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be BClay Cuties ARI y% CLAY PROJECTS by Janet Farris Boxes of projects are submitted to Hot Off The Press every week. [t's like Christmas, bur we're picky! We want drop-dead gorgeous designs in our books. When Janct Farris’ clay figures arrived, we were delighted. We think you'll agree. And Janet 1s already at work on her second book. We want more—don't you? BASIC SUPPLIES: X-acio® Anife or sharp paring knife *Kempor® wooden sculpting tool #JA-5 a ——— I” ~ — flat and round wooden toathpicks rast ded toothpick seulpting tool (sand io roand off ene end of a rowul wooden toothpick) —— ruier scalloping aol (eut eff one end ofa 4" wale plaste drinking straw at a 43” angle) — ball-heaided pins millimeter circle gauge (from a stationery store, ar use this one) oven (a fidll-sized oven 1s preferible fo a toaster oven) insulated of doubled baking sheet oven thermometer oven parchment waxed paper paper towels masking tape taleum powder (optional) rolling pin pista machine, food processor (optional) Mix Quick Aneudiny meeliven Fimo™ gloss lacquer (SpezialLack) "To make a fuir sebstiive, round off one-end ofa Ys" dowel; sharpen and sand one end of a6" craft stick. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Cleanliness: Keep your work area clean; it helps to have pre-moistened towelettes available to clean your hands between colors. Take special care with white, reds and black. Keep your clay and kitchen equipment separate— once 1 tool has been used for polymer clay it should not be used for food preparation, Do not eat while working with clay (thié keeps crumbs out of your clay and clay out of you), Work surface: The poe works on a large, smooth wooden board with waxed paper taped to it for a clean, easily replaced work surface. A large sheet of tempered glass. laminated plastic. or marble will work. too. Measuring: The designer uses two methods of measuring clay, ball size or package portion. A “package” of Fimo® refers to the standard 2-02, (652) size. Mix Quick comes in 6-02. packages—divide these into three 2-07. parts and store cach in a plastic bag. In these instructions 4 package of Mix Quick means ane of these mini pack- ages. Kneading: Cut the clay into small pieces and knead together—rub your hands together to create fiction and warm them to make the clay easier to mix, Add Mix Quick as needed, following the package instructions. A food (continued inside the back cover) ©1995 by HOT OFF THE PRESS »- All rights reserved. No part of Wiis publication muy be reproduced oc utilized in iiny Tora or by why nies, tneliding plotocupying, without permission in writing trom the publisher. Printed in the United States of America. The information in this book is presented in, good faith, however, no warranty is given nor are results guaranteed, Hot Off The Press, Ine, dixelaims any Hability for untoward results, Not for commercial reproduction. The designs in this book ane protected by copyright, however, you may make the designs for your porsunal use or to sell for pin mency, This usc has boon surpassed when the designs are made by employees or sold through commercial outlets, iT For a color catala E of over 250 10) = HOTOFF THE PRESSic. ot OFF The Press wants to be kind to the environment, Whenever pos- books, send 32.00 to: 12350. N.W. Third, Dept B sible we follow the + K's—teéduce, reuae and recycle. We use soy and Canby, Oregon 97013 UY inks that greatly reduce the release of volatile organic solvents, 123456789 BEAR 1 * haste supplies (see inside the front cover) FIMU® POLYMER CLAY: terre Coma = whiter * black = bitte BEFORE BEGINNING « Read the General instructions inside the front cover * Make brown clay far the heady bv Mending Y% package of terra cotta, Vi package of white and Ya mini package of Min Quick * Make blue by blending “4 package af blue, 14 package af white und Vamini package of Mix Quick, (Shown larger than actual height ef 2: HELPFUL HINT: Tf you place the figure on a square of parchment while you work, itcan be moved and turned without excess handling. 3 Roll the brown clay intoa 4" long your thumb and finger, thin Use light pressure with your finger log and divide it in half—one half the neck; Pinch and shape the to indent cye hollows for the body and the other tor the muzvle as shown arms and legs. Body: Round the ends, Use the wooden sculpting tool to indent the neck |" down