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Name Muneek Shah Subject Human Resource Management

Dilemma of an HR Manager

Submitted to Dr. KSB Nayar

Date 5 March, 2013


1) How to attract brilliant engineers to the industry?

Ans. Engineers in todays Job Market are attracted, by reputation of firm and

reputation can hype up, by collaborating with the following: Technical High Schools ITI Colleges Degree Engineering Colleges of Bachelors and Masters programs Employment Exchanges Recruitment Agencies Advertisements Agencies By collaborating with schools and colleges, company can conduct field visits for students to increase awareness of manufacturing industry as career option. Company can also provide stipend as incentive, for taking up internships in the company, by doing this students can explore and learn about work carried out in manufacturing industry. 2) How to keep the engineers motivated to their job?
Ans. Few key areas: stimulating technology, opportunity to innovate, recognition

and praise, and comfortable surroundings. Stimulating Technology No engineer or developer wants to be stuck working on an endless set of tasks To get the most out of talent you have to challenge them, arm with the latest applications and tools and let them do what they do best solve problems

Opportunity to Innovate

We have some of the sharpest minds at your disposal why not fully use them? Engineers love to solve problems, finding solutions for what was previously seen as the unsolvable. It allows them to create, test, and get back to the intrinsic skills that probably made them fall in love with technology. Send your technical talent outside of your companys walls to continue to learn more, e.g. Inter-company competitions

Recognition & Praise Make sure your tech talent and their successes are spotlighted. Send out a monthly client newsletter that includes a highlight of one of our technical team members to help educate and promote their role in relation to the company. Use weekly all-company where an employee can publically thank another for going the extra mile throughout the previous week on a project. Have quarterly award programs where employees are acknowledged with plaques and cash bonuses for their dedication and superior work over the previous period.

Comfortable Surroundings Fashion an environment that people enjoy coming to and they will do just that. Go to great lengths to craft an atmosphere based on creativity, collaboration, and originality.

From a relaxed dress code, flexible schedules, free weekly, Dual monitors with the fastest machines, video games, and fun monthly outings. By designing an environment centered on employee morale and comfort, our people are happier, more productive, and driven to thrive. 3) Is it advisable to pay different rates of pay for people in different departments?
Ans. Yes, it is advisable to pay different rates of pay for people in different

department as long as following are kept in mind: Being thoughtful when you assign job pay grades Following the same process for everyone , no discrimination between genders Making the process as open, transparent and as practical as possible Having respected people assign job pay grades Having some kind of informal appeal process, if anybody has a problem regarding pay grades 4) How Everest Auto Industry could overcome the problems with respect to service conditions? Is it possible for them to introduce a system like flexible working hours, etc.?
Ans. To overcome problems of working conditions EAIL should:

Improve Work Environment by: o Improving layout of the workplace for easy entry and exit of the workplace, under normal working conditions and in an emergency

o Flooring and other surfaces should be re-designed, installed and maintained to allow work to be carried out safely o Appropriate lighting, enabling each worker to carry out work safely, persons to move around safely and for safe evacuation in an emergency o Appropriate ventilation for enabling workers to carry out their work without risking their health and safety o Redesigning workstations layout in relation to or near essential services (such as gas, electricity, water, sewerage and

telecommunications) and not affecting the health and safety of persons at the workplace. Improve Welfare Facilities by: o Access to facilities for handicapped or differently abled employees o Ease access and non-contaminated facility of drinking water o Access to clean toilets o Hand washing facilities for good employee hygine o Access to hygienic dining facilities o Secure storage at the workplace for personal items belonging to workers o Access to private changing areas It is not possible for EAIL to introduce flexible working hours as it is in Manufacturing Industry, because compared to Service Industry, it has a factory which is producing continuously ,no shut down. Flexible hours allows the employee to work as per their convenience, which is not acceptable any for manufacturing unit, due to high start-up cost and high loss during production shut down