Remembering Powai My silly pen drive was not showing up many files so it's time for a rub of it – formatting it.

But before doing so I recovered most of the files , few files did not open up and one was my last speech at Mumbai. My own farewell speech that I delivered at my Mumbai office. Though the file did not open up but my mind raced back to this beautiful city which I left 14 months back. The Powai lake, the Hiranandani garden, the Marine Drive - everything comes back to my mind like a flash back. The day before we dispatched our car for Vindhyanagar we drove to the Marine drive in our car one last time. That was a Friday night , the moon was hanging from the western sky like a sickle. The high tide water was splashing foams all along the serpentine coastline. We three sat silently on the beautiful promenade. The small sea gulls were dancing on the waves . A few long ships were passing silently on the far side. We were silent as we were feeling very sad for the imminent parting we are going to have in the next few days. However, the promenade was getting filled up every moment by people from every walk of life. The word dead-of-night was simply meaningless on Marine drive promenade at night. This is the place while in Mumbai Marathon I ran shoulder to shoulder with whose who of Mumbai. This is the most beautiful spot of Mumbai. Coming here only one feels how beautiful & glittering this city is. This is the city where the Sea , the hills , the lakes and a full reserve forest share the same territory. Eight years back when we first time arrived here it was a huge rainy day in September. The road from Airport to Andheri was under knee deep water. The old taxi driver stopped few times on the way as the JVLR was non existent that time and he had to ask for directions to Powai. When we reached at the corner of the Powai lake the rain had just stopped and the beautiful rain clad vast expanse of the lake caught our attention in no time. Our love for Powai & Mumbai started that very day and still continues in our heart. The Hiranandani garden, Lake homes, Nahur , Raheja Vihar all started changing the sky line of Powai. Tall lanky towers started appearing everywhere. The Ambrosia building was in the making then. The JVLR was the most notorious broken road of Mumbai. Our lives started rolling in Powai. My daughter got admission in class VI of Kendriya Vidyalaya ,Bhandup. Quickly she struck friendship with some girls who also live in Powai. Then came the flood of 2005 and we quickly understood some big problems of this city. Besides trademark jam of Mumbai this city has got a severe drainage problem. The story of choked Mithi river and trials & tribunals of Mumbai people occupied the headlines of all the newspapers for quite sometime. In the office we prepared a web magazine on Mumbai flood only. Some of the pictures of that edition can never be forgotten in life.

A big group of senior retired people use to come to this park for morning workouts. Sometimes the old man whom I meet everyday near the entrance used to offer me chocolates. It has been the common walking place for many Powaities in these days. I wish to make this journey again. lake castle park & the heritage park have been developed in the last 5 years. I named her pendulum lady . Planet Powai – the small colorful weekly community newspaper of Powai is darling of all Powaities. The playful parrots while making shrill noise fly all over the Powai hills. her hair dangles left & right like pendulum. This time also they laughed but this laugh was more beatific then their laughing club laughs – certainly witty laugh is more powerful then forceful laughs. This is spring time – Several tress on Powai hills now start blooming. In the beginning Mumbai Rain was disgusting to us but once after getting drenched in rain we found it is one of the best thing this city can offer to a stranger. I used to go to all these parks but mostly to the ambrosia park. I don't know when did I first wrote for this paper but because of this paper I watched & explored this city more avidly. Though the Rodas hotel is as old as Dmart or Haiko but it's prohibitive cost has never made it close to the average Powaities – what a poor foresight. The ambrosia park. The narrow Eden market . From the Gokart ground the Powai hill looks full of colors. The short height lady with pony tail hair while jogging in Ambrosia park. The shops like – Aromas . it's confusing one way traffic .Two supermarkets – Dmart and Haiko are indispensable part of Powai life so is the Galleria shopping arcade & the Crossword book store. Perhaps the Rodas authority too understood the problem and now they are hosting many popular events to draw public attentions. The smart kid whom I befriended at the kids corner used to be very talkative. All these faces are coming back in my mind now. long and glittering plush shops near crossword book store. Mainland China have appeared too but they need to be here for sometime before making a permanent impact on the minds of Powai. After workouts standing in a row they used to laugh together. the powai lake fountain all have been our favorite evening loitering places. Sometimes we used to go to the Powai lake promenade for morning walkouts. The editor used to send me the soft copy of the paper for many weeks later but then it became infrequent and finally . Driving on Mumbai-pune highway in a rain clad weather amidst gushing down water falls of all shapes and sizes on either side of the road is one of the never-forgettable experiences here. After that they sit in a circle and share jokes among them. Perhaps we could be little more wise to enjoy more time with these places.

Bye bye Powai and Mumbai. Like a time machine it delves into the past and brings back more happy moments out of nothing and anything can act as a trigger to that churning process. . Today this stupid pen drive has brought back those happy moments again. S. Bera Vindhyanagar. so perfect ! Our mind works like a telescope .stopped coming one day – out of sight is out of mind. Today I'm far away from this city but I find more close encounters with it than ever before. the more it goes away the more it focuses clearly and finds more nuances of the object. Our body moves forward while our mind races backward.

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