcome to Vacation Bible Ship…hope you got your seat belts on…these seas can get pretty rough this time a year…no worries though, mate, you’re among friends...me, I just got back from a long journey-that’s a trip where you have adventures and learn a lot of stuff…you meet people ‘long the way who tell great stories…oh, did I mention?? I’m a story teller, too….in fact, I’m a whole lot of things—besides being old that is—but my favorite thing to do is to tell stories…especially stories full of excitement, adventure and true life. That’s the best kind of story…the ones that really happened. Well, have I got a true story for you! It’s about this guy—Noah was his name—and he was a pretty cool guy. He lived rightly and he loved his family and his God and he did all he could to be good and happy. And Noah lived not too far from these lands in a place called the Middle East. It was a dry land…a desert even. In fact, it hadn’t rained there in…I don’t know, maybe NEVER. Water had to be dragged from places so far away, people needed animals to bring it around. Well, you can imagine how sunny and bright the desert is, right? Well, let me tell you, it was sunnier and brighter than that when Noah got his message. That’s right, a message. And the message said, “NOAH, I WANT YOU TO BUILD AN SHIP, AN ARK IN THE DESERT.” Now I mentioned that there was no water, right? No ocean, no river, no lake, no rain. Not even a puddle. And Noah had never even seen a rowboat, let alone a ship!! But the messenger wasn’t an ordinary man…it was GOD! Noah knew it right off, because Noah loved God and he recognized God’s voice speaking this message. I wonder if Noah thought he was dreamin’? Hmmm…

God had decided to cover the WHOLE EARTH in water with 40 days and 40 nights of rain. like I said. what do you think happened?? What?? Can’t hear ya! Oh! You guessed it! It began to rain…and rain…. because God asked him to. God made him a promise to save his family from the flood if only Noah would build this ark. But he did it. but both the raven and the dove came back empty-handed…er. And when those 40 days and 40 nights were over. Then Noah got the idea to send some birds out from the ship…twice those birds flew far and wide. And God even gave him the directions!! God told Noah what to make it out of and how long. his son’s families. A week later. Can you imagine how BIG that would be? So Noah started to build this boat. And the water rose higher…and higher…and higher! But Noah had built that ship just as strong and waterproof as God told him to build it and with all the food they brought with them. a male and a female. and wide. when Noah sent out the dove again. They floated on the water while God cleaned the earth. and deep to make it! And God told Noah to make it big enough to fit his wife. it came back with a message…a branch . empty-beaked anyway. and. after the ark was built and 2 of every animal collected in the ark. Noah was a man who loved and obeyed his God. the rain stopped and the wind became calm and quiet and the water went down some. and you know what else?? God told Noah to make it big enough to fit TWO of every single ANIMAL on EARTH. Well. Some say it took him 40 YEARS to build this gigantic ark. He built it strong and water proof and big. lots and lots of tar and tons and tons of cypress trees. his sons. because of all the evil stuff goin’ on in the earth at the time. It probably took Noah thousands of reeds. But because Noah loved God so much.and rain.Anyway. the Noah family was as happy and healthy as anything living on that ark during the flood. just as God commanded him to do.

Well. Why? Because God had made a promise to Noah and God showed Noah his love by keeping Noah’s family safe. you’ve been a great audience for my story today…maybe there are a few storytellers out there. but even it there was—it couldn’t take God away from me! You know. God created the rainbow after that flood! It was a promise to Noah that God would never again use a flood to destroy the earth. too. no matter what! Not sickness. too. not hunger. not problems. When he sent the dove out the third time. let’s welcome Noah with a big clap of hello! What was that? Oh. But for now. What an adventure Noah had! Now. if there ever was another one like that. but sometimes my adventures can get a little scary…like it might have been for Noah…I mean 40 days is a LONG time for it to rain 24/7! And the water covered EVERYTHING…even the mountains! I don’t even like my bathtub filled up all the way!! But I love my God and He knows it! And He promises me that He will be with me always. it didn’t come back at all!! Then they knew for sure. The flood had ceased. these are my friends on the Vacation Bible Ship! Come on everybody. which there won’t be ‘cause of God’s rainbow promise. not even mean people…not even a flood—that is. I’d like you to meet a friend of mine…everybody. now I hear ya!! # .from an olive tree! That meant that there was land and trees somewhere and that the flood was over. I don’t know about you. I sure would like it if you’d come back tomorrow to hear another one. the dry land returned and Noah’s family was saved! God gave the earth back to Noah’s family to live in and told Noah to care for the animals and plants. You know. I told you I had been on a journey…with adventures and such. this is Noah…Noah. God loved Noah…and God loves us like that.

etc? Do we need to shorten or lengthen?? Let me know if you need anything else. [4] I plan to use Zeb for Tuesday also. an effect. too. well. Do you think we need anything other than that?? [6] The skit takes about 7 minutes in a straight run through…it may last a minute or two longer with giving time for sound effects to have. but a younger puppet Wednesday through Friday…maybe the same one. [1] Do we have any animal puppets? I have Pedro. anyhow. [2] Do you want more interaction during this story between the storyteller and Noah? [3] I just threw together the segue to you at the end…or is the memory verse at the beginning?? I can change it…let me know how you want the end of the story to transition into the next activity. : ) [5] I am just going to put a piece of cloth around Zeb for his “robe” for Monday’s skit.Matt. The disciple guy/s in the other skits will just have cloth. and they weren’t more than small hand puppets. He’ll give some excuse why Zeb can’t make it. but all of my other puppets are at school stored for the summer. maybe not. I’ll be at the church at 9:30… I need to leave at 11:30 Monday only…work duties! : o . and I have a pirate cap’n hat that will probably work for Tuesday’s. How is that for time allotted. my dog.

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