Market Study of Financial (Banking) Product Of YES Bank, Jaipur Submitted For the MBA curriculum Of University of Kota Under the Guidance of Faculty member (SADTM) Under the Supervision of Mr. Sunil Singh Chauhan (Head of Retail Liabilities) Rajasthan

Submitted By POOJA KEJRIWAL (MBA-II) Seedling Academy of Design, Technology, and Management Session: 2006-07 Jaipur, Affiliated To University of Rajasthan



I am deeply indebted to the management of YES BANK, for providing me An opportunity to undergo summer training in the organization.

I pay my sincere thanks to Mr. SUNIL SINGH CHAUHAN (Head of Retail Liabilities) Rajasthan for his timely suggestions and valuable guidance that helped To carry out the project work and complete the summer training without Any difficulty. At a very outstanding, I would like to space may sincere thanks and regards To Mr. SANDEEP BAKSHI, DIRECTOR (SADTM)

I also want to take the opportunity to thanks all gentlemen who have Directly or indirectly helped me during the project work.




My dept to those who have helped m in on way or other is heavy indeed. While I take this Opportunity to thank all of them they are too numerous to b mentioned in this brief preface. I would like to acknowledge my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. RAJEEV GANDHI for his ungrudging help at all stage. Thanks are also due to Ms. SHWETA MISHRA.for here suggestions for effecting a number of stylistic Improvements. I will be failing in my duty if do not mention her the tremendous co-operation. I received from my friends in the completion of this report. In particularly whose patience, support, encouragement, understanding and helped to bring this effort to fruition.


B. Trainee did a project for YES Bank in Jaipur City. those students get enough practical knowledge of business world.A.PREFACE The M.A. The M. It develops skills of analyzing and interpreting problems through application of concepts and techniques of management. which helps them to explore their skills in the corporate world in future. The study consists of the following chapter: • • • • • Introduction of YES Bank Briefing of survey Findings of comparison Brand promotional activity Conclusion 4 . curriculum is so designed.B. training helps the students to understand and gain knowledge about the industry and market environment.

INDEX Summary of the project Introduction of the concern YES bank in Jaipur Products offerings Project profile Briefing of survey Comparison: • Category-1 • Category-2 Promotional activity Interpretation Sources of data collection Conclusion Bibliography 5 .

Promotional Activity Interpretation Sources of data collection Conclusion Bibliographies 6 . YES Bank in Jaipur Product offerings Project Profile Briefing of survey Comparison of SAVING A/C of YES Bank with other six banks.TABLE OF CONTENT  History of the concern • About YES Bank • Distribution Network • Promoters • Investors • Mission • Core Value • Management • Technology • Milestones           .

Summary of the project 7 .

And.SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT Under training in YES Bank. I took 6 Banks and did comparison on the basis of the services they provided with CASA and the charges for their services. All scheme and services are planned for the convenience and the satisfaction of the customers in a competitive environment. I did it with appropriate accuracy. offerings. organization has to be taken care of the competitor’s strategies. To satisfy customers. Both customers and competitors hold supreme importance in any organization. Customer’s satisfaction and convenience in respect of services and working of the organization creates rapport of the organization in the market and distinguish it from its competitors. their services. I analyzed both the customers and the competitors of the bank. 8 . In my study. charges etc.

business and transactional banking. has been strengthened by the financial support of Rabobank Netherlands. investment banking. the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence. backed by cutting-edge technology. associated with the finest pedigree investors. service driven. strengthened by knowledge. Human Capital 9 . The result is an unstinted commitment to growing customers wealth. TIAA-CREF. Arisag amongst others including private equity investors AIF Capital and Chrys Capital. financial markets. 2 amongst New Private Sector Banks. is an outcome of the professional commitment of its Founder. 1 in Growth. A key strength and differentiating feature of YES BANK is its knowledge driven approach to banking and an unprecedented customer experience for its retail banking and wealth management clients. to establish a high quality. Today. and respected global institutional investors like Swiss Re. Khazanah Nasional. The Bank’s constant endeavor is to provide a delightful banking experience expressed with simplicity. Rana Kapoor and his highly competent top management team. private Indian Bank catering to “Emerging India”. The same survey also ranked YES BANK No. by Business world. Financial Trust The vast banking experience of Founder. while being ranked No. YES BANK is built on a foundation of trust. INDIA ABOUT BANK: YES BANK. YES BANK is the only Greenfield license awarded by the RBI in the last 12 years. Fidelity. YES BANK was recently ranked No. YES BANK has adopted international best practices. the world’s only AAA rated private Bank. in the Financial Express survey of India’s Best Banks for 2006. and offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its valued customers. It is this commitment that has earned the distinction of being ranked India’s No. 3 Bank in a recent survey of listed banks in India. 1 in Safety. governed by transparency and committed to responsible banking. YES BANK is present across all major cities in India and offers a comprehensive range of banking products and financial services which include corporate and institutional banking. Efficiency & Growth. to provide YES BANK a strong foundation of enduring financial trust. retail and private banking business lines across the country.History of the concern ABOUT YES BANK – YES BANK. HSBC. India’s new age private sector Bank. customer centric. Rana Kapoor. empathy and totality.

Business & Transactional Banking and Retail Banking & Wealth Management. Investment Banking. Growth 10 . These Knowledge Bankers offer invaluable and in-depth insights into these sectors. thereby helping clients to develop great ideas and nurture them to fruition.At YES BANK. stakeholders and employees to society at large. Corporate Governance Foundations of bank have been inscribed with stringent Corporate Governance measures. they look to offer comprehensive banking and financial solutions. By focusing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. including Corporate & Institutional Banking. Financial Markets. as well as the continuous development of its systems infrastructure and delivery channels. Technology Edge Technology is another key differentiator at YES BANK. Life Sciences. Knowledge Banking Bank’s differentiated view of banking as a knowledge-based industry has ensured that Bank’s Bankers are also industry experts in sectors like Food & Agribusiness. they aspire to be a role model institution in Responsible Banking. investors. on-demand support to meet growth requirements. Infrastructure. from its customers. Bank’s alliances with best-ofbreed technology partners ensure proactive. in order to safeguard the trust and wealth of each and every stakeholder and customer. disclosure norms and accountability have paramount importance. they have inducted top quality Human Capital across all our banking functions. whereby transparency. Telecommunications. Which is why. Retailing & Textiles and Select Engineering. Media & Technology. Responsible Banking Commitment of bank extends further.

Ashok Kapur 11 . government and institutional clients. Kapoor is also a seasoned banker with decades of experience to his credit. and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honors) from the University of Delhi. He is a member of the CII National Council and a member of the FICCI Executive Committee. He was also the Chairman of CII’s Banking Committee for the year 2005-06. An imminent jury awarded Mr Kapoor the ‘Start. U.up Entrepreneur of the Year 2005’ at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. A professional entrepreneur. where he managed corporate. Mr. Prior to joining Rabo India. they look to partner the growth of its clients.Indeed. Rana Kapoor and Mr. Rana Kapoor He is the Managing Director & CEO of the Bank. Ashok Kapur. Kapoor also spent 16 years at Bank of America. including Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. thereby enabling them to accomplish its mission of “Creating and Sharing Value”. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry nominates this apex body consisting of top leadership from the Industry.62%. financially own YES BANK. he was the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Rabo India. Mr. Distribution Network: YES BANK has 40 fully operational retail branches across the country with additional branches opening shortly in various locations. Mr. Mr.A. Kapoor is a member of the Government of India’s Board of Trade. He holds an MBA from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Mr. Prior to joining YES BANK. a premier body represented by top Bankers across the industry. who have a collective financial stake of 38. Kapoor was a member of the Managing Committee of the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA). Promoters: Mr. Mr. Mr. Kapoor was the General Manager and Head: ANZ Grindlays’ Investment Bank (ANZIB) in India for a period of two years. at YES BANK.S. while they gain from leveraging its financial expertise. responsible for all its business activities.

where he was Involved with the geographical spread of the Asia/Australia branch network and the different business groups including commercial and investment banking. Kapur was the Managing Director of Rabo India where he led a management team to partner Rabobank Netherlands to set up Rabo India. Before joining YES BANK. He is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers. 12 . Mr. ABN Amro Bank. India. Grindlays Merchant Bank of Nigeria Limited. Kapur has been in the industry since 1962 and was employed by Grindlays Bank in various capacities including General Manager.He is the Non Executive Chairman of the Bank.K. U. Mr. He was also the first Asian to be appointed Country Manager of ABN Amro Bank. He has also worked as Regional Manager (Executive Vice-President). Institutional Banking and Managing Director. Singapore. a new financial service company focused on corporate and structured finance for the Indian market.

Entrepreneurial Bankers Care e r History Rana Kapoor Manag ingDire ctor & CEO • CEO & Managing Director. responsible for all business activities including Corporate Finance and Investment Banking •Ashok General Manager & Head. Singapore • First Asian to be appointed as Country Manager. ABN Amro Bank. ANZ Grind lays’ Kapur Chairm an (Non-Exe cutive ) Investment Bank India •• 16 years of Director. India with 65 years of cumulative banking experience Professional Entrepreneurs experience awarded the Banking License after an extensive Due Diligence Process • RBI Held a number of senior positions in Grindlays & based on the track record of the promoters Bank since 1962 Investors: 13 . Rabo India. prior experience at Bank of America Managing Rabo India • Regional Manager (Executive VP) at ABN Amro Bank.Our Promote rs.

in 37 countries Responsible for establishing the Netherlands as a global role model in the Food & Agribusiness businesses Consistently awarded a AAA credit rating by both the leading rating agencies.5 million members. Its being named among the Top 5 World’s Safest Banks by Global Finance magazine for three consecutive years. LLC AIF Capital Rabobank (Nederland) More than 15% ownership stake in YES BANK Owned by approximately 288 local banks which provide financial services and products to the Dutch retail and business markets that. together with Rabobank Nederland and its subsidiaries. LLC 5. combined with strategic expertise to enhance margins and free up capital for acquisitions. Some of the other prominent investments in India include I-flex limited. Headquartered in London. nine million business and private customers and is the market leader in virtually every area of financial services Outside the Netherlands. ChrysCapital II. structuring. the Rabobank Group has approximately 1. further evidences the Bank’s stability Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVC) 7. the Group has 244 offices. Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s respectively. execution and monitoring of investments in emerging markets CVCI’s investments in India are valued at approximately USD 1 billion.41 % ownership stake at a 25% premium in YES BANK A division of Citigroup Global Investments and part of Citigroup Inc. Lupin Limited and Suzlon Limited.Rabobank Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVC) ChrysCapital II. 2002. with regional offices in Hong Kong. sales force expansion and other key initiatives 14 . Mumbai and New York Responsible for the origination. Delhi. Progeon Limited (a subsidiary of Infosys Technologies Limited). and 2003. form the Rabobank Group In its Dutch home market. in 2001.56 % ownership stake at a 40% premium in YES BANK Principal investment firm that provides growth capital to services businesses.

Australia (17%). specialty steels and engineering services. Software services and Information services In addition to YES BANK. Microsoft. AIF Capital 5. manufacturing. AIF Capital is one of the largest Asia-based independent private equity firms Over US$1 billion under management and provides growth capital for expansion. and CEOs of multinational firms and partners of several top-tier global private equity firms The firm targets investment sectors encompassing Outsourcing services. IBM. Asia and the Middle East (17%) and Europe (8%). AIF Capital’s portfolio in India includes Bharti Tele-Ventures and GVK Industries 15 . ChrysCapital’s investments include Core3. telecom and transportation AIF Capital’s associates include Frank Russell Company. South East Asia and North Asia. Healthcare services. to power generation. financial services. Stanford University. Washington and Asian Development Bank and Manila (7%) The current portfolio of over US$850 million encompasses a number of industry sectors and is well distributed geographically across South Asia.Presently has approximately $450 million under management. Global VantEdge. with investors that comprise of prestigious institutional investors including Harvard Management. Business and Financial services. In addition to YES BANK. IVRCL. the Government of Kuwait. and investors in its funds include major corporate and government pension and investment funds. New Path Ventures and Tech Team. primarily to unlisted companies Oversees a broad based portfolio of investments in sectors ranging from supply chain management. MphasiS BFL. insurance companies and financial institutions from North America (51%). buy-outs or recapitalization. the Government of Singapore.56 % ownership stake at a 40% premium in YES BANK Headquartered in Hong Kong. as well as multilateral agencies such as the International Finance Corporation.

Head of ANZ Grindlays’ Investment Bank 16 . Norges Bank  Held by Citigroup Venture Capital. Arisaig. ABN A mro Bank.61% Rabobank  A AA rated private bank and among top 15 banks in the world  Lock-in of entire pre-IPO holding (15% post dilution) for a five year period  Increasing stake to 20% through market purchases – RBI approval obtained for the same Rabobank 20% Promoters  Successful entrepreneurial track record at Rabo India  Ashok Kapur – Over 25 years at Grindlays Bank where he held a number of senior positions. ABN A mro.16 years at Bank of America at various senior positions. India  Rana Kapoor . First A sian to be appointed “Country Manager”.Our Inve stors Private Equity Investors Established Pedigree Other Investors  Fidelity & GIC among large FII shareholders  Invested through the maiden IPO at the top end of the price band and have increased stake through market purchases  Other key investors include Marshall Wace. Chrys Capital II LLC and Asia Infrastructure Fund  Investment at premium of 25-40% prior to receipt of banking license  Three year lock-in of entire holding Original Private Equity 19% Employees 2% Public/MFs 10% FIIs 10% Indian Promoters 38. NWI.

Strategic Capital Corporation. HDFC Bank HDFC Bank Equinox Global Services Suhail Kazmi Suresh Sethi B. Branch Operations & Services Chief Operating Officer Country Head – Business Services Head – Centralized Business Processes & Contact Centre 17 . Larsen & Toubro Rabo India Finance Rabo India Finance Avigo Capital Partners. Birla Global Finance Ltd. Srikrishnan Sunil Gulati Designation Managing Director & CEO Executive Director Group President – Corporate & Institutional/Emerging Corporates Banking.A. Bank of America ABN Amro Citibank N.Key Management: Name Rana Kapoor H. ING Vyasa. UK Deepak Gaddhyan Sumit Gupta Alok Gupta Rajnish Datta Sanjay Agrawal Subir Bisht Aalok Gupta Raj Benahalkar Ajay Mahajan Sandeep Sarkar Arun Agrawal Aditya Sanghi Somak Ghosh Varun Tuli Country Head – Emerging Corporates Banking Rabo India Country Head – Life Sciences & Technology Country Head – Retail Assets Country Head – SME Credit Management Chief Risk Officer Country Head – Credit Retail Risk & SME Head – Market Risk Group President – Financial Markets. Chandramouli P. Bank of America ICICI Bank. Standard Chartered Bank ICICI Bank HSBC. Institutions & Investment Management Country Head – Financial Market Sales Country Head – Financial Institutions & International Banking Country Head – Investment Banking President . HDFC IBDI Bank Bank of America Bank of America. Lehman Brothers. ABN Amro. ANZ Grindlays ICRA. ANZ AMEX. Kumar Lovekesh Dev President – Retail Banking & Wealth Management President – Transaction Banking.Corporate Finance and Development Banking President – Business Banking Rabo India Finance. Risk Management & Corporate Development Country Head – Government Relationship Management Previous Employer Rabo India Finance HDFC Bank GE Commercial Finance.

Kapoor’s credibility and meritorious stature with the top Regulators and the Government of India. YES BANK is steadily evolving as the finest quality Bank in India at an accelerated pace with exemplary business and financial outcome. from 1996-98). Mr. an outcome of Mr. Kapoor was CEO & Managing Director. Kapoor spent 15 years at Bank of America (1980-1995). The Bank provides a delightful banking experience expressed with simplicity. amongst several other enterprising achievements. Prior to establishing YES BANK. Ltd. YES BANK has adopted international best practices. state-of-the-art private Indian Bank catering to “Emerging India”. in 1990. Under his leadership. As a professional entrepreneur. empathy and totality. which was widely recognized in India and by Asian financial journals. RIF is now a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank. since mid 2003.. 18 . YES BANK is the only Private Indian Greenfield Bank to be licensed by the Reserve Bank of India in the last 12 years. Netherlands. Prior to ANZIB. Under his leadership. technology driven. the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence. where he last headed the Bank’s Wholesale Banking businesses and held several positions of increasing responsibility in his 15 years career including assignments in Asian countries.A. He successfully spearheaded RIF as a foreign joint venture financial services organization in partnership with Rabobank in India. He was presented the Eagle Pin by the Chairman of Bank of America. he is establishing a high quality. Prior to joining Rabo India. and main Managing Partner of Rabo India Finance (RIF) Pvt. Kotak Institutional Equities Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Rana Kapoor Managing Director & CEO Rana Kapoor is the Founder/ Managing Director & CEO of YES BANK. responsible for all its business activities (a corporate finance and investment-banking organization. he was the General Manager & Country Head: ANZ Grindlays’ Investment Bank (ANZIB.Rajat Monga Nilanjan Sinha Devamalya Dey Shubhada Rao Deodutta Kurane Chief Financial Officer Chief Legal Officer EVP & Country Head – Audit & Compliance Chief Economist President – Human Capital Rabo India Finance ICICI Bank Citibank N. ANZIB emerged as one of the strongest investment banks in India. the highest professional recognition for consistent performance excellence in Bank of America. and thereafter sold his shareholdings to Rabobank in early 2003. 1998-2003). Mr.

and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honors) from the University of Delhi (1977). a premier body represented by top Bankers in India. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry nominates this apex body consisting of top leadership from the Indian Industry. An eminent jury awarded Mr Kapoor the ‘Start. In a short span of less than 3 years. Mr.up Entrepreneur of the Year 2005’ at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The Government of Cyprus appointed Mr. Kapoor is a member of the Managing Committee and Co-Chairman of the Agri Business Committee of the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA).Mr. Kapoor is a member of the Government of India’s Board of Trade. Mr. in the years 1992-93. He is a member of the prestigious CII National Council and a member of the FICCI National Executive Committee. He is also a Founding Member of the International Centre for Corporate Accountability Inc. Board of Directors: Name Designation Current Employer 19 . Advisory Council. Kapoor holds a MBA degree from Rutgers’ University in New Jersey. Zicklin School of Business. He is an Honorary Member – Advisory Board of the College of Agribusiness Management (CABM) at the GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology. Uttaranchal.A. YES BANK has been ranked as the THIRD best overall public private sector Banks in the November 2006 survey of Business World.S. He is a member of the prestigious Indo-British Partnership Network (IBPN). U.Banking. (1980). He was also the Chairman of CII’s Banking Committee for the year 2005-06. He was the Chairman for two years of the Indian Merchant Chambers (IMC) . Finance and Insurance committee. a leading global forum of business leaders. He is also an active member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO). New York. Kapoor in 2002 as the Honorary Consul General for Cyprus in Mumbai/ Maharashtra state.

Kashi Memani Mr. H. Mr. Senior Member – Executive Board. India Former Secretary. Government of Maharashtra 20 . Hans Ten Cate Mr. Srikrishnan Mr. Rabobank Nederland.L Kapur Mr.Mr. Government of India. Ashok Kapur Non-Executive Chairman Chairman of Risk Monitoring committee Managing Director & CEO Chairman of Nominations committee Vice Chairman Director Executive Director Independent Director Chairman of Audit & Compliance committee Independent Director Chairman of Investor Relations committee Independent Director Independent Director YES BANK Ltd. S. Arun K Mago YES BANK Ltd. Former Chairman. Holland YES BANK Ltd. India Non Executive Chairman. Rana Kapoor Mr. Holland Former Vice Chairman – Managing Board. Ernst & Young. Procter & Gamble. Rabobank International. Department of Small Scale Industries & Agro and Rural Industries Former Chief Secretary. Wouter Kolff Mr. Bharat Patel Mr.

”  Building an organization from scratch  Creating an institution of enduring value  The Challenge:  The Value Proposition: Shareholders Creating and Sharing Value Employees Customers  Empowering employees & encouraging efficient decision-making  ‘Cre ating& SharingValue’ for all stakeholders 21 .Hum an Capital Philosophy  The Vision:  “To achie veorg anizational e xce lle nceand strate g ic busine ss g oals by harne ssing and inspiringthehig he st pote ntial of YBL’s Hum an Capital to build theworld’s be st quality bank in India.

2. Experience profile The experience profile captures the past work experience of its employees 22 . Educational Qualifications: 3. Workforce Profile 1. Gender Distribution @ YES The gender distribution within the Bank is a good measure to evaluate whether they are equal opportunity employers and is an important element in achieving best employer status. In addition to providing information.Diversity Data As an entrepreneurial start-up venture. Its Diversity data is intended to provide a snapshot of the key activities happening across the organization in the HR space. it ensures a focus on the areas being indexed and measured. YES BANK is a congruence of diverse cultures and individual work-styles.

4.r.t industry segments 5. Age profile The age profile captures the age range of its employees 23 .both in terms of number of years as well as the industry segments represented. Work experience w.

the same values must translate into the Internal Brand. At YES BANK.Employee Value Proposition: At YES BANK. its Employer Brand is represented as the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Thereby enabling employees to imbibe the core values of the organization and adequately convey the same to its customers. and all HR systems and processes are designed to convey the EVP to the Bank's employees. The image that employees have of the organization as an employer. they strongly believe that for an organization to appropriately convey its External Brand values to its existing and potential customers. The EVP is integrally linked to the Bank's core values. 24 .

manage and accelerate the development of YES BANK as the Young and Dynamic Bank of” Emerging India”. Therefore. where all YES Bankers truly partner to direct. they foster a leadership mindset that embraces meritocracy as a vital force to reward performance and exceptional competency.YES BANK pursues a strong Employee Value Proposition of ‘Creating & Sharing Value’. YES BANK also received the Continuous Innovation in HR Strategy award at The India times Mindscape Employer Branding Awards 2007. driven by Professional Entrepreneurship. It is this untiring and relentless passion for Professional Entrepreneurship that has resulted in YES BANK being recently ranked as the THIRD Best Bank in India by Business world. YES BANK recognizes that the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage for an organization is the power of its High Quality Human Capital. They have also institutionalized various key strategic initiatives including: YES Entrepreneur in Action YES – Professional Entrepreneurship Program (Y-PEP) YES – Retail Entrepreneurship Program (Y-REP) 25 . with a vision to build an organization.

responsive and helps retention through asset building 26 . based on professional recruitment methodologies. We envisage a credible and transparent performance management process that helps in aligning individual goals with corporate objectives. and attract the best talent in the industry. To attain a preferred employer status in the Banking and Financial Services industry. its focus is on building the requisite talent bench strength to support the business plans of the Bank. Focus The focus of the Human Resources function at YES BANK is to build a worldclass team.YES Mentor YES School of Banking YES UNIVERSITY and SCHOOL Relations Our Objectives To build a strong employer brand. Its performance management process will be supported by a robust rewards and recognition strategy for each business and a market based compensation structure that is flexible. and encourages cross sell and team spirit. engage and retain high quality human capital for its long-term success. Culture & Processes Building a high performance culture is another key prerogative of the HR function. competencies and experience into the organization. While its immediate hiring has primarily been lateral. to bring the relevant skills. both quantitative and qualitative.they are making a concerted effort towards building learning and development solutions that continuously enhance employee value. in line with the growth plans of the Bank. To ensure that the Bank is able to attract.

scalable and adaptable technology relationships and frameworks. through: Strategic Total Outsourcing An IT Investment Portfolio comprising of innovative technologies and best-ofbreed solutions Developing Strategic Alliances with key technology providers for a sustained technology advantage 27 . The HR functions at YES BANK is working closely with leading international consultants. they are employing technology as strategic business tools for a competitive advantage.they intend to effectively employ our technology in a costefficient manner to achieve superior standards of customer service.and wealth creation for top performers. Technology: At YES BANK. to operationally this strategy and ensure that the organizational architecture of the Bank is operational and adequately supports its business plans. its stock option scheme covers a large cross-section of our employees. including Hewitt and Korn Ferry. They are currently building flexible. Its Promoters believe that a broad employee ownership of the shares of the company has a positive impact on performance. Therefore.

we have adopted a Strategic Total Outsourcing model in the areas of Information Technology and Business Services. Core Principles Its IT strategy is being formulated in consultation with Gartner. through well-structured and documented Service Level Agreements. middle and back offices (Straight Through Processing) Strong built-in surveillance and security systems. This strategy recognizes the future requirements of the Bank and addresses the six critical needs that they have identified for successfully running a new Bank: High levels of efficiency through automation Centralized database management & centralized processing Connectivity with customers and external agencies to provide a consistent experience at various “touch-points” Best of breed systems. 28 . They are investing in innovative. robust and world-class technology to facilitate the launch of differentiated products and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. providing a “comfort” factor to all users Real time environment facilitated by high network uptime through proven disaster recovery processes and back-up systems Strategic Total Outsourcing Pursuant to our IT strategy.At YES BANK. This enables the Bank to build operational excellence by concentrating on core business activities and ensures world-class quality standards in service delivery to customers. which enable integration of front.

FLEXCUBE. they are adopting a comprehensive IT Governance framework which would help in IT Performance management. The first of these strategic initiatives is the Global Strategic Cooperation Memorandum signed with i-flex to collaborate on technology-led innovations for improving products and processes by effectively leveraging each other’s competencies and areas of strength across the larger industry domain of financial services and across international markets of interest. as the core banking system for its Retail and Corporate Banking businesses. As a norm. They have adopted i-flex’s FLEXCUBE. an efficient universal banking solution. 29 . enabling rapid growth.Strategic Alliances YES BANK is entering into strategic alliances with key Information Technology service providers and consulting partners to develop innovative system features in order to improve process efficiencies and to create sector-specific banking solutions for differentiated offerings in the market place. Strategic fit. effective IT operating structure. architectural alignment. IT Control framework and a responsible IT Organization for ensuring technology and Business alignment and making its technology resilient enough to learn and adapt. YES BANK follows a disciplined process wherein technology decisions are based on well-defined phases of evaluation. In consultation with Gartner. with the objectives and outcomes of each of the phases clearly pre-established. an internationally recognized banking system. provides YES BANK the technological “head start” and institutional agility to launch new products across business segments. customer benefits and operational impact are key determinants of this process.

Wipro will deploy. Cash Tech’s comprehensive cash management solution. they have established a distinct Business Services Unit that will manage non-core processing and applications management. YES BANK is also entering into a Banking Technology & Operations Strategic tie-up. Cash In. After undertaking an exhaustive technical and business analysis on the above lines. In addition. has been adopted to facilitate our strategy of providing end-to-end cash management solutions. YES BANK has also licensed an integrated. This unit is being developed on the foundations of Six Sigma practices and in conformation with ISO guidelines. They have also signed a Strategic Co-operation Agreement with CashTech to develop structured solutions. The solution will enable straight through processing of all treasury transactions. 30 .As a part of Total Outsourcing Agreement with WIPRO. wherein we shall be forming specific Banking Center of Excellence for technological advancement for mutual benefits and collaborating on improving operational efficiencies for Business Process Services. own and manage all IT assets and provide 24-hour support services for YES Bank’s operational technology requirements. the leading provider of trading. risk management and processing solutions for capital markets. customized for select knowledge intensive business sectors. The partnership will further leverage our domain knowledge and Cash Tech’s implementation expertise to offer end-to-end cash management solutions to clients. Murex will provide YES BANK with an integrated platform offering uncompromising specialization and leading functionality in each asset class. to optimize customer financial supply chains. cross-asset platform from Murex.

business banking.32 2005-06 31 . 200 3 Aug 23 . 2004 Infusion of capital by promoters. 2 004 Nov 21.9 1 cr and a PAT of 55 . High quality mgmt team in place ISO 9001:2000 Certification for back office processes and operations ADB Board approves Tier II facility of INR 1 bn (long term. 200 5 May 24. 20 04 Oct.1 5 bn was oversubscribed 3 0 times 30 YES BANK had a total income of 2 89. 2004 July 12. Rabobank and private equity investors (CVC.26% ROA: 2.95% Mar 10.91 5 5. 2 004 Fe b 17.Oct 14.INR 10 bn) Successful listing of YES BANK BA NK scrip on Indian bourses through an IPO of INR 3.15 bn (issue subscribed 30 times over) Second operating half year: PAT: PA T: INR 255 mn ROE: 13.32 cr in FY 20058 9 . unsercured. financial markets and transaction banking. ChrysCapital & AIF) A IF) Launch of C&IB. 2005 De c.Milestones: Ke y Mile stone s Significant Strategic Achievements Incorporation of the Bank RBI grants license to A1+Rating by ICRA commence (Moody’ (Moody’s affiliate) commercial banking for the Bank’ Bank’s Board of pedigree Certificate of Deposit Directors programme (Current established size . unsercured. 2005 Aug . subordinated debt) The Bank’s maiden IPO of INR 3.

and affirmative with target clients across business and market segments Awards And Recognition: In a relatively short time since commencement of operations. Optimistic.Attractive. YES BANK has received the following Awards and Recognition for the differentiated.Brand Vision And Strategy: YES BANK is pursuing a Brand strategy to build one of the finest financial brands in India. Reliable. YES BANK believes that differentiation begins with its service and trust mark embedded in ‘YES’. in the Financial Express survey of 32 . Simple. The name YES signifies • The essence of the brand completely by conveying all the values and characteristics . which represents the Bank’s fundamental goal of being a highly service-oriented Financial Institution. Smart. YES BANK has been able to achieve some significant milestones and recognition. Universal • Clutter breaking in the banking environment. Efficient. Trustworthy. strategic initiatives it has undertaken Awards & Recognition Financial Express Ranking (March 2007) YES BANK was ranked SECOND among New Private Sectors Banks. Serious. The endeavourer at YES BANK is to provide an unprecedented Delightful Banking Experience to all its customers. Positive.

Founder / MD & CEO was ranked amongst the 100 most powerful CEOs in India Bloomberg league tables (April 2006) Corporate Dossier.1 in M&A ‘Outbound Cross Border Transactions’ and No. 2007 in the Financial Express. 5 in M&A ‘Overall’ category Rana Kapoor. YES BANK is the only Indian Bank to have been identified by The Forum as one of India’s growing organizations on the way to becoming a global industry leader. YES Bank’s Investment Banking Group was ranked No. Washington Sustainable Banking Awards 2006(June 2006) ACNielsen CIO Jury Award for Technology Innovation (June 2006) NASSCOM Award (April 2006) YES BANK was awarded ‘IT Innovations in Emerging India’. the RASBIC award for Innovative Recruitment & Staffing Programmed and the Global HR Excellence Award for Innovative HR Practices at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2007. Public and Foreign Banks in India. published in Business world’s issue. among 64 Private. Growth and Efficiency. and Switzerland.India’s Best Banks for 2006. while being ranked #1 on the key parameter of Growth. YES BANK won the Continuous Innovation in HR Strategy award at The Indiatimes Mindscape Employer Branding Awards 2007. YES BANK was the only bank from Asia (ex Japan) to be nominated across all five categories and the only Indian Bank to be on the final shortlist for the Emerging Markets Sustainable Bank of the year Award. 2006. YES BANK was included as a member of the select Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) at the World Economic Forum (WEF). YES BANK was awarded for innovative use of IT World Economic Forum (February 2007) HR Awards (February 2007) Business World Ranking(December 2006) Financial Times/IFC. YES BANK was the only Indian private sector Bank to have won this award as the lead arranger out of a total of 367 deals presented across 30 countries. published on March 28. YES BANK was ranked overall THIRD in “The BW Banking Special 2006 – A Survey of India’s Best Listed Public & Private Sector Banks”. Davos. dated December 04. India's Best Bank Awards Trade Finance Deal of the Year Award (March 2007) YES BANK received the prestigious Euromoney Trade Finance ‘Deal of The Year’ award for a structured & innovative Rural Financing solution in providing loans to over 2000 nomadic honey bee farmers in Jammu & Kashmir. Economic Times (December 2005) 33 . while being ranked #1 on the key parameters of Safety. for the Bank’s adoption of innovative technologies for increased customer satisfaction and for improving process efficiencies.

Business Today most valuable companies (November 2005) YES BANK was ranked the 105th most valuable private sector company and the 7th most valuable bank in India Rana Kapoor.INR 12 billion) Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards '05 (November 2005) Environment Leadership Award from USAID (October 2005) Asiamoney Foreign Exchange Poll for India (September 2005) Business Today technology wired companies (February 2005) ICRA (Moody's affiliate in India) (October 2004) 34 . Founder / MD & CEO was adjudged the Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year YES BANK was awarded for contributions made through working in partnerships to improve the environment/quality of life for the people of Asia YES BANK was ranked second in the ‘Best for Currency Strategy’ and ‘Best for Technical Analysis’ categories under the Best Domestic FX providers Corporate YES BANK was ranked amongst the 20 most technology wired companies A1+ rating for YES BANK’s certificate of deposit programmed in the second month of operations (current programmed size .

YES BANK IN JAIPUR Organization Structure: 35 .

36 .Retail Banking Regional Head Branch Manager CSE CSM Teller SM ASM (15) Associate Sales Manager (1 5 -20) National Head.Re tail Banking .Insurance City Head – Insurance (1) RM Branches In Jaipur: In Jaipur YES Bank has only one branch.Org Structure Country Head.



through its own and partner bank branches. will provide us with a truly rewarding banking experience. Each of current accounts has been customized to ensure efficient management. There range of current accounts comes geared to answer all kind of business requirements. Its rapidly increasing network.Product Range: At YES Bank. to a pre-specified limit. nature and scale of operations. they are committed to creating an easy and comfortable banking environment for your business. They also understand what we need to add impetus to your business. The YES Savings Account has been designed with the singular purpose of helping us to grow our savings. backed by expert advice. Product Services: Benefit from Expert Services Free Demand Drafts and Pay Orders Avail of free Demand Drafts and Pay Orders (free only for online request). Normal Saving Account Gold Saving Account Select the one that best suits your business requirements. quick transfers and instant availability of funds across their network. gives us instant access to over 600 cities across India for our payment transactions. payable at any of Bank’s branches. Investment plans and saving accounts. At-par Cheques 39 . Its innovative financial solutions. They are also dealing in Mutual funds. YES Bank brings two different kinds of saving accounts for different types of businesses. Fixed deposits with highest interest rates. They realize that different businesses need different solutions according to heir size. They are also providing saving account with best features.

5 per Rs. min Rs. while we continue to enjoy the benefits of a cheque. min Rs. 600 per quarter 10 free per year Rs. We can now access Internet Banking. 1. 10000 Maximum value Rs. 1000 of value thereof.100. 2. Account Offerings Average Quarterly Balance Non-Maintenance Free Convenience of Payment Demand Drafts at YES BANK locations Demand Drafts at Non YES BANK locations Pay Orders Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) Home Banking Cash Pick-up Savings Account Rs. 20 thereafter Free Free One transaction per day Minimum value . 75 per transaction Charges above free limit 40 . 1000 of value thereof. 100000 Rs. Phone Banking and its ATM network using a Single PIN.5 per Rs. 10000 Maximum value Rs. 50 10 free per year. 000 Rs. This helps us save on the charges associated with ordering a Demand Draft.10. rs. rs. 50 5 free per year.At YES BANK. Two Factor Authorizations Its Two Factor Authorization assures us of the highest levels of security for our Internet Banking transactions. 20 thereafter Free Gold Savings Account Rs. they offer us at-par cheques that are accepted as 'local clearing' cheques across its branches. 75 per transaction Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Free One transaction per day Minimum value .Rs. 000 Rs. Technology Edge Single PIN Bank’s unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) facilitates access to all electronic channels. 100000 Rs.Rs. 300 per quarter 5 free per year Rs. Mobile Banking.

75 per transaction 1 Free per day Rs. 100 Free Rs.Cheque Pick-up Charges-above free limit Relationship Statement 1 Free per day Rs. 75000 per day Unlimited Free Globally Other bank ATM usage charges International Rs. 250 Nil Rs. 75 per transaction Free Free Account Statements quarterly by Free courier ADHOC Statements Cheque Book 25 leaves International Debit Card Annual fee Use any of YES bank ATMS Withdrawal limit Shopping limit Use ATMs of other banks in India Per Withdrawal Per Inquiry Other Features Email and SMS Alerts Balance confirmation and other advices on your account status with the Bank Free Free Free Regular Debit Rs. 250 Nil Rs. 100 per instruction 41 . 149 Free Rs. 100 Free Rs. 25000 per day Rs. 25000 per day Unlimited Free in India Free Free Gold Debit Card Free Free Rs. 100 per instruction Automated standing instructions Free Rs. 75000 per day Rs. 120 per transaction Rs. 25 per transaction Free Free Free Free Instruct us to change any of your account mandate or status or Free detail Account closure charges within 6 months SI Failure charges A cheque deposited to your account but not honored by the Bank Should you wish to stop a Rs.

250 Max Rs. 1000 Free Rs. 200 1% Rs. 1000 Min Rs. 5000 Free Foreign Currency Drafts (Major Currencies) Min Rs. which contains the following features: 42 .25 per Rs. 5000 Free Rs. 1. 200 1% Rs. 1. 5000 Free Gold Savings Account Rs. 250 Max Rs. EUR) For all other currencies courier charges on actuals. 1000 Foreign Currency Outward Remittances Min Rs.25 per Rs. 1. 1. 250 Max Rs.payment For insufficient funds in your account to honor a payment Cancel a payment order Commission for issuing a Travelers cheque Need a fresh PIN to access our direct channels Balance confirmation and other advices on your account status with the Bank Rs. 5000 Charges applicable with effect from 1st January. 2007 YES Bank also provides No Frills Account.25 per Rs. 1000 Min Rs. 250 Max Rs. 250 per annum Free Dormancy maintenance charges Rs. 50 Rs. 200 Rs. 1. 5000 Rs.25 per Rs. 250 Max Rs. 1000 Min Rs. 250 per annum Free Instruct us to change any of your account Mandate or status or Free details Forex Services Overseas collection of cheque (USD. 200 Rs.25 per Rs. GBP. 50 Rs. applicable over the above charges Foreign Currency Inward Remittances Regular Savings Account Rs.

50 per Rs.1000 or part there-of (Minimum Rs.1.a.20 per transaction Rs.250 per cheque Rs.Feature Average Quarterly Balance Non maintenance Fees Cheque Book Statement Frequency Cheque Transactions Pricing Rs.50 per Rs.5000 Managers Cheque Pay Orders on YES BANK locations Demand Draft on Correspondent Bank Location Cheque Return Charges Inward Cheque Return Outward Cheque Return Account Closure Charges-Within 6 months Others Outstation Cheque Collection Rs.2 per leaf for next book Quarterly-Free 4 Inward Cheque Transactions free per month Unlimited Cheque Deposits Subsequent Rs.50 per transaction Rs. 3 Free transaction per month Unlimited Balance Enquiries Rs.2. Maximum Rs.100 per instrument Rs.100 for every subsequent transaction Rs.150.250 Foreign Currency Demand Drafts 43 .5000) Rs.1000 Minimum Rs.25 per quarter First 25 leaves free Rs.250 p.30 per Cash Withdrawal Debit Card-Silver Card & Internet Banking (Optional) ATM Transactions on YES Bank ATMs Other Bank ATMs Cash Withdrawal within India Balance Enquiry within India Cash Withdrawal outside India Balance Enquiry on ATMs outside India Direct Banking Phone banking Mobile Banking Alerts RTGS Free Free Rs.250 Maximum Rs.120 per transaction Rs.100 per cheque Rs.500 per Draft Rs.3 per Rs.1000 or part there-of Minimum Rs.50 for every subsequent transaction Rs.25 per transaction Branch Transactions Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at Branches Two Cash Withdrawals Free per month Two Cash Deposits Free per month Rs.250 Rs.50 per transaction Rs.100 Maximum Rs.50 per month 1 Free per month There-after Rs.5000 Rs.

Some of the facilities offered by banks are overdraft (loan) facility on the amount deposited. Check deposit receipts carefully to see that all particulars have been properly and accurately filled in. The deposit period can vary from 15. premature withdrawal before maturity period (which involves a loss of interest) etc. 1.100 per instruction Fixed Deposit A fixed deposit is meant for those investors who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed period. but the interest paid may be at a discounted rate in case of monthly interest. Some banks have facility to pay interest every quarter or every month. but a lump-sum amount on its maturity. say for a minimum period of 15 days to five years and above. Features Bank deposits are fairly safe because banks are subject to control of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with regard to several policy and operational parameters. thus. depending on the maturity period (duration) of the FD and the amount invested. be less than if one big deposit were to be encashed. try to check the rates of interest for different banks for different periods. The loss sustained in interest will.Stop Payment Rs. leading to a somewhat higher effective rate. then only one or two deposit need be prematurely encashed. The Interest payable on Fixed Deposit can also be transferred to Savings Bank or Current Account of the customer. The minimum deposit amount varies with each bank. 100/-. A Bank FD does not provide regular interest income. Bank deposits are fairly safer because banks are subject to control of the Reserve Bank of India. Deposits can be made in multiples of Rs.5 years to 10 years. It is advisable to keep the amount in five or ten small deposits instead of making one big deposit. Before opening a FD account. The thing to consider before investing in an FD is the rate of interest and the inflation rate. Bank fixed deposits are one of the most common savings scheme open to an average investor. It can range from as low as Rs. 6 months. 30 or 45 days to 3. 44 . 1 year. Fixed deposits also give a higher rate of interest than a savings bank account. Returns The rate of interest for Bank Fixed Deposits varies between 4 and 11 per cent. thereby earning a higher rate of interest in return. Interest rate also varies between each bank. Investor gets a lump sum (principal + interest) at the maturity of the deposit. The banks are free to offer varying interests in fixed deposits of different maturities. The facilities vary from bank to bank. 100 to an unlimited amount with some banks. A high inflation rate can simply chip away our real returns. Interest is compounded once a quarter. In case of any premature withdrawal of partial amount.

75 8.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 7.00 6.50 10.00 10.00 6.00 10.75 8.00 6.50 10.00 7.00 6.00 9.00 6.75 8.51 10.00 9.00 6.00 5.and above per annum.50 7.50 11.00 8.50 11.00 6. 000/.50 8.75-8 Advantages Bank deposits are the safest investment after Post office savings because all bank deposits are insured under the Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Scheme of India.5-6.00 9.00 9.50 7.50 9.Y.Duration 15-30 days 30-45 days 46-90 days 91-180 days 181-365 days 1-2 years 2-3 years 3-5 years Interest rate (%) per annum 4 -5 % 4. is exempt from income tax up to a limit of Rs.50 10.00 1-499 1-499 5-499 21-799 16-899 12-399 9-899 17-599 1-499 9.50 7.Y.00 7. 1993-94.50 7.00 10.00 5.75 8.50 5.50 7.25-5 % 4.00 9.00 8.50 7.50 180270 Days 8.00 6.25-8 % 6.50 10.00 6. Also.under Section 80L. along with other specified incomes.50 6.75--5.50 11.25 7.00 5.00 6.00 11.50 9.50 120179 Days 7.00 6.00 5.90% of the deposit amount from banks against fixed deposit receipts.5 % 6-8 % 6.12.00 7.50 6.00 11.00 5.00 10.50 6.00 5.50 9. Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Fixed Deposit Rates in Public Sector Banks Bank Name Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Canara Bank Central Bank Dena Bank Indian Bank Indian Overseas Bank 1530466129 45 60 90 Days Days Days Days 5.50 5.50 6. With effect from A.5 % 5.00 6.50 8.00 5.50 10. investment on bank deposits.00 6.00 7. The interest charged will be 2% more than the rate of interest earned by the deposit.50 10.50 10.50 45 .50 6.00 6.25 7.50 10.00 91120 Days 7.75-6.50 5.00 9.00 7.00 6. 1998-99.00 5.00 271Up to With 1-2 2-3 3-5 364 5 effect Years Years Years Days Years from 8. The 1995 Finance Bill Proposals introduced tax deduction at source (TDS) on fixed deposits on interest incomes of Rs. bank deposits are totally exempt from wealth tax.00 5.00 7.00 5.50 10.50 10.5000/. It is possible to get loans up to75%.50 10.50 7.00 9.50 8.00 6.50 8.50 6.5 % 5.00 10.00 8.00 8.00 6.00 5.00 6. from A.00 5.

50 8.50 5.00 7.50 5.00 5.00 8.50 5.50 6.00 6.00 10.50 6.11.00 8.50 10.00 7.50 9.00 10.00 6.25 9.50 9.00 10.00 .00 9.50 11.00 6.00 10.00 10.50 10.5 1-499 18-599 15-399 15-399 5-399 - 9.50 5.50 10.00 8.00 5.25 11.00 8.50 .50 10.75 9.50 10.00 5.25 11.00 10.50 8.00 9.25 11.00 10.00 10.50 9.00 7.50 10.50 5.00 8.50 10.00 10.C.50 8.00 8.00 6.B.00 8.00 11.00 9.00 7.I Bank I.00 8.00 6.25 7.50 10.00 10.50 8.00 7.50 8.50 11.50 11.50 - 9.00 5.00 6.00 6.50 10.00 7.D.50 7.50 271Up to With 1 -2 2 .00 12.00 7.00 8.00 9.25 10.50 10.25 7.25 10.00 6.00 9.00 5.00 10.50 6.00 5.00 10.00 6.00 10.50 9.00 5.00 8. IndusInd Bank Lord Krishna Bank Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Catholic Syrian Bank Dhana lakshmi Bank Federal Bank J.50 5.25 10.I North Malabar Grameen Bank Vijaya Bank 5.00 5.50 9.50 6.00 9.I.00 7.00 8.Oriental Bank Punjab & Sind Bank State Bank of Hyderabad State Bank of India State Bank of Mysore S.00 7.00 8.5 1-499 1-1299 8-399 8.50 9.50 7.B.00 10.50 9.00 10.25 9.00 7.00 10.00 10.10.00 5.50 9.I.00 11.25 10.00 8.F.25 7.50 11.00 8.00 8.00 10.75 10.00 6.75 10.50 11.50 6.00 10.11.00 7.00 9.00 7.50 10.00 6.5 10.00 11.50 10.00 10.00 10.00 8.00 10.00 8.00 7.50 9.00 6.00 10.50 5.00 16-8-99 24-6-99 1-6-99 18-8-99 10-4-99 1-8-99 21-8-99 2-8-99 1-5-99 7-5-99 19-4-99 1-9-99 1-9-99 15-1299 15-9-99 1-4-99 9.00 10.00 5.00 11.00 9.50 8.00 7.00 8.50 11.50 5.25 10.00 6.00 8.00 10.25 11.50 10.00 7.50 15-38.00 9.00 10.00 7.00 10.50 6.00 8.00 5.00 5.00 10.00 9.50 10.00 7.00 7.25 9.50 11.50 11.5 364 5 effective Years Years Years Days Years from 9.25 10.00 8.50 8.50 180270 Days 9.00 9.25 9.50 5.00 8.25 7.00 8.50 8.00 6.00 9.25 11. & K.00 10.00 9.50 8.00 5.00 8.00 7.00 10.50 11.50 5.50 11.00 5.00 7.T Syndicate Bank U.00 5.00 5.00 7.50 9.00 9.00 11.5 10.00 8.00 8.50 10.00 5.50 11.50 10.50 6.00 8.50 10.25 10.00 9.00 7.00 9.25 11.25 11.50 11.00 6.50 10.C Bank I.00 5.50 11.50 8.50 8.50 10.00 10.00 10.50 5.12029 45 60 90 120 179 days Days Days Days Days Days 5.00 11.5 10.50 8.50 .75 9.00 10.00 8.00 5.50 11.00 10.00 8. Bank South Indian Bank Nedungadi 1530466191.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 9.50 7.50 9.50 46 .00 10.00 8.50 8.50 8.00 9.50 10.25 99 8.D.00 11.00 7.00 8.00 7.00 10.00 11.00 5.50 6.50 11.00 8.00 7.50 8.C.00 8.00 7.50 9.25 11.3 3 .00 8.50 5.00 7.00 9.25 11.00 8.50 10.00 7.B.50 9.5 10.00 6.00 9.00 7.00 7.00 8.00 Private Sector Banks Fixed Deposit Rates in Private Sector Banks Name of the Bank Bank of Madura Centurion Bank City Union Bank Global Trust India H.00 7.25 9.

Bank 5.I.T.00 8.50 10.5 10.00 10.75 11.Bank Vysya Bank Times Bank U.5 11.5 2-8-99 16-8-99 1-5-99 9.00 10.5 10.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 10.00 5.00 8.00 11.00 7.5 11.00 9.25 9.50 9.25 8.50 5.00 10.00 47 .75 6.00 9.25 8.00 9.75 8.00 7.

Project Profile 48 .

PROJECT PROFILE TILLE: - “Comparative study of SAVING ACCOUNT of YES Bank with other banks
at Jaipur.”

Objective of the Study: An objective is defined by the actual identification and description of an existing condition that requires consideration for improving the overall performance of the organization. For any study deciding the objective is the most important step which defines the activities to be undertaken and the individual to focus on the important issues.

Objective of YES Bank: Customer services & product innovation tuned to diverse need of individual & corporate dinette.  Continuous technology up gradation while maintaining human values.  Progressive globalization & achieving international standards.  Efficiency & effectiveness built on ethical practices.

Objective of Student:  To know the various services of various banks.  To know the method of banking.  To know the banking and financial terms used in day-to-day life and which plays an important role in our life.  Moreover YES Bank is a reputed bank and it provided me a great platform for my growth. It gave me the opportunity of proper exposure.

Significance of Study: For Bank: The study is useful to YES Bank because with the use of the report it can compare itself with other banks and also can do some modification in its services and charges so as to compete with the competitors in both short as well as long run.

For Student: The study is useful for the student as she gained knowledge about various services of bank, the working of the bank and also about the competitors of the bank that plays an important role in the making and implementation of the strategy.


Briefing of the survey


I have done a survey regarding the selection of banks. This survey does not include any questionnaire of any big list of questions. This was a simple survey that includes only few simple questions i.e.  In which bank do you want to open a saving account?  What is your occupation?  What is the reason for selecting the particular bank? In this survey we have given the option for the following banks i.e.  ICICI BANK  YES BANK UTI BANK  IDBI BANK  HSBC BANK  HDFC BANK

Result of the survey is as follows: Answer to first question: Interpretation: In this survey 30% people want to open their account in ICICI Bank only. 12% wants to go for UTI Bank. 10% For YES Bank. 10% For IDBI Bank. 30% For HDFC. 8% For HSBC. Conclusion: - In this survey YES Bank has got only 10% peoples attraction. Suggestions: - As we can see from above YES Bank is not so much popular among peoples so some awareness programme should be conducted so that people can get aware from the benefits of YES Bank.


8% students & 12% are from others.10% 10% 8% 30% ICICI HDFC UTI YES IDBI HSBC 12% 30% Answer to second question: Interpretation: . Then by survey we come to know that 50% people are from business class. belonging from which class i. Conclusion: . already having their saving account in various banks. Suggestions: -According to above interpretation we should put some extra efforts towards business class customers since our main focus should be towards that particular segment only & also we have to attract the other segments and for this we should put some KNOPI & also we should organized some promotional ACTIVITIES. 8% 12% 30% 50% Salaried Buisnessman Students Others 52 .In the survey of this question we have taken the peoples.e. 30% are salaried people. Which will definitely beneficial for bank. from which occupation.most of the people are from business class who opened their saving account.

40%. services & goodwill of the bank. And for this we have to take feedback of existing customers.Out of 100 peoples. people have selected it due to its services & 10%. So that by knowing that we an improve our services & finally our goodwill 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% G oo dw ill Se rv ic R es el at io ns hi p N ea rn es s Nearness Relationship Services Goodwill Research Methodology: Research design: Descriptive Sample size: 100 Sampling technique: Random Sampling Source of Data collection: Primary source (Direct Interview) 53 . So that we come to that weather our existing customers are satisfied with our services or not.Reason for choosing the particular bank is the name. Most of the people are the permanent customer of the particular bank due to the goodwill & its oldness. Conclusion: . 45%. have selected it due to nearness or remaining 5% are due to some relationship with banks employees so that their work can easily be done. So we have to give emphasis on services & goodwill especially.Answer to third question: Interpretation: . people have selected the bank due to its goodwill.As we can see that customers attract mostly towards the goodwill. services. Suggestions: .

Comparison 54 .

Particulars One ATM card per account Monthly statement Phone Banking Net Banking Anywhere Banking Doorstep HDFC Bank Available Available Available Available Available Not ICICI Bank Available Available Available Available Available Available YES Bank Available Available Available Available Available Available 55 UTI Bank Available Available Available Available Available Available HSBC Bank Available Available Available Available Available Not IDBI Bank Available Available Available Available Available Not .

NonMaintenance charges p.000 Rs. 5000 Rs.300 NIL NIL UTI Bank Rs.250 NIL NIL YES Bank Rs. 10. A Q B.300 NIL NIL HSBC Bank Rs.750 NIL NIL ICICI Bank Rs.Banking facility Pay orders & DD’s Upcountry cheque collection Multicity cheque Facility Debit Card Mobile Banking Available Available Not Available Not Available Available Available Available Not Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Not Available Not Available Available Available Available Available Not Available Available Available Available SERVICES Particulars HDFC Bank Min.000 IDBI Bank Rs.280 NIL NIL NIL NIL 56 . 5000 Rs. Transaction Charges Local cheque Book charges for Issues Rs. 5000 Rs. 5000 Rs.q. 10.

100 NIL Rs. Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Rs.q.600 per annum Rs.85 Rs/115 Rs.500 Rs.100 NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL Rs. Rs. Free Rs.115 NIL Free Rs.Account Closer Before 6 months After 6 months Account Statement Quarterly Monthly Duplicate Account Upto 1yr.250 p.q.25 NIL NIL NIL NIL TITLE: BRAND PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY 57 .200 p.old More than 1 yr.50 Rs.100 Rs.

Malviya Nagar. Financial structure of activity Customer motivation to attend the activity Expected result Profiler AREA SELECTION: • In front of Pyramid.Designing a promotional plan for “YES” bank with in given budget constraint.SUBMITTED BY: POOJA KEJRIWAL OBJECTIVE:. • • • • • • • Area selection Reason behind selection area activity Activity. We are selecting this area because here we can approach our desired target customers 58 . REASON BEHIND SELECTION AREA: 1.

ACTIVITY: 1. 59 . 4. 5. Would select few HNI profiles out of them and invitation to them to our office for gift collection. Post Activity:. They will fill a profiler. People coming with peace of mind so would be able to give us proper time for demonstration of our activity. Photograph tracking by marking a serial no. which would contain their professional details along with financial strengths and contact data and also their interest in financial tools. Inviting to them for a photo click for their kid along with a caption of yes bank saying “Come Yes Bank to say No to your financial Management Problems”. People coming out here belonging from rich / affluent class.Calling to every customer for an appointment for photo delivery and discussion regarding to our products. Photographer would click their family photograph along with kid keeping our caption in his/ her hands.2. 7. We would be selecting around 180-200 families (specially from rich or affluent background) 2. 3. walk in is high. on every profiler. 6. Since this is very popular place. 3. which would yield more number of lead generations in one go. 4.

8. 197 3 60 . Immediate call closing in office by convincing them on our products. FINANCIAL STRUCTURE OF ACTIVITY: Details No of target customer Cost of per photograph including cost of photographer Cost of gifts Cost of gift for best 3 Total Cost BUDGET LIMIT=RS 10. 000 Cost per unit No of customers _ 200 RS 32 200 Total Cost _ RS 6400 (32*200) RS 2955 (15*197) 300 (100*3) =RS 9655 RS 15 RS 100 .

They will get a free photograph of their child. We will get the personal information with financial standings of 200 peoples 2. EXPECTED RESULTS: 1.CUSTOMER ATTRACTION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITY: 1. 2. Best 3 photograph will be awarded. 61 . By their profile we would be able to know the needs and expectations towards our bank.

2. 5. 6. Relationship Introductor . DMAT A/C Yes/ no 3. Between 3 to 5 lakhs 3.3. It would increase market awareness and help us to understand our customer better. CURRENT A/C. Are you interested in INVESTMENTS PLANS? Yes / no 2. Name: Address: Child’s name: Age Contact no: Occupation: Parent’s Age Your income level: 1. Interested financial Area’s you would like us to serve you 1. 8. Below 3 lakhs Date Of Birth: Mobile: 2. Are you interested in FIXED DEPOSITS? Yes/ no 62 . 4. >5 lakhs 9. 1. 7. 3. Are you interested in opening an SAVING A/C.

Do you want our financial experts to visit you for consultancy in above products? • • • Appointment time: Appointment date: Appointment Address: Interpretation 63 .4.

as it has not providing much option to customers in investing their money.INTERPRETATION As we have seen that all 6 banks are providing almost the same kind of services to their customers in somewhat more or less numbers. UTI Bank got 2nd position because it has less number of product range than ICICI Bank and in some categories of Saving A/C some services are not provided by it. And from the above comparison following interpretation is drawn: ICICI Bank proves itself the best bank among the 6 banks in Jaipur. But overall conclusion is drawn in favors. as they are better than each other in some offerings and benefits. YES Bank & HDFC Bank got 3rd rank. HSBC Bank got 4th position. 64 . I have done the comparison on the basis of service charges different banks are charging from their customers for different kind of same services. Because it is providing the best and some extra services and benefits to its customers in comparatively less charges.

• Comparisons between these 6 banks are done in Jaipur only.IDBI Bank got 5th as it has only few features in Saving A/C & Current A/C and it is charging for each and every facility which it is providing to its customers. Sources of data collection 65 .

e collects data regarding the history of the concern. • Employees of the bank of the sales dept.e.e. • • • Meeting with the employees Brochures of different banks Schedule of charges 66 . Using secondary source i. • Through internet Information regarding the products & offerings of the concern is collected by using primary source data collection & i.e. For the collection of the data regarding survey only primary method is used i. • Questionnaire And for the comparison of different categories of A/C both primary as well as secondary sources are used i.SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION Both primary as well as secondary sources are used in collection of data.

(Brochures & schedule of charges are published by bank.) Conclusion 67 .

The training yields me an enhancive corporate knowledge while working in Private Banking Institution like yes bank.CONCLUSION Conclusion of study reveals many facts about the bank. ATMs. Debit Card. I come to know that there is a vast growth prospective for Private Sector banks to nurture and utilize their banking skills as India is growing higher as a World’s leading corporate. Overall conclusion is as Follows: • • YES Bank is a well-known bank. Although there is a stiff and tough competition in the private sector banking and especially cutthroat level at Retail Banking section. 68 . which pull them to avail the service During the span of summer training. The services offered by various banking sections such as Credit Card. Offers attractive schemes to consumers with competitive charges.

interest rates. I learn how to make out and induce customers about the prospects of an organization upon which he is going to save his/ her deposits for a considerable period of time. does not have great impact upon society like other private banks ICICI. deal with their queries and come to the conclusion. 69 . So I concluded that people of India are moving towards the private sector banks but Yes bank although it is a growing organization. relationship with customer and at last but not least publicity. quality of services. It was great practical experience under Yes Bank as it inculcates me to gain open thoughts of customers pertaining to the account of customers. 3rd position. HDFC. Yes bank should also try to arrange some extra events to attract the attention of the society. in security. UTI etc. there is a great difference between yes bank and other top most private banks yes bank should work hard in the fields like extra facility. it is a first ranking position according to business world. 2006 and in growth.Savings Banks Account. Also. Current Account and so on enable me to find out what the customer of today thinks about the services the banks are providing and made a significant distinguish between what the performance of Private sector banks to that of the Public Sector banks and how prompt they are.

August 1996. 1999.. Kotler P. 4. 3. www. Prentice Hall of India Private Limited. New Delhi. Wishwa 70 .BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. 2.. Marketing Management. Nabhi Publications. Research Methodology. New Delhi. 1990. New Delhi. Jain Nabhi Kumar.yesbank. Manuals of SEBI – Guidelines. Kothari C.

71 .

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