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1. What are the major benefits anf drawbacks of using the Internet as part of an international research study?

Benefits o Using Internet allows researchers to reach a wider range and more people from different regions and jobs. Since internet has developed and is so wide spread, everybody are now available online. Thus, it is easier to contact or interview them. o The internet reduces the cost of travelling for face-to-face interviews. Online survey and the tools to analyse the data on the Internet also help reduces the cost spent on human resources to do this job Drawbacks o Online survey is so common that everybody can carry out one easily, thus the number of online survey has increased drastically. As a result, people no longer bother to do thoes pop-up surveys as they think it is a waste of their time. The response rate for this is very low o Information on the internet might not be correct all the time. Internet is considered as a virtual world and people can be anyone they want to be. They might post false information about themselves and this can affect the research results. 2. How valid are the results of the research likely to be? The result will not be valid for two main reasons. First of all, as mentioned above, the database of film crew on the internet cannot be guarantied to be reliable as people can fake their identity and there is no way to clearify that. Although the amount of information available on these databases was considerable, they should not rely on these information to be the main sources. Moreover, as they do sampling, the response rate is only 25%, that about 45 respondents. This is only more than 1% of the whole population they framed at the beginning (3800 crews). With this small percentage of responses, the result cannot be representative to the whole population. Therefore, the results are not valid. 3. Outline the advantages and disadvanges of snowballing. Advantages Using the connection of one person to get another participant to the study, thus increase the number of participants, resulting in a more valid result. Disadvantages People interviewed would be from the same field or range of occupations, therefore they might not be a good representative of the whole film-related industry population

4. What do you consider are the ethical issues raised by this research? Ethical issue raised in this research was that manufacturing jobs were lost and those jobs were compensated for by the growth of employment in knowledge industry such as media. Like that data based system on internet depened on employee information and personal information and data researcher can use it for other purpose and annoying him.

5. What sampling techniques are being used in this research?

Sampling techniques used in this research according to me is simple random and stratified sampling.