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I Quarter, Kottayam, India

February 2013

From Directors Desk

Dear Benefactors, Greetings from Vijayapuram Social Service Society, India. Its always a pleasure for us to greet you all. This Year 2013 brings us new hopes and new dreams. Human efforts and endeavors have to always be revisited and reorganized. We cant go ahead in the same mode for ever. Changes occur in the course of time and reading the signs of time we have to review and re-orient or make shifts in our strategy and approach. The term shift is of great importance in the field of social work. VSSSs main concern is the realization of sustainable peace and development in which the youth, women, elderly, adults and children are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic development in the entire operational area. The objective of VSSS is peaceful coexistence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively and where local communities, governments and other developmental bodies partake actively. This is brought about through decentralization and peoples participation which is the main focus of the shift. To materialize this shift VSSS aims at strengthening of the village level development body called Peoples Development Committee (PDC),which is a main agenda of VSSS this year. We have named the process of decentralized development strategy as Community Action to Light Life (CALL) 2013 -2014 . This was officially announced and declared by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekethecheril, our Bishop at a meeting held on the 14th of February 2013. The days events became more historic as our Bishop followed by the Staff, Animators and SHG members signed agreements of donation of organs. The signed in agreements were handed over to Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel, founder of Kidney Federation of India. He became renowned through donating his kidney to a poor Hindu, whom he had never seen or known. This has become a boost for the public to donate their organs, which otherwise would be decayed. We wish you a good time there. Convey our regards to your family and friends. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil Executive Director VSSS, INDIA

Inside this issue:

Inside this issue:
Kunjukutty Grandpa The Second Monsoon November 14 again Balavedi Kalolsavam Love and Care meeting Picture Gallery 2 2 2 3 3 4

A look Back to the last quarter

Kunjukutty Grandpa
Manimala is a beautiful and serene village blessed by River Manimala. Rich and thick vegetation makes the village green-clothed. There are a few shops and a market place in Manimala junction. One can see an old man on the veranda of one or other shop or in the market place. At times he was seen in the church praying. He is Kunjukutty. Nobody knows where he hails from. If anybody asks him about his house he would reply that his house is in between the sky and the earth. Some would call him a crack. But he never has such manifestations. He is kind and loving to all. He helps the shop owners, and the people in the market. He never asks for money for his works, but is satisfied if he is given food instead. Kunjukutty is very fond of children. He used to tell stories

|Short Story|

Our Darshana Balavedi had a discussion on the old age problems of parents. Motivated by the talk I decided to learn further about the old man Kunjukutty. On a day when a political party declared bandh we had no class. All the shops were closed and there was no vehicle too. Roy, my neighbor and classmate and I decided to meet the old man Kunjukutty and enquire about his family and relatives. We took our noon meals and a packet of food and a bottle of water for the man. We saw him sitting at the shade of a tree reading the Bible. We went and sat besides him. He smiled at us, but continued reading the Bible. We called him and asked if he had food on the day. |See page 3|

The Second Monsoon


November 14 again


Comes with joy and falls with happiness The second monsoon that ushers the summer Joy for the children to play in the rain Jumping and thrashing the water on the ground Lightening draws pictures shining On the Canvas of cloudy skies Resounding and flashing across the skies Repeats the thunder lightening preceding As burdened clouds mournfully downpour Rain wipes away the happiest movements Of the lactating kids, as thunder frightens What shall I sing Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, come again come again Or shall it be Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day! Agnus Antony Little Angels Balavedi MK Zone

Today is Novemebr 14 Memory of You, Chacha, comes to me this day Childrens day we celebrate this day Chacha your birthday falls on this very day Born as the son of this soil, our India Fought for the freedom of our motherland Loved all the children, kept in your bosom Lived for the children and worked for the children Prisoner for the noble cause, but wasted no time Wrote many letters that drew The history, culture of the nation Taught your priyadarshini and thus we children Taught us to proclaim Jai Hind, Jai Hind!
Aparna Maneesh Friends Balavedi KB Zone 2

I Quarter, Kottayam, India

Balavedi Kalolsavam 2012
Hundreds of children gathered here in Kottayam to take part in the Central level arts competitions held by Balavedi. Balavedi Kalolsavam 2012 (Balavedi Arts Fest 2012) was held at Amalanilayam from 2 7 t h t o 28th December 2012. Children from various parts of the operational area of VSSS came together in groups and performed before expert judges and were awarded. Along with the contestants, a large number of people flowed to Amalanilayam including their parents and trainers. Entry to the Central level competitions was made through the Zonal and Unit level arts competitions. Continuation from page 2 |Short Story|


Love and Care meeting


VSSS organized a very special Christmas celebration in the presidency of Msgr. Sebastian Poovathumkal, Vicar General of the Diocese of Vijayapuram. The event, named as Love and Care was held at Amalanilayam on 22nd December 2012. During the meeting medical aids were distributed to the differently abled persons, Health Insurance cards were distributed to the handicraft artisans and project funds were dispersed to SHGs. Sri. M.P. Santhoshkumar, Municipal Chairman of Kottayam inaugurated the meeting in which Msgr. Sebastian Poovathumkal, Vicar General of the Diocese and the President of VSSS presided over.

He simply smiled.We gave him the food and water. When I stepped into the house the second son of my He smiled and said The Lord is my shepherd and I shall eldest son asked me not be in want. We ate together Grandpa, when are you going to the old age home? Why should I go, I send my contribution every month You are really my grand-sons he exclaimed. by cheque!? We asked him how many grand children he had. No, you are going to live in the old age home. He sighed and said I dont know. Me!!!!? Have you not seen any Yes, we have made all arrangements and this property Yes, of course, I have seen two. will be sold soon told my eldest son. Where are they? Thats good. They are in the States Who! In the States! We exclaimed. That night, when everybody was sleeping I got out, He began to open up. I belong to a rich family. I had Rubber Estates, Paddy walked and walked till morning. In the morning I got Field and a very rich pepper estate. My wife expired at into the first bus. It was to Kottayam. From there I came to Ponkunnam and to this place. This is more the birth of my third child, a daughter. Thereafter I grew than 200 kilometres from my place Kuruthippara. all the three children, educated them and they are well placed. Two are in the States and the daughter is married Did not your sons search you? and is in Australia. By this time I had to sell away my I dont know properties and had only a few cents of land and the house. Our eyes were wet, but he seemed happy and content. It was a surprise for me that one day my two sons and We shared the story of this grandpa in our Balavedi. their wives and children came home without any informa- We decided to be his grand children loving and caring tion. I was very happy. Next day was Sunday and I him. Tiju P.R. went to Church and had Parish Council Meeting. Darshana Balavedi
MK Zone 3

Vijayapuram Social Service Society, Vijay Vision, I Quarter, February 2013

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