Stantec Baton Rouge

TRAFFIC • Impact Study • Roundabout Design • Signal Permitting HIGHWAY • Geometrics • Permanent Signing • Striping • Drainage Design • Roundabout Design • Construction Administration SITE DEVELOPMENT • Basin Design • Planning & Zoning • Site Layout & Parking Design • Utility Layout • Sewer Pump Station • Drainage Impact Study • Water Quality Studies REAL ESTATE • ROW Acquisition • River Rd ROW Mapping STRUCTURES • Elevated Roadway • Casino loading dock • Levee transition ramps • Basin T-Wall CIVIL WORKS • DOTD Inspection PROJECT MANAGEMENT • Client Interface • Permitting • Utility Coordination • Railroad Coordination • Pipelines • Architectural Interface • Sub-consultants • Cultural Resources • Geotech • Hydraulics • Lighting

SURVEY • Boundary • Topographic • ALTA • River Rd ROW Mapping

Site Selection

Concept Evolution

30,000 sf gaming floor 1,500 slot machines 50 gaming tables Poker Tables Multipurpose event center Restaurants

206 guestrooms Rooftop pool Covered parking garage Unique venues overlooking River

Project Timeline
06.17.09: Council Approval of Original Concept 10.28.09: Original Corps Submittal 04.30.10: Original Corps Approval 10.22.10: Planning Approval of Revised Concept 10.29.10: Modified Corps Submittal 12.09.10: DOTD Approval of River Rd Relocation 09.27.11: Corps Approval of Modifications 10.28.11: Notice from DOTD to CNIC RR 11.22.11: River Road Final Acceptance

Critical Approvals

Planning Approval
Zoning Approval (PUD) • Site Master Plan • Traffic Impact Study • Drainage Impact Study • Planning Commission & Council Approval Final Development Plan • Traffic Mitigation Plan
(City & State approval req.)

• Parking Layout Approval • Conceptual Plan for Utility Services • Circulation Plan • Landscaping • Planning Commission Approval

Permitting & Coordination: USACE
• USACE Divisions Involved: Hydraulics, Geotech, Levee, Wetlands, Cultural Resources • Section 10 (Working on Batture)
• 404 Permit – Wetland Impact Mitigation • Coast Guard Approval • River Pilot Approval • OCPR Approval • Ponchartrain Levee District Approval • Cultural Resources • State Historic Preservation (SHPO) Approval

Section 10: Working Riverside

404: Working in the Wetlands Area (Batture)

Cultural Resources Investigation

Cultural Resources

2 Historic Plantations on Site

Over 2,000 Bags of Relics were gathered and documented
◘ One of the largests 'digs' in the state of Louisiana ◘ Relics found will be displayed at LSU Rural Life Museum

Elevated Roadway

Permitting & Coordination: LADOTD
•Traffic Impacts •Intersection Improvements •River Road Relocation •Cooperative Endeavor Agreement •Road Lighting District •Vegetation Enhancement Permit

Traffic Impacts
Study of 15+ Mile Radius

Perkins at Bluebonnet Perkins at Seigen Burbank at Bluebonnet Gardere at Nicholson Gardere at River Road Nicholson at Bluebonnet

Other Coordination: Canadian National Railroad
• Construction Plans & Modifications • Memo of Understanding • $500,000 Deposit • Permits for Signal Pre-emption • ROW Valuation Update • Project Notification Package

Utilities Impacted

River Road Relocation

River Road Relocation

Cooperative Endeavor Agreement
Pinnacle to Provide • Design Engineering • Relocation of Utilities • Construction of Improvements • Contract Administration • Construction Inspection DOTD • Review/Approval of Plans • Issuance of Applicable Permits • Monitor Construction • Final Inspection

• Right of Way Exchange


Vegetation Enhancement Permit

Agencies Involved
Throughout the project planning process, Stantec coordinated with the following agencies: Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development Planning Commission Department of Public Works Army Corps of Engineers Pontchartrain Levee District Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority US Coast Guard State Historic Preservation Office Illinois Central/Canadian National Railroad Pipeline Companies Gulf State Utilities Baton Rouge Water Company Cox Communications AT&T


March 30th: 4’ above 50-yr avg

July 15, 2011: Contractor is allowed to proceed
March 1st: 8’ below 50-yr avg

Corps of Engineers restricts construction when Carrollton gage reaches elevation 11’


September 2012 May 2012 March 2011 April 2011 Dec 2011 June 2011 Aug Sept 2010

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